The Best 4-Person Hot Tubs in 2024

Picture the end of a tough day and, on the patio, you step into a soothing, warm hot tub. The benefits of a hot tub go beyond an air bubble massage; hot tubs have benefits for physical well-being and a great mental outlook.

Many people find that their hot tub is a retreat from a busy day; it is an occasion to connect with one’s thoughts and with some of the truly important people in one’s life.

This review of the 4-person hot tubs will highlight four-person size tubs in all price ranges, types, and shapes. The review will present hot tubs that have excellent performance and high-value features.

Our top pick, the Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub, has a budget-friendly price, installs easily, fits into small spaces, and works well on any strong, flat surface both indoors and outside.

Best 4-Person Hot Tubs:

1. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable hot tub has spacious seating for three or four adults. This compact model delivers a full spa experience. The air jet system uses 120 nozzles to provide a soaking massage.

For many users, the wellness and relaxation benefits of the hot tub are important, and the costs are an investment in good health. Users can get the fun and enjoyment of sharing time with family and friends with a hot tub that fits into small spaces and within nearly every budget.

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable has a simple digital control panel for convenient access to the hot tub functions. The settings include auto heating, auto start, and auto shut off. Users can operate the massage system by time, delayed start, and temperature.

The design offers energy efficiency for outdoor or indoor use. The padded floor prevents heat loss and adds comfort for the feet and for sitting deep in the swirling waters. The inflatable top maximizes heat retention.

The Coleman hot tub has high-quality materials and strong construction. This model is compact, portable, and easy to set up. The leathered outer cover consists of a layer of PVC surrounded by mesh, and it resists punctures and tears.

This model has value and features to rank high on the four-person hot tub lists. The unit has strong walls; the I-Beam construction adds strength to support weight for seating or leaning.


  • The unit operates on 110-120V and 12 amperes at 68 degrees F.


  • The fill time can easily take as much as 24 hours; some users save time by using warm water.

2. INTEX 28425E PureSpa Bubble Massage Inflatable Spa Set

The runner-up is Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set. This versatile machine ranks close to the top selection of the 4-person hot tub. This feature-rich model has an easy setup with no tools needed. Once assembled, filled, and heated, you can enjoy a full-sized spa experience with this affordable, inflatable, portable hot tub.

The tub is compact, and the price is reachable for a wide range of household budgets. The Intex 77-inch PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa ranks high on the affordable hot tub list.

The built-in hard water treatment system softens the water to protect the user’s skin and prevents mineral build-ups. Users can customize the temperature levels for just the right combination of heat and water action. The inflatable cover helps retain heat and adds a safety feature to prevent accidents.

The Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa ranks well on lists of four-person hot tubs. This model is roomy, strong, durable, and portable. It can fit in relatively small spaces and, with a proper floor, it can operate indoors as well as outside or patio.

The wide range of jets promises a satisfying soaking and spa experience with relief for feet, muscles, and joints. This model is easy to maintain with filters and a floating dispenser. The PureSpa is a high-value portable hot tub that provides a combination of features found in larger and costlier spas.


  • PureSpa has a fiber construction that adds strength to the walls.
  • They provide a firm base for top seating and back support for low seating.


  • The available headrests and cup holders come as extras.
  • The jets line the bottom of the spa, and it does not have jets on the middle and upper levels.

3. Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub AirJet Spa

Bestway Hot Tub, Miami is among the top entries in the 4-person round hot tub category. It is a roomy four-person spa.

Users can set up the unit without tools or professional installation. The included cord and GFCI fit into a standard house outlet. Many users suggest that a dedicated line works best. The tub has a sturdy cover that keeps heat from escaping from the top and an insulated mat to reduce heat loss to the ground.

The solid wall designs offer seating and back support. The tough outer material consists of layers of mesh and PVC beneath a tough, weather-resistant outer covering.

The manufacturer designed the Bestway Hot Tub, Miami to be one of the most reliable hot tubs in its price category. The operation is simple and intuitive; the users can control the functions through a digital control pad.


  • The unit runs on household current at 12 amperes and a dedicated line works best to avoid too many circuit breaker trips.


  • The pressure gauge may not be a reliable standard for setting the wall pressure since the sun and temperature play a key role in the expansion of the air within the inflated chambers.

4. Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus 6.4 Foot Diameter 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set, Blue/White is a compact hot tub that can accommodate three to four adults. This high-value tub is easy to assemble, fill, and operate. It has a convenient control panel that allows users to customize their soaking and massage experience.

The walls are firm and provide seating options for above and below the waterline. The Intex 4-person portable hot tub is strong, and durable, and offers many of the features of higher-priced, full-sized hot tubs and spas.

The tub is easy to maintain with a floating chlorine dispenser and continuous filters. There is a built-in hard water treatment system.

The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set is an excellent selection for a small space, a limited budget, or a high preference for portability. The model has strong walls and roomy comfort for two or three adults.

The tub is easy to assemble, simple to fill and heat, and it has a built-in maintenance and water-softening system. The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set is a good choice for value, strength, and durability.


  • Two headsets are included with the purchase.


  • The tub can use a battery-powered or wired tub light that comes as an extra.

5. Intex 79″ X 28″ PureSpa Jet and Bubble Deluxe Inflatable Spa Set

Inflatables fill the bill for small hot tubs for small spaces. These compact tubs provide the spa experience in an efficient and portable form. The Intex PureSpa 4Person Inflatable Bubble Jet Spa Portable can fit in small spaces, and the round shape helps users enjoy their soak-in roomy comfort.

With 120 jets around the bottom of the tub, the bubbling waters offer a soothing and deep massage experience. The Intex PureSpa 4Person Inflatable Bubble Jet Spa is a model that ranks well in 3-person hot tub reviews.

The unit has a single row of 120 jets and has a capacity for three to four adults. It has the added benefits of strong wall design and flexible seating.

When selecting a small tub for a tight space or a portable tub, the Intex PureSpa 4Person Inflatable Bubble Jet Spa Portable Heated Hot Tub should be near the top of your list. This tub works well for two, three, or four adults and offers a spa experience similar to large solid-type models.

You may never move your spa, but this model moves quickly and relatively easily. The strong materials and firm walls make it ideal for sitting above or below the waterline. This is a reachable, high-value hot tub.


  • The unit can be set up and inflated in about 20 minutes.
  • The unit is lightweight when unfilled for easy transport, storage, and relocation.


  • The outside air temperature must be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The available headrest and cupholder attachments come as extras.

Best 3-Person Hot Tubs:

1. Essential Hot Tubs 28-Jet Edgewater Hot Tubs

When selecting a hot tub, the number of occupants guides the choice of size and shape. For example, a 3-seater hot tub would have generous space for two but might lack legroom for three.

The design of the jets provides pulsing massage at several levels. Users can get jet massaging in the mid-back lower back, and legs in each molded seat area.

The Rainier Hot tub has a powerful two-level heater that can keep the water warm year-round. The inner tub area has a lounge and four seats with powerful jets positioned to massage the lower back, legs, and feet.

The Rainier Hot Tub has a powerful flow. It uses 28 stainless-steel jets to reach the overall body and target areas. The durable, low-maintenance hot tub interior uses high-quality cobblestone-colored granite resin.

The Rainier can seat one to five adults; the unit has a special area for full-body lounging with a raised knee rest. The unit has plug-and-play connections using a standard household 15 Amp line and a GFCI cord.

The Rainier Hot tub is an excellent choice for a versatile spa experience. The hot tub offers two types of seating and ample legroom for four or five adults. It has 24 jets, and they are powerful and set at three levels.

The Rainier is an ideal 4-person plug-and-play hot tub, it assembles like a small portable but offers the strength and stability of a large spa.


  • At three levels, the jet positions are ideal for reaching the lower back and other sore and achy areas.


  • Some users suggest that the jets do not reach the foot area as well as they might like.

2. Essential Hot Tubs 11-Jet 2023 Integrity Hot Tub

The Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 Newport-11 Jet Hot Tub is a 3-4-person hot tub spa. The unit has an easy setup on any flat surface, and the cord has a GFCI for safety. The system can adapt to 240V for better operation of the heating and pumping system.

The cabinet has insulation to hold heat, and the heat pump has a powerful 1.5 HP setting that quickly heats and maintains soothing soaking temperatures.

The year-round heating system has 1KW and 4 KW levels for custom heating levels in colder weather. The heavy-duty insulated hot tub cover is tapered for a tight fit and has locking clips for child safety.

The hot tub has digital controls for temperature and flow. The water swirls and bubbles through 14 powerful jets to provide a soaking experience for up to four adults.

The insulated cabinet holds heat and reduces operating costs. The stainless steel pump assembly design can operate year-round including cold weather.

A 4-seater hot tub must offer powerful jets to provide a deep soaking experience. This model has 14 jets with a design that sends pulses at various levels for a complete body massage.

This impressive model has comfortable seating for two to three adults including taller persons.


  • The unit converts to 240V and 20 amperes for more flexible operation.


  • Many tall users and taller persons suggest the tub may not hold three people comfortably.

3. Essential Hot Tubs 50-Jets Polara Hot Tub

The Essential Hot Tubs SS215377003 Polara 50 Jets Hot Tub ranks high on the list of 4-person hot tubs with loungers. The powerful 50-jet water flow provides a deep soaking and a rewarding spa experience. The seating accommodates up to six adults.

The array of high-power jets has multiple levels so that every user can get the type of massage or soak that they wish. The lounge seat adds a reclining massage position with jets that cover the total body.

The lounge feature offers a relaxing complete body massage. The jets operate at three levels across the lounge area. The unit has 50 powerful jets with stainless steel covers. Users can adjust the nozzles for a customized experience.

The cover is tapered to fit and to stay against the wind. The safety latches add a layer of safety against accidental use of the tub. The heavy-duty pump and heater provide quick heating and easy temperature control.

The well-made and powerful spa offers a custom-made soaking experience. The contoured lounge feature creates an opportunity for the ultimate luxury soak and massage. The unit offers power in all phases from pumping and heating to blower massage settings.

This roomy hot tub provides a luxury spa experience with roomy contoured seating and a lounge seat. The high-quality construction and materials suggest durability and long life; this is an ideal hot tub for an all-season, deep soaking experience.


  • The built-in headrests match with neck and shoulder jets for complete body soaking and massage.
  • The 4 K-rated heaters can function in all-season conditions.


  • The unit is heavy, and it is not easily moved.
  • This model requires professional installation and a 240V/50 Amp dedicated line with GFCI protection.

4. Hudson Bay 3 Person 14 Jet Spa

The Hudson Bay 3-Person 14 Jet Spa with Stainless Jets is a 3-person corner hot tub. It has a compact design. When space is limited, the ideal solution includes small hot tubs for the balcony, patio, or interior areas. The 14 jets have various types of nozzles to provide a satisfying swirl of bubbling water for relaxation and massage.

The unit does not require professional installation. It plugs into a standard household 110V outlet. The water temperature range is up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The easy access controls manage the temperature and massage functions. This model has energy conservation technology through the Energy Rite® system. The tub lining is durable; it has a slip-resistant surface, and the floor has a reinforced fiberglass layer.

The Hudson Bay 3-Person 14 Jet Spa with Stainless Jets ranks high on our rating list for the 3-person hot tub. The easy setup has a plug-and-play with an included ten-foot GFCI cord.

The feature-rich design has a mood-inducing waterfall pump and seven colors of LED tub lighting.

The Lucite interior is easy to clean and the exterior is weather-resistant. The triangle shape can enhance nearly any available space.

This hot tub has a workable price for most budgets and many high-value features. It is an excellent selection as a roomy, powerful, two-person spa that can accommodate up to three adults.


  • The waterfall and colored LED add to the mood and atmosphere of the hot tub experience.


  • The unit has excellent comfort for two but may crowd three adults.
  • At 550 lbs. the tub is not easily movable.

5. Essential Hot Tubs SS13150300 Integrity-11 Jet Hot Tub

The Essential Hot Tubs SS13150300 Integrity-11 Jet Hot Tub, Cobblestone has a simple setup. The insulated walls surround a molded resin tub. The unit has a plug-and-play with any standard household outlet.

The efficient design uses 11 therapy jets to move the power flow for a complete soaking and massage experience. The tub power can be converted to 240V for the more efficient operation of the pump and heating system.

The octagon shape is unique and offers flexible seating.

The 11 jets offer powerful water movement and massage therapy benefits. The pump has two levels of operation and a year-round design. The setup is simple, and the unit works with a standard dedicated outlet.

The open bench seating is flexible and has room for four adults. Users have easy access to the digital control panel; the underwater LED has color changes to suit the user’s mood.

A 4 person’s indoor hot tub should be powerful and roomy. It should offer comfortable seating with room to stretch, turn, and position the body for the massage and soaking effects. The Essential Hot Tubs Integrity-11 meets the mark.

The tub has a strong molded resin surface that needs little maintenance. It offers roomy seating for four adults with a set of powerful and well-positioned jets.

The unit has bench seating and some nice additions like a multicolored light for moods, and an easily accessible control panel.

The Essential Integrity-11 is an excellent selection; it works well in a small or large space and offers easy portability.


  • The unit is lightweight, strong, and portable.
  • The two-speed pump has ample power and a year-round design.


  • The unit uses only 11 jets; at three levels these jets provide hydrotherapy benefits.

Tips on Choosing

The idea of the 3-4-person hot tub depends on the user’s preferences, space needs, and budget. Some factors apply to nearly all situations. The below-listed general tips apply to nearly every buyer.

Installation should be simple, require few if any tools, and offer plug-and-play convenience.

The power cord should have a ground fault circuit breaker built in; this type of cord offers protection for electrical appliances near standing water, and the cutoff will not require a long walk to reset the circuit.

The hot tub should have a dedicated line. Some tubs draw 12 amps on a 15 amp line, and this leaves little room for other devices. A dedicated line can minimize the number of tripped circuit breaker events.

When making the initial fill, users can use warm water to shorten the time needed to reach the desired temperature at a heat-up rate of two to three degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

When locating

For the hot tub on a deck, interior floor, or other above-ground locations, you should determine the likely weight of the tub, water, and occupants. You should then determine that the surface can support the weight of each square foot or square meter.

Operating the tub requires a minimum amount of water at the fill line. When occupied by four adults, the water level may rise above the maximum. Users should remove water to keep the level within the minimum and maximum fill lines.


Softening the water is a helpful tip for areas that have hard or high mineral content water supplies. The minerals in ordinary tap water can build up and interfere with the safe operation of the heat pump.

Mineral buildups can cause pumps to wear excessively and fail. A water softener can reduce pump wear and extend its life. Some tubs have a built-in water treatment cycle, and this is an important factor in areas with hard water.

Factors To Consider

A four-person hot tub is a place for several persons to stretch out in comfort and enjoy a soaking experience in warm bubbly water. Like other hot tubs, the warm water soak is therapeutic for sore and achy muscles or joints and relaxing.

With four-person tubs, the occasion is also social. Two or more people can share the experience, and it is a fun experience that can also bring a wonderful sense of closeness among family and loved ones.


Four persons need room to move and stretch in the hot tub. Many tubs offer seating for four which is cramped and not comfortable. The design and seating options must provide an essential level of comfort.

While a tub may hold four adults, it may not be spacious. Tubs rated for six may offer room for spacious seating for four.


The hot tubs offer easy access to controls. The controls should be easy to reach and easy to read. It is important to have access that does not require leaving the tub.


The hot tub should be available when owners want to use it. The costs of operation can be a factor and the need for maintenance and care can lead to the tub becoming unavailable. Convenience is an important factor. A tub that has automatic cleaning, low operating costs, and effective insulation will be available when needed.


The walls and floor should be strong and provide support when seated high or low in the tub. The walls can support the back and accept headrests for a complete relaxation experience.


Some hot tubs provide enhancements for entertainment that go along with the massage and relaxation benefits.

These features, accessories, and add-ons include colored lights that create a mood, sound systems that add music, and customized jets that focus on the massage benefits.


What is the best place to locate a four-person hot tub?

Flexibility is an important benefit of four-person hot tubs. These tubs are in a size range that can match small patio spaces, backyard areas, and indoor locations. The essential requirements are that the area is flat and has no edges or points that can cause a puncture, tear, or discomfort to feet or when sitting.

How many gallons in a 4-person hot tub?

The fill level varies with each model. Finally, the safe operation of the pump needs to keep the fill level within the recommended range. If there is too much or too little water, the pump can strain and overheat.

How much does a 4-person hot tub weigh?

You must consider the weight in three different ways. The empty tub weight is the load that you will carry when placing the tub on the flat, smooth location for installation and setup. The unfilled weight is often less than 100 lbs. for four-person tubs.

The filled weight is important for a safe location that can support the weight of a large volume of water. Four-person tubs can exceed 2,500 lbs. when filled. The final weight consideration is the filled tub weight when up to four adults soak in the jets. The average adult weighs more than 150 lbs. and with four occupants that would add 600 lbs. to the weight of the filled tub.

Making The Decision

After reading this review, you have a solid base of knowledge and some useful insights for selecting a hot tub that meets your needs and matches your preferences. You have formed ideas about hot tub size, the best location, and the most useful shape.

You can identify features that make set-up and installation easy, avoid the expense of professional installation, and offer easy maintenance. The controls are important, and you can identify the types of panels and access that make sense for you. You are ready to buy a hot tub.

When purchasing a hot tub, you can add a new chapter to the enjoyment of the home, time with family, and entertainment with friends.

You can get the benefits of a health spa without leaving home; the sessions in your hot tub can bring relief from busy and tedious days. Your hot tub can improve your health and help maintain a positive outlook. You are ready to buy the 4-person hot tub.

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