Ring Floodlight vs Ring Spotlight in 2024

Ring provides many beneficial security cameras for homes and businesses. However, the company offers many home security systems, each of them offering unique benefits. Before you start shopping for the security system, you might need to read several reviews to identify the product that will fulfill your needs.

If you have been looking for a battery-powered, wired home security system, or a solar-powered home security system, Ring has one for you. They offer home security cameras with many beneficial features.

Ring Floodlight Camera and Ring Spotlight Cam are among the popular choices. In this article, you will find a Ring floodlight cam review and a spotlight cam review to help you decide which one is best between the two.

Ring Floodlight vs. Ring Spotlight

Ring Floodlight Camera and Ring Spotlight Cam are designed to high-quality standards. The floodlight covers a large area with its extremely bright light, while the spotlight works correctly when there is a need to illuminate a specific area. The two lights use the same camera so you will get the same video quality.

The Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight have many similar features. The two cameras provide two-way communication and live view so that the user can know what is happening around the home and communicate with people visible on the camera.

Each of the security systems offers storage and Wi-Fi capabilities for better video footage recording.

Again, the two are different in various ways. Ring Floodlight Cam requires a dedicated power source, and you have to hardwire it directly into the electrical system.

On the other hand, you can power the spotlight through various power sources such as rechargeable batteries, solar panels, AC plug-ins, or even hardwire it directly into the electrical system.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

The Ring Floodlight camera is among the best cameras that use lighting concepts. The device is highly effective, and it offers 140 degrees FoV, 1080p HD resolution Two-Way talk, and color night vision features. You can connect the security camera to your Alexa device and enable announcements.

With this, you will receive alerts whenever the camera detects motion. The floodlight provides 1800 lumens, which makes it an excellent choice for people with a vast area to cover. It features two large LED lamps that resemble a pair of old-fashioned motion security lights.

If you have been looking for a camera that can function as a security camera as well as a security light, the Ring Floodlight Camera is worth buying.

The product is bright and offers two high-power LEDs, enabling the user to target a few areas in the garden. The built-in PIR sensor will turn the light on at night and switch it off during the day. It offers inexpensive cloud storage and an easy-to-use app.


  • You can connect the Ring Floodlight camera to Alexa so that you get it whenever motion occurs
  • Allows you to see, speak, and listen to your visitors through your PC, tablet, and phone
  • With the Ring protect the plan, users can record videos, review what they missed in the last 60 days, and share photos and videos
  • Needs hardwired installation to a weatherproof electrical box
  • Will monitor your home in 1080p HD video quality and offers live view and night vision features
  • Comes with a built-in siren and ultra-bright floodlights
  • Offers several privacy features such as audio privacy and customizable privacy zones to help you focus on what is necessary


  • Provides solid motion alerts
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Offers the peace of mind you need


  • You will get random lights in the daytime

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

The Ring Spotlight Cam entered the market in the year 2019, and it offers a smart camera similar to the Ring Floodlight Cam. It offers 1080p HD video resolution, color night vision, 140 degrees FoV, and Two-Walk talk features.

The Ring Spotlight camera can be wireless, but it is not as bright as the Ring Floodlight Camera – it provides 300-350 lumens.

The product features a rechargeable battery, which will last for around six months after one recharge. Because the camera is battery-powered, you can mount it in any place but ensure that you can reach it quickly when it is time to recharge.

If you have to install it in one of the less accessible areas, go for the solar-powered camera version. Alternatively, you can go for the battery-powered model and buy a solar charger separately.

The product will detect motions in the targeted areas. It also boasts bright lights, which will cast a spotlight to help you understand the movement. You will also receive a message on your mobile device so that you can react to the action.


  • Connect the Ring Spotlight Cam to Alexa to get alerts when the camera detects a motion
  • Allows you to see, speak, and hear your visitors through your tablet, phone, and PC
  • Comes with a quick-release rechargeable battery pack
  • The Ring Protect plan allows you to record videos, review the missed footage for the last 60 days, and share photos and videos
  • Will monitor your home and the surroundings in 1080p HD video quality with Live View and infrared night vision
  • Comes with a built-in siren and LED light strips
  • Offers lifetime theft protection


  • The product offers excellent video quality
  • Many user-defined motion zones
  • Very easy to install
  • Offers motion-triggered records
  • Offers high-quality videos


  • You have to pay for cloud storage
  • The floodlight is not controllable through voice commands


The Ring Floodlight is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a better way to illuminate large areas, wants better in-color night vision, and improves motion detection. The product works perfectly for people in need of powerful bright lights.

It is also an excellent choice for individuals in need of high-quality video recordings. The Ring Spotlight Camera is the right choice for individuals with small areas to cover and does not need advanced motion detection or in-color night vision.

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