Schlage Sense BE479 Review in 2024

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is a product that features top-tier smart home technology that integrates into this particular deadbolt. This type of product is gaining popularity because of the constant growth of smart home products.

One reason that you might be interested in this product is that you would be able to lock and unlock this device from anywhere by utilizing the WiFi technology that is integrated into the design of the product.

If you are eager to find out more about this product, you should continue reading the sections below so that you can have a better understanding of the benefits that are included.

If you are in a Rush – Here is a Quick Summary

The main focus behind the design of this lock is to ensure that guests have a sufficient way of unlocking and locking the door when they enter without compromising the safety or security of the household.

This device allows guests to input codes to enter the house, or the head of the household can manually unlock the device from a mobile device that is connected with the optional WiFi adapter that is sold separately.

If this color scheme does not fit you, you can check our Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt review with a large selection of color schemes and different styles.

In addition to the locking features, there are also voice control options that can be enabled with either Siri or Amazon Alexa. This is extremely useful for customers who have either of these smart home products and are looking to expand their collection of smart home devices that are integrated into their network.

This is one of the highest-rated features that customers have talked about. In addition to the mobile apps, there is also a way to view the status of the device through an Apple TV if the device is in range of the Bluetooth signal. This is a nifty feature for customers who have these complementary devices already hooked up inside of their households.

Schlage Sense BE479 Review:

This Schlage digital lock review is going to take an in-depth look at some of the high-quality features that are integrated into the Schlage Sense BE479 product. This product is designed to make life easier by integrating into a WiFi device so that you can lock or unlock the device from anywhere through a mobile device or tablet.


The WiFi adapter and Amazon Alexa devices are sold separately, but this product is capable of integrating into either of them. The device can then be integrated and connected through a mobile app either on iOS or Android.


The secure encryption technology is designed to make the smart lock unhackable from outside sources. The device is certified with the latest encryption technology to ensure that only verified users can lock or unlock the device.


The hardware for the Schlage Sense BE479 smart lock is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure that the device is made with sufficient elements to ensure that it meets quality standards.


One slight problem that holds this product back is the overall design of the software side of things. The hardware portion of this product functions at a top-tier level, while the software portion seems to lack in various categories.

Battery Life

This is noticeably apparent and clearly shows the fact that the product does not function in unison from that perspective. The battery life is another factor that many customers may be worried about.

The good news is that performance and efficiency are very good, often allowing the batteries to last for up to a year without needing to be replaced.

In the case that the batteries do need to be replaced, that can be done extremely easily in just a few moments.


The lock status can be checked through an Apple TV, as long as it is within the Bluetooth range of the device.

This range is typically 20 to 30 feet, depending on the signal and design of the household. The lock can also be easily toggled through mobile apps on iOS and Android.


Many important features make this particular smart lock a great option for customers.

Mobile App

The most noticeable feature that is apparent immediately is the fact that this smart lock can be toggled from a mobile app, either on iOS or Android. This means that you can be anywhere in the world with a WiFi signal and make an adjustment to the locking device.

Access Codes

Users can input several different codes for different purposes and then view the status of the device through a Bluetooth-connected Apple TV. This is a convenient feature for people who have smart technology already integrated into their households.

Battery Life

The device is efficient with performance, often only requiring battery replacement after a year or more of active service.

Voice Control

The voice control features also make this product extremely simple and convenient to use with outside sources like Amazon Alexa.

What Are Customers Saying about this Product?

Convenient Connectivity

There are many positive opinions from customers regarding the Schlage digital locking device. One popular opinion praises the fact that the connectivity options with this particular smart lock are extremely convenient and there are plenty of outside sources to connect this device with.

The Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, and external WiFi adapter are all great options for customers to consider when looking to connect this product with other smart devices in the household.

Praised Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are also typically praised by customers. One customer expressed how convenient the entire locking and unlocking process was through a mobile device.

For a bonus, if customers are actively using an Apple TV, the pairing process is easy and takes a maximum of ten minutes.

Desirable Security

One additional factor that many customers have appreciated is the added security that this lock provides. The security encryption and advanced technology that goes into ensuring that this lock is certified to function properly are excessive.

This entire category adds a lot of value to the overall product and it leaves a smile on the faces of customers knowing that this product leaves them in good hands.

Flawless Software

Aside from a few software malfunctions that occasionally reset the lock codes on the device, the feedback from customers has been nearly flawless. No doubt impressed users have expressed their positive feelings toward the Schlage Sense BE479 smart lock.


  • Voice Control Support
  • Mobile App Support on Android and iOS
  • Enhanced Security Encryption Features


  • High-End Price Range
  • Limited Blue Tooth Range
  • Some Malfunctions Occur for Customers


The consensus among customers is that the Schlage Sense BE479 smart lock is an extremely handy device that can be integrated into the existing network of smart home devices that are already included in your household.

The overall value of this product is considered to be pretty good, especially when compared to similar rival products that might be available on the market elsewhere. Customers are being offered a relatively generous price range for all of the advanced technical features that are integrated into this smart lock device.

Customers will have to balance several factors when determining whether this is the right device for them. While this product provides a generally good value to the customer, it still edges its way to the top end of the price range. That doesn’t change the fact that customers on a budget may not be comfortable enough to fork up that amount of cash.

The biggest thing that customers will need to think about is what kind of benefits would they immediately be able to reap when installing this into their household

The advanced security features are going to immediately have a positive effect, but will all of the other features be relevant to them? Some customers may not yet have a smart home setup that includes Amazon Alexa or Siri.

Before buying it you need to check out other keyless door locks and compare them. The same topic is relevant when considering the Apple TV and how the Bluetooth connectivity feature is possible.

From an overall perspective, the Schlage Sense BE479 smart lock is taking advantage of extremely advanced smart home technology that changes the way users can secure their houses and make it easier for friends and guests to enter.

There are many great reasons to purchase this product, but the biggest reason is to ensure that your household and everybody living in it is safe and secure from the outside world.

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