The Best Bedside Gun Safes in 2024

Home safety and security have always been important. The only major decision we are making is how we want to provide that protection. The quickest and safest way to protect you, your family, and your home is with a bedside gun safe.

The problem is there are several bedside gun safes on the market to choose from. That’s why we researched all the available bedside gun safes and became experts.

We analyzed and compared features such as quick access, reliability, and construction. It is important to have a bedside gun safe because you need something that you can depend on in a pinch.

We can’t plan for emergencies so the best thing we can do is prepare. A mediocre bedside gun safe will malfunction and be difficult to access. This resource has all the necessary information to help you make a conscious decision on purchasing the nightstand gun-safe.

Best Bedside Gun Safes:

1. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Nightstand Bedside Gun Safe

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This smart pistol safe comes in 2 colors including black and urban camo. It has the latest theft protection including anti-pry bars, interior-mounted hinges, 2-point anti-impact latches, as well as new interior security brackets. It comes with an auto-open lid and a rechargeable battery.

A large majority of the customers who reviewed this product feel that it is the biometric bedside gun safe available on the market. They have found this safe to be reliable solid and cost-effective. They appreciate the rechargeable battery, and that the safe is very sturdy.

There were a few people who were disappointed with this safe after having trouble with the locking mechanism including the door popping open randomly, not closing easily, and the fingerprint scanner not working properly.

Even though more than half of customers view this product as the nightstand gun safe on the market, there were quite a few others who did have issues with the functionality of this safe. Buyers should probably complete a thorough test of the locking mechanism when they initially purchase this product.

Overall, this cafe offers great and convenient features when working properly, including quick access. Get your bedside safe today for just under $265!


  • Lights on the outside and inside
  • Has a mobile app
  • log/tampering detection
  • Rechargeable battery


  • It seems you have to close it just right to get it to latch
  • A biometric scanner can be unreliable
  • Expensive

2. GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Nightstand Bedside Gun Safe for Handgun

This handgun safe provides great bedside access. It opens quickly and comes with a backup override key. It also has a lined interior to keep your firearm protected. The exterior product dimensions are 6.5Hx3.5Wx13D inches and the interior product dimensions are 2.25Hx5.75Wx8.5D inches.

More than half of the customers who reviewed this product feel it is the bedside holster on the market. It hides well when attached to the nightstand and it securely holds your pistol. It’s a great buy if you have kids around frequently because they won’t find it.

A few people have reported malfunctioning issues where the lock would fail to open even when a key was used. There were also reports of the need for frequent battery changes and poor customer service.

This safe works as a good nightstand gun holder if you just need something to hide your gun away from kids. It is easy to install and provides quick access to your gun in case of emergency, but customers should test the lock often and change the battery frequently for best results. If you need a convenient bedside safe that won’t provide access to the kids, purchase this one for just over $135!


  • Easy installation
  • Quick access to a handgun
  • Lighted for accurate grip on a handgun
  • Easy to hide


  • Makes a mechanical noise when opened
  • Frequent battery changes
  • The instructions aren’t great
  • Hard to reach customer service
  • Might not be 100% reliable

3. SentrySafe QAP1BE Bedside Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

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This gun safe with biometric lock is also available with a 2-gun capacity that includes an interior light. The fingerprint scanner provides advanced protection. The safe also opens fast and quietly which makes it the handgun safe for bedside. It is built tough and can’t be pried open easily.

The exterior dimensions are 12.1Wx9.9Dx3.2H. The interior dimensions are 9.7Wx6.7Dx2.2H. This safe weighs 12 pounds. For best long-term usage the manufacturer SentrySafe recommends users install top-quality batteries with a long lifespan.

Overall a lot of customers are happy with this safe. They are happy with the quality and they appreciate that the safe opens quickly and quietly. A handful of customer reviews have reported issues with batteries being drained quickly and receiving a defective product.

This biometric nightstand gun safe is a secure and reliable product. New purchasers should invest in high-quality batteries for best use and also check functionality as soon as this safe is purchased. It’s built strong and provides quick and quiet access to your firearm.


  • Keypad lights up
  • Nicely built
  • Low battery warning


  • You have to place your finger on the reader in the exact position
  • Have to wake up safely before you start entering the code or biometric scanner
  • Expensive

4. Stealth Handgun Hanger Gun Safe Quick Access Electronic Bedside Pistol Box

This safe has enough room to hold 3 handguns at the ready while laying 2 more flat. This safe is really secure and provides quick access to your firearms. It has a new welded lock housing which makes it straw and pickproof. The exterior dimensions are 9Hx9Wx12D inches. It weighs 20 pounds.

Lots of bedside gun safe reviews show that customers are pleased with it. They like that the setup is easy and that it has an optional silent mode. The red interior light makes it easier to find your pistols.

This gun safe is great for remaining quiet when you need to get your weapon in a hurry. It is heavy-duty and secures your pistols well. It is simple to set up and can also be bolted down to other surfaces. Purchase your reliable gun safe today for just under $150!


  • Heavy duty
  • Secure
  • Good shape
  • Easy to configure
  • Removable shelf


  • The included cable is of poor quality
  • Beep feedback is loud when you hit the keypad
  • Code can’t be entered fast
  • Interior light projects straight down
  • Longer barrel guns can’t hang

5. Fort Knox Personal Handgun Nightstand Bedside Gun Safe PB4

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This handgun safe has a durable finish made from an antique silver textured powder coat. It is made in the USA and the size of this safe is 12.5″.

This mechanical bedside gun safe is easy to operate and the door opens nicely without pulling it open. It is a nice size and can be tucked away easily.

There is a huge variety of combinations to use with this safe and it exceeds the requirements of the CA DOJ. Buy your safe today for just under 250!


  • A lock is easy to operate
  • Door springs open
  • Convenient size


  • The knob and buttons are made of plastic

6. SentrySafe QAP2EL Gun Safe with Digital Keypad and Interior Lights Two Handgun Capacity


This 2-gun capacity and interior light are also available without the light in a 1 and 2-gun capacity. It offers safe and secure storage for standard-sized handguns or it can be used for a single handgun and ammo. It has a digital keypad and the interior light will help in any lighting situation.

The exterior dimensions are 16.4Wx9.8Dx3.2H inches. The interior dimensions are 14Wx6.5Dx2.2H inches. It weighs 16 pounds.

More than half of the customers who purchased this nightstand gun storage are happy with it. It is solid, provides easy access, and is ready to be used as soon as you open the box. There were a few customers who received a defective safe and had trouble with the batteries they purchased.

If you’re looking for a solid and sturdy pistol safe, then this is the right choice for you. There is barely any setup effort needed. It is pry-resistant and includes an interior light to help you see your guns in dim light situations. The manufacturer SentrySafe recommends purchasing top-quality batteries for the longest-lasting use. Buy your heavy-duty safe today for just under $165.


  • Easy to use
  • Solid
  • Sturdy
  • Good size for hiding


  • You have to wake the safe up before you can use it
  • Doesn’t come with instructions

7. Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Nightstand Handgun Bedside Gun Safe

In addition to covert black, this biometric bedside gun safe also comes in 2 other styles including biometric Colion Noir edition and non-biometric covert black. The safe deploys rapidly due to the 3-point rail system with ball-bearing guides.

It has a small design and fits well on a nightstand, bookshelf, in the vehicle, or under a desk. Feel free to mount this safe with configurations including VESA 75mm and 100mm hole patterns which also allow the safe to be removed from the mounting plate quickly. The interactive smartphone app allows you to see history logs, battery levels, tampering, and remote access.

Almost all customers who purchased this safe are really happy with it. It opens smoothly, it’s well built, and they love the biometric fingerprint scanner. This is pretty high-tech and top-quality safe.

This safe is heavy-duty, reliable, and works well. It is accurate, fast, and small enough to hide in a good place. If you’re looking for a reliable firearm safe that also allows smartphone interaction, then this product is a great choice. Get your gun secured today for just under $300!


  • High quality
  • Setup is easy
  • Sturdy


  • Very small
  • Expensive

8. Liberty Handgun Bedside Gun Vault – HD-200

This handgun vault is heavy-duty and will secure your firearm nicely. It has an interior light for finding your handgun quickly in any lighting condition.

Almost all customers who are using this bedside pistol safe are happy with the way it functions. One of the main reasons customers like it is because it’s really easy to use. It provides a light to conveniently see what you’re grabbing out of your safe. One of the best things about this safe is that it works with both small and large handguns.

This could be the nightstand gun safe on the market. It is extremely simple and works well. It is heavy-duty and can fit your firearm smoothly. If you want something simple yet secure, purchase this gun safe for under $130!


  • Fits large and small guns
  • Interior light
  • Ease of use
  • Solid safe


  • Horizontal only

Tips on Choosing

Combination capacity:

Depending on how many people will need access to your safe, you might want to add additional codes to grant access. If this is the case, look for a safe that can hold more than a single access code or fingerprint.

Battery life:

A lot of biometric safes do not recommend a rechargeable battery. New purchasers should buy a high-quality name-brand battery to get the most energy out of the battery and the safe.

New purchasers should also aim to get a safe that has some type of battery indicator to always know ahead of time when the battery needs to be changed.

Smart app capability:

Some people like to be able to control and manage their items over technology, including a bedside safe. An interactive app will allow users to check battery levels, see access history, tamper incidents, and even grant access.

Quiet Access:

Try to get a safe that provides quiet access as well. With quiet access, you might be able to spare a few seconds to get to the gun. A loud opening could alert an intruder of your location and instantly send them your way.

Factors to Consider


You need something quick and easy when you are trying to defend your home and family. Look for something that allows you to reach in fast and get to your firearm with ease.


You need a safe that will open every time it is properly unlocked. You also need a safe that will help you quickly and safely get to your gun when an emergency strikes. A dependable safe will have an interior light and/or a backlit keypad


You need a safe that will stay locked, open quickly, and be fully childproof. You can opt for a fireproof safe but that probably isn’t necessary for your bedside safe.

Solid locking mechanism

Look for something that has an advanced locking system. The biometric locking system is one of the latest types. Voice activation is another option to look for. Either way, you need something that quickly recognizes the right information and gives or prevents access.


Purchasing a gun safe will require some form of budget, but new purchasers should know that a higher price doesn’t guarantee higher quality. Consider the security and safety features before trying to meet a price.


When picking the type of bedside gun safe you want it’s probably natural to look for one that can hold your full-size pistol, but you will also need the safe to be compact enough to get mounted in a drawer or on the side of a bedside table or nightstand.


A safe that provides a good warranty offers potential owners peace during their purchase. A good dependable safe will most likely come with a lifetime warranty.


I already have a safe. What’s the benefit of a bedside safe?

A bedside safe will allow you to access your smaller firearm quickly and usually quietly. A bedside safe is usually the best choice as a home defense system that you need to keep hidden from unauthorized users. It also gives you a better advantage than having to get up and get to your closet.

What are the most important features when choosing a bedside safe?

Features you really need include quick quiet and easy access, a backlit keyboard, and low interior light.

What size bedside safe do I need?

Think about how many handguns you want to store. Most bedside safes are small and will only hold one gun and one magazine or two guns. The listed features will tell you how many guns the safe can hold. Click here if you need a small safe for your home for storing only a few handguns or any other valuables.

Making The Decision

Now that you have learned about all the top bedside gun safes it is time to narrow down your options and make a purchase. You know that your bedside gun is meant to protect your home and you know that you want a good safe that will be easy to access. The right bedside safe for you will be the one that has all the right features for a price that you’re willing to pay. Try to get an interior light or backlit keypad.

Try to get a safe that has a backup mode of entry. There are quite a few options in the market that offer at least two ways to get into the safe. If your safe is battery-operated make sure to change the battery as often as needed. After you have narrowed down your choices make the investment in your discrete home defense system by purchasing your bedtime gun safe today!

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