The Best Fireproof Document Bags in 2024

Ensuring your documents are safe can be vital, as losing or damaging them can often result in a considerable amount of hassle. While theft may be one thing that many people will want to protect their documents against, the majority of people will want to prevent any water or fire damage.

This leads to many people wondering how to do so. Though safes can often be one of the primary ways that this can be done, these mightn’t be viable options, which has led to fireproof and waterproof bags becoming common. However, this would lead to many people asking ‘What are the fireproof document bags?’

There are a large number of options available, with a variety of factors that you’ll need to consider, such as how fire and water-resistant they are, size, how resistant the zips are, and much more. We’ve looked through a variety of them to determine what the better-performing bags are.

Best Fireproof Document Bags:

1. JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags

When choosing the fireproof money bag, there can be a few aspects that you’ll need to look at, one of the more prominent being convenience. This is where this Jundun Fireproof Document Bag shines, as it’s designed to be as portable and easy to use as possible.

Much of this can be seen in the hanging trap that’s included in the design, which makes carrying it around quite easy.

Alongside this, the product contains a fireproof zipper, which should add a certain amount of security to the bags, especially if you’re using it to carry any important documents around.

The Jundun Fireproof Document Bag also includes quite a large amount of fire and water resistance and can withstand up to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, it outperforms many of its competitors in this regard, which is what the majority of people will want to look for.

There have been a few negatives with this, however, as a few previous buyers have claimed.

The most common of these seem to focus on the Jundun Bag’s size, with this being somewhat smaller than many others on the market. As such, you may need to consider purchasing a larger bag.


  • Can withstand up to 1832℉.
  • The fireproof zipper adds an extra layer of security.
  • Convenient design for portability.


  • Capacity isn’t as large as people may want.

2. COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag

When many people choose a fireproof and waterproof bag, they can often find that the product can be somewhat irritating when used, with much of this being because of the fiberglass used in many of them. This could result in a certain amount of skin irritation when used regularly, although this doesn’t apply to this Colcase.

The primary reason for this is that the fiberglass is coated in silicone, which prevents the majority of skin irritation.

This coating shouldn’t affect the performance of the bags, as some people may believe. Alongside this, there are two coats of fiberglass, which should provide an enhanced layer of protection.

The Colcase document bag is also somewhat larger than many of its competitors, so you should be able to fit the majority of documents inside it without having to bend or fold them.

Despite this, some previous buyers of the Colcase bags have noticed a few negative traits to them.

The largest of these is that it mightn’t be as fire-proof as many other bags on the market. As a result, it mightn’t be the best choice for people who live in areas that are prone to wildfires and similar events.


  • Large size for holding a variety of documents.
  • Two layers of fiberglass for extra protection.
  • Fiberglass is coated in silicone to prevent irritation.


  • Not as fire resistant as competitors.

3. Roloway Large Fireproof Bag


Roloway bags have quite an extensive number of features to boast about, with how fireproof and water-resistant it is being one of the most notable. As the bags feature two silicone-coated layers, they can withstand up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit while also preventing any water from leaking into them.

Security is also a primary focus with this, with the bags featuring both a hook & loop system and a zip. As a result, you shouldn’t have to worry about any documents falling out if you’re carrying them from one place to another.

The Roloway bags are quite large, so you should be able to fit quite a significant number of documents into them without needing to bend or fold any of them.

There are quite a large number of fireproof money bag reviews focusing on these Roloway bags, with some pointing out a few negative issues.

Perhaps the largest of these is that the opening is quite narrow. As a result, it can occasionally be difficult to put things inside it, especially if there are already a variety of documents inside.


  • Two silicone-coated layers provide a large amount of water and fire protection.
  • Features hook & loop and zip closing mechanisms to prevent losing documents.
  • Can hold a large number of documents.


  • The opening is quite narrow & difficult to put items through.

4. TuoBak’s Fireproof Document Bag

Being able to quickly and easily find documents in a bag could be something that many people will want to capitalize on.

However, many fireproof bags don’t offer this, although this Vemingo back is one of the few high-quality ones that do. This is because of the pockets that are built into the bags, so you’ll be able to organize documents much more effectively than many others.

This doesn’t mean that there has been a sacrifice on overall space, as the bag can hold quite a large number of documents, which is a significant benefit. Alongside this, there’s both a locking zip and a loop and hook mechanism to ensure that papers and belongings don’t fall out when you’re carrying them.

While the bag offers a considerable amount of fire resistance, many previous buyers have noticed that it’s not as waterproof as many would want, which can be a notable negative.


  • Can store quite a large number of documents.
  • Zipper and folding mechanisms prevent belongings from falling out.
  • Designed with several pockets to sort documents.


  • Not as water-proof as you may want.

5. Bruce Fireproof Money Safe Document Bag

There are a few key features that these Bruce Store bags can brag about, with one of the more notable being that they’re made from silicone-coated fiberglass. As such, you shouldn’t have to worry about any itching when you’re using it while still boasting a large amount of fire protection.

This fire resistance is also quite prominent, with the bags boasting that they can withstand up to 1,292 degrees Fahrenheit. Another area where these Bruce Store bags shine is their size.

While there are fireproof bags to take advantage of, these can often be quite bulky. In contrast, the Bruce Store bags achieve an optimal balance between size and bulk.

However, there is one large negative to these bags, as a variety of previous buyers have pointed out. This can be seen with the zip, which doesn’t completely seal. As a result, the bags don’t offer much in the way of being waterproof, which could be a large drawback for many people.


  • Silicone-coated fiberglass to prevent any itching when using them.
  • Withstands a large amount of heat.
  • Large enough for a variety of documents without being bulky.


  • The zipper doesn’t seal, which could negate any waterproof abilities.

6. ENGPOW Fireproof Safe Bag Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag Money Safe Pouch File Storage

There are quite a large number of features that the Engpow Fireproof Safe Bag has on offer, much of which focus on making it as easy to use and portable as possible. For example, it includes a hanging trap that makes it quite convenient to carry around, as well as to store in a variety of locations.

Alongside this, the Engpow bag features two zips for enhanced security, with one of these being hidden. As a result, it could be much more secure than many of the other fireproof bags on the market. The bags have also been designed to be long-lasting and durable, so you shouldn’t need to worry about any rips or wear and tear when you’re using them.

There have been a variety of fireproof document bag reviews published about the Engpow Fireproof Safe Bag, although not all of these have been positive. One of the more common complaints that people have had about them has been that the zips on the bags aren’t as fireproof as you might want.

This could mean that the zips will melt in the event of a fire, which may result in much of the protection that the bag offers being undone.


  • Hidden zip adds an extra layer of security.
  • Designed to be as portable & convenient to use as possible.
  • Longer lasting than many of its competitors.


  • Zippers aren’t fireproof.

7. Homiar Fireproof Document Bag

These Homiar bags can offer quite a significant amount of protection, with the products being able to withstand up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as being waterproof. As such, it outperforms the majority of its competitors in this regard, which means that you shouldn’t have to worry about any damage to your documents.

Much of this is driven by a silicone coat and a loop closure, which should prevent any water from getting into the bags. Alongside this, the bags are designed to be as portable as possible, with this being seen in the comfortable use of the handle, among a variety of other features.

One of the other primary benefits of the Homiar Fireproof Document Bags is that they’re significantly larger than many others. As such, they should be able to hold laptops and a variety of other items alongside the documents that you may typically place in them.

However, there have been a few issues pointed out by customers who’ve previously bought them. The most notable of these is the smell. While this mightn’t be too noticeable, it could be somewhat of an issue for many people.


  • It can withstand much higher temperatures than competitors.
  • Much more portable and easier to carry than others.
  • Larger capacity than many other bags on the market.


  • Can have somewhat of a smell.

8. SafeHaven Lockable Fireproof Document Bag

If you’re looking for a fireproof document holder that provides a large amount of portability, then this could be one of the better decisions. This is primarily because the SafeHaven bags have been designed to be easy to carry. Much of this is seen through the handle and shoulder straps that are included, which should help to maximize portability.

Alongside this is the fact that it includes a large opening, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty putting in and taking out any belongings, which is an issue that affects many fire-and water-proof bags. The zipper that’s included with these bags is also lockable, which should add a certain amount of security to the bags.

However, the interior of the bags has been known to stick, which many previous buyers have suggested could negatively affect documents. While this may not be quite a significant issue, it could affect a variety of customers.


  • Designed to be as portable as possible.
  • A large opening makes it easy to place documents and other belongings inside.
  • The locking zipper provides additional security for belongings.


  • The Interior can be sticky, which will negatively affect documents.


When it comes to choosing the fireproof bag for documents, there can be a variety of things that you’ll need to consider. While many of the options will offer quite a large amount of water and fire resistance, you’ll also need to look at the size and a few other things.

This could mean that the decision could be a personal one. However, the Homier bag stands out from many of its competitors. This is primarily driven by the fact that it offers quite a large number of benefits with relatively few drawbacks.

Alongside this is the fact that it’s a versatile product that can be used for a variety of other products, such as tablets, among others. As a result, the Homier should be worth looking at ahead of the rest.

You shouldn’t be able to go wrong with any of the other fireproof bags above, although you’ll need to consider your needs when you’re buying them. This should mean that you’ll need to put a small amount of time into determining these before making your decision.

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