The Best Door Chain Locks in 2024

In this post, we’re going to review the chain locks on the market. Since I’ve been working with my neighbors to increase the security measures in our neighborhood, I’ve come in contact with all sorts of situations.

I’ve been obsessed with researching this subject. Let’s get started, and I’ll show you what I mean. We’ve analyzed and compared the products available. It’s important to have the door chain locks because you’re protecting loved ones from intruders.

If you buy a mediocre chain lock, you are risking the lives of your family members. This resource is all-inclusive to provide the necessary information to guide a conscious decision.

All of this information helped us provide a safer space for our families. I hope this research will kickstart someone else’s plan for safety.

Best Door Chain Locks:

1. Alise FD9000-LS Chain Door Guard Latch Lock

The Alise FD9000-LS might look like an ordinary chain lock at first glance, but this high-quality door security chain offers incredible protection. You won’t be startled by intruders with this spring locking mechanism that guarantees your home’s safety.

Most consumers have approved of this product. The spring mechanism is a brilliant addition to keep children safe.


  • This product is easy to install. The manufacturers have included wood screws to help with the installation process.


  • One consumer claimed that the chain links started to separate when the chain lock was put under pressure.

2. V-CORME Extra-Thick Door Chain Lock- Sus304 Stainless Steel Casting Door Security Chain Guard

The simple design of this chain lock from National Hardware is coupled with an aesthetically pleasing brushed nickel.

Most people who bought National Hardware’s chain lock are impressed by how easy it was to install, and people are saying that it’s a sturdy product.


  • The brushed nickel metal of this chain lock looks exquisite.


  • If simplicity isn’t what you’re after, you might need a different lock. This chain lock is easy for children to use.

3. National Hardware N273-615 V807 Door Chain in Chrome

This diecast zinc metal from this National Hardware chain has a chrome finish, providing a dazzling security mechanism for your home.

People are saying that this chain lock from National Hardware is easy to install, and consumers claim that it’s a sturdy design.


  • This chain lock is efficient, and it won’t cost much money to protect your home.


  • Children will be able to easily figure out how to open this one.

4. Door Lock Latch for Home Security – Swing Bar Door Guard for Front and Inside Door

The Cranach swinging bar door chain lock alternative is simple in principle, but it is designed with safety in mind.

This locking mechanism ranks high for its ease of use, and it’s just as easy to install.


  • This simple locking mechanism will withstand 600 pounds of force.


  • A small child can flip the bar open.

5. Defender Security U 11093 Keyed Diecast Chain Door Guard, 3-1/4″, Satin Nickel Finish


The Defender is a high-security door chain because it includes a locking mechanism that requires the use of a key to open.

People are saying that this chain lock offers a lot of protection for a small price.


  • Having a key for the chain is an extra precaution.


  • You can’t purchase another lock that’s fitted with the same key.

6. 304 Heavy Duty Chain Door Lock

This chain lock gives off an appearance of toughness. It’s a heavy-duty security door chain lock with extra material wrapped around the chain to make it look even bulkier.

Most consumers are excited by its design, but some people claim that installation is tricky.


  • This product has an astounding warranty guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations within the first year, you will be able to ask for a replacement.


  • The plastic sleeve that’s wrapped around the chain isn’t aesthetically appealing, and it doesn’t seem like it serves a purpose.

Making the Choice About Which Chain Lock to Buy

You’ve read the reviews, so it’s time to commit to a buying decision. If you need a sturdy, reliable chain lock, you should go with the Defender. It’s made of impenetrable metal, and it has a keyed locking system to offer definitive security against intruders.

While the Defender is the door chain lock for my purposes, you’ll need something to fit the specific dimensions of your home. If you need a small chain lock for your door, you should go with the narrow Skelang with its polished chrome chain.

You’re making improvements to keep your family safe

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