The Best Trailer Hitch Locks in 2023

When you are looking for the best trailer hitch lock, you are hoping to prevent anyone from uncoupling your trailer without your knowledge. You need something that is so durable it can withstand long trips on the highway, unlock with a key or a code, and make installation as simple as possible.

As you read further I will show you how these trailer hitch locks work, which is best, and how they work in the real world. You will learn about the results that we have gotten, and you can compare these experiences to the experience you want to have.

Keep reading to learn how to shop for the best products.

We have looked over all these products to find the best trailer hitch lock, and we can provide you with the level of expertise that you need. You are trying to lock your hitch down for fun, sun, and recreation. You might haul trailers with expensive items that cannot be lost, and you deserve a hitch lock that works perfectly.

Trailer Hitch Locks: My Top Picks

Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ Couplers – Trailer Locks


This Master Lock coupler and trailer lock is a simple system that comes in at the side. You can close up the lock and turn the key so that the hitch cannot be decoupled from your vehicle.

The master lock uses a lightweight material, a small key, and a bright red color that instantly tells thieves they will be dealing with your trailer lock. This alone makes it one of the best trailer hitch-locking devices.

Consumers love this lock because it is a good deterrent and uses a wide range of cylinders so that two locks do not have the same key.


  • Bright red color that deters thieves
  • Universal lock that fits a wide range of hitches
  • Simple lock and key


  • Master Lock can only use so many cylinders when designing these locks
  • The lock cannot be foolproof if someone truly wants your trailer

REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock


The Reese Towpower hitch lock is designed to make your lock easy to see. You get the durability of the aluminum casing and the steel locking bar. It is easy to install and locks in 11 positions to make it easier to manage.

The aluminum body is designed to make the lock a little bit lighter than most, but the steel locking bar is very heavy. The lock cylinder comes across the lock, and you can access it with your key. It also has a ratchet design that will shift to all of the 11 locking positions easily so that you can quickly install the lock on your own.

This coupler hitch lock is loved by customers who say it is a very good “visual deterrent” along with the fact that the key area is difficult for thieves to access without being seen.


  • Bright yellow color
  • The ratchet-locking design
  • The steel locking bar


  • Reese does not have a wide range of keys
  • The mechanism might be too light for some trailers

Master Lock Receiver Lock, 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. Swivel Head Receiver Locks

Master Lock has created a receiver lock that slides through the receiver hole and locks on the other side. The locking hitch pin can be turned in any direction, and it locks with a key that you can keep on you at all times.

This locking hitch pin is designed with heavy steel and a small cylinder lock. The lock comes with two keys, and it is very heavy compared to other products. The receiver hitch lock also shifts easily when it has been inserted so that you can hide the face of the lock if you like.

Consumers love this locking hitch pin because it works even if you lose the rubber lock cover. It also comes from a trusted brand that consumers gravitate to.


  • The hitch pin is easy to install
  • You can hide the face of the lock
  • The lock comes with a rubber cover


  • You might want more than a hitchpin lock
  • You might also want a more imposing hitch pin lock that deters thieves with something like a bright color

CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Lock


The Curt black trailer hitch lock is a perfect way to get more hitch security when you want to protect your trailer. This simple lock is designed to fit in a two-inch receiver, and it has a lock with a key that is easy to manage.

The locking hitch pin is heavy enough to give you the security you need, and it has a simple lock that allows you to access the pin with a key. The pin also slides in from both sides and locks in the middle so that it cannot simply be broken on one end.

Consumers like this particular hitch pin because some people do not have the ball on their hitch anymore. Others like this lock because they can adjust it to fit their particular trailers and get the highest level of security.


  • The lock connects in the middle for more security
  • Keys are easy to use
  • Lock works perfectly for people who do not have the ball on their hitch


  • The lock might be too small for your vehicle
  • You might prefer something that is much more obvious and deters thieves

Trailer Hitch Lock – Hitch Pin Lock 1/2″ and 5/8″, Heavy Duty Brass Core Locking Mechanism

This trailer hitch lock is the simplest pin that you can slide through the receiver hole. You get a simple lock on one end, and it is bent so that it cannot simply slide out of the receiver.

The steel construction comes with a basic lock and key on one end. The lock is fortified, and the entire design is bright and shiny so that it is easy to see as a thief approaches your vehicle.

Consumers like this particular lock because it is sturdy and simple. Comments range from the types of trucks that fits the basic design that is easy to manage.


  • Steel design and durability
  • The bend in the lock makes it stronger
  • The lock has an all-weather cover


  • You might prefer a larger and heavier lock
  • The lock is small and might not fit massive truck hitches

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Dual Purpose Coupler Lock


Trimax has made a heavy-duty coupler lock that is so strong it can withstand almost anything. You can attach this lock to your trailer hitch today, and anyone who comes close will realize they cannot steal your trailer.

The Trimax is designed with heavy-duty nylon that can withstand a hammer blow that would break most other hitch locks. A spring-loaded lock and lock cover make this one of the safest locks you can buy. You can easily use your lock, and you can cover up to make it impossible to see where the lock is located amongst all the black material on the lock.

Consumers like this particular device because it is big and imposing, but it might prove to be too easy to break even though it is so large.


  • Massive body and nylon design
  • Lock cover
  • Easy to install


  • Might be too easy to break regardless of the design
  • The hitch might be too difficult to install

Master Lock Trailer Hitch Lock, Fits 1-7/8 in., 2 in., and Most 2-5/16 in. Trailer Couplers

Master Lock makes this type of lock with an advanced lock mechanism that makes it much easier to manage and use. You can use this chrome-style lock along the side of your hitch, and it will be obvious to anyone who passes by.

Master Lock makes this lock from zinc so that it will be difficult to damage. The lock has an advanced mechanism that helps prevent picking or prying from thieves.

Consumers have even had thieves try to get into this lock to no avail. Reviews show that it is a good trailer hitch lock that works for most people.


  • The zinc body is difficult to damage
  • The lock cannot be picked or opened without the key
  • The chrome body is easy to see


  • The lock might not be large enough for some trucks
  • Some consumers prefer a lock that takes up more space or slides through the receiver

AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock

When you use the AMPLock, you can fit it against the ball on the hitch because it was designed to conform to the shape of your hitch.

This lock is made from a heavy material that sits on the trailer hitch. You will push the lock into place, and you can turn the key to lock everything in place. This particular lock is designed in a block style that makes it difficult to damage, and the push system means that you cannot pop it out even if the lock is picked. A thief will spend a lot of time dealing with this lock.

Consumers have called this lock “massive”, “formidable”, and “the lock you buy after your first trailer is stolen”.


  • Block design that is difficult to break
  • The push system is difficult to pick apart
  • The key lock is hidden


  • The trailer hitch tongue lock might not fit all trailers
  • The push system might be too difficult for you to push into place

Equipment Lock BRHL – Steel Ball and Ring Hitch Lock

This lock works with both ball and ring hitches, and it is so strong that it is almost impossible to break. The design and color alone make it look as though it can never be broken.

The lock is extremely strong, heavy, and designed with a barrel cylinder. You can attach anything to this lock, and the 3/8-inch plate steel is a deterrent that you cannot go without.

Consumers love this product because it fits properly on almost all hitches. They have bought these locks for their trailers or even as presents for friends and family.


    • This lock is made from plate steel
    • You can fit them to ring and ball hitches
    • You can lock it with a key


  • The lock might be too heavy for your trailer
  • The lock can also be difficult to install for a single driver

Hitch Pin Lock 5/8″, Ohuhu Extra Long Trailer Receiver Hitch Locking Pin

The steel and chrome-coated hitch pin lock that you see here is designed to slide into the receiver hole and lock it tight. It works for all hitches classes I-IV.

The hitch pin lock slides through, and the steel and chrome-coated design can hold in place no matter how far you drive. You get a bit of security because you lock it in place and leave it there. Because the pin is so heavy, it is more likely to remain durable even if someone tries to break it.

Consumers like to say that this hitch pin lock will prevent their trailer from vanishing in a sketchy neighborhood. They also say that it is much more durable than it looks.


  • Heavy steel and chrome body
  • Lock slides through the receiver hole
  • You can lock it with a key and close the cover


  • You might prefer a big hitch lock that loops over the ball
  • You might want a lock that is brighter and deters thieves as they walk by

A Few Tips on Trailer Hitch Locks

When you are looking for the best trailer hitch lock, you need to understand precisely how they look. These locks are designed to be simple, but they can provide you with a level of security that is unmatched.

The hitch lock is supposed to come through the hole in the receiver. However, they might slide through like a traditional pin, or they might arch over the hitch.

Someone who is looking for a trailer hitch lock needs to decide if they want discretion or something that looks like it is impossible to break.

When you use a trailer hitch lock, they need to be secured, clicked in place, and locked. This is not a pin that you slide in and never touch. The idea is to prevent thieves from removing your trailer without your knowledge. At the same time, trailer hitch locks can be broken if you run into a thief who really wants your trailer. This is why you need to pick something that will take too long to break or open.

Trailer hitch locks should be checked every time you start driving, and they should be removed and cleaned every now and then to prevent rust or damage.

If you ever feel as though your trailer is swaying or bouncing, you should pull over and check the lock. Keep a key on your person, and give the other key to someone that you trust. Never leave these keys lying around.

Tips on Choosing


When looking for the right lock, first make sure that you will be purchasing a lock that will actually fit what you are trying to haul.

Not all locks are compatible. Even locks that claim to be “universal” or “master locks” may not fit the trailer you are trying to use.

Always measure your dimensions carefully. Double-check that the lock you are trying to buy will fit the dimensions of the trailer or other vehicles that you are trying to haul.


Consider what type of terrain you will be traveling and storing your lock-in before you buy it. If you are going to be in extremely cold or excessively hot temperatures, you will need a lock that was engineered to withstand such extreme temperatures.

Likewise, are you going to be somewhere that is extremely dusty or wet? Lock covers will help prolong the life of your lock and should be features that you look for when purchasing your product.

Steel vs. Aluminum

Steel products will always be more expensive than products that are made from aluminum. Many companies may promote their aluminum locks as being easier to handle because they are lightweight.

However, an important fact to keep in mind is that lightweight aluminum locks are easier to bypass.

A skilled thief can easily break through an aluminum lock. But that same thief will have a much harder time bypassing a lock made of hardened steel.


Does An RV Hitch Lock Go Through The Receiver Or Fit The Front Of The Hitch?

You must use a lock that goes through the receiver hole. There are complex locks that can hoop over the hitch, but they still go through the receiver hole.

Should I Use A Key Or Combination Lock?

A combination lock might seem safer, but it is often easy for a thief to guess the combination. You can even close the lock, hardly change the numbers, and a thief could easily open your lock again. A keyed lock is more effective so long as the lock is designed to prevent picking or prying.

Should I Find A Lock With A Bright Color To Deter Thieves?

The lock cover for your trailer hitch lock should cover the lock to make it difficult to see and access. You also want to keep wind and weather out of the lock. If the lock has water or debris inside of it, it could break. If the lock is broken, it could easily be opened by a determined thief.

Do You Really Need My Lock Cover?

The lock cover for your trailer hitch lock should cover the lock to make it difficult to see and access. You also want to keep wind and weather out of the lock. If the lock has water or debris inside of it, it could break. If the lock is broken, it could easily be opened by a determined thief.

Do These Locks Have Warranties?

Most locks have a limited warranty. You should read through the warranty information for each lock before making your final decision. A company like Master Lock has a limited lifetime warranty on all their locks which is very helpful for the consumer.

Can I Install These Trailer Hitch Locks On My Own?

You can install these trailer hitch locks on your own because they slide through the receiver and lock. Some of the large locks require you to line up the lock and adjust the position of the trailer, but you can easily follow the instructions on the package.

Making the Decision

When you want to improve trailer lock security, you need to take some steps to find a lock you would want to use every day. Start searching and buying right now with this information.

If we had it to do right now, the BRHL lock is the best option because of its plate steel design and versatility. You do not need a ball on your hitch with this locking pin, the lock is difficult to access, and the lock can be covered.

You can lock up your trailer and keep thieves away right now.

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