The Best Wall Mount Garage Door Openers in 2024

You might not think about your garage door opener every day. However, the right garage door opener can keep you safe, give you peace of mind, and be as minimally disruptive (when it comes to noise) as possible.

As someone who has been through some of the that the garage door opener market has to offer, I’m here to take you through what you need to know before buying your next garage door opener. Let’s dive right in!

Best Wall Mount Garage Door Openers:

1. Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener – Wall Mounted with Battery Backup

This sidewall mount garage door opener is ideal for those who want maximum in-garage space. It also comes with plenty of great features. It can integrate with Amazon Key, which allows Prime users in some areas to opt-in for secure, in-garage deliveries.

This opener is also built with nearly silent technology, so you’ll experience almost no vibrations through the ceiling when the garage door is moving. You can even integrate it with all of your devices, letting you open and shut the garage door from anywhere.

This door opener seems to have been reviewed very well — most buyers have praised its intelligent design (although some have mentioned that it’s a bit pricey). Some reviewers also pointed out that although the Gateway module is advertised as being wifi compatible, it needs to be connected to a router via a CAT5 cable.


  • Easy integration with other apps makes this opener easy to control remotely if needed
  • Quiet, minimal-vibration operation is a plus
  • Included deadbolt locks the door each time it closes for maximal security
  • It’s very easy to install


  • Compared to some openers on the list, it’s a little expensive
  • Connecting the Gateway module to your router can be inconvenient

2. LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package

This door opener from Liftmaster is also a side mount, so it takes up minimal space in your garage. I think one of the greatest advantages of this one is its variable-speed operation — it slows down at the start and end of moving the garage door, resulting in a smooth stop-and-start.

Liftmaster side mount garage door opener reviews are overall fairly positive. While this opener doesn’t have the app integration capabilities of some on this list, it operates quietly and has very reliable safety sensors.

Most buyers seem to like this opener — it’s quiet, not too hard to install, and offers you the option to open and close the garage door from your phone. Some reviewers don’t like that it isn’t compatible with every type of garage door –it will only work with sectional doors.


  • Can be operated from your phone
  • Covered tracks preserve life
  • Operation minimizes noise and vibrations
  • Rolling code technology makes the opener remote very difficult to hack


  • Garage door compatibility is somewhat limited
  • Some buyers have noted that it is difficult to adjust

3. Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Model 6170

Wall-mount garage door openers can be a great convenience, but as you’ve seen on the list so far, many of them are somewhat expensive. This opener from Genie is one of the more affordable models out there, but it still has a lot to offer. It has a battery backup system in case of a power outage, and rolling codes prevent the remote signal from being hacked.

A Safe-T-Beam non-contact reversing system prevents the door from closing on a person or vehicle, and locking technology prevents the door from being opened from the outside unless an interior lever is pulled.

Wall mount garage door opener reviews for this door opener are somewhat mixed. Some buyers have been satisfied, but others have said that this unit tends to wear out or break after a few years.


  • This is an affordable opener with a straightforward operation
  • Industry-standard security features make it highly unlikely a break-in will occur
  • While you don’t get the same app connectivity as you do with some other units, the opener alerts you to unusual activity
  • Will work with all HomeLink and Car2U systems


  • Some buyers have said that this opener stops working after a few years
  • Operation isn’t quite as quiet as some on the list

4. LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator, WiFi


This is another quality door opener from LiftMaster. It comes equipped with its security 2.0 system, and you can also integrate it with the myQ app for remote opening and closing and security alerts.

However, while it is sometimes advertised as being able to integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can’t do so without a paid subscription. That said, this opener has the same safety features and quiet operation as you get with other LiftMaster side-mounted openers.

Most consumers seem to like this garage door opener mounted on the wall. However, some reviewers have mentioned that it does not come with smart home integration unless you pay for a subscription.


  • Even though it comes from a reliable manufacturer, it’s one of the more affordable openers on the list
  • Extra security features keep your home safe
  • It has a very quiet operation
  • Smartphone monitoring is great for peace of mind


  • There isn’t as much optional smart home integration as some customers have been led to believe
  • This one is only compatible with sectional garage doors

Factors to Consider

Garage door openers might not seem like the most glamorous of home accessories, but they’re one of the things you use every day. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the things you probably want to think about before making a purchase.


Home security is vital to your well-being and peace of mind. Luckily, most garage door openers come with security features that reduce your risk of a break-in and make it far less likely that your opener will be hacked.

Most garage door openers come with a special feature that won’t allow them to be opened from the outside unless an internal lever is pulled. After all, 33.9% of burglars enter through the garage, so you don’t want your opener to make breaking in any easier. With some door openers, a smart sensor can detect unusual activity and send you a mobile alert.

Another security feature used in many garage doors is known as “rolling codes.” Just about every garage door opener is controlled by a wireless remote.

If the same transmission is used to open the door multiple times, potential thieves can record this transmission and play it back later to break in. With rolling codes, the transmission is different every time, so it becomes much more difficult for would-be thieves to open the door.

Smart Home Integration

If you have a smart home or are in the process of integrating everything, the prospect of adding your garage door opener to that smart home can be exciting. Most garage door openers will send you an alert if unusual activity is detected. However, some door openers can be more readily integrated with a smart home.

Many of them can be integrated with Google Assistant, which allows you to open or close the garage door using your voice. Some can be set up with Amazon Key, a program for Amazon Prime members that allows for secure in-garage delivery.


If you haven’t ever lived in a home with a noisy garage door, consider yourself lucky! Depending on the way a garage door opener is built (and depending on what condition it is in), it may cause vibrations and noise to be transmitted through the ceiling. It may not sound like much, but dealing with these effects days in and days out can start to impact your quality of life.

If noise is a concern, it may be a relief to know that some wall-mount garage door openers are engineered to be as quiet as possible. Many people who buy these openers have said that the most noise they notice from the opener is a very slight hum.


Are these garage door openers compatible with all types of garage doors?

No, they are not — most are not compatible with roll-up garage doors, and many are only compatible with sectional garage doors. Be sure to check specifications carefully before you buy to make sure that you’re getting something compatible with what you have. When in doubt, you can usually contact the seller or the manufacturer to double-check compatibility.

What are some of the advantages of this type of opener?

Traditional garage door openers have a large boom that goes down the center of your garage ceiling. This type of setup takes up space and can make your garage look cluttered. Depending on the exact opener you get, a side-mounted garage door opener can sometimes be quieter to operate.

How do you operate one of these openers?

You operate one of these openers just like you would any other opener. Most come with a remote, and there is also a side-mounted control to open and shut your garage door from the inside.

The Takeaway

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the door openers on the list — anyone is a good garage door opener for small spaces. However, my top choice is the LiftMaster 8500. This one has plenty of security features and is very quiet to operate, but it’s still pretty affordable.

I do like the first one on the list – the Chamberlain RJO20 – but this one is a bit pricey, so it might be good to look at it if your budget is somewhat higher. Whichever one you choose as the wall-mount garage door opener, be sure to do your research, double-check compatibility, and enjoy your new garage door opener!

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