The Best Fireproof Gun Safes in 2024

You have a lot of money invested in your firearms, not to mention your other valuables. You need to protect them from fire and thieves. I’m going to show you how to pick the fireproof gun safes.

We’ve analyzed everyone out there. Only the most durable, best-rated safes get a mention here. Let’s look at the contenders. Then we’ll see how to choose the right one for you.

Best Fireproof Gun Safes:

1. Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK

Overall, this is the top fireproof long gun safe. It’ll protect up to 16 rifles or shotguns from fire and theft. For scoped long guns, that number drops to 14-16.

You can unlock it with the EMP-proof keypad or the bypass key.

The interior is fully carpeted and illuminated with a bright LED light. There’s even a hole pre-drilled for a safe dehumidifier to keep your collectible firearms in top condition.

Everyone is impressed with this heavy, solid fire safe. Customers say that it’s incredibly tough and well-made. They are confident that their guns and valuables will be safe from fire and theft.


  • Superior burglar resistance
  • High rifle and shotgun capacity
  • Excellent fire resistance


  • Expensive
  • It is so heavy at 450 pounds that freight companies will only deliver to your driveway or garage

2. Fortress 24-Gun Fireproof Safe with Combination Lock

Here’s the fireproof 8-long gun safe for anyone on a budget. It’s affordable and highly functional. The best part is all the shelving that’s included. You can set it all up, however, you want to. But the more shelves you use, the less room you’ll have for your guns. Still, it’s hard to go wrong at this price.

People are very happy with the heft and versatility of this multi-shelf fire safe. But some wish that they had gotten a bigger one.


  • Sweet price
  • Decent fire and burglary protection
  • Unlock with a keypad or mechanical dial
  • Several shelves can be configured in multiple ways


  • The door has a bit more play than most people prefer
  • Long gun capacity drops dramatically when shelves are used

3. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

There’s probably no better safe for a few handguns and some small valuables, like documents and flash drives. It’s fireproof, waterproof, and burglar-resistant, and can even survive a 15-foot drop without opening.

It’s the fireproof gun safe under $500 for handguns due to its awesome build quality and value The more people learn about how much protection this safe offers, the happier they are with their purchase. Their brags make this the small fireproof gun safe.


  • The lockout key prevents opening with the keypad for extra security
  • Waterproof for 24 hours of full submersion
  • Drop-resistant up to 15 feet
  • Locking interior drawer for valuables


  • Space is tight inside

4. NEW and IMPROVED E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes

This one-hour fire-rated gun safe offers unmatched protection against home blazes and burglary. It resists all types of attacks: drilling, prying, sawing, torches, and ballistic assaults.

The interior is covered in a handsome grey carpet. It’ll hold 22 long guns comfortably, but 18 is a more realistic number when you count scopes and the positionable shelves.

Collectors with a lot of guns and almost $3,000 to spend were really happy with this safe. There weren’t many complaints from people who understood the size and weight involved here. Most cases of buyer’s remorse revolved around the difficulty in moving it around and setting it up.


  • Long fire protection
  • Incredible protection from all types of burglar attack
  • Three 110v outlets and two USB ports inside for lights, dehumidifiers, and other electronics
  • Fully carpeted interior with eight moveable shelves
  • EMP-proof electronic keypad


  • Very expensive
  • Restricted delivery due to weight

5. Heritage Security Products 24 Gun Fire and Water Safe with E-Lock


What makes this fireproof waterproof gun safe is the great fire resistance, superior water resistance, and the strength to stand up to prolonged burglary attacks.

Some have received safes with faulty digital keypads. And a few have gotten the runaround when making their warranty claim. Hopefully, Heritage Security Products will address this issue soon. This is a great and dependable safe. Poor customer service can ruin their otherwise stellar reputation.

I most like the looks and solid build. This safe gives the impression of strength and security. But people who got a safe with a faulty keypad were not happy with the customer service they got.


  • Great fire and burglary protection
  • All interior shelves can be removed for a true 24-gun capacity
  • Bright interior LED light


  • There have been reports of malfunctioning keypads

6. AEGIS Fireproof Rifle Safe

This 22-gun fireproof safe is easy to operate and provides adequate protection from blazes and thieves. There are no digital keypads or lights to malfunction. It’s just a good, affordable fire safe. For the best burglary protection, you’ll have to drill some holes in the back or bottom for anchoring from the inside.

Many love the minimalist design. The simplicity appeals to people who want a basic and dependable safe. In fireproof gun safe reviews, there have been a few gripes about the interior space. The capacity goes down to seven if you add a couple of shelves.


  • 3-point locking System
  • Good price and value


  • You lose a lot of gin space if you use the shelves
  • Not pre-drilled for anchoring

7. Barska FV-1000 Fire Safe Vault


Store up to 14 rifles or shotguns to keep them safe from fire damage and theft. There’s a shelf for a few handguns, documents, or heirlooms as well.

The thick steel cabinet adds a lot of weight to the unit. It can’t be carried off easily, especially when bolted down through the pre-drilled anchor holes.

It was hard to find any legitimate complaints about this small fireproof rifle safe. People like the simplicity and the good fire rating. They say that their safe arrived in good condition and exactly as described.


  • Simple lock operation
  • Removable shelf for handguns or valuables
  • Mat included keeping the floor underneath from getting scuffed


  • Expensive compared to safes with similar specs

8. Sports Afield SA5932P Preserve (32-Gun) Fire/Waterpoof Safe

This is a nice, strong fireproof, and waterproof gun safe that can hold clips, magazines, and other accessories out of the way in its door organizer. That frees up the shelf space for up to four handguns, ammo, or documents.

That textured black finish looks good enough to be a part of your living room or lodge den. People love this safe.

This safe gets really good reviews. People like the door organizer. But they say that it won’t fit the advertised number of long guns, even if they are unscoped.


  • Good burglary protection
  • Waterproof for up to seven days when submerged in two feet of water
  • Unauthorized access attempt alarm
  • Door organizer included


  • If you must remove the door to move the safe around, it is very difficult to reinstall
  • It May not fit the stated number of guns

Factors To Consider


Safes are advertised as to their capacity, among other things. You need a safe that will keep all your guns secure and out of a fire’s reach.

Remember that manufacturers often don’t consider scopes when they state the capacity of their safes. As a general rule, scoped fun takes up the space of one and a half of non-scoped guns. Factor this in.

Fire Protection

This factor is stated as the amount of time the safe can protect from a fire at a given blaze temperature. The higher these numbers are, the better the protection you have. Get the best fire protection you can afford. Top-quality gun safes offer a minimum of 30 minutes of protection at temps of at least 1,200 degrees.

Burglar Proofing

If you’re going to spend money on a safe to protect your guns from fire, why not make sure you’re safe from thieves as well

The real world isn’t like Hollywood movies. Burglars don’t use stethoscopes to crack home safes.

They almost always pry the door open. Locking bolts are what protect against this method of attack. The more bolts that secure the door to the frame, the harder it is to pry the door open.

Thick steel keeps more skilled thieves from drilling, sawing, or torching through the cabinet to get to your guns


This is what the safe is made from. Get one that’s made of steel or steel composite.

The thicker is better. You need one that’s at least two millimeters thick for the best protection from fire and burglary tools. Sometimes, the safe’s thickness is listed as a gauge. Lower gauge steel is thicker. 16-gauge is as low as you should go.


How Hard Is It To Set Up A Fireproof Gun Safe?

It depends on the safe’s weight and whether you’re going to anchor it. Safes like this can weigh over 500 pounds. Many carrier companies will only deliver heavy safes to your driveway or garage. Make sure you ask the seller about this.

You may need help to move the safe where you want it. Affordable fireproof gun safes are often made of thinner steel and are therefore lighter. But don’t overdo it. Get help moving anything heavy, especially if you’re taking it up a flight of stairs.

If you’re going to bolt the safe to the floor for added theft protection, you may need to drill holes for the bolts. This is a simple matter, but you’ll need a drill and a titanium or carbide bit.

Won’t The Safe Act Like An Oven In A Fire And Burn My Guns?

This is where the fire protection rating comes in. It’s usually the heat of a fire that destroys things, not the flame. No safe can keep your guns from burning in a very long-lasting fire. But they’ll be OK for the length of time in the rating.

What About My Ammunition?

Fireproof gun safes protect most ammo. Plastic shotgun shells may melt, but ammo made of brass, lead, and copper should be fine.

Will A Fireproof Gun Safe Protect My Jewelry, Documents, and Other Valuables?

Your fireproof gun safe will probably be the best protection from the fire that you’ve got. Your jewelry will likely be fine. Paper documents and photos may char, but they’ll have a better overall chance of survival if kept in the safe.

The Takeaway

The Steelwater offers the best fire and burglary protection for your guns and valuables. If the price is too high, you may want to consider the Fortress Fireproof Gun Safe With Electronic Lock. It isn’t quite as good in the fire protection department, but it’s more affordable.

If you need a smaller safe for a few handguns, consider SentrySafe’s SFW123GDC Fireproof And Waterproof Safe With Digital Keypad. It’s the perfect size for a few pistols and maybe some small valuables.

When is your house going to catch fire? You don’t know? Shouldn’t you make sure your expensive guns and accessories are safe now, then?

Get the fire-resistant gun safe you can reasonably afford. And do it as soon as possible.

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