The Best Fake Security Cameras in 2024

The world in which we live is now a place with great surveillance and technologies to prevent unthinkable, unwanted, and illegal activity. However, as we all know too well, new technology is not always the most affordable.

After all, whether you’re a small business or just looking to protect your property, there are endless expenses that can make it difficult to make room in your budget for the latest technological safety measures.

The important thing is that does not have to stop you from taking more affordable and practical steps to protect your property and yourself. That is where dummy property security cameras come into play.

They look convincingly like the real thing and work enough magic to keep any pesky punks from messing with your property. So without further ado, let’s delve into a detailed list of the fake security cameras for protecting you and your possessions.

Best Fake Security Cameras:

1. WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

First up on the list is the WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security Camera, one of the fake outdoor security cameras on the market. These fake CCTV security cameras are built to resemble the real thing, therefore they come equipped with one LED activation light, giving each dummy camera an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.

Consumers note the simplicity of the design and installation as well as their effectiveness. Upon installation, the cameras are said to look like the real thing and an authentic deterrent to crime and unwanted activity.

In conclusion, the WALI Bullet Dummy fake security camera is one of the best options on the market. Their highly believable appearance makes them hard to detect as fakes and is sure to deter any type of criminal.


  • LED activation light
  • 360-degree rotation
  • No wires needed
  • Simple set up, easy installation
  • Included Alert sticker decals


  • N/A

2. WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera

The third realistic dummy security camera option on the list is another WALI product. Like the Armo cameras in the two spots, this offering from WALI is a dummy dome camera.

It differs in design from the Armo dummy dome cameras in that the base of the dome is white. The dome itself, like the Armo product, is black and appears as real things.

WALI dummy dome camera consumers state the effectiveness of the fake cameras in their ability to prevent crime and unwarranted activity. One consumer specifically notes that they refrain from using the LED light as it gives away the fake nature of the cameras.

In conclusion, the WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Cameras are a great product for the price. Additionally, the 18-month protection provided by WALI ensures the longevity of the cameras, and thus the longevity of your personal possessions’ protection. These fake dome cameras are great for any home or store where crime deterring is necessary.


  • Easy installation with included screws
  • Security alert sticker decals
  • Lightweight and durable plastic construction


  • LED causes the cameras to appear fake
  • Only two fake cameras per pack

3. IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera

The fourth option on the list is the IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera which is among the cheap fake security cameras. These fake cameras from IDAODEN are similar to the dummy cameras listed at number one. The design is nearly identical to the WALI Bullet Dummy cameras, with an arm extending from the mounting bracket to the camera.

The arm extension has two points of pivot for easy rotation and perfect, realistic placement of the dummy camera face.

Consumers’ opinions about these dummy cameras from IDAODEN are very much aligned with one another, claiming the dummy cameras convincingly appear like the real deal. Others note that the value received is great for the price.

The IDAODEN Dummy Security Cameras are a great option for those looking to deter petty crimes and loitering, etc. The full package for these IDAODEN cameras is a great value and they’re a fantastic option for homes and shops with alleys and back lots.


  • Flashing LED light (5-second intervals)
  • 360-degree rotation
  • No wires required
  • Simple set up, easy installation
  • Included Alert sticker decals


  • The flashing light can give away the falsity of the cameras

4. BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera


Next up on the list of dummy security cameras is the BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera. This model of dummy outdoor security camera’s body is designed similarly in the form of the WALI Bullet Dummy Camera mentioned at number one but there is no extension arm to hold.

Instead, the body of the fake camera is attached directly to the mounting base via a three-axis rotational piece.

Consumers agree this dummy camera’s ability to appear like the real thing, deterring crime of any kind where needed. Some consumers have even gone as far as calling it the dummy camera on the market.

In conclusion, this dummy security camera from BNT is another take on the bullet form camera but separates itself with its unique three-axis rotational connector. This feature saves a few more inches of space and even improves its ability to keep criminals fooled.


  • Three (3) axis rotational connector allows for a wide directional range
  • Plastic material allows for the units to be lightweight and easy to manage
  • Easy installation on virtually any surface
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors


  • The flashing light only flashes at night

5. YSUCAU Solar Powered CCTV Security Fake Dummy Camera

Good fake security cameras need to look the part. The YSUCAU Solar Powered CCTV Dummy Camera does that exceptionally well and is perhaps the best out of the cameras reviewed to this point.

Similar in form to the bullet-style dummy cameras, this dummy camera’s body attaches to the mounting base via a 360-degree rotational knob on the end of an extension arm. The body shape and construction appear to be heavy-duty, giving it a more convincing feel.

Consumers are in accordance for the most part with the effectiveness and realistic nature of this dummy camera. Others note that the solar feature is not very strong and that the LED light does not flash at night because of this (for the record, that’s why it also works on batteries).

Some consumers are wary about the realistic look of this dummy camera, although others provide stories of its usefulness.

In conclusion, this YSUCAU Solar-Powered CCTV Dummy Camera is a great option for those trying to show others they’re not messing around with the protection of their stuff. The directional control one has of this dummy camera also makes it useful in just about any position or location.


  • Heavy-duty construction appearance
  • Solar power cell atop the camera for LED function and battery saving
  • Mountable to either ceilings or walls
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Comes with a warning sticker for added believability
  • Full directional control thanks to the mounting bracket


  • Solar power won’t work 24/7 and only works efficiently in well-lit areas

6. Dummy Security Camera, Fake CCTV Surveillance System

This next faux security camera is from F Finders & Co. and is a sleek option for a dummy camera. The Fake Outdoor Security Camera from F Finders & Co is in the bullet style and has an extension arm and rotational connector knob very similar to the kind found on the just previously mentioned YSUCAU dummy camera.

This model, however, comes in a sleek black color which adds to its believability as it softly blends into the environment and does not stick out like a sore thumb.

Consumers overwhelmingly agree about the realistic look of this dummy camera from F Finders & Co. Of all of the reviewed dummy cameras to this point, this product has received one of the highest ratings. Some consumers do note that the vertical rotation range is a bit limited, making it harder to mount upside down on a ceiling.

The F Finders & Co Fake Outdoor Security Camera is one of the most durable options on the market thanks to its engineering-grade plastic.

It’s also one of the more convincing dummy cameras with its sleek black appearance. In conclusion, this is a great option for protecting either your business, your garage, or any possessions that may be in a high-traffic area.


  • Sleek, realistic look
  • Comes with a warning sticker for added believability
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical rotation create flexibility when mounting
  • ABS (styrene) engineering-grade plastic


  • The 90-degree vertical range limits its ability for ceiling mounting
  • Only one camera per pack

7. Lebote Fake Dummy Security Camera CCTV Dome Camera


This next model in a review is from Lebote Tec. The Lebote Tec Fake Dummy Security Camera is another dome-style offering. Designed similarly to the previously reviewed dome-style dummy cameras, this model by Lebote Tec has a white base instead of a seamless black appearance. This option also comes as a four-pack.

This product exceeds even the satisfaction of the F Finders & Co-option mentioned at the eight spots. There is not a single consumer review that does not award five stars to this product from Lebote Tec.

Consumers as a whole claim the units to be highly believable and so far (in their uses) effective at deterring any criminal or unwanted activity.

In conclusion, these dome dummy cameras from Lebote Tec are ideal for one’s home or even the office. While an expert criminal may pick up on the fake nature of the camera due to its lack of rotation inside the dome, it’s sure to keep petty criminals from your property as well as keep workers in line.


  • Flashing light improves the realistic appearance
  • Easily mounts to walls or ceilings
  • Comes with screw guide forms for a less hassle-some installation
  • Comes with warning stickers for added believability
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


  • The clear dome cover reveals a lack of realistic rotation of the camera itself

8. ZOSI Bullet Simulated Surveillance Cameras

The final set of realistic dummy CCTV cameras is the ZOSI 4 Pack Fake Security Camera Bullet. Like the YSUCAU model, these bullet-form dummy cameras are highly believable thanks to a heavy-duty design appearance.

The design of the ZOSI Fake Security Camera Bullet is similar to the BNT model discussed at the number five spot. The camera’s body attaches to the mounting base via a three-axis rotational piece, allowing for a full range of directional motion.

Consumers who know what they are talking about are highly satisfied with these dummy cameras. Some previous purchases lament the inability of these cameras to provide a live feed (THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO – THEY ARE DUMMY CAMERAS).

The consumers who enjoy the cameras claim they have been effective in deterring any issues with their properties.

Some say save the best for last, and these ZOSI dummy cameras are among the bullet-style dummy cameras on the market. Not only is there a large, near-complete directional range for these dummy cameras, but the water-resistant metal casing material also makes them durable and sure to last.


  • Three (3) axis rotational connector allows for a wide directional range
  • IP 66 material allows for the units to be protected and appears sincerely real
  • Easy installation on virtually any surface
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors


  • Flashing light only flashes at night or under very dim light

Factors to Consider

The following is a list of factors to consider when buying faux security cameras:

Mounting location

The mounting location, or the intended mounting location, for your dummy cameras, is essential to the model that you decide to purchase. For instance, bullet-style dummy cameras are great for walls, and while they are suitable for ceilings, not every model will be able to point in the direction of the ground.

The dome dummy cameras, on the other hand, give the impression that there is 360-degree camera coverage and thus may be more suitable for those looking to mount on high walls or ceilings.

A level of believability needed

The next factor to consider when purchasing a dummy camera is the level of believability you need. As can be seen from the reviews, not every dummy camera carries the same level of realistic security.

This means that some models may be perfectly suited for your home or your garage, etc. but they may not carry the same weight in a high-traffic public area where one might have a business or a shop. Knowing where you will be mounting the dummy cameras and who you are trying to deter will be extremely helpful in your model selection process.

Durability needed

Building off of the previous factor to consider, the durability you require for your dummy camera will be important to your decision as well.

Not every camera is built with the same quality assurance and thus some models, like the ZOSI cameras, are more suited to standing up to the elements and ensuring a lasting security presence.

Preference of style

As we can deduce from the reviews, there are generally two types of dummy cameras you can choose from, the bullet style or the dome style. Both had certain advantages and disadvantages. The dome cameras are far more convincing of an all-encompassing security presence due to their 360-degree ability of dome cameras.

The bullet-style cameras are great for targeting specific sections or spaces of a room or property. While they can only appear to be different, being that they are dummies your personal preference can take a stake in the decision.

Fake Security Cameras aren’t Surveillance

Fake security cameras are a good solution to keep away burglars, but professionals can recognize that your house is without any surveillance.

You can consider installing dummy security cameras in the most common places where most burglars will not occur, but you will need to have some home security cameras to be sure that even professional burglars leave out.


Dummy cameras are a terrific way to bolster existing security or to create the illusion of an all-watchful eye. Whether you need to deter crimes or just give your employees the impression that they are being surveilled, there is a dummy camera option for you.

The options are nearly limitless and the styles are many. Some brands seem to put together a more comprehensive value package than their competitors and this should be noted.

The addition of warning security stickers is a great help in convincing people that your dummy cameras are realistic so models with these included have a leg up on the competition.

The reviews here are intended to help you find the fake cameras for your property security. By delving into the packages, the details of design, and consumer opinions themselves, these reviews have you more than prepared to look at your options and make a conscious decision on which model is best for your needs and wants.

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