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The Best Concealed Carry Jackets in 2023

by Danil Bazilev
Best Concealed Carry Jackets

Jackets don’t need to be only fashionable. Some individuals can benefit greatly from owning one that can house their firearm to use in an emergency. Some jackets can holster more than one handgun with plenty of extra gear, so choosing a model that works for your particular situation is ideal. The following guide has been compiled to give you an edge in choosing the best concealed carry jackets.

Although there are many models on the market, the following products have received great reviews.

Choosing one can give you an opportunity to carry your firearm with the greatest possible benefits. The following jackets have been reviewed on their versatility, durability, storage space, room for firearms, stylistic looks, and niche use. Read on to find the best good CCW jacket for your needs to always be ready to respond to emergencies.

Best Concealed Carry Jackets:

1. Condor Summit Zero Men’s Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

Condor Summit Zero Men's Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

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This tactical jacket is a good buy for service members. It features the mobility of a soft shell model with a versatility of a full-blown coat, and it comes in classic colors.

The pockets are designed to be accessible even under body armor, and their waterproof capabilities can keep you dry in adverse conditions.

On its own, it can keep you comfortable in milder temperatures. In cold climates, layering should be utilized. It does suffer from not being able to have its hood removed, but that doesn’t take away too much from the value that the jacket provides.

Customers loved this product for its well-built design. One reviewer noted that their body armor fit comfortably over the jacket, and the pockets were in places that worked well with the armor’s presence. It was commented that the front pockets were very deep as well.

The tactical design of the jacket might not be ideal for everyday use, but reviewers loved that they found an affordable softshell model that provides protection from harsh climates and good pocket space for their firearms.

This is an excellent purchase to make for serious outdoor work. The jacket is designed for this purpose, for there are many well-positioned pockets to make it compatible with various pieces of armor.

Servicemen or police officers can pick this model up for a jacket that can meet the demands of their occupation.


  • Available in four colors
  • Six pockets for gear and two pockets for firearms
  • Waterproof
  • Built for moderate heat retention


  • The hoodie is not removable but can be tucked in
  • Not ideal for cold temperatures

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2. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Softshell Jacket

Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Softshell Jacket

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Being a contender for the best lightweight jacket for concealed carry, this model performs well across the board. It features plenty of pockets to store gear and other necessities, and it allows for efficient concealed carrying. It is fashionable as well, for it offers a sharp look when worn.

However, this jacket isn’t for keeping warm on its own. Being in cooler temperatures will leave you feeling cold, so layering up could be necessary. The lightweight designs excel in comfortable temperatures where mobility is more important than heat retention.

Some reviewers noted that they have had the jacket for several years and still give the recommendation to purchase it. The good qualities of the jacket meet buyers’ expectations by having high durability, good pocket space, and easy to clean.

Some reviewers took this jacket out to the range, while others took it with them hiking. One customer kept it exclusively for certain parts of the year as their go-to, for this jacket offers good utility and looks well when worn out in public.

Lastly, customizable patches were praised. A reviewer noted that they were a police officer and had the ability to put on and take off their police patch on demand.

For individuals living in milder climates, this jacket could be worn year-round. It offers excellent pocket space and can be paired with many articles of clothing to look good when going out in public.


  • Available in two colors
  • Five pockets for gear and two pockets for concealed carrying
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Fleece-lined neck collar


  • The jacket will need to be supplemented with more layers in cooler temperatures
  • No chest pocket is available

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3. Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket with Patches Bundle (Large, Coyote Brown with Khaki Patches)

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket with Patches Bundle (Large, Coyote Brown with Khaki Patches)

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This tactical concealed carry jacket is a great purchase, for it can withstand harsh elements. The waterproof capabilities of the jacket come from external materials that deflect water and do not merely resist it for a short while.

Additionally, the jacket’s hood can be removed and arm vents can help individuals stay cool when it isn’t raining. This model also has many pockets for different kinds of gear: Medical, military, and police personnel will find a jacket that can be used to work more efficiently.

Many service members have left reviews that this jacket was incredible. One reviewer noted that their entire police department picked up this model. The praise comes from the versatility of the jacket to be worn in stormy and mild conditions.

Some reviewers noted that they found a good fit by ordering a size bigger to wear body armor, and the jackets concealed carry potential is augmented with the many different pockets.

Customers also received compliments for the jacket’s looks, for its design includes two areas where patches may be placed.

Active individuals who work in harsh conditions will find that this model serves their needs. Large areas for concealed carrying are supplemented with a sharp look and many different pockets for gear.

The removable hood is a fantastic feature, for this jacket can be used in harsh or mild conditions without being cumbersome.


  • Available in three colors
  • Pockets are all over the jacket ⁠— inside and outside
  • Waterproof
  • Detachable hood


  • Front pockets are high and can be an awkward fit for some
  • Collapsing the hood inside the jacket can create unwanted bulkiness

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4. Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket

Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket

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This affordable jacket has all of the space that you could want to carry firearms. Not only does it have a plethora of pockets, but specially-designed magazine pouches ensure that you will have the space for the gear that you need.

It is a relativity larger jacket than most models on the market, so it is ideal for colder climates. This jacket does not have a hood, so you will need to find head protection in the event of snow or rain.

Reviewers noted that this was their best concealment jacket for colder weather. One Rothco 3-season concealed carry jacket review mentioned that they were able to fit two non-compact firearms comfortably, so this jacket is a good match for someone looking to carry multiple firearms on their person.

One reviewer noted that although the black model looked fashionable, it collected pollen and dust very easily. Therefore, they recommended that other natural colors be selected. Additionally, printing is non-existent according to multiple commentaries.

This is a great jacket for anyone living in cooler climates who need a large jacket to keep warm and to discreetly carry their firearms. The jacket has many pockets for gear and supplies, so it can be very useful in backpacking situations.

Although it does not have a hood, the collar can be propped up to keep warm.


  • Four available colors
  • Four pockets for gear and two pockets for concealed carrying
  • Adjustable wrist and waist sizes
  • Interior pockets exclusively designed for magazines


  • Darker colors can be challenging to keep clean
  • A Heaver jacket might not be ideal for warmer temperatures

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5. Rothco Thin Blue Line Concealed Carry Hoodie, Black, X-Large

Rothco Thin Blue Line Concealed Carry Hoodie, Black, X-Large

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This Rotcho concealer and carry jacket is perfect for men looking to be casual and be ready to engage in sudden threats. It is akin to the previous product in that the model isn’t catered for active-duty wear.

Hoodies are very casual and some individuals can find that carrying a sidearm in this jacket can be a great option.

Some tactical jackets have many pockets that give away their concealed carry potential, but this covert model has well-designed pockets to give it a discrete look. Additionally, it is very affordable; it can be purchased to supplement more expensive tactical jackets.

The model features a large pouch in the center of the jacket that can be accessed by both hands to quickly draw out a weapon.

Although it was not built for inclement weather, this model is still praised. Customers found a jacket that was good for everyday use, and they commented on how well-designed this model was.

Windy and rainy conditions will need to be engaged more layers, so carrying a sidearm can be very discreet if the jacket is paired with another outer garment.

Some reviewers noted that the sizes tend to run a little small, so ordering a size up is recommended to ensure a good fit for yourself and for your weapon.

The best tactical vestment will work well in the situation you find yourself in. If you are not active in stormy weather, a casual hoodie can be perfect for carrying a sidearm.

This model can be paired with other layers when the weather turns south, and discreet pockets can give you the means to carry other essential gear.


  • Two available colors
  • Four pockets for gear and one large pocket for concealed carrying
  • Sleeves feature thumbholes for more efficient draws
  • Practical and lightweight design for use in everyday situations


  • Not waterproof
  • Not windproof

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6. Wrangler Men’s Concealed Carry Blanket Lined Denim Jacket, Indigo, X-Large

Wrangler Men's Concealed Carry Blanket Lined Denim Jacket, Indigo, X-Large

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A concealed handgun jacket that looks nice could be necessary for going out to events where dressing up is required, and a hoodie could not be ideal for this case.

Wrangler’s concealed carry jacket is the ideal choice for situations where men need to dress up and covertly carry a sidearm at the same time. This jacket features two interior slots to carry a compact firearm, and its design is functional to be used in higher-end events and venues.

Although larger sidearms can’t be used with the jacket, smaller weapons will fit with the Velcro-backed system inside the interior pockets.

Wrangler is a known brand and offers their iconic look in this model with concealed-carry potential, so fans of the denim will be pleased with being able to swap out an existing jacket with one that offers more functionality.

While customers ultimately trusted the brand, some reviewers noted that the Velcro system was not ideal. It is not known if a few of them received faulty products, but a common complaint was that the included holster was not well built.

Some buyers have noted that the device can fall to the bottom of the jacket and make drawing potentially dangerous.

Other customers loved the jacket and left no negative feedback, so there is some difference of opinion. If men find themselves loving denim jackets, this could be a great pickup for their smaller handguns to be prepared for potential threats.

Men who also need a concealed-carry jacket for formal events might find this to be a good purchase as well.

Denim jackets are iconic classics in western culture, and this jacket encapsulates the look with concealed-carry potential. Small sidearms are better suited for this model, and men can find that it can serve to be their go-to for formal wear and evening outings. The AIWB holsters are also considerable for concealed carrying a gun.


  • One available color that is focused on style
  • Four pockets for gear and two pockets for concealed carrying
  • Comfortable 100% cotton design
  • Comes with a universal holster


  • No hood
  • Suited for smaller firearms

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7. Berne Men’s Echo One One Jacket, Small Regular

Berne Men's Echo One One Jacket, Small Regular

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Colder climates require warmer jackets. Berne’s model functions for the harshest of conditions, for their winter coat, is built to keep you warm and to keep you safe.

Featuring a full storm-resistant build, this coat is built for cold climates. It is also equipped with many pockets throughout the jacket that can help you carry important gear.

Concealed carrying is possible with interior pockets that are compatible with different holster systems, so many types of sidearms can be used. If you need a jacket that offers concealed-carrying potential in sub-0-degree temperatures, then this model should be considered the best CCW jacket for your needs.

Reviewers loved that the jacket kept them warm and able to carry their sidearms safely. They also loved the pockets.

Customers enjoyed the jacket’s plethora of pockets to carry all of their gear, and some expressed that they didn’t carry enough with them to fill all of the space that they had available.

Some individuals noted that ordering a size up was wise to ensure a proper fit, and most of them did not mind at all that there was only one color to choose from.

This coat is excellent for frigid climates with its double-lined build and spacious areas to place a sidearm with other gear.

Winter months can bring very cold temperatures in some places, and this jacket is excellent for keeping warm and being able to stay protected. It is only available in one color, but it is a natural brown that blends into its surroundings and looks well-made and durable.


  • One available color that is naturalistic and stylish
  • Safe concealed carrying is possible even in very bad weather
  • Uses a Velcro and MOLLE attachment system for increased compatibility with firearms
  • The wrist size is adjustable for creating the perfect fit


  • Included hood is not detachable
  • Practical in only cooler climates

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Tips on Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Jacket

Shopping for a jacket to discreetly carry your firearm can be exciting. There are a plethora of different models available on the market, so choosing one can be difficult.

Here are four points to look for in choosing the best jacket for your needs. If are you stuck between the choice of two very good models, then the following guidelines can help you pick one over the other.

Reputable Brand

In the world of concealed carrying, successful brands have proven to deliver quality models that are safe and effective.

Choose the most reputable brand you have on your list of possible models, for companies to replicate their success.

Although unknown brands can offer amazing jackets, drawing a firearm in a crisis is a very important matter.

You want to make sure that the company behind your product has a track record of making jackets that empower you in these types of situations.

Good Reviews

Research your product and look for comments about the draw speed and how well the firearm was able to stay put throughout the day.

Some experts recommend leaving your gun loaded to maximize the time you have to respond to an emergency, so it is important that your jacket is safe to holster a loaded gun. Other things to look out for in the reviews are potential problems with the jacket and how well the model holds up over time.

Quick Draws

Your jacket will need to be well built in order to quickly draw our handgun. Crises happen in an instant, and being able to respond in literally less than a second can save your life and the lives of others.

Consider how quickly you can draw your firearm out from your jacket and if you will need both hands to do so.

Minimizing your draw time is a great thing to work on, so consider practicing it once you buy your jacket to make yourself as prepared as possible.

Tactical Over Discreet Appearance

Some jackets look like they can house everything that a man needs for war. This appearance might not be wanted in your unique situation, so consider how intimidating your jacket looks.

If you want to carry your firearm without alerting others, picking a model that doesn’t stand out can be advisable. The best-concealed carry motorcycle jacket, for example, would work to protect you from discretely carrying a firearm.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Concealed Carry Jacket

When considering all of the jackets that are available on the market, the following four reflections can help narrow down your search to a few specific models.

The best jacket will work for your unique situation, so reflecting on your lifestyle can illuminate what qualities are important in your ideal concealed-carry model.


Some jackets are built for extreme climates and others for sunny days. Choosing the right model will let you wear your jacket when you need to have your firearm accessible.

If your weather changes drastically throughout the year, owning multiple jackets for different types of weather patterns might be the best idea.

Body Frame

Small frames will require bigger jackets to avoid a firearm from printing. If you want to stay discreet while holstering a handgun, opting for a larger jacket can give you the space to hide your weapon. This is especially true if your sidearm is not compact.

Firearm Size

If your handguns are large, then you’ll need the space in your jacket to let it sit comfortably and not poke into you throughout the day.

Choosing a spacious jacket will be very important for these types of firearms, for tight fits can be very uncomfortable. Downgrading to a smaller firearm can take time, so larger jackets should be bought to handle the bigger gun models.

Pocket Need

Some lines of work require many pockets in a jacket to be effective. Off-duty police offers and members of the military might need to go with a jacket that offers pockets for all of the gear that they need.

While some jackets have excellent capabilities for storing firearms, they may fail at this point. Full-tactical jackets should be bought for these lines of work, for they often come with the space to carry a lot of gear.


In conclusion, choosing a jacket for concealed carrying should be based on your needs. These top 10 jackets have been vetted to be ideal for many different types of situations, and one might be right for you.

Consider buying today to let you carry your sidearm safely in public, for jackets offer the ability to hide a handgun and draw it out quickly. Some models are excellent for servicemen and others for running normal errands.

Doing adequate research on a potential model is important to obtain the qualities that you need in your jacket. Reputable brands, good materials, excellent reviews, and sufficient room for a sidearm are all traits of your ideal model.

Although most of the top concealed-carry jackets will work for the majority of situations, reviewing this guide for your perfect fit can net you the product that will benefit you the most.

In cases of needing to draw out a firearm quickly, the best jacket for concealed carry will let you act fast and defend yourself.

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