The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams in 2024

The rearview mirror dash cams for you are somewhere below. We know this because we rounded up all the most popular ones and put them all to the test on our company cars. We kept all kinds of folks in mind when we sorted them out. All that’s left is the cream of the crop.

Read on, and pay attention to the features to see which one will serve you best. You’ll learn all about how to narrow it down even further than we did, and you’ll end up with a cam that you’ll be happy with for miles to come.

Shall we jump right into it?

Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams:

1. WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera


Here’s another cam built with Sony processors and lenses. That ensures the best clarity and dependability. But being manufactured by a loss-known company keeps the price down below Sony levels. Add that all together, and you get seriously good value.

Some remarked that the picture is clearer than most others they’ve seen at the same resolution. So we did some investigating. It turns out that Sony Electronics does not make that much of a difference. A better processor manufactures a clearer image. Other cams on our list also have Sony’s guts, but not at this price.


  • Very clear picture
  • Plenty of useful features
  • Constant protection, at night and while parked
  • Great value for top processors


  • Having awesome Sony circuitry, this cam should have a longer warranty

2. Kingslim DL12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam

You’d expect a wide field of view from a dual-camera rearview mirror, and that’s what you get here. The view is just 30 degrees less than all-around 360-degree clarity.

The res is sharp and clear, too. But the night vision steals the show. This system is perhaps the for low light levels. The bad thing is that there’s no GPS option. So take a hard pass here if you need it, but consider this one if night vision is important to you.

GPS is one of those features that many don’t realize how much they want until they get a cam without it. But then again, some don’t want it at all. Some wish they had gotten a GPS unit.

The night vision, courtesy of Sony Electronics, is stunning though. That’s the number one feature most talked about by fans of this cam.


  • Superb low-light vision
  • Nice resolution
  • Automatic backup assist


  • No GPS

3. Car DVR Rearview Mirror Video Recorder


Professional drivers like to keep their profit margins high by keeping their overhead low. That’s what makes this one a good mirror dash camera for Uber drivers. It has only the basic features, which keeps its price down.

You’ll have to do without the GPS, night vision, and backup assists that you get with cams at three times the price. What you get is a simple cam that records high-resolution video, front and rear, and audio on a loop.

Value is the main attraction here. People like that they got a basic cam for under $30. Many first-time dashcam users like it because it is so easy to set up and use. The smaller screen is a plus for noobs as well.


  • Incredible value
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use


  • No GPS
  • No night vision

4. PORMIDO 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

This is a favorite in-car mirror camera review, mostly for its mid-level features coming at such a great price. Although it is affordable, it is very well made. And it has that OEM look, so it doesn’t stand out as some aftermarket components can.

You can save up to half the cost over similar camera systems if you can forgo the GPS and night vision. The main advantage over our budget pick above is better video quality, a wider field of view, and a more user-friendly control panel.

Many who were turned off by the cost of the $100 and up dash cams settled here. You can give up a feature or two if they’re unnecessary and you want to save some cash. That’s the attraction here.

All in all, buyers are still happy with their choice a year after purchase. Some had decided to upgrade to a more expensive model, though, so this can be thought of as a beginner’s cam in a way.


  • Good value
  • High res rear cam
  • Tech support included for setup and use


  • No GPS

5. Jansite Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear

This high-quality night vision dash cam would be perfect if it wasn’t just a tab overpriced. Well, nobody is perfect. This is a fully functional cam that has all of the features that the top dogs have, plus it has the top-notch vision that some of them don’t have.

If you worry about your vehicle getting hit in a dimly lit parking lot, that extra low-light clarity may make it worth the higher investment.

People talk about how clear the video is, even at night in unlit parking lots. The larger-than-average screen lets you see more of that clear detail from the driver’s seat, and folks like that.

One thing that comes up a lot in customer reviews is the free 32GB SD memory card that comes in the box. It doesn’t store many videos, but it removes the need to make an extra purchase just to be able to use the camera.


  • Ready to use
  • Awesome night vision
  • Large screen
  • Long warranty
  • Free tech support


  • Priced a bit higher than it probably should be

6. AUTO-VOX V5 Without Glare Mirror Dash Cam

The full range of features combined with the enhanced night vision makes this the HD mirror camera for those wanting all the bells and whistles associated with higher-end cams.

It has everything you need, but it’s priced accordingly. Check onto cheaper cams if you don’t need the night vision and GPS. Otherwise, this may be right up our alley.

Those who’ve bought this one testify to what an all-around great cam this is. It has all the features that the most useful cams have. We found what is likely the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry right here.

The only complaint comes in during installation. It is a bit tricky, so a pro may be helpful. That’s what a lot of people did, and it seems to pay off in the end. This raised the issue of extra cost, but there are fewer complaints about that than about the installation itself.


  • Well-rounded camera
  • The backup cam can be set to come on when the car is placed in reverse, or with a swipe of the screen
  • Good customer service


  • Self-installation can be pretty tricky

7. WOLFBOX 2.5K Dash Cam Mirror for Car, Rear View Mirror Camera

This is a good dash cam with parking mode if you don’t need any help backing up. There’s no backup assist. But it has everything else that the others have.

What stands out is the nice screen size and the higher-than-usual resolution, which team up to offer you an overall sharper video. That can come in helpful if you have to pull small details from a distance, like a license plate from a block away.

No one seems to miss the backup assist. But honestly, the price should be a little lower since the newer versions of this camera don’t have it. Still, there weren’t many complaints about it.

There aren’t many compliments to go on, either. With no cheers or jeers, we made up our minds based on the low return rates and lack of many serious warranty claims. It’s a well-received unit.


  • High rate of customer satisfaction
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • No backup assist

Factors to Consider

Screen size:

Choose your screen size wisely. Ideal, you want one that is just a tad bigger than a regular mirror. Nine to 12 inches is a good bet.

You want to be able to see everything when you playback from the driver’s seat, but you don’t need one that sticks out like a sore thumb either.


The first dash cams had a very low resolution. That made it hard to read plates and see smaller details on the video. Luckily, today’s rearview mirror dashcam footage is clearer.

You need at least 720p. If you want to be confident that you can read a plate from, say, a block distant, one of the pricier 4k dash cams may suit you.

Degrees of view:

Front and rear cameras working in tandem should give you a total of at least 300 degrees of view. This will keep the blind spots small so you don’t miss any action from the sides.

Night vision:

Do you drive at night a lot? Good night vision can make all the difference in the world if you do. Pay attention to the reviews to see what kind of night vision each cam has.

Nearly all rearview cams do away with WiFi, so wireless loop recording makes installation easier.


If you worry about getting hit in parking lots, look for a cam with either impact sensors or G-sensors.

Backup assist functions just like a reverse camera, so you’ll have that added safety and convenience right there on your camera screen.


How do you install them?

They replace your mirror. The only wire you have to deal with is the power cord that goes into your power port. All you have to do is remove your old mirror and glue the cam in place.

Are they legal?

Yes, built-in mirror dash cams are legal as long as they also function as traditional mirrors, they are legal almost everywhere. Rear=facing cams may be banned if they are used to record the driver or passengers without their knowledge or consent. Check your local regulations to be sure.

How does the impact sensor function work?

It automatically records on a loop constantly. When it senses an impact, it saves the video from just before and right after the collision. This works even when your car is off and parked, as long as your cam has this feature.


You can be safe from lawsuits and negligent drivers if you have a front and rearview mirror camera to capture important video when you need it. So make a choice today, before it’s too late. The Akasso cam delivers all the things the average driver needs at a great price.

But maybe you can do without some features if it means that you will save money. Or maybe you are willing to pay more if you can have the resolution Each unit we reviewed is different and special in some way. That’s why we included them.

So be sure to check out all of our top picks before spending your money. The right one for you is probably somewhere in this post.

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