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The Best Electric Pool Heaters in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Electric Pool Heaters

There’s nothing like diving headfirst into a comfortably warm pool in the middle of December! That being said, there are dozens of quality pool heaters out there capable of turning your frigid pool into a backyard oasis. The key is choosing the right one for your budget, needs, and pool.

Gas pool heaters work great, but they can be expensive to operate. Choosing the best electric pool heater for you and your pool, however, is easier said than done.

With dozens of different electric heaters on the market, the selection process can be downright daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve tested all of today’s top pool heaters and narrowed the list for you.

Based on their construction, ease of use, and heating performance, the three models in the electric pool heater reviews below are without a doubt the best of the best.

Keep reading to discover the best one for your pool and begin enjoying a warm, comfortable pool today!

Electric Pool Heaters: My Top Picks

Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

Offering similar heating capabilities and many of the same sophisticated features found on gas pool heaters costing much more and taking up twice as much space, the Hayward CSPAXI11 11-Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater is of great value with powerful performance.

The highly efficient electric pool and spa heaters are one of the best electric pool heaters for inground pools and above-ground pools on the market today.

If you’re in need of an efficient heater for your above-ground or in-ground pool, this electric Hayward is a great choice capable of keeping your backyard oasis nice and toasty regardless of the season.

The Hayward CSPAXI11 is a premium electric resistance pool heater that applies electricity to a heating element, also known as a resister, to generate heat. As the heating element or resister is heated, water passes over it and is heated before being returned back into your pool.

The heater continues performing this simple, time-tested process until your spa or swimming pool reaches your target temperature.

Nearly all electric pool heaters reviews recommend the Hayward CSPAXI11 for its performance, durability, and stellar reputation. However, if you’re considering an electric resistance heater, it’s important to understand this Hayward takes a little time to work its magic.

In fact, the Hayward CSPAXI11 is capable of heating 1,000 gallons by up to five degrees per hour.

Although it will heat a spa in no time, it takes approximately 20 hours to raise the temperature of a 10,000-gallon pool by 10 degrees. While impressive for such a small and affordable heater, it may not be ideal for anyone in search of instant gratification.

In addition to its consistent heating performance, the Hayward CSPAXI11 is extremely durable and made to perform for years.

Featuring a top-quality 304 stainless steel tank, durable heating element, threaded stainless steel head, service-ease design, helpful indicator light, advanced safety sensor, and a price tag that won’t leave you dipping into your vacation fund, it’s easy to see why this Hayward is one of the most popular and respected electric pool heaters around.

It’s honestly hard to find anything negative to say about the Hayward CSPAXI11 11-Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater. It may not be powerful enough for large pools over 10,000 gallons in size, but it’s compact, easy to install, and even easier to use, making it an ideal heater for anyone with a small or average-sized pool.

With a low price tag and low operating costs as well, this mighty little swimming pool heater is hard to beat.


  • Less expensive than heat pumps and gas pool heaters
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Highly efficient
  • Relatively low operating costs
  • Works excellent for spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons in size


  • Not suitable for larger pools

Raypak Electric Spa Heater

Like Hayward, Pentair, Trane, and other top brands, Raypak is a leader in the pool and spa heating industry. With the Raypak 11Kw Electric Spa Heater, the brand utilized its years of experience and top-notch engineering to create one of the most technologically advanced electric pool and spa heaters being made today.

Featuring a compact, easy-to-install design, durable heating element, corrosion-resistant waterways, and much more, this Raypak is designed to provide you with years of warm aquatic relaxation any time of the day, any month of the year.

The Raypak 11Kw Electric Spa Heater is built to perform for years and provides decades of swimming enjoyment.

While it’s not ideal for large Olympic-size pools, it has more than enough heating power to warm up any above-ground pool or average in-ground pool by as much as 20 degrees in under a day, making it arguably the best electric pool heater on the market.

Powered by 240 volts, this mighty little Raypak electric resistance pool heater features a dynamic heating element and all-around smart engineering, which not only allows it to outperform virtually every other electric pool heater out there but gives it the highest possible efficiency ratings as well.

Beyond its impressive efficiency and heating performance, the Raypak 11Kw Electric Spa Heater also utilizes high-quality commercial-grade components for long-lasting durability.

With corrosion-resistant brass headers, a copper water tank, a heavy-duty power contactor, overheating sensors, and more, this UL-listed Raypak is as durable as electric pool heaters get.

Plus, it’s affordably priced and easy to install, so there’s no reason for any pool owner to sacrifice their summer vacation to enjoy a comfortably warm swimming pool.

With this Raypak, you can feel like you’re in the Caribbean each and every day of the year and save enough money to actually go there! It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’ve been reading endless electric pool heater reviews with the hope of discovering a powerful and durable electric pool heater capable of performing like a champ for years to come, the Raypak 11Kw Electric Spa Heater won’t let you down.

Engineered for greatness and made of tough, commercial-grade materials, this electric pool heater is hands down one of the best in the business.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly efficient
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Thoroughly tested for quality and performance
  • Works in any climate


  • Heats slower than gas models
  • Not ideal for large in-ground pools

FibroPool Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The first two electric pool heaters on this list are similar in a number of ways.

While different, the Fibropool 55k BTU Electric Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater works just as well and uses even less energy.

This makes it the perfect electric pool heater to round out this list and a great option for any pool owner just as concerned about their energy bill as they are about warming their pool.

If you don’t mind paying a little more now in order to save a lot more later, this Fibropool may be the electric pool heater you’ve been looking for. Aside from its large, intimidating size, it’s hard to find any faults with this powerful water-warming machine.

The Fibropool 55k BTU Electric Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater is unlike any other pool heater you’re going to find anywhere.

Unlike electric resistance pool heaters, which utilize heating elements to warm pool water, the Fibropool is an electric heat pump, allowing it draw heat from the environment to heat up your pool and save you some considerable green in the process.

Using approximately the same amount of energy as a power tool, this reasonably priced electric heat pump is highly efficient and capable of heating a 10,000-gallon pool by up to 20 degrees in just a few days.

Although it takes longer to heat up water, the savings from its efficiency is second only to a solar pool heater, making it one of if not the best electric pool heater your hard-earned money can buy.

In addition to being efficient and well-priced, the Fibropool 55k BTU Electric Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater is easy to install and well-made as well.

While large in comparison to other pool heaters, the installation process for most pool owners takes less than a half-hour, allowing you to have it running and warming up your swimming pool in no time at all.

With a titanium heat exchanger, premium Mitsubishi rotary compressor, and enamel-coated steel exterior, it’s designed to take a beating and keep on heating.

When you factor in its easy-to-use digital control panel and overwhelmingly positive electric pool heater reviews, this Fibropool electric heat pump is tough to overlook.

Very few pool heaters, let alone electric models, offer the durability, performance, and efficiency of the Fibropool 55k BTU Electric Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater.

Made to last for decades and heat just as well as any electric pool heater while using less energy, it’s a great choice for any pool owner in search of a heater that’s proven to work and stands out from the pack.


  • Very well-built
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to install
  • Low operating costs


  • Large of its BTU output

Factors to Consider

As you can clearly tell by now, there are some great advantages to owning a quality electric pool heater, but how do you know which one to choose?

Although you could go with whichever model has the most electric pool heater reviews or simply close your eyes and wish for luck, in order to choose the best electric pool heater for you and your pool, there are a number of factors to consider, such as:


The greater the efficiency of an electric pool heater, the better it will perform and the lower its operating costs will be. While it’s easy to overlook operating costs in order to save a quick buck, the operating cost of a pool heater, even an electric model, can be significant over time.

Therefore, you should keep energy efficiency at the top of your must-have list when shopping for a new electric pool heater for your backyard oasis.

The energy efficiency of the electric pool heater is a little bit lower than gas pool heaters, but if you looking for the most energy-efficient way to heat your pool, the pool heat pump is a better choice for you. They are 5 times energy efficient and cost about 200$ per month.


The durability of an electric swimming pool heater is another important factor to consider. Although electric resistance pool heaters cost less than gas models, you still want your investment to last as long as possible, right?

Fortunately, most electric pool heaters, such as the ones above, are made with the highest quality parts and built to last for years, if not decades.

Pool Size:

The size of a pool plays a large role in how warm it can become with an electric pool heater. For instance, a 30,000-gallon swimming pool will heat more slowly and not become as warm as a 10,000-gallon pool, regardless of which type of heater you are using.

Since electric pool heaters are less powerful than gas pool heaters, they’re best suited for above-ground and in-ground pools up to 10,000 gallons in size.

Heating Element:

Most electric pool heaters utilize heating elements to heat up pool water as it flows over it. Therefore, the quality and power of the heating element should also be considered when choosing a great electric pool heater for your sparkling pool.

Control Panel:

The control panel of an electric pool heater is often overlooked, but it plays a key role in its ease of use. Nearly all quality electric pool heaters come with a display and control panel to allow you to monitor and adjust the temperature of the water in your pool. Some even come with digital control panels and have indicator lights to alert you to any malfunctions or potential problems.


Electric resistance swimming pool heaters cost a fraction of heat pumps and gas pool heaters. However, many still come with warranties capable of saving you some serious coin if they should happen to break down and need repair or replacement.

When looking at warranties, it’s important to consider more than their length and read the fine print to identify any conditions that may exist. As is the case with any other type of product, some electric pool heater warranties are more comprehensive and will serve you better than others.

Overall Ownership Costs:

Electric pool heaters typically don’t cost thousands of dollars like other types of pool heating systems, saving pool owners a nice chunk of change right off the bat. However, there are other costs associated with electric pool heaters other than their sticker price.

For example, the average 11-kilowatt electric pool heater draws 50-60 amps at 220-240 volts. Although this amount of electricity usage is considerably cheaper than the cost of running a gas heater, it will still be noticeable on your energy bill and should definitely be kept in mind.

Other ownership costs, such as installation, maintenance, and repairs, should also be considered.

A quality electric pool heater is one of the best investments a pool owner can make. However, with so much to consider and your hard-earned money on the line, it can also be a difficult one.

That being said, by considering your needs and each of the factors above, you’re sure to pick the right electric pool heater for your pool and enjoy warm and comfortable swims for seasons on end!


If you’ve buckled in and made it this far, then you can feel confident in the fact you’re now armed with much more information about electric pool heaters than the average pool owner. The only thing left to do is decide which unit is the best electric pool heater for you and click the buy button.

With winter on the horizon and temperatures falling each day, there’s no better time than now to invest in a top-quality electric pool heater. So, go ahead and do your due diligence, consider your needs, read the electric pool heater reviews above another time or two, and purchase a great electric pool heater that will keep your pool warm and inviting for years to come!

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