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The Best Garage Storage Containers in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Garage Storage Containers

Garage storage is one of the best parts of having a garage in the first place. But we all know how quickly all of our things can clutter up that seemingly endless storage space.

That’s why storage containers are the go-to storage method for most garage setups. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes the following products the best garage storage containers on the market.

By delving into each product’s specifications (ie. capacity, material, and overall build) we’ve created a list of the top eight models available. Let’s dive in!

The 8 Best Garage Storage Containers:

1. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Tote Storage Container With Lid

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Tote Storage Container With Lid

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The Rubbermaid BRUTE Tote Storage Container tops the list of the best storage containers. The BRUTE model is designed to be extremely heavy-duty and that design is evident in the build.

The unit is extremely durable and can hold up to 20 gallons per bin. Coming as a set of six, that 120 gallons of storage! The bottom of the unit is even ribbed to allow for sliding and dragging without doing damage to the storage bin.

Consumers are absolutely blown away by the BRUTE Tote bins. Many call it the toughest storage container available and claim that it stacks without even a hint of warping in the containers.


  • Drain handles prevent the build-up of still water which prevents bacteria build-up and also keeps the mosquitoes and other insects away should you be storing the bins outside
  • Stack-ability allows you to save plenty of room space by storing the bins vertically
  • Bins can be dragged without worrying about ruining the bins


  • The tapered design reduces the bin’s space at the bottom of the bin

2. Plano Storage Trunk – 108 Quart w/ Wheels (1919)

Plano Storage Trunk - w Wheels

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When it comes to heavy-duty molded plastic containers, the Plano Storage Trunk is the king of the hill. This unit is capable of holding up to 27 gallons, or 108 quarts. The Plano trunk also takes on a longer shorter design.

These long plastic storage containers allow you to store larger pieces of equipment and other objects that may be too long for a typical storage container.

This trunk also sports wheels, making transportation an absolute breeze, even when the capacity is maxed out.

Consumers are practically in love with this Storage Trunk. One of the consumer’s favorite features is the ability for the trunk to fly, being airline-approved. The reinforced latches also make the lid extremely secure according to consumers.

Some do note that the plastic on the body is slightly weaker than that of the lid, but it doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to buyers.


  • Wheels make transportation a breeze, especially in places like an airport
  • The bin’s capacity is quite large but it’s still airline-approved


  • Some users find the plastic of the body to be weaker than that of the lid

3. IRIS USA 32 Qt. Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container

IRIS USA 32 Qt. Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container

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Good storage containers will always stack and hold a decent amount of volume, and that’s exactly what this IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Storage Bin does.

Although it holds less than the BRUTE, this model has the capacity for eight gallons or 32 quarts. These are also semi-clear container bins, which are convenient for times when you need a particular item and don’t want to rummage through all of your bins.

For most consumers, these bins are plenty sturdy and convenient for space-saving storage. However, a few consumers note that the tapered build of the bins does reduce the space inside a bit as you travel down the bin.


  • Built-in underside handles make removing bins from shelves simple, allowing you to lift them from the bottom, avoiding any shelf obstruction
  • Buckle up latches securely hold the lids and snap on and off in a breeze
  • Semi-opaque coloring allows you to see into the crates when looking for something in particular


  • The capacity is middle of the road, only holding roughly 8 gallons per unit

4. Sterilite 19859806, 30 Quart/28 Liter Ultra Latch Box

Sterilite 19859806, 30 Quart 28 Liter Ultra Latch Box

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Another set of high-quality storage containers comes from Sterilite. The Sterilite Ultra Latch Box holds about seven and a half gallons per container, which is the smallest capacity bin in review thus far.

Coming as a set of six, the unit sports latching handles that are similar to those on the IRIS model. These bins are also completely transparent for simple item locating.

Consumers are mostly satisfied with this Sterilite Ultra Latch Box model. While the full transparency of the plastic is appreciated, some find that stacking the crates is a bit less stable than expected.

Despite this fact, there are plenty of happy customers using these bins who report successful stacking. Also to be noted, the crates shouldn’t be dragged too much.


  • Latching handles guarantee the securing of the lids, even when packed to the brim with objects
  • Complete transparency makes finding your things a breeze


  • The plastic used to construct these Sterilite bins isn’t as sturdy as the previously mentioned models

5. Akro-Mils 66486CLDBL 12-Gallon Plastic Storage Cabinet

Akro-Mils 66486CLDBL 12-Gallon Plastic Storage Cabinet with Attached Lid

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The next storage container box in review is from Akro-Mils. The Plastic Storage KeepBox with Attached Lid is a great storage unit for folks looking for a unit where the lid cannot be detached.

These door-like lids help each other remain closed via the zipper-like interlocking. The capacity for the KeepBox is about 12 gallons. which is a slightly above-average capacity.

These units also sport a transparent body, aiding in finding your stuff quicker.

Consumers are very satisfied with the KeepBox, calling it “surprisingly sturdy.” Others call this container the ideal storage unit for moving.

The ability to stack the units as well as contain them within themselves when not in use is a hit among consumers. Whether or not they’re being used, they won’t take up more floor space than one container.


  • The bins are designed to save space when open and closed; stackable when lids are closed, and storable within one another when lids are open
  • Hinged lids provide a more secure lid closing and latching than typical lids


  • The bins are completely transparent, not great for securing valuables

6. Sterilite Dark Indigo Lid & Base with Titanium Latching Tuff1 Tote

Sterilite Dark Indigo Lid & Base with Titanium Latching

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The seventh plastic storage container box in review is another Sterilite model. The Sterilite Latch Tuff 1 is able to hold up to 18 gallons, which is up there around the highest capacity models on the market.

The latch handles are ergonomically built for ease of grabbing and gripping. Another cool feature of these containers is the extra recessed lids, making stacking much more sturdy and secure.

Consumers find these containers from Sterilite to be pretty solid. They are noted as being “rugged” by some, which is always a good thing as it pertains to storage. Additionally, they’re noted as being suitable for indoor and outdoor storage.

Do keep in mind that excessive exposure to high heat/direct sun can warp and weaken the plastic.


  • The vertical stacking is more secure than the competition due to the deeper recessed lids on this Sterilite model
  • Latching handles make lid security a given


  • Zero bin transparency

7. Akro-Mils 13017 Stack-N-Store Heavy Duty Stackable Open Front Plastic Storage Container Bin

Akro-Mils 13017 Stack-N-Store Heavy Duty Stackable Open Front Plastic Storage Container Bin

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The final containers in review, the Akro-Mils Stack-N-Store, are small storage containers as compared with the other containers on the list.

These containers are also designed differently with open hopper faces to allow access to the bins when stacked. This makes these units perfect for hardware stores or other equipment that needs to be constantly accessed but organized.

Consumers find these open hopper storage boxes to be perfect for kids’ toys and other small gadgets/knick-knacks that can be messy when not contained.

The sturdiness also blows away consumers with the units being so lightweight themselves. Others call the units spacious as well, with one such consumer even noting that they use them for recycles.


  • Able to access bin contents when stacked (great for garages, hardware shops, etc.)
  • The bins are practical as light as air but boast a load capacity of up to 75 lbs


  • No lids/not possible to close the bins

8. HOMZ 18 Gallon Durabilt LLDPE Container Heavy Duty Plastic Storage

HOMZ 18 Gallon Durabilt LLDPE Container Heavy Duty Plastic Storage

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If you’re looking for some cool storage containers, more playful than the average model, then the HOMZ Durabilt Container is for you!

These storage containers are constructed from LLDPE and therefore are simultaneously strong and flexible, easily holding the 18-gallon capacity it boasts. These containers come in a set of four and are built to withstand the elements.

The most common consumer noting for this HOMZ model is that the units are very sturdy, but perhaps a bit overpriced.

If anything, at least you would know you’re buying high quality. Additionally, consumers find the handling of these containers to be easy thanks to the design.


  • The LLDPE construction makes the bins more flexible but also stronger, preventing breaks
  • Stack-ability allows you to save floor and room space by storing vertically


  • Completely solid, no transparency

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Garage Storage Containers:

The following is a list of factors to consider when buying the best garage storage containers:


The first, and most important, factor to consider before triggering a purchase is the size of the unit and its capacity. Typically, the highest capacity unit is the most ideal, but not everyone is looking for maximum storage space per unit.

In addition to the capacity of the unit, the dimensions and size of the containers should be noted. For these reviews, the dimensions indicate exterior size.

This is important because, for many models, the interior of the storage unit will be smaller due to the design.

Tapered designs and more nuanced body indentations alike can cut into precious space you may think you’re getting.

When you analyze the interior dimensions of each unit and understand its load capacity, you give yourself the best chance of picking appropriately sized units.


The next factor to consider is the space-saving ability of each set or unit. Generally speaking, the point of getting storage containers is to save some space and clean up an area that’s overloaded with objects. So why not take that space-saving a step further?

Almost every storage container model you’ll find will be stackable. The thing to look for is the way in which the units stack. Most do so by utilizing the recess in lids to house the base of the stacking container.

Some lid recesses go deeper than others and create a more secure stacking process.

If you plan on stacking your storage containers as high as possible, it’s heavily suggested that you choose a model with deeply recessed lids, ensuring the stack won’t topple on you.

Type of objects being stored:

The final factor to consider before choosing a particular set of containers is what you intend to use them for. For the most part, the containers in review will hold similarly sized objects due to the boxy shape of the majority of models. However, sometimes you have objects that are longer, such as equipment and tools.

For situations like this, you’ll want to be sure you’re buying a container that will properly fit the object.

By properly fit, we mean that while an object may fit inside a container, that doesn’t mean it fits well or conveniently for storing additional objects.

The Plano Storage Trunk is an example of a perfect container for equipment and tools because it takes on that trunk shape. This ensures that the objects can lay flat rather than sitting diagonally in a typical container, preventing you from adding other objects easily.

Understanding what you’re storing is paramount to making the right storage container choice

Making the Decision

In conclusion, the Rubbermaid BRUTE Totes are the best garage storage containers on the market. The BRUTE is specifically tailored to the user thanks to its extremely heavy-duty construction, ability to be dragged without damaging the unit, and draining handles.

However, you may not need that much storage capacity and if that’s you, the IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Storage Bin is a fantastic second choice. This unit is also sturdily designed, by sporting a capacity under half of that of the BRUTE.

So, what’re you waiting for? Time to get your storage on!

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