SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet Review in 2024

The SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet is reasonably priced, ideal for securing your firearms, and will fit into the space you have available. If you have children, this gun safe is a great option for keeping them away from your guns.

SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet Review:

SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet will accommodate a maximum of 24 handguns, six long barrel guns, or a combination. Your gun safe incorporates an innovative system of separate pieces enabling safe transport, adaptability, and organization. You can assemble your gun safely in approximately 30 minutes.

Locks and Safety

SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet includes an electronic keypad lock requiring a 9-volt battery. The lock is programmable enabling you to select a code combination you can remember easily. Unless you choose to give someone your passcode, your guns will remain inaccessible. You also receive two override keys in the unlikely event of a keypad failure or if your battery dies.

On the front door of your gun cabinet is an Agile label. You will find a keyhole behind this label. If you are unable to use the electronic keypad for any reason, you can open your cabinet using the key override. In most cases, you will enter your six-digit code directly into the keypad. This provides you with a good level of security without sacrificing convenience or safety.


The CradleGrid system enables customization. The system is mounted at the back of the SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet. This includes louvers allowing the attachment of a good selection of optional cradles, hangars, and bins. You can mount them in different positions to store your guns and accessories the way you prefer.


Due to the construction using large gauge and heavy-duty steel, the floor and walls of the gun cabinet are both solid and safe. This makes an attempt to smash and grab nearly impossible. You can prevent potential burglars from carrying off your safe because the SecureIt Agile 52 Gun Cabinet can be bolted to the floor. There are bolt-downs located inside of your cabinet.

A direct attack on your cabinet would be extremely difficult and require time due to the security of the mounting hardware and the three locking points, full-frame, and piano hinges located on the door.


  • 14-gauge Steel
  • 15,600 cubic inches
  • Six upper cradles
  • Three locking points
  • Three stock bases
  • 115.6 pounds
  • 20 x 15 x 52 inches


  • Heavy and Sturdy with a weight of just 115 pounds
  • Transporting and assembling cabinets is easy
  • Includes two backup keys
  • Storage flexibility
  • For the size, you have a lot of storage with the ability to hold pistols, long guns, and accessories including magazines, holsters, and ammunition


  • Minimal fire protection
  • Safety bolts are not included to prevent tipping
  • The cabinet is expensive when the features offered are considered
  • Limited security
  • The security level is better than a polymer case but a full-blown safe is stronger

The Bottom Line

If you are on a budget but require a reliable and convenient solution for storing your guns, the SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Cabinet is a good option. This is also a good solution if you require fast gun access with great portability not available in most traditional gun safes. If you have children and are looking for a storage solution to ensure your guns remain safe, consider SecureIt.

The majority of customer reviews state the best features are a combination of easy transportation and simple and fast assembly. For anyone with limited space, this cabinet will easily fit into a fairly small area. The electronic locking system will provide you with the security and safety you need for storing your guns. The flexibility and customization enable you to store everything as you prefer.

Overall, this is a good cabinet for storing your guns, accessibility, keeping your kids safe, and ease of transport.

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