The Best Under Bed Gun Safes in 2024

A gun safe is critical when you own firearms, but many keep weapons too far away for fast access. You can rectify that with an under-bed gun safe.

This not only secures your weapon from unauthorized users but also keeps them as close as possible so you’re not fumbling around during an emergency.

We wanted to ensure you had the underbed gun safes available, so we poured hours of research into popular models to find eight top-rated safes. Our reviews and buyer’s guide should teach you all you need to know about these gun safes so you can make a decision.

Best Under Bed Gun Safes:

1. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe


Made out of 14-gauge steel, the SnapSafe Under-Bed Safe (Large) features pry-resistant doors to keep everyone else out. It’s one of the sturdiest under-bed gun safes made with four pre-drilled bolt-down holes so that you can permanently install it.

To attest to its strength, the safe weighs over 100 lbs. It’s not the simplest to move on your own, but it may stop thieves from carrying it away.

Consumers appreciate the plentiful storage that offers enough room for you to store multiple guns and accessories. The drawer opens smoothly enough as well whether you have it positioned on carpet or hardwood floor.

Although it’s simple to set up a 3-8 digit access code and unlock the safe, some users reported issues with the locking knob. They believe it feels a bit flimsy and low in quality compared to the rest of the safe.


  • A good amount of storage
  • Smooth drawer operation
  • Easy to unlock


  • Low-quality locking knob

2. Under Bed Safe, Rapid Gun Storage Safe Drawer Safe

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The BBRKIN Under-Bed Safe is a reliable gun safe made from 100% steel. It weighs a good deal, so you may need a hand in moving it, but such a sturdy build makes certain it will stay in place in the event of intruders.

This safe also features a powder coating to protect against moisture and corrosion. You can readily get into the safe with a 3-8 digit code, and the electronic keypad seems responsive enough. Inside, there’s enough room to support around 100 lbs worth of gear.

One of the traits consumers seem to hold in high regard is the option for silent operation. You can tap in your code on the keypad without hearing any beeps. Also, users enjoy just how well this safe fits under the bed thanks to its low-profile design.

You can fit a good deal inside the safe, but some consumers note that the drawer tends to sag if it’s completely loaded.


  • Low-profile design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Option for quiet operation


  • Drawer sags when fully loaded

3. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe


The SnapSafe Under-Bed Safe (Medium) is constructed with a smooth, easy-to-access digital lock. It features four numbers, but the safe still allows you to create a code that’s between 3-8 digits.

This safe is a good size to slip underneath your bed without issue, and it doesn’t weigh too much so you should be able to move it easily enough.

Consumers enjoy how smooth and easy this safe is to use. The keypad is unlike most digital locks since it’s designed more like a touchscreen directly against the safe. It’s backlit as well so you can see it in the dark.

There’s plenty of room to work with inside the safe, and the drawer opens and closes simply enough. However, some consumers claim that the drawer doesn’t always close flush, so you may notice a slight gap.


  • Opens smoothly
  • Plenty of space
  • Intuitive digital lock


  • The drawer doesn’t always close tight

4. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch-Free Entry

The Hornady RAPiD Safe provides a touch-free entry with its RFID locking system. You can also use the digital keypad or a manual key if you wish instead, but with the RFID, you can program up to five tags. It’s compatible with a wristband, key fob, or sticker.

Compared to some other under-bed long gun safes, this is certified child-resistant since it surpasses ASTM international safety standards concerning child and pry-resistance.

Consumers appreciate how you can power this safe with both batteries and an AC adapter. They also like just how fast you can gain access, more so if you use the RFID lock.

There’s plenty of appreciation for the heavy-duty design that remains lightweight enough for you to move it around if you need to. On the inside, the foam separates your firearms so you can stash multiple ones, but it can feel too stiff at times when trying to remove the guns.


  • AC and battery-powered
  • Quick access
  • Heavy-duty steel construction


  • Stiff interior foam

5. Secure It Under Bed Safe Fast Box 47- A Hidden Gun Safe

The Secure It Gun Storage is a lightweight, sturdy safe that can fit your long guns, handguns, or a mixture of both. It has an overall discreet design so that it won’t stand out too much if anyone happens to look under your bed.

Inside, the layout of the safe allows you to reach for one gun without having to move anything else around.

Many consumers like how easily this slides in and out from underneath your bed. The low profile helps make it fit and secure without feeling snug. Also, consumers enjoy that you can store weapons with their scopes still attached.

There does seem to be an issue when it comes to locking and unlocking using digital controls. Some consumers believe the electronics are low-quality and believe it’s easier to use the manual key instead.


  • Can store guns with attachments
  • Slides under the bed easily
  • Discreet design


  • Low-quality electronics

6. AEGIS Under Bed Gun Safe

The Under Steel Bed Gun Safe from Aegis features a large drawer with plenty of space that can hold around 100 lbs without faltering. It’s made reliable with its 14-gauge steel body and pry-resistant door.

This safe uses an electronic keypad that’s simple enough to use, but it does have a backup key just in case. There’s a lot of weight to this product, so it’s not something that you can just move around when you need to. It may be best to leave it in place once you get it set up.

One of the most talked-about points about this under-bed gun safe is the felt-lined interior. There’s just enough of it that you don’t have to worry about the safe scratching of your firearms or other valuables.

Also, the safe features quality steel rollers so that it’s easier and quieter to open and close the drawer. It might be simple to use, but with its height, some consumers reported issues with fitting it underneath their bed as you need a good deal of clearance.


  • Easy to set up
  • Felt-lined interior
  • Quality steel rollers for easy opening


  • Some issues fitting it under the bed

7. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

The Titan Gun Safe seems simple at first glance, but this compact gun safe is as effective as anything else. With its smaller, compact size, you can fit this in various places if you don’t want to stick to the bedroom.

This even comes with mounting plates so you can set this up as you see fit. Out of all its features, however, the safe prides itself on being entirely mechanical. There’s no power source to concern yourself with, so you can always access your arsenal.

Consumers enjoy not just the mechanical part of this safe, but how quietly it tends to open. Once it is open, your firearm is always ready for you to grab.

It unlocks fast enough, but the setup aspect is difficult for many users. The instructions seem to be wrong, so it can take some time to understand how the lock works. Once you do, it’s straightforward enough for fast access.


  • Multiple installation options
  • Generally opens quietly
  • Unlocks fast


  • Difficult setup

8. American Security Defense Vault

The American Security Defense Vault is built to last thanks to its 14-gauge steel construction. It’s a comfortable size so that it’s not too easy for a thief to carry away while still being light enough for you to manage.

This safe provides more room for storage than it appears as you can fit more than one gun inside in addition to some ammo.

Consumers appear to enjoy just how well-built the body is. This translates inside as well as the padded drawer not only keeps your guns safe from scratches, but it also helps them stay in place so they’re not sliding around when you pull the drawer.

Many users also appreciated the backlit keypad as it made it easier to seek the safe out in the middle of the night.

The main concern users have, however, is that the lock might not trigger all the time. This may indicate the battery needs changing as the battery generally has a short life.


  • Quality construction
  • Easily fits multiple guns and ammo
  • Padded drawer


  • Poor battery life
  • The lock may not always trigger

Factors to Consider

An under-bed safe isn’t known as the most secure, thief-proof method of stashing your weapons, but it performs well enough to keep your family safe and your guns free from dust and scratches.

So, as you’re on the lookout for a quality gun safe for under-the-bed storage, there are additional options to consider beyond an impenetrable build.


As with any type of safe you get, you must address the size of it beforehand.

Not all under-bed gun safes are the same height, so it helps if you measure the clearance of your bed before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may get stuck with something that’s too snug of a fit.

Beyond the height, check out the overall dimensions so you know how much you can fit inside the safe. Some can hold multiple handguns or two or three long guns. Others offer enough space to mix and match your firearms and ammo or add valuables in there as well.

What size benefits you most depends on the guns and gear you wish to keep safe.

Locking Mechanism

As we explained before, it’s not expected for these types of safes to offer high-quality security like high-end safes. However, it’s critical to have some sort of security measure to keep out kids, guests, and potential thieves.

Most safes feature electronic locks that require either keypad entry or RFID entry. If you have a keypad, it may help if it’s backlit so you can still access the safe in the dark. Also, another useful feature to look for is the ability to turn off any beeping sounds so you can open the safe quietly as well.

If you don’t want to deal with electronics and battery changes, you can always use backup keys that come with most safes or find a mechanical gun safe.


It’s costly to replace a gun safe every few months, so consider searching for ones constructed from high-quality steel that’s either 14-gauge or 16-gauge.

These are more likely to hold up over time as well as feature a powder coating to resist corrosion.

Pry-resistant doors also aid in keeping your belongings safe as well as maintaining the integrity of your safe.

There’s no need to look for other protections like water resistance or fire resistance. It’s uncommon for an under-bed gun safe to also act as a fireproof gun safe.


On electronic locks, can you turn off the beeping sound from the keypad?

This depends on the under-bed gun safe in question. Many feature various ways to turn off the beeping from the keypad inside the owner manual. However, not all provide you with that freedom, so it’s best to check with specific safes.

How important is it for an under-bed gun safe to have a backup lock?

When it comes to gun safes with electronic locks, it’s beneficial to have a backup option as electronics fail. Whether it’s due to an outage if it’s an AC adapter hookup or if the batteries run out, there’s a chance you can get locked out of your safe, so a manual backup key is significant.

Can you mount an under-bed gun safe?

Many gun safes meant for under-the-bed use come with mounting hardware. Some allow you to bolt the safe directly to the floor, against the wall, or even on the bed itself.

The Takeaway

If you want to keep your firearms close by, then an under-bed safe can be an ideal choice. Any product in our reviews should perform well, but if we have to choose a favorite to recommend, we believe the SnapSafe is among the under-bed long gun safes.

It features multiple ways to gain quick access with its RFID system, and there’s a good deal of security to keep kids safe. This fits well enough under the bed, and it doesn’t weigh too much so it’s not difficult to move around as needed.

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