Best Electric Pool Heaters in 2024

A serene swim in warm water is a year-round luxury afforded by a quality electric pool heater. As you navigate options, considerations such as pool size, type—above-ground or in-ground—and local climate are pivotal.

Electric pool heaters stand out for their ease of use, consistency in warmth delivery, and low maintenance. The quest for the electric pool heater hinges on understanding the differences between electric heaters and heat pumps and their cost implications.

This guide elucidates various electric pool heaters, their features, and operational efficiencies, aiming to guide you toward an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Best Electric Pool Heaters:

1. Hayward W3HP21004T

Embarking on the quest for a reliable, efficient, and durable pool heating solution often leads many to the reputable doorsteps of Hayward. The Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro 95,000 BTU Pool Heat Pump stands as a testament to Hayward’s commitment to quality, offering a robust heating solution tailored for in-ground pools.

With a formidable 95,000 BTU heating capacity, this heat pump is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of pool owners seeking consistent warmth, energy efficiency, and quiet operation.

The Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro Pool Heat Pump emerges as a sterling choice for in-ground pool aficionados. Its potent heating capacity, juxtaposed with an energy-saving operation and a whisper-quiet performance, encapsulates a worthwhile investment for those yearning to extend their swimming season without an outrageous energy bill.

The intuitive process further accentuates its appeal, making the transition to a warmer pool a hassle-free endeavor.

Product Features:

  • High-performance, 95,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Titanium heat exchanger ensuring optimum heat transfer and durability
  • Quiet operation courtesy of the acoustic compressor cover and profiled fan blade
  • Digital LED control panel for effortless temperature settings and diagnostics
  • Energy-efficient operation mitigating operational costs over time


  • Robust and durable construction assures longevity
  • Simplified installation and operation
  • Energy-saving operation is a wallet-friendly feature
  • Quiet performance maintaining a peaceful backyard environment
  • Reliable brand with a solid customer service backing


  • The initial investment may lean on the higher side
  • It may require a longer duration to heat larger pools
  • Professional installation is necessitated for warranty validation

2. Dr Infrared Heater DR-900HP Full DC Inverter 90,000 BTU Heat Pump Ground Swimming Pools


In the modern era where smart technology intertwines with everyday amenities, the Dr. Infrared Heater DR-900HP emerges as a vanguard in the pool heating domain. This Full DC Inverter 90,000 BTU Heat Pump is engineered to offer an efficient heating solution for ground swimming pools while integrating smart control via WiFi.

The freedom to manage your pool’s temperature through a simple app accentuates the appeal of this heater, aligning with the lifestyle of tech-savvy individuals who yearn for convenience at their fingertips.

The Dr Infrared Heater DR-900HP Full DC Inverter is a compelling choice for modern homeowners. Its powerful heating capacity harmonizes with the smart control feature, offering a seamless, user-friendly experience.

The integration of WiFi Smart Control via an app propels this heater into the future, making it a relevant choice for those seeking to modernize their pool maintenance routine. The energy-efficient inverter technology further amplifies its desirability, promising lower operational costs over time.

Product Features:

  • Robust 90,000 BTU heating capacity suitable for a wide range of pool sizes
  • Full DC Inverter technology ensures energy efficiency and consistent heating
  • WiFi Smart Control via app for effortless temperature management from anywhere
  • Durable construction promising longevity and reliable performance
  • Quiet operation enabling a tranquil pool environment


  • High heating capacity to cater to larger pools efficiently
  • Smart control feature providing unrivaled convenience
  • Energy-efficient operation translating to savings in the long run
  • Quiet performance ensures a serene backyard ambiance
  • Sturdy construction offering a long-term heating solution


  • The initial cost might be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers
  • Professional installation may be required to ensure optimal performance and warranty validation
  • The app interface could be improved for a more intuitive user experience

3. FibroPool Swimming Pool Heat Pump – FH270 70,000 BTU for Above and In Ground Pools and Spas

Transitioning into a realm where eco-friendliness meets operational efficiency, the FibroPool Swimming Pool Heat Pump FH270 stands out with its 70,000 BTU heating capacity. This all-electric heater is a boon for those seeking to warm their above-ground or in-ground pools and spas without relying on natural gas or propane.

Its high-efficiency mechanism is tailored to deliver consistent warmth, making it a reliable companion for pool owners who envision a warm swim, regardless of the season.

The FibroPool FH270 is a stellar choice for individuals seeking an eco-friendly, electric heating solution for their pools and spas. With a robust 70,000 BTU heating capacity, it’s adept at catering to various pool sizes efficiently.

The absence of the need for natural gas or propane accentuates its eco-friendly stance, making it a future-ready solution for environmentally-conscious consumers. This heat pump not only promises warmth but also embarks on a path of energy conservation, which is a win-win for both the user and the environment.

Product Features:

  • Impressive 70,000 BTU heating capacity suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools and spas
  • High-efficiency, all-electric operation, eliminating the need for natural gas or propane
  • Durable construction ensures a long-lasting heating solution
  • Easy-to-use control interface facilitating effortless temperature management
  • Quiet operation for maintaining a peaceful ambiance around your pool area


  • Versatile application for both above and in-ground pools and spas
  • Eco-friendly operation aligning with modern environmental consciousness
  • Energy-efficient mechanism promising lower operational costs over time
  • Quiet performance ensures a serene outdoor environment
  • Easy to operate and manage, enhancing user convenience


  • The upfront cost may be higher compared to traditional gas heaters
  • Professional installation may be required to ensure optimal performance and warranty validation
  • It may take longer to heat the water to the desired temperature, especially in larger pools

4. Raypak Crosswind Heat/Cool Electric Pool Heat Pump 33K BTU

Dive into a realm of precise temperature control with the Raypak Crosswind Heat/Cool Electric Pool Heat Pump. With a 33,000 BTU capacity operating at 208/230V, this unit is engineered to maintain your pool’s comfort regardless of the season.

Whether it’s the scorching summer sun or the chilling winter breeze, the Raypak Crosswind stands resilient, offering both heating and cooling functions. This dual functionality embodies a level of versatility that is indispensable for pool owners dwelling in regions with fluctuating temperatures.

The Raypak Crosswind Heat/Cool Electric Pool Heat Pump is a remarkable asset for anyone seeking to attain a balanced pool temperature year-round. Its dual heat and cool functionality is a game-changer, providing the luxury of a warm swim during colder months and a refreshing dip amid the summer heat.

The 33K BTU capacity, although on the lower side, is adept for small to medium-sized pools. Moreover, the energy-efficient operation encapsulated in a durable design makes it a worthy investment for a serene and comfortable pool experience.

Product Features:

  • Dual Functionality: Provides both heating and cooling to maintain desired pool temperature
  • 33,000 BTU Heating Capacity: Suitable for small to medium-sized pools
  • Energy Efficient: Engineered to optimize energy use, lowering operational costs
  • Robust Construction: Ensures longevity and reliable performance over time
  • Easy Operation: User-friendly controls for effortless temperature management


  • Heating and cooling functions provide year-round pool comfort
  • Energy-efficient operation conducive to lower utility bills
  • Durable construction ensures a lasting heating solution
  • User-friendly interface enhancing operational ease
  • Quiet operation maintaining a tranquil pool environment


  • 33K BTU may be insufficient for larger pools, requiring longer heating/cooling times
  • The initial investment may deter budget-conscious consumers
  • Professional installation is recommended for optimal performance and warranty validation

5. EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater


EcoSmart sets a high bar in the pool heating domain with its SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater. Engineered with a robust 27kW heating capacity operating at 240 Volt and 112.5 Amps, this unit is a powerhouse wrapped in a compact, tankless design. The hallmark of this heater lies in its Self Modulating Technology, which auto-adjusts energy input based on the pool’s heating demand, promoting energy conservation while ensuring a consistent warmth delivery.

The EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 manifests as a prudent choice for pool owners eyeing an energy-efficient yet powerful heating solution. Self-modulating technology is a game-changer, ensuring you pay only for the energy you utilize, making it a cost-effective option in the long run. Its tankless design also spells minimal maintenance, further enhancing its appeal. The heater’s user-friendly interface, coupled with its potent heating capacity, makes it a standout choice for those looking to extend their swimming season without a hitch.

Product Features:

  • Potent 27kW Heating Capacity: Ensures rapid heating of the pool water to desired temperatures
  • Self-Modulating Technology: Auto-adjusts energy input based on demand, optimizing energy consumption
  • Tankless Design: Promotes ease of installation and minimizes maintenance concerns
  • Simple Interface: Facilitates easy temperature setting and monitoring
  • High-Efficiency Operation: Aims to lower operational costs over time


  • High heating capacity for swift water heating
  • Energy-saving Self-Modulating Technology
  • Tankless design promoting ease of use and maintenance
  • User-friendly control interface
  • Durable construction for a long-lasting heating solution


  • Upfront costs may be higher compared to traditional heaters
  • Professional installation is required for optimal performance and warranty validation
  • It may need additional time to heat larger pools to the desired temperature

The EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 is a blend of power, efficiency, and ease of use, making it a commendable option for those looking to upgrade their pool heating system. Its energy-saving technology not only bodes well for the environment but also your utility bills, making it a win-win solution.

Tips for Choosing

Understand Your Pool Size and Heating Needs:

  • The size of your pool directly impacts the heating capacity you’ll need. Measure your pool’s dimensions and volume to get a clear idea of the heater size you’ll require.

Check the Heater’s Efficiency:

  • Look for heaters with high energy-efficiency ratings. Higher efficiency means lower operational costs over time.

Consider the Climate:

  • Your local climate will significantly affect the heater’s performance. In colder regions, you might need a heater with a higher BTU rating.

Electric Heater or Heat Pump:

  • Electric heaters and heat pumps are both excellent options. However, heat pumps are more energy-efficient but may have a higher upfront cost.

Ease of Installation and Operation:

  • Choose a heater that is easy to install and operate. Look for user-friendly interfaces and straightforward installation processes.

Look for Smart Features:

  • Modern heaters come with smart features like WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor your heater remotely.

Maintenance Requirements:

  • Look into the maintenance requirements of different heaters. Some may require more regular maintenance than others.

Consider the Warranty and Brand Reputation:

  • Opt for reputable brands that offer good warranty terms to ensure you’re making a secure investment.

Budget Considerations:

  • Determine a budget, but be prepared to invest in a good-quality heater, as it’s a long-term investment that will affect your pool’s usability.

Check Local Regulations:

  • Some areas have specific regulations regarding pool heater installations. Ensure the heater you choose complies with local codes.

By meticulously evaluating your needs and considering the above factors, you’re well on your way to finding the electric pool heater that will serve you excellently, ensuring many warm and enjoyable swims regardless of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pool heater look like?

  • Pool heaters come in various shapes and sizes, typically resembling a large box with internal heating elements, a control panel, and various input/output ports for water circulation.

What is the pool heater for inground pools?

  • The heater depends on your specific needs, but popular choices include the Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro, EcoSmart SMART POOL 27, and FibroPool FH270, owing to their efficiency and heating capacity.

What size pool heater for 15,000 gallons?

  • A heater with a BTU rating of 70,000 to 100,000 is typically suitable for a 15,000-gallon pool, ensuring efficient heating even in colder temperatures.

How much is a pool water heater?

  • Pool heaters can range from $500 to over $2,500, depending on the type, brand, and heating capacity.

What is the pool heat pump?

  • Some top-rated pool heat pumps include the Hayward HeatPro and the FibroPool FH055. Their energy efficiency and reliable performance make them popular choices.

Where to buy a pool heater?

  • Pool heaters can be purchased from home improvement stores, pool supply stores, or reputable online retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowes.

Above ground pool heater electric or electric pool heat pump, which is better?

  • Electric pool heat pumps are generally more energy-efficient but may have a higher upfront cost. Electric heaters provide rapid heating but may consume more energy.

Electric pool heaters for inground pools, are they efficient?

  • Yes, modern electric pool heaters are designed to be energy-efficient, although their efficiency can vary based on the model and brand.

Electric pool heater cost, is it worth the investment?

  • Investing in an excellent electric pool heater can significantly extend your swimming season, making it a worthwhile investment for many pool owners.

Above ground electric swimming pool heater, are they easy to install?

  • Installation ease can vary, but generally, electric pool heaters come with user-friendly installation manuals. However, it’s often recommended to have a professional install your heater to ensure optimal performance and warranty validation.

Small electric pool heaters, are they suitable for small pools?

  • Yes, small electric pool heaters are designed to heat smaller pools efficiently and are often more cost-effective and easier to install.

By addressing these common queries, you’re one step closer to making an informed decision, ensuring a warm and inviting pool experience tailored to your needs.


Diving into the pool of electric pool heater options can initially feel overwhelming, given the plethora of brands, models, and features available. However, armed with the right information and a clear understanding of your needs, finding the perfect match becomes a much more manageable endeavor.

Whether it’s the robust heating capacity of the Hayward W3HP21004T, the energy efficiency of the FibroPool FH270, or the smart control features of the EcoSmart SMART POOL 27, there’s a heater tailored to meet your expectations. Investing in one of the electric pool heaters is not merely about keeping the chill at bay; it’s about enhancing your pool experience, extending the swimming season, and creating a cozy oasis right in your backyard.

The journey towards achieving the perfect pool temperature begins with a single step: choosing a heater that resonates with your lifestyle, budget, and pool specifications. So, why wait? Explore the array of electric pool heaters and make every swim a warm, enjoyable dive into comfort.

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