August Pro vs Yale Assure vs Schlage Encode Comparison in 2024

No longer must you horde around keys to your locks. Although this isn’t to say that manual locks and keys are important, brands now exist that can take away the stress of hauling and keep up with all the various keys to your home or work location.

Smart locks are operated by three methods, which usually include a digital keypad or combination (with digits of 1-9), WiFi compatibilities for manipulating the lock when you’re not around, and auto-lock/unlock features (or a combination of all such attributes).

How Familiar are you with Smart Locks?

Smart door lock comparison guides don’t always take into consideration the nuanced distinctions between brands. The best keyless entry system for one person might not be suitable for the next, depending on smartphone or virtual assistance hardware.

Because of this, we aim to compare the largest brands in the smart lock industry by evaluating three of the most popular products: the August Smart Lock Pro, the Schlage Encode, and the Yale Assure Lock SL. By the time that you’re done, you’ll know which of the three is best for your home, and all the benefits that each can give to you. Here we go!

August Pro 3rd Gen vs Yale Assure vs Schlage Encode:

August Smart Lock Pro

The August Pro is a 3rd gen August smart lock with outstanding integration features and durability, built to completely take your dependence keys away from everyone in your home.

It’s the best smart deadbolt lock for anyone of any smartphone, whether this is Android or iOS. We’ll take a look at some of its primary (and not-so-known) attributes so that you can decide if this is the product you want.

At first glance, the August Smart Lock Pro doesn’t resemble something one would put on a door. That’s because of its large dimensions, at least in relation in comparison to other manual locks.

Understand this before acquiring the device, especially if your door is an antique. It could look a little tacky if you were to place it on some doors with a more traditional appeal.

Nevertheless, it’s something that you would eventually get used to after a while. If you’re worried about a lengthy install involving a locksmith, don’t worry. This is a product that’s easy enough for you to have up and running in less than an hour. Most installation times average around ten minutes at most.

August Smart Lock Pro Connect 3rd Generation Benefits

With the August Smart Lock Pro, the benefits are endless. You no longer must rely on a key to get inside of your home. Simply link the smart lock to your phone and that’s it.

There are numerous applications for you to try alongside this, including HomeKit by Apple and Google Home for Android.

If you haven’t decided on the one that you want yet, check with the manufacturer if there’s an app that you must use with the device, one that you’re not sure will work with.

Chances are high that you won’t have any problems when it’s time for you to set everything up.

Amazon Alexa can also control it, where you speak commands to the speaker whenever someone knocks at the door.

No More Walking to the Door

This can be done with Siri as well. But take note that your knocking isn’t something that one has to do with the August Smart Lock. Trusted guests and/or relatives who stay with you can open the door at the times that you schedule for the door to stay unlocked. This could be for a brief moment or several hours; the choice is yours.

Smartwatch compatibility shouldn’t be forgotten about as well. Virtually anything that has voice control capabilities is likely to work in tune with the August Smart Lock.

The auto-lock and auto-unlock features are intuitive, whereby the software creates a profile based on the user’s pre-defined times. And don’t forget, using a manual lock and key remains an option.

Where Things Could Be Improved

If there’s anything about the August Smart Lock that could be changed, it would be the way some of its features may potentially be automated from the start. For instance, once everything is set up, you might encounter the door unlocking at times when you don’t want it to.

Whenever your smartphone is nearby, the auto-lock/unlock feature may activate in such a situation. These features can be tweaked to run at the times that you define but it does take some getting used to.

What’s the Verdict?

Other than this, there’s nothing negative to say about the August Smart Lock Pro. It’s one of the most advanced smart locks sold to consumers (as of right now). The deadbolt is powerful, securing any door in a way that normal locks simply cannot do: by using the latest technology to automate who comes into your home.

Getting It Attached Correctly to Your Door

  • Before you Start – Be sure that you read up on the instructions, making sure that you don’t skip over important parts that could otherwise jeopardize the safety of your door.
  • Necessary Tools – Getting the plates that go in between the door is important, preventing someone from opening by tampering. You’ll only need a Phillips heads screwdriver to get it finished, although this doesn’t take into account the type of lock that you’re going to remove.
  • Use What You Have – Everyone’s case is different but many people simply take the knob that doesn’t have a deadbolt to use the August Smart Lock on, whereby the manual lock can stay in place in the unlikely event of the former’s failure.


  • Integrates with nearly all smartphone applications and virtual assistance hardware
  • Has a very strong deadbolt that’s very difficult to break through
  • Completely takes away the dependence on keys to open doors
  • Has a very fast installation time; typically installs in less than ten minutes


  • It May not aesthetically match some doors (especially antique doors)
  • Some of the automated features could result in the door becoming unlocked at undesirable times (although the auto-lock can be disabled)

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave, Key-Free Touchscreen Deadbolt


The Yale Assure SL Smart Lock is a lot like the August Smart Pro but uses a digital cipher to open the door instead. That’s not to say that the unit has no wireless features, as there are plenty.

Knowing the Yale Assure’s Selling Points

Looking at its physical features show that it blends well with modern and antique doors and a silver and black exterior that’s perfect for home or office use. It’s also a great way to secure rooms with sensitive equipment (such as electronics, personal documents, etc.).

Being that it’s a digital securing lock shows that users can control it through wireless and digital means. Hook it up to your home network’s WiFi, or link to all smartphone/smartwatch devices.

Safe to Share with the People You Trust

You can share it with others as well, along with temporary passcodes for guests or other trusted acquaintances to use when you’re not around. Best of all, when linked to an application, you’ll be able to monitor who comes and goes from wherever the lock is situated.

That means you’ll know who enters the areas where the lock is placed, through notifications on your device of choice.

Yale Assure Smart Lock Overview

The average Yale keyless smart lock review will go into its superficial aspects.

Here, we’ll take a look into a few of the devices that are compatible with it, including the benefits of having it on your door. First off is the deadbolt itself.

The Smart lock is touchscreen activated, where users can unlock it after creating their cipher.

A typical cipher lock has combination keys, where the users press a pre-determined combination to open the door.

It works the same here, although the keypad is touchscreen instead. Just press the numbers that you program for the door and it will open up.

It also works well with lots of hardware and software brands, such as SmartThings and Z-Wave (or Z-Wave Plus) if you have one or the other, you’re in luck.

WiFi Controls

As with all of your gadgets linked to such devices, you’ll have full control over the way your door opens, no matter if you are in the home or not.

Going back to the touchscreen again, it’s backlit, making it easy to see when attempting to open your door in low-light visibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s pitch black outside or not, you’ll always see the numbers clearly when you’re in a rush to get the door opened. And since this is a digital lock, multiple combinations can open it.

Hundreds of Combination Options

It has a maximum of 250 different codes for others to open the door. Just give them to people you trust and set them accordingly. Keep in mind that combinations can be temporary or long-term, according to how long you want someone to have access to the door that the product is installed on.

Who Should Try out The Yale Assure Smart Lock?

The Yale is a solid product with very few hiccups. Some jamming has been reported to happen, to which even the deadbolt won’t move regardless of whether you put in the correct passcode. Of course, this isn’t to say that the lock shouldn’t be avoided.

Overall, it’s great for large homes or indoor rooms, places that have entryways inside of a home. You’ll be glad to have it around, especially when you’re not close to home!

  • Backup Charge – You can charge the devices quickly from the outside in case of power failure. Using a 9-volt battery, simply place it underneath the keypad and open the door (using your combination) as normal.
  • Safe from Rust – One problem with smart locks that’s often overlooked is their ability to avoid rust or oxidation. It’s an issue for people installing them in moist climates, or regions that are close to the ocean (having a lot of salt in the air).
  • Important – Being that this is a digital security lock, some users might be reluctant to take off their manual locks. If you’re sold on this product, this might be a good idea. Jamming, no matter how unlikely it is to happen, is always a possibility. Knowing this, having a secondary option (such as another door to get into your home, using a manual lock) is suggested.


  • The deadbolt is touchscreen activated, where users can unlock it after creating their cipher (key combination)
  • Works well with hardware and software brands such as SmartThings and Z-Wave Plus
  • The touchscreen is backlit, making it easy to see in low-light visibility
  • Users can create a maximum of 250 different codes for others to open the door
  • Locks with just a single tap after the door is opened (or auto-relock is activated)
  • There are features added to lessen the chances of getting locked out (Has a 9v battery outlet that quickly recharges the lock if the batteries die)
  • Doesn’t rust in humid and moist environments
  • Aided by various apps, temporary access can be granted at any time


  • Not recommended as a full replacement lock (a manual backup is advised) due to potential jamming

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim


The third product is the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi, and keypad deadbolt lock for anyone who wishes to automate the door around their living space. You can do a lot with this device. It’s very similar to the products shown already but does have a few advantages, some of which aren’t always given to smart locks in this category. Installation is one of them.

Installing Schlage Encode locks is a breeze, something that you’ll have done in less than thirty minutes at best. There are no specialized tools required to get it embedded into your door, either.

However, this is usually made easier if you’re installing it in the area where a knob is. That way, there’s no need for you to drill any holes when you’ve removed it for placing this lock on the door.

Take a moment to look at the design of the Schlage. What do you see? It looks like a hybrid, a combination of manual and digital features. This is how the product works. If you look at most Schlage Encode Smart WiFi deadbolt reviews, you’ll see that most accept this as an advantage, and rightfully so.

Emergency Notifications

If a break-in is attempted, the smartphone app will alert you. This feature isn’t too sensitive either; you’ll only get accurate alerts if such an event were to happen to you.

Of course, it’s hopeful that something like this doesn’t even occur with anyone but it’s nice to know that you’ll get word of any potential breaking attempts.

How Its Size Could Affect Your Door

When you’re ready to install it to your door, you might end up needing a paint job, depending on the size of your previous knob. If it’s small, this should be an issue.

However, this smart lock is considerably smaller in scale than its competitors, and may not cover all same areas that were covered by the other lock, resulting in exposed stains and chipped paint. Look at the dimensions of this product if you want to avoid repainting anything (either paint or finish).

Why You Should Try out The Schlage

In the end, the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt is a great smart lock for anyone who prefers a little bit of everything: manual and wireless control of their doors. So long as you understand that extra keys would be required for others in your home to open it manually, you won’t run into any annoying surprises with this lock.

  • No Risks of Getting Locked Out – There’s safety in knowing that users never have to worry about getting locked out of their homes when failures occur. If for some reason the digital keypad and auto-lock/unlock features were to fail, a manual key would open up the lock.
  • Consider Getting Additional Keys – If you’re going to do this, be aware that you’ll have to get more keys made, as one ly is provided by the company. More importantly, be sure that you do this before installing the lock on your door. If not, you’ll have to get a locksmith to produce more keys, something that could end up costing you more in time (and funds).
  • Using the Smartphone App – The digital features are outstanding, whereby you’ll have the ability to lock and unlock no matter where you are. Find out whenever the lock is opened with on-the-spot updates to the product’s application. There’s a three-way operation here, so using Alexa, other auxiliary apps, and the keypad to open it is possible.
  • Combination Cap – It has a max of 100 combinations that you can share, to where the codes can be locked at a moment’s notice. The lock will show when it’s time for you to replace the batteries. Try not to avoid this and replace it as soon as you see the notification.


  • Has three-way operation (either by Alexa, smartphone apps, or the cipher
  • Connect quickly to any home WiFi network for integrating with wireless hardware and their applications
  • Indicates when the batteries need to be changed
  • Has 100 code limit
  • The brand has its smartphone application for controlling the lock
  • Sends out alerts when tampering is detected
  • The manual lock can be configured to match existing keys (something that must be done before the lock is installed)


  • Additional locks must be obtained if more than one key will be used for the product
  • Is smaller in size than most ordinary locks, something that could result in users repainting the portions of the door that aren’t covered by this product


Insights and Takeaways

Do you know which keyless deadbolt lock is best for you? Given that only three were reviewed above, picking should be a lot easier. Each smart lock has features ensuring that you’ll have it on your door for a very long time.

They’re built to never stain from rust, can integrate well with dozens of voice command assistants, and are relatively easy to install.


The Alexa is best for people who don’t want to use a lock at all. It’s made in a way that completely takes away the burden of carrying around keys when you’re outside. Still, the Yale Assure does a good job with smartphone integration features and is best for anyone who wants to secure single rooms (or selected entryways into a home, but not all).

Finally, the Schlage Encode is suggested for those who want the convenience of a keyless lock but the safety of having an easy way to go back manually at any time.

Whichever lock you choose, you’re getting the best available online. Keyless door locks are the future, something that people will surely see more of. Get yours and be ahead of the game!

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