Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panel Reviews in 2024

Looking for a pool heating solution without the costs and maintenance headaches of complicated electric heat pumps or gas-fired water heaters? Heliocol solar heating panels are the easiest and longest-lasting way to heat your backyard pool using free solar energy.

Operation costs are nearly nil. Your pool’s existing filter pump circulates water through the panels, which are heated by the natural energy of the sun. The system is completely resistant to pool chemicals plus there are no metal clamps or rubber hoses to replace as with other solar heating products.

Heliocol solar heating panels’ unique individual tube design presents a maximum surface area to catch solar rays the entire day. Panels are flexible enough to easily work around minor obstacles, such as roof vents. Best of all, Heliocol solar pool heaters come with an industry-best 12-year warranty for both materials and labor.

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panel Reviews:

Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Heating Panel 4′ x 12′ 6 – HC-50

The HC-50 Heliocol swimming pool solar heating panel is one of the solar pool heaters for inground and above-ground pools. It features single-piece unibody construction that supplies decades of maintenance-free service while warming your pool day in and day out.

  • The panels use dozens of individual tubes in an open design versus webbed collectors used by other solar heaters. This approach provides several advantages:
  • The tubes protect your roof by not trapping debris and moisture more heat is absorbed because panels collect radiation from all angles during the day
  • The open design also eliminates lift from strong winds
  • Patented Gator Clamps eliminate the need for straps and holes in your roof

Typically, Heliocol solar heaters are installed on pitched shingle or tile roofs, but they are also the only pool heater systems that can be installed on flat roofs. They are easily mounted on ground frames, patios, or fences if roof mounting is not practical.

Because of their unique patented design, 20-year expected service life, high efficiency, and the ability to link panels together to increase heating capacity, you can see why Heliocol products rank high in the solar pool heating system reviews.

Set-It-And-Forget-It Pool Heating

Compared to gas or electric pool heating products, Heliocol solar heating panels are not easy to install and maintain. The Heliocol HC-50 solar pool heater is the most hassle-free way to heat any above-ground or in-ground pool and is easily expandable over time to provide additional or quicker heating.


  • Up to 2,000 BTU per sq. ft. per panel
  • Aperture area: 48 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions: 4 ft. by 12.5 ft.
  • Dry weight: 22 lbs.
  • Volume: 3.7 gallons
  • Working pressure: 90 PSI
  • Nominally, one panel per 100 sq. ft. of the pool area


  • Long-lasting pool heating solution
  • Super easy to maintain throughout the year
  • No moving parts use the existing pool pump for circulation
  • Saves hundreds of dollars in fuel/electricity costs


  • Requires significant installation area
  • Less efficient for north-facing roofs

Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Heating Panel 4′ x 8′ – HC-30

Solar panels for pool heating are a great low-cost, hassle-free way to utilize the free energy from the sun to warm up your pool. Heliocol has designed and patented solar panels for pool heating in both in-ground and above-ground home pools. Their products are used by hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers.

The secret to their success is a unique one-piece unibody design that provides an open flow that avoids collecting debris or trapping moisture that could harm your roof. The open design means that each of the dozens of tubes in the HC-30 heater receives solar radiation as the sun traverses the sky. These panels are up to 15 percent more efficient at trapping the sun’s energy compared to other solar heaters.

The HC-50 is so small and lightweight that it makes a great portable heater too. Or, you can simply unroll it in your yard as needed for warming a small pool. Additionally, it can be easily placed in line with an existing pool heater to save fuel or electricity. Any Heliocol system is easily expanded by adding more panels.

Heliocol solar pool heaters have a life expectancy of 20 years or more and are backed by a 12-year parts and labor warranty.

Heat the Kids’ Pool or Take it Camping

For hassle-free, low-cost, and portable pool heating, the HC-9.5 from Heliocol is ideal. A single panel is a great solution to heating a smaller backyard kids’ pool. You can even roll it up and take it camping. If you are thinking “How many Heliocol panels do I need?”, the rule-of-thumb is about one per 25-50 sq. ft. of pool area depending on the water depth.


  • Up to 400 BTU per sq. ft. per panel
  • Aperture area: 10 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions: 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. long
  • Dry weight: 12 lbs.
  • Volume: 2 gallons
  • Working pressure: 90 PSI
  • Nominally, one panel per 25 sq. ft. of the pool area


  • Reliable small pool heating without fuel
  • Rolls up for easy portability
  • The only maintenance is draining panels during freezing weather
  • Uses existing pool pump for operation
  • Pays for itself through drastically reduced fuel/electricity costs


  • Pools without a pump must add one for operation

Buy and Try a Heliocol Solar Heating Solution Today

Heating water from the sun is the most efficient way to capture the energy of solar radiation. That’s why Heliocol solar pool heaters are so cost-effective. They are also nearly maintenance-free except for draining them in the winter if you have freezing temperatures.

So, now that our Heliocol solar pool heating reviews have given you all the information you need about this fantastic way to keep your backyard pool at an invitingly warm temperature for play and exercise, what are you waiting for?

Order one or more today and start enjoying a warm pool or spa without the trouble and costs of conventional, less environmentally-friendly pool heating products.

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