The Best 4K Camera Systems in 2024

You should always be aware of activity that occurs around your home, at all times. Unfortunately, humans don’t have two pairs of eyes, so other methods of surveillance must be relied upon. In the 21st century, home surveillance products are abundant, with lots of exciting upgrades on the clunky, outdated cameras of the old.

Nowadays, it’s possible to link an entire camera system to a home assistant, your smartphone, laptop, or all three simultaneously with a 4K camera system. Check out the eight security camera bundles reviewed below, then the information guide that follows. Let’s begin!

Best 4K Security Camera Systems:

1. Arlo VMS5240-100NAS Ultra

The Arlo VMS5240-100NAS is a 4K wireless security camera system sold as a set of one to four cameras, with additional room for more. It’s powered by batteries, features built-in Bluetooth, and has good audio quality.

Ultra high-definition images (another word for 4K) are ready to be seen according to the limitations of your TV. Be sure that whatever you plan to view images on the most frequently can output a higher resolution than 3840 × 2160.

Installation shouldn’t take you too long. There are fewer wires and connections to make than the standard DVR that most camera systems are added with.

It works with all three major home assistant devices, HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. However, there’s no compatibility with Apple TV. You won’t have to find a different smart hub if this is what you’re currently using.

In general, the average user who purchased the Arlo VMS5240-100NAS appreciated its true-to-work view resolution. Two cameras record and photograph in 8-megapixels, transferring resolution to any of your electronic devices supporting the same image/video quality.

They’re also very sturdy, holding up well against outdoor elements in temperature, tropical, and dry climates. While it would have been nice to have more cameras to live-stream in 4K than two, the difference in image quality isn’t wide. It’s a UHD security camera for people who want simple installation and an easy-to-manage video feed.


  • Makes our faces from a good distance without zoom
  • Cameras feel sturdy and are weighted; built to last
  • When motion detection senses movement, a spotlight shines in the direction of the camera’s view


  • Only two cameras are capable of live streaming in 4K video quality

2. Lorex 4K UHD Wired Security Camera System

The Lorex Smart 4K is a true UHD camera set, with eight cameras, eight channels, and a useful NVR. Being an NVR, there’s no worry of confusing wiring when you install it. Plus, linking the cameras to the box is quick. They change from the ethernet cable alone, with no interference from other cameras or nearby equipment during a stream.

After you’ve downloaded the application to your smartphone, check out loads of options provided for notifications. Unnecessary alerts on camera systems are an annoying problem, but not here. Just tweak the settings to get reading for specific cameras or even vehicle detection. It takes Alexa and Google Assistant.

Night vision shows up in color, but black and white are available. Even if there aren’t many street lights around, shapes and faces in the foreground are easy to make out. Like other high-end surveillance systems, a water-resistant exterior on the cameras keeps all moisture from getting inside.

After installing and getting everything set up, the average consumer of the Lorex found it to be reliable. The most common recommendation for improvement is better-controlled motion detection sensitivity. A nearby tree branch or nearby bird’s nest may trigger an alert on your phone.

Again, just configure the number of notifications received during the time that you know a false alarm is most likely to happen. Need to know the Lorex security system? You’re looking at it.


  • Lots of options for notifications and how they’re delivered
  • Uses color night vision and brightens up images in low-light visibility
  • Links to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


  • Sensitive motion detection

3. REOLINK 4K Security Camera System

How familiar are you with home security systems and the way they’re set up to run? Look at an older model, and you’ll find it hard to save video without an external hard drive. But today, things are a bit different, thanks to products like the Reolink PoE Security Camera.

The NVR’s computer saves all video to a built-in 4TB HDD. In other words, you’ll have 4TB for your store and save all manner of video files. Because of the amount of storage that’s provided, feel free to use the HDD as a backup for other important data.

Like all NVR Camera Systems, don’t worry about tinkering with loads of wires in the installation process. Doing it is straightforward; just hook the ethernet cables to the cameras, attach them to the NVR, plugin, and you’re set. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your mobile, scan the QR barcode and everything will connect.

Taking a look at PoE camera system reviews, some required an installation in an office and others outside. Regardless of location, the Reolink stays durable no matter where the cams are mounted.

Transferring from outside to indoors won’t have any effects on image quality for its connection to your devices, either. Being a 4K home security camera system, you’ll have high-quality feed generated wherever you are, including when away from home.


  • Quick installation times, thanks to the NVR barcode can for smartphones
  • Besides ethernet cables to the cameras, no other wiring is needed
  • Built for indoor and outdoor use


  • NVR fan is very loud

4. Defender 4k Ultra HD Wired Security Cameras Night Vision

The Defender 4K Ultra HD Wired is a 4K CCTV 8 Channels Security Camera system, linked with a sleek, 2TB DVR system. You can purchase the set as four, eight, and even 16 cameras.

If you’re in a single-family home, four should be enough to get a nice view of every section around your home’s perimeter. Weather resistance is specified as IP67, meaning each camera can withstand complete submersion in water up to a meter deep, and 100 percent protection from dust.

Once everything’s hooked up and ready for you to test, look at the brand’s application from your phone. You’ll find that all saved videos on the HDD are downloadable.

To do this, ensure that the DVR is connected to your home’s router. Of course, download speeds are dependent on the distance the DVR is from the router, but they’re not limited to the confines of living space. View videos wherever you are after setting up notifications. Camera quality is a true eight megapixels, with a framerate selection from 5 to 30 fps.

A major setback for uses of the Defender 4K was, surprisingly, the video quality on a smartphone. You can download videos and watch them in 4K, but the resolution isn’t an option during streaming.

So if you catch something fishy within range of the camera, there’s a small chance that you might have to download the video to get a better look. Pick the Defender if your smartphone’s data plan is high-speed, so you can download videos in 4K.


  • Once installed, will never disconnect from the DVR
  • IP67 weather resistance
  • Videos are downloadable from the application (on smartphones)


  • Doesn’t stream videos in 4K on smartphones

5. Swann Security Camera System CCTV


The Swann Security Camera System is a heavy-duty 4K network camera with great motion detection and superb audio. Cameras with good audio are sometimes difficult to find. A lot of cameras won’t even have a microphone attachment. So it’s great to see it added to a 4K camera bundle.

There are eight in all, each with their lights that turn on when movement happens nearby. Objects don’t have to go directly in the middle of the camera for an alert to sound. You might think that makes the camera pretty sensitive, but it appears to distinguish small animals from people, large animals, and parking cars.

The PoE security camera has good motion detection, is easy to install, and configures well with any smartphone. The Swann has all of these attributes. But if there’s one that stood out the most among consumers, it’s how well it picks up faces, particularly moving faces.

Try it out for yourself after you set it up. On almost every fps, your face remains identifiable to the camera, even on resolutions smaller than 4K.

Be prepared to change your channel names often if planning on turning the devices off a lot. After every reboot, channel names revert to the original. It’s a small inconvenience but one that requires you to remember numbers instead of room designations around your house.


  • Picks up audio just as well as moving faces
  • Its heat motion detection reduces false readings from nearby objects and debris
  • Good weight on each camera; doesn’t feel like a cheaply made product


  • Channel names revert to default when the system is restarted

6. Amcrest 4K Security Camera System w/ 4K (8MP) 8CH PoE NVR

The Amcrest 4K 8 Channels Security Camera System is a high-resolution surveillance camera set with four bullets and four domes. The former is best for areas with a lack of cover since the camera installs horizontally or vertically.

The bullet hangs overhead, suspending from the top surfaces from a horizontal position. With both sets, there’s room for you to get creative with the areas you set them. Hiding in a difficult-to-find spot is also possible, especially with the dome.

A 4K night vision camera built for bad weather, expect the Amcrest to work in the rain, sleet, or snow without a hint of weather-induced damage to the outside. Plus, the humidity won’t fog up the lenses. Unfortunately, only the domes are completely weatherproof. The box is a DVR; get ready to do some wiring during the initial setup.

When that’s done, store up to 10 terabytes of video with the device. Sadly, as many users pointed out, there’s no HDD provided with the DVR. Get one, preferably at least one TB, or use one that you already own.

Hooking up an external HDD may not sit well with people looking for a minimal desk setup when the DVR is housed by other electronic devices. That’s no reason to turn it down, especially for people living in cold regions.


  • The four weatherproof cameras (out of eight) are useful for regions prone to inclement weather
  • DVR supports automatic options for deleting old footage to retain newer backups
  • During high humidity and cold temperatures, no fogging in the lens


  • No hard drive is built into the DVR

7. ANNKE H800 4K PoE Surveillance Camera System with Audio Recording

Don’t let Annke’s place as the final product of the list fool you. It ranks among the 4K surveillance system brands around. At eight megapixels and 12.5 to 15 frames per second, your footage is sure to be clear, to the point of minor objects clearly showing on the camera (such as license plates).

You’ll be alerted long before anyone makes it to the front of your door, buying you time to see who’s coming, whether you know them, and what’s on their person. You’ll probably spend more time taking it out of the box than synching it to your electronic devices. While that’s an exaggeration, the NVR box only needs to turn on after everything’s plugged in. There are no additional buttons or configurations needed to activate the cameras.

Do you have other home security cameras? Some of them might be configurable with Annke’s DVR. Mind you, they’ll need a female ethernet port for you to do this, but less clutter after an upgrade-and more security camera-is always a good thing.

Shoppers outside of North America recommend the Annke for its 220-volt power capabilities. While there is a 110-volt adapter included, a small converter to 220 voltage comes with the set. Some liked well the cameras are controlled by a variety of smartphone apps other than the one provided by the product. However, don’t be surprised if you witness interference when other cameras are attached to the DVR. It probably won’t happen to you, but the change remains. If you don’t plan on linking anything else to the DVR, then it’s smooth sailing.


  • Turning on the NVR automatically activates the cameras
  • Comes with a 220-volt converter
  • Although the company has a native application, others are compatible with the system


  • Other nearby cameras may cause interference when non-proprietary cameras are connected to the NVR

Our Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you know how a modern-day surveillance camera works? If you read through the reviews, you’re aware that many feature capabilities require smartphones to attach to them through a non-Bluetooth connection.

This is a good thing since Bluetooth only works when you’re in close range of the 4K system. Instead, DVRs and NVRs typically rely on home Wi-Fi. Link the camera to your internet connection, then take your surveillance on the go, wherever you are in the world.

They differ based on video processing; NVR begins its encoding process immediately, whereas NVR encodes after transferring to the box.

Are you expecting an important package to come at a time that you’re busy at work, but don’t have anyone home to ensure it’s not stolen from the front porch? Want an easy way to see your children enter the home after school lets out? Or maybe there’s a surge of property crime going on in your community.

A high-definition security camera might just be the best investment you’ve made. Many are also a deterrent to crime since the average burglar thinks twice about breaking into a home where security cameras are visible.

Factors to Consider

Almost every 4K PoE camera is marketed with the words “4K camera 3840 × 2160.” What you won’t always see is the number of megapixels. This could be due to several reasons.

Sometimes, the brand simply chooses not to advertise the product that way since the average shopper isn’t always familiar with megapixels with 4K. Other times, it could be due to some of the cameras being sold aren’t actually being 4K, or only a small number classifiable as UHD.

So a fancy 4K video camera might provide a digital video feed in the correct resolution but contain a camera that’s incapable of doing so. At times, it might be necessary for the camera to take photos, or maybe you want to take a photo yourself.

In this situation, you would want the highest image quality possible. Look for “8MP resolution” in the product description if you want to be sure that you’re getting true UHD camera features with your 4K video.

4K Cameras and CCTV:

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. 4K security has some similarities but lots of advantages over the former. CCTVs are usually cheaper but contain more resolution than 4K cams.

4K cameras typically make it easier to view, save, and share videos. Unless there’s a budget to keep in mind, 4K cameras are the best choice, even when camera footage is monitored by security.

Night Vision:

Night vision is a staple for 4K security systems. If you don’t see it as an available feature on a camera brand, look elsewhere. Some are activated with a small LED light, and others with real infrared light.

Some output video in color, others only in black and white. What’s best for you should be based on the activity in your area. For people that need long-distance video at night, or have few streetlights in the vicinity, higher-quality cameras with color night vision are best.

Field of View:

All 4k cameras for sale contain a field of view. It’s the area that’s visible to the camera and the image you see in a camera’s video. The field of view aka viewing angle is normally gauged in degrees.

The average for 4K cameras is 110 degrees. Some are smaller and larger, but a 110-degree field of view is guaranteed to provide a wide enough view for you to cover a quarter of a home’s square perimeter.

Compatibility with Home Assistant Hardware:

Most 4K cameras sold today have compatibility with at least one of the big three names of in-home assistant hardware. These are Google Home Assistant, Apple’s HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. As time passes, expect all three to sync with a majority of HAs, even if they’re not advertised to.

Motion Sensors:

Motion detection capability is another popular feature with 4K cameras. Some motion sensors are notoriously sensitive, and others are too weak.

There’s no way to tell how sensitive it will work for you since the environment around the camera could make it likely or unlikely to trigger a notification from nearby movement. But most work as they’re supposed to, providing alerts before receiving a knock on the door.


What Is the Best Resolution for a Security Camera?

The best resolution is 4K, sometimes called 4K UHD (ultra-high definition). That’s 3840 × 2160. For cameras, be sure that it’s specified as eight MP.

Do Security Cameras Prevent Burglaries?

They won’t prevent a burglary from occurring, but they will reduce the chances of it happening. Place the cameras in a place that’s impossible for strangers to ignore; they’re good at keeping the honest man honest.

Is DVR better than NVR?

DVR involves more work during installation than NVR. NVR is easier to connect since fewer wires are needed to connect the cameras to the security system’s home unit. But after a hookup, but functions about the same.


Which is the 4K security camera system, in your opinion? Why did you choose it? Maybe it was for personal reasons, or its looks or features caught your attention. The Lorex Smart 4K UHD Active Deterrence is recommended over the rest, with great day and night vision capabilities and crystal clear image/video resolution.

For fast hookup and Bluetooth connectivity, consider the first product, the Arlo VMS5240-100NAS. But if your preferences are nuanced and factor in things like motion sensitivity and strong weather resistance, the other security cams shown are a worthy buy. Purchase, unbox, and install when you’ve chosen to have more than a “false” sense of security!

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