Reolink vs Amcrest Comparison in 2024

Are you having security issues? Browse the best home security cameras to keep your place safe against intruders. Fortunately, I’ve tested these systems in my research of the most popular brands, excluding unworthy systems. All that remains are the best in the industry. The point of this article is to compare the biggest names. We’re looking at Amcrest vs. Reolink NVR systems.

Delve into the details of this article to see which one is better for your purpose. By the end, you’ll have enough information to decide which is the best 4K camera system.

Reolink vs. Amcrest Comparison:

Amcrest 4K Security Camera System

In the first of our 4K PoE security camera system reviews, we’ll be analyzing what makes the Amcrest 4K NVR better than many other security camera systems on the market. If you want to invest your money into impressive cameras from Sony, this is the right system for you.

One of the reasons that this camera system is impressive to us is that it has wide viewing angles to give you clarity over what’s happening on your property.

In addition to having some awesome specs and features, this camera from Amcrest is easy to install over Ethernet; it’s also easy for each user to scan the QR code to start viewing a live stream of what’s happening in front of the lenses.

When you purchase a 4K home security camera system from Amcrest, you get four high-quality lenses that are perfect for viewing the vast expansiveness of your home, business, or property.

This is one of the leading 4K outdoor wireless security camera systems on the market because of its range and ease of use.

The footage that you’ll capture on this system is crisp and clear. It’s free of flaws that are typical of security cameras.

For example, you won’t have to worry about delays in video feeds, and these cameras are thoughtfully designed to prevent the loss of footage.

Its monitoring capabilities may be accomplished using a Mac or Windows operating system.

In this Amcrest outdoor camera review, you’ve seen how well the lens is adapted to capture what’s happening in your home or business. This system is easy to install over Ethernet, and it’s simple to monitor on any computer.

While Amcrest doesn’t have an audio recording device, the field of vision and resolution from the Sony cameras in this system will make up for not having sound recording capabilities.

If you’re really upset by not having sound, you should find an affordable way to involve a microphone. The local customer support from Amcrest will likely be able to guide you through that procedure.


  • In addition to making a reliable product, the Amcrest support and warranty are nothing shy of stunning. You’ll receive a one-year full warranty, and that comes with US-based support for any issues that you might have with this product.
  • The metal housing of this camera system is rated for outdoor use. The cameras are Sonys, and they have (4K) 15 FPS resolution. It has a 112-degree field of vision, and the night vision is rated at up to 98 feet.
  • It comes with all the cables you’ll need to get the video feeds started, including a cable to go from the NVR to the internet router. All the power for these cameras comes from Ethernet cables. It even comes with a USB mouse that you can use for monitoring from a remote location.


  • The main issue is not being able to record audio. You may be able to set up a microphone to record through the same system. You can stream up to six channels through this system, so it’s possible that one could be an audio recording device (purchased separately).
  • The only other reservation for this camera compared to the Reolink is its visibility (using night vision) is two feet shorter.

REOLINK 4K Security Camera System

Get ready to learn about what makes Reolink one of the top-performing outdoor security camera systems on the market. When you take a look at Reolink’s capabilities, you’ll understand that what makes this camera impressive is its beautiful resolution and playback capabilities.

This is a 4K NVR security camera from a company that offers an irresistible warranty. The entire product weighs under 14 pounds. Along with having top-notch support and a money-back guarantee, these cameras look sleek, and they’ve proven to be dependable security cameras in all types of environments.

The frame rate for these cameras is better than the other products in this review, and there’s the bonus of having audio recording capabilities.

The main reason that this camera system stands out is that it provides clear images in 4K at 20 FPS, but its field of vision is a little less than the other camera on this list (97 degrees).

On the other hand, Reolink security cameras make up for their decreased field of vision by offering audio recording capabilities, and there are eight channels in its system.

This is one of the reasons that Reolink’s 4K PoE system is a reliable alternative to Nest cam outdoor systems.

Reolink’s cameras get their power over the Ethernet, and the night vision capabilities are at 100 feet.

The Reolink 4K security camera system is one of the most affordable home security cameras on the market. It’s a good deal because you get four cameras to mount around your property, and these cameras are easy to install. The added benefit of having audio that comes with the video is more suitable for effectively monitoring your property.

You’ll be able to monitor using a computer or smartphone. The support they offer is outstanding, and the warranty is better than most other security cameras on the market. For added security, these cameras are properly designed to withstand various weather phenomena, so you won’t have to worry about losing a video feed during the next snowstorm.


  • When you purchase this product, you’re getting a 4-camera wired security system that comes equipped with its microphones. While audio isn’t required for monitoring your property, it will help you determine if something is going wrong when you’re not around.
  • In addition to offering remote access through Windows and Mac computers, Reolink takes it a step further by offering remote access to any compatible smartphone. You’ll receive alerts on your mobile device regarding any movements throughout the premises.
  • Reolink’s cameras have an extraordinary weatherproof rating to make them last in the heat, rain, and snow. When you’re away from home, you’ll feel safer knowing that your Reolink system is monitoring your place. In addition to assembling a great product, this company provides support, and they offer a warranty that’s a year longer than the other manufacturer.


  • These cameras used to have the option to record at 30 FPS, which is a good deal better than the current offering of 20 FPS. Why they made this change has irritated some users, but it seems like they still provide adequate coverage for most situations.
  • Although the microphone specifications are not as clear as the camera, it seems like the audio is good enough to monitor your property.

Insights and Takeaways

It’s time to pick out which security camera system is right for your home or business. Each of the products we’ve picked out is packed with phenomenal features and benefits, but you’re going to have to decide which is better for your purposes.

If you are someone who values having audio capabilities, then you should go with the Reolink because it comes with microphones inside each camera.

However, the camera lenses with the Amcrest system are made by Sony, and they are an authority. Both of the products include cameras that have been tested in all types of weather, but the Reolink cameras have a better weatherproof rating.

Take time to figure out the best place to mount your cameras to cover all the entrances to your property. You should take extra time to decide which areas are the most vulnerable ones for intruders to enter.

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