The Best Batteries for Smoke Detectors in 2024

Choosing a top-quality battery should be simple. They are in all aspects of life, from our electric toothbrushes to our vehicles. It is not always so easy to distinguish quality when there is so much to choose from. There are different types, shapes, and purposes to figure out it can all be confusing.

Below are some of the top-rated batteries on the market, they are also some of the batteries for smoke detectors. They have longevity on their shelf and use life. They also are there to consistently work hard to produce top-quality, long-lasting batteries for everyday use.

The batteries listed below have been selected based on their longevity, environmentally sound practices, and a variety of uses.

They are all long-lasting batteries that are perfect for emergencies and long-term use. They have long power cycles, and either can be recharged or changed out when depleted. They are all quality batteries that have received top reviews, and they fight multiple products. They are good for use around the home, in electronic toys, and in smoke detectors.

Best Batteries for Smoke Detectors:

1. Amazon Basics 4 Pack 9 Volt Performance All-Purpose Alkaline Batteries

The AmazonBasics 9V Cell Rechargeable Batteries are dependable power. The AmazonBasics batteries are rechargeable and will fit in your most needed items, including remote controls, electronic toys, flashlights, and digital cameras. The 9v rechargeable battery for the smoke detector battery works.

Each AmazonBasics 9V battery is long-lasting and has a very slow discharge. They will retain at least 80% of their power for at least 24 months. The power is consistent across multiple charges and can retain its powerful life for more than 1,000 charges.

Even during use, the batteries only slowly lose power, with the voltage dropping by points over a couple of days. The batteries hold a higher charge longer though they lose charge faster once they are below 50%. The batteries, as they are coming from Amazon, are an extremely cost-effective option for those people on a limited budget.

The AmazonBasics battery options are many, and all of them are completely recyclable once their battery life has been expended. They can be recycled through the following link: to ensure they are disposed of completely.


  • Cost-Effective.
  • The batteries have a slow discharge rate.
  • The batteries will retain at least 80% of their power for 24 months.


  • The batteries can leak.
  • The batteries are hard to replace if damaged.

2. Rayovac 9V Batteries, Fusion Premium 9 Volt Battery Alkaline

The Rayovac Fusion 9V Batteries, Premium Alkaline 9V Battery is a premium battery. It is made to power all manner of regular household items from smoke detectors to electronic toys. The products have a 5-year power guarantee and a 12-year shelf life, which makes them ideal for emergency kits.

The batteries will be strong and capable of lasting even with the most power-hungry products, and the Rayovac High Energy formula is made to make them last. They are made of a zinc formula that creates ions to hold and transfer energy safely.

The batteries pass ANSI performance tests for longevity and quality. They are not shipped until they are tested twice for reliability and quality. The batteries are made with FUSONTM technology that uses zinc as its main component. The batteries have a high energy density, which ensures longevity and consistently strong performance.

They are quality batteries for all sorts of items and will work in the long term for all people who buy them.


  • The batteries are tested twice before they leave the facility.
  • The batteries have a 5-year guarantee.
  • The batteries are expected to last for up to 12 years.


  • The user needs to be checked for the expiration date.
  • The batteries do not work in all types of devices.

3. Deleepow Rechargeable 9V Batteries USB 650mAh 9V Lithium Battery

The Delipow USB 9V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery is the 9V battery for smoke detectors. They come with an SUB charging cable that plugs into the bottom of the battery so it can be charged anywhere. They are strong battery that charges quickly on a low current.

The batteries can last over 800 cycles effectively as an environmentally safe way to use power. The batteries are carbon-zinc battery that has no memory. The batteries have been made safe with over-charge protection, over-volt protection, and overheating protection.

The batteries have 2 built-in high-quality cells that are 3V, but as a unit, they are 6V to 8.4V. The batteries have a low self-discharge and arrive ready to use. They will maintain at least an 80% charge for at least 3 years.

The batteries are at least 85% charged in the package for safety reasons, and they come with a 6-month money-back guarantee and a 12-month guarantee if there are any problems.


  • The batteries have over 800 recharge cycles.
  • The batteries have at least 6V to 8.4V capability.
  • The batteries are rechargeable with only a USB cord.


  • The batteries can fail after first manufacturing.
  • The batteries are not quality-controlled well.

4. VONIKO 9V Batteries – Alkaline 9V Battery 4 Pack


The VONIKO Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries carry a charge that is 6 to 9 times higher than regular batteries. They are lead-proof and explosion-proof because of a double protection layer around the battery cores. The batteries are isolated inside these double pockets to maintain their 100% leakproof claim.

The batteries have a 7-year shelf life, which makes them ideal for emergency kits, children’s toys, and smoke detectors. The batteries will degrade slowly and will hold similar charges years later. The VOKIKO batteries are environmentally safe and are made without harming the environment.

The batteries are safe for all types of uses as they are 100% free of mercury, lead, and cadmium. The batteries are designed to last up to 10 years with normal use. The batteries are also made of non-corrosive material and stainless steel, so they will not rust.


  • The batteries are free of mercury, cadmium, and lead.
  • The batteries will last 10 guaranteed years.
  • The batteries are 6 to 9 times stronger than regular batteries.


  • The batteries are not rechargeable.
  • The batteries do not fit all types of products.

5. EBL 9V Rechargeable Batteries Lithium ion 9V 600mAh Batteries 600mAh


The EBL 9V Rechargeable Batteries are some of the 9-volt lithium batteries for smoke detectors. The batteries are completely rechargeable and come with a carrying case to help all the batteries. They also come with a charging station. The battery charging station has a USB port connection for easy charging through a computer or a wall outlet.

They are designed to be used internationally through the power control system to prevent them from being overcharged or damaged. The unique design of the charging back allows for it to shut off when the batteries are charged after slowing down the charging of the batteries towards the end of the charging cycle.

The reduction of power flow prevents the batteries from becoming damaged and preventing their overcharging. Each battery has a light system to indicate the degree of charge. Greenlight flashing means charging when the lights turn green; the batteries are charged. The batteries are made to ensure safety to prevent damage.


  • The batteries are rechargeable.
  • The batteries have their charging station.
  • The batteries are manufactured for safety.


  • The batteries charge slowly to protect them.
  • The batteries are not made for all types of devices.

6. Duracell – CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries


The Duracell 9V Alkaline Batteries are made to last. Duracell builds tough batteries, and the batteries come with a high-density core to ensure power boosts. The batteries have an exclusive PowerCheck feature to see how charged the batteries are before you use them or while you are using them.

The batteries are perfect to use in multiple types of devices, including flashlights, remote-controlled toys, and video game controllers. The batteries guarantee long life and quality manufacturing. The batteries prevent your devices from being damaged. They are made safe and leak-proof for your device’s protection.

The batteries are made with the latest hi-density core technology CoreTM and PowerCheckTM to ensure the long life of the battery and the possible performance while it is in use.

They provide an easy way to dispose of the used batteries through the Duracell guarantee. They can be recycled through

The batteries are made for all types of reasons and purposes, including uses for medical purposes. The batteries are made without mercury and are certified safe for use in many types of products.

The batteries are made with a 10-year storage guarantee for safety kits and long-lasting performance.


  • Easy recycling.
  • The batteries are used in multiple devices.
  • The batteries have high-density CoreTM and PowerCheckTM technology.


  • The user needs to double-check the batteries for the expiration date.
  • The user needs to remove the batteries when not in use to ensure longevity.

7. Energizer E522 Max 9V Alkaline battery


The Energizer E522 Max 9V Alkaline battery has at least a 5-year shelf life. PowerSeal Technology that Energizer uses prevents them from leaking. The batteries are rated for a 5-year shelf life, which makes them perfect for emergency kits and children’s toys.

The Energizer E522 Max 9V battery is made to work with everyday home products from television remotes to your children’s toys. The battery is a safe product to use in everything around your home as they are mercury-free and are made in a facility without it — the battery is made of a zinc-manganese dioxide combination that is safe for homes.

The batteries are dependable and fresh and deliver long-lasting power for operation. The batteries are reliable even in extreme temperatures, which makes them perfect for use in indoor and outdoor products like flashlights.


  • The batteries are free of mercury.
  • The batteries are designed to be leak-free.
  • The batteries can withstand extreme temperatures.


  • The user needs to verify the expiration date of the batteries before purchase.
  • The batteries are not made in the USA.

Final Thoughts

Of all the batteries reviewed, quality, longevity, environmentally sound, and safety are the main things to look for in a battery. While they are all good batteries for quality, the VONIKO Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries came out best.

What batteries are best for smoke detectors as well as the rest of the items in your home are few, and Voniko batteries had the highest satisfaction reviews and good environmental practices.

They also had a long shelf life for their relatively low cost. They are guaranteed to last 6 to 9 times longer than most batteries and keep your home safe from fires and other problems. Also always be aware of the safe disposal of batteries.

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