The Best Keyless Door Locks in 2024

Are you tired of the hindrance and inconvenience of traditional keys? Have you ever had to break down a door or spend the night at a friend’s place because you either forgot your keys in the office or lost them on your way home?

Well, the solution for these inconveniences is to install a biometric door lock for your home. Having researched and sampled the keyless door locks in the market, we have compiled a detailed list of the biometric door locks for installation in your home.

Best Keyless Door Locks:

1. eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock


The Eufy Security Smart Lock is a multi-feature door lock that provides you with a comprehensive security option. It is one of the keyless deadbolt locks that offer a great security option for homeowners who want to do away with the traditional key bunch. It has a thin appealing design with an easy-to-install and uses a security app.

The Eufy Security Smart Lock provides four methods of operating the lock. You can use the application and unlock using Bluetooth connectivity, use the physical key, numeric keypad, or fingerprint reader.

The installation procedure for the Eufy Smart Lock Touch is clearly outlined in the printed manual, making it straightforward. However, the installation period is longer than most competitor biometric door locks in the market. Several consumers are also disappointed that the smart lock only supports Bluetooth connectivity and cannot be synchronized with other stylish home gear.


  • The Eufy Smart lock provides numerous options for operating the lock
  • Built-in encryption to increase security and avoid hacks


  • The installation time of the Eufy Smart Lock is too long
  • The Eufy Smart Lock does not support voice recognition

2. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro, 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock

The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt smart door lock is a versatile door lock with security escutcheons and a sturdy deadbolt assembly that ensures total protection for your door and house. It has numerous features that allow you to operate your door using five different methods.

You can use a traditional key, the keypad, voice commands, a mobile app, or fingerprint recognition. The U-Bolt also allows you to preset specific times that the door automatically locks or unlocks.

Consumers received the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt smart door lock well. Most consumers commend the Wi-Fi capability of the smart door lock and enjoy the remote operation features. The smart lock’s voice recognition feature is another positive talking point among consumers.


  • The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt is easy to install
  • It supports voice recognition
  • The U-Bolt provides versatile options for unlocking the door
  • Can be synchronized and operated using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • It has a hidden key way that you can only access by pulling the keypad out


  • Does not support Apple HomeKit

3. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock


The Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock is one of the apartment door locks for homeowners or rental property owners who offer apartments to people for short stays. High-end rental property management businesses and hotels can benefit significantly from the Sifely Keyless Entry door locks. They can remotely generate door passcodes and share them with their customers.

Most consumers express concern about the security of the Sifely Smart Lock because it is not a deadbolt lock. However, users say that it is an excellent bump-free lock for internal doors. It has a beautiful design, and its operator app is fully featured for maximum support.


  • Track the access of your premises remotely
  • Provides numerous ways of opening the door
  • The fingerprint sensor is scratch-proof and durable
  • Smart Lock supports Wi-Fi and can be synchronized and operated using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • It has a hidden key way that you can only access by pulling the keypad out


  • The lock does not support Apple HomeKit appliances
  • Malfunctions in case there are blackouts or power surges

4. Geek Smart Fingerprint Door Lock – Biometric Door Knob Keyless Entry Door Locks

The Dato Door Deadlatch Lock is one of the biometric door locks for homes, apartments, Airbnb, and hotel rooms. It has an easy-to-install procedure and requires no wires to operate. Manufacturers created the Dato Fingerprint Door Lock in both left-handed and right-handed door versions. They are elegant and discrete, providing extra levels of security without bulky features.

The manual installation and fingerprint setup processes are friendly and easy when you follow the user manual. Although it is not ideal for the front door because it’s not a deadbolt, it is perfect for internal doors, especially when you have kids who can lock themselves and lose the keys.


  • The fingerprint sensor is highly sensitive and reads fingerprints in less than a second.
  • Cheap biometric door lock
  • Saves fingerprints in a memory chip and does not require an application to operate.


  • It’s not ideal for external doors
  • The fingerprint sensor malfunctions when touched with moist hands or when the weather is humid

5. Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P717LMK/EN

The Samsung Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock is a state-of-the-art advanced door lock suitable for internal and external doors of residential and commercial properties.

It uses mortise locks to make your door security even more durable than when using a deadbolt door. It synchronizes with the home automation system and sounds a fire alarm when it senses high temperatures inside the house.

Most consumers give positive feedback on the Samsung Push Pull Biometric Digital Door Lock but caution on the daunting task of installing it when you are replacing it with a traditional deadbolt or knob door. Overall, consumers consider this lock a classy, premium, and secure clasp.


  • Extremely secure due to its mortise and two-step authentication features
  • Waterproof and durable
  • It has an additional fire sensor and alarm feature
  • Several anti-theft and mischief-prevention features installed


  • The Samsung Push Pull Digital lock takes a lot of work to install
  • This biometric digital lock is more costly than other locks on the market

6. ULTRALOQ UL3 Fingerprint Door Lock

The ULTRALOQ UL3 is an elegant, smart lock that eliminates the need for carrying fumbling keys. It supports a fully keyless entry using fingerprints and passcodes. It uses a single latch lock, but you can replace it with a deadbolt cover.

The UTRALOQ UL3 is available, for both left and right-handed doors. The exciting feature of this lock is that it gives you a log whenever a passcode is used to open the door.

Consumers liked the durable construction of the lock. They also wanted the straightforward installation process and the fact that the tools or installing the lock come with it. The only concern was that the fingerprint sensitivity drags and does not identify fingerprints at all times. However, the passcodes and physical keys work perfectly.


  • Robust and stable construction to ensure maximum security
  • Provides several unlocking options, including fingerprint scanning, passcode input, and a backup key
  • The ULTRALOQ UL3 has an auto-lock feature


  • It is not compatible with APPLE HomeKit
  • Sometimes it does not recognize prints, especially when you have cold or wet hands

7. Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Fingerprint Electric Smart Lock is a simple and stylish lock with biometric fingerprint capabilities that can conveniently read fingerprints within 0.25 seconds, giving the lock an instant unlock effect.

It uses a deadbolt lock system for advanced security and provides two ways of unlocking the door, using the fingerprint sensor or a traditional key. It is easy to install and use and provides adequate protection for your indoor and external doors or your office or residential apartment.

Consumers mention that the Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock has an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. The biometric door handle lock is easy and takes less than five minutes to install. Consumers also enjoy the step-by-step voice guidance through the programming setup procedure.

However, consumers expressed concern about security because this fingerprint lock can be compromised and opened using a credit card. A user is safer installing a latch guard when using a Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock.


  • Easy manual installation procedure
  • Smart Door Lock has a voice guidance recording that takes you through programming your first fingerprints, making it a seamless process
  • Highly effective fingerprint sensor
  • Dual unlock mode


  • Requires two people to install the lock to the door physically
  • The Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock is vulnerable to insecurity using a credit card or similar items, and a user needs to install a latch guard to improve its security

8. HARFO Fingerprint Door Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock

Harfo Keyless Smart Door Locks are the most modern keyless door locks you can install to protect your home. They are multi-featured and allow you to unlock your door using four different ways. They have a sophisticated design and advanced security features, making them one of the most sought-after biometric locks by high-end homeowners and commercial building owners.

Aside from complaints about how long it takes to install the Harfo Keyless Smart Door Lock, consumers are generally happy with this product. Most consumers who use Harfo Keyless Smart Door Locks in commercial buildings appreciate the large capacity of fingerprint storage that it has. Consumers also commend the high sensitivity of its fingerprint sensor and the additional security features like the private lock for admin-only access.


  • Harfo Keyless Smart Door Locks use a latch lock system to ensure ultimate safety
  • The private lock feature allows administration control, especially in commercial building scenarios. The admin can open it at the beginning of a working day and close it in the evening
  • It allows multiple operating options


  • The Harfo locks take too long to install
  • It is cumbersome to install Smart Door Lock in metal doors

Factors To Сonsider

When purchasing a biometric door lock for your commercial or residential property, security is the primary consideration. However, many locks offer security. How do you choose which biometric lock to buy from the wide variety available in the market? Here are a few considerations to make when shopping for a biometric lock.

The Security Features Available

Whether you choose a deadbolt or a latch lock system, choose the most secure lock for your premises. Check the additional security features like two-step authentication, alarm capabilities, and others that enhance your security.


Choose a lock that can withstand wear and tear. Ensure that the lock is waterproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions to serve you for a substantial amount of time.

Input Methods

Pick a biometric lock with different input methods to avoid inconvenience in the case of fingerprint sensor malfunctions. Preferably, choose a lock you can operate remotely, and you can even let your dog out for a walk using a smartphone while in the comfort of your sofa.

Advanced digital locks synchronize with home intercom systems like Amazon Alexa and Google HomeKit to allow voice recognition and input. You can also connect the security systems using the video doorbells to lock and unlock your door remotely after knowing who is at the door.

Design And Color Of The Lock

After checking the list of all security considerations, you also need to pick out the lock that compliments the color and design of your door.

Biometric Door Lock

Biometric door locks are lock systems installed in a door to let you unlock the door using your fingerprints and a PIN. These locks store the fingerprints of all authorized people in a memory chip and allow them access to the premises after scanning their fingerprints using a thermal or optical scanner.

Here is a short fingerprint lock review listing the advantages of using a biometric door lock;

  • Biometric door locks remove the need to carry key bunches everywhere you go
  • They provide a solution to the problem of always replacing locks because of lost keys
  • They provide an extra layer of security to your house as biometric locks are impossible to pick
  • You can monitor every time someone goes in or gets out of your house using a biometric door lock
  • Biometric door locks mostly couple up as proximity, keypad, and wireless locks using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth


Security in your home or business is fundamental as it protects your valuable items from getting lost or misused. Traditional door locks do not provide sufficient protection because they are easily picked or opened by bumping the keyhole. Therefore, to ensure adequate protection, you should install a biometric door lock or your home or business.

After careful consideration, I would recommend the Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock because of the advanced security features that it has. This smart lock has a strong structure, offers two-step authentication before unlocking, and sounds an alarm in case of suspicious activity.

These unique features, coupled with its sophisticated, beautiful look, make it the perfect biometric lock to install on your door.

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