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The Best Hidden Floor Safes in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Hidden Floor Safes

Hidden floor safes offer an extra layer of protection from thieves. And a lot of people like them because they stay out of sight. Nothing’s more distracting than a hulking safe. If you’ve been looking for one for a while, you know how many options there are on the market. It can be hard to choose. Let us help.

We used the same gang of security experts that we use to review our gun safes to help us sift through the best hidden floor safes for homes, so you know you’re in good hands.

Let’s get on with it and find your new floor safe.

Best Hidden Floor Safes:

Here’s a good selection of the best choices for between-the-joist and concrete floor safes.

1. Stealth Floor Safe B2500 Electronic High-Security In-Ground Vault

Stealth Floor Safe B2500 Electronic High Security In-Ground Vault Made

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This is the great USA-made floor safe that will stand up to tool and torch attacks. It’s made of thick hardened steel. The door stays securely shut in the face of any pry bar, thanks to the trio of 1” thick steel bolts.

But the door is easy to open. It’s not just easy to work the keypad combination, but the door practically opens itself with two strong pistons.

The big hit here seems to be the piston-assisted door opening. Although it is a nice mark of craftsmanship, it’s not just a novelty to people. They really like how easy it is to open the door. They also talk about how solid this safe is built.


  • Resistant to all kinds of tool attacks
  • Nice size for a floor safe
  • Easy-open door


  • No bypass key

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2. Protex IF-3000C Floor Safe

Protex IF-3000C Floor Safe, under ground safe, LaGard group II combination lock

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This is a nice long safe that can hold long-barreled handguns if that’s your purpose. Otherwise, it can hold a ton of valuables in its roomy interior. It must be installed a few inches deeper than flush.

There is a lid that goes over the entire face of the safe. You remove the lid to expose the door and lock it. That makes the safe almost undetectable under a rug or carpet, especially if a pad is used under the rug.

Feedback on this safe is somewhat mixed. People are generally pleased with the size and construction, but there have been some complaints about the lock.

A few people actually had to return their safe because the default combination did not unlock the mechanism, so the customer could not open the door or set up their own combination.

Everyone who did have this problem speaks highly of the customer service team and the replacement process.


  • Solid safe
  • Excellent protection against prying


  • Some have had issues with lock
  • Not as drill-resistant as comparable safes

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3. WinBest Solid Steel Floor Safe with Key Lock 0.22 Cubic Ft Storage

WinBest Solid Steel Floor Safe with Key Lock 0.22 Cubic Ft Storage

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This cheap floor safe can’t handle much of an attack. It can be pried open by a determined thief. And the lock can be easily drilled or cut away.

The main feature of this safe is that it fits perfectly between 16” floor joists. Mounted on the floor as intended, it will keep your valuables and important paperwork out of sight.

A lot of people have commented about how convenient the key lock is. And they say that it’s the perfect size for some documents and some small valuables. Everyone likes a good value, and that is what many talks about.


  • Affordable
  • Shallow enough that you don’t have to reach far to get to items at the bottom of the safe
  • Simple lock
  • Relatively easy to install


  • Doesn’t offer much protection from theft
  • Not very much interior room

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4. Amsec C5 Floor Safe

Amsec C5 Floor Safe

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This is a good round floor safe for the home if you know how to install one. It isn’t easy. You could always have a pro install it, but that’s pretty expensive.

But if you need a waterproof floor safe, give this one a good look. It’s also fireproof. And you can take the dial off of the combination lock and take it with you. That adds another layer of theft resistance.

Those who’ve bought this safe are impressed with the design. Most have never seen a round safe before deciding on this one. Reviews are full of remarks about the rubber O-ring that makes it water-resistant. All in all, this is a very well-liked safe.


  • Water-resistant
  • Fireproof
  • Removable dial
  • Easy access


  • Can be difficult to install, like other round floor safes

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5. Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe

Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe

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This is a thick and strong safe with plenty of room for valuables and documents inside. There’s no keypad that needs batteries, and there are no keys to lose. You just have to set your own combination and remember it.

Most have positive things to say about this safe. They think it’s well made and offers great burglary protection. But there have been some negative remarks about the dial. It feels loose, and that makes some people think that it is flimsy. But there haven’t been any reports of the dial being easily defeated or removed.


  • Solidly built
  • Nice size
  • Reinforced door
  • Keyless


  • Reports of the flimsy dial
  • Relatively expensive

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6. First Watch – Homak Between the Studs High-Security Steel Tall Wall Safe, White, WS00018002

41Qvqc-4g0L._AC_SL1000_First Watch - Homak Between the Studs High Security Steel Tall Wall Safe

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This lockbox-style floor safe can be installed quickly. It fits right between floor or wall studs for a perfectly flush mount. It can’t stand up to a determined thief, but it can keep your precious possessions hidden.

Customers usually buy this safe for the convenience of installation. It’s light enough for one person to install, and it fits perfectly between common 16” stud spacing. As far as build quality goes, those who understand that this is basically a hidden safe are happy with what they got. They feel like it’s a great value.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use


  • Doesn’t offer much protection of any kind

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7. PARAGON SAFES Electronic Flat Wall Safe Box with Digital Keypad and 2 Manual Override Keys

PARAGON SAFES Electronic Flat Wall Safe Box with Digital Keypad and 2 Manual Override Keys

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This is among the most handsome affordable home safes for floors. It can be left out in plain sight. That would detract from theft protection, but its off-white color and the elegant keypad are just that attractive.

DIYers say it’s simple to install. One person can do it. Everyone likes the design. It’s meant to be hidden in some cases, but it’s good-looking enough to stand out on the wall. The strength apparently isn’t on par with ½” thick steel safes, but it will foil all but the most determined thieves.


  • Good looking
  • Very strong in’s size and weight
  • Easy installation
  • The lock can be operated with both a digital keypad and keys


  • Relatively thin steel will not hold up long under a power tool attack

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8. FS4000B Hayman Polyethylene Floor Safe

FS4000B Hayman Polyethylene Floor Safe

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Here’s a small fireproof floor safe with a pretty unique construction. It’s made of polyethylene. The advantage here is that it’s lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

It isn’t waterproof, because it can leak around the door. But it is resistant to seepage, which can be a problem when fixed in porous concrete.

Customers like how lightweight this safe is. Some were skeptical about the poly construction, but those who bought it say that it seems thick and heavy. They have confidence in it, and most of them say that they would make the same decision again.


  • Offers the same protection as solid steel safes with less weight
  • Rustproof
  • Fireproof
  • Moisture resistant


  • A bit on the expensive side for a poly safe

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Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Hidden Floor Safes

It’s best to know something about floor safes before shopping for one. You should have a good idea of what you want, so you won’t be taken by impulse and buy something you’ll regret. Understand them, and you’ll make a great choice.


Electronic keypads are the most popular. They run on batteries and require a user code to be entered for the door to open. Dials require the correct combination to be dialed.

They’re easy to use, but they can be breached by a drill much easier than a keypad lock. Key locks are the cheapest, but they are even easier to breach with a drill than a dial.


Weigh the simplicity and cost savings of keys against the enhanced strength of keypads and dials. Also, keep in mind that keypads and dials are better for multiple users because there’s no chance of keys falling into the wrong hands.

Consider where you will mount the safe. If you’re going to mount on a floor supported by joists, the safe should fit well between those joists. This usually means about 16”. But safes that will be sunk into concrete, as in a basement, can be any size.

Steel Thickness

Thicker steel is generally better. It’s harder to drill, saw, or burn through. Thickness is most important indoors. That’s because doors are usually the easiest part of the safe to get to, so they are the most often attacked by burglars.

The more locking bolts a floor-mountable safe has, and the thicker they are, the more resistant they are to pry attacks. Prying is the second most common attack of successful burglaries, with drilling through the lock being number one.


Decide if fireproofing is important to you. But realize that most floor safes don’t carry an actual fire rating, even if they are fireproof. If fireproofing is important to you, look for fire and water-resistant safes.

What’s the point in protecting your valuables against fire if they’re just going to be ruined by the firefighter’s water? This may not matter much in the case of jewelry, but it does with documents and rust-prone firearms.

It’s a good idea to get a floor safe to store your handgun, but those safes aren’t good for storing rifles or shotguns. Instead of floor safes, consider heavy-duty fireproof gun safes with high-security grading.

Best Hidden Floor Safes FAQs

Are Hidden Floor Safes Better Than Regular Safes?

Floor safes have an advantage that most big, heavy safes can’t have. You can conceal them. A thief or unauthorized person may never find it. Then your possessions will be safe, and your safe won’t be damaged by an assault.

On the other hand, many floor safes have to be made of thinner steel so they can fit between floor joists. Consider your situation carefully before deciding on a floor safe or another kind.

How Hard Is It To Install A Floor Safe?

It depends on your skill level. To mount in a floor, you’ll have to pull up a section of carpeting, if there is any. Then you’ll have to measure, mark, and cut the appropriately sized opening.

From there, you mount the safe to the floor joists with screws through the anchor holes in the safe. After that, you replace the section of carpeting or conceal the safe with a rug.

To install on a concrete floor, you’ll have to use a power chisel to cut an opening into the concrete. You may have to dig out the underlying substrate. Then you place the safe in a level position and side-fill with cement mix.

If the option that applies to you seems daunting, hire a professional.

What Should I Expect To Spend On A Hidden Floor Safe?

This depends on the style and strength you need. Shallow safes, like those for securing documents, usually run cheaper. Lockbox-style floor safes, made of thin steel, are also cheaper. They protect mostly by concealment rather than strength. In these cases, expect to pay between $80 and $200.

Big, heavy safes designed to be sunk into a concrete range from about a hundred dollars for economy models to well over a thousand bucks for heavy behemoths.


Stealth’s B2500 Floor Safe is our top pick of between-the-joist safes. They’re the toughest, and they offer a decent amount of room inside for your valuable goods. If you need more room than that one has, check out the Protex IF-300C XL Floor Safe. They were about the same price. The Protex is bigger, but the Stealth is tougher.

For an affordable lockbox-type between-the-joist safe, we recommend the WinBest Solid Steel Floor Safe. You can get one at a super affordable price point.

The best of the concrete mountable floor safes is Hayman’s FS40008 Polyethylene Floor Safe. It’s pretty easy to handle, strong, fireproof, and resistant to water seepage from concrete. For a smaller concrete safe, consider the Amsec C5 Floor Safe. It’s just under 8” in diameter, but it’s tough and waterproof.

Are you ready to get one of the best-rated floor safes? Check them out and get one before you need it.

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