Blink XT2 vs Wyze Cam v3 Camera in 2024

Are you looking for a better security camera system that will help to keep your family and home safe? Are you torn between which manufacturer will provide you with the best camera? If so, then we are here to help. We have conducted reviews on two of the top manufacturers and their top security cameras, on the market, to assist you in making the best purchasing decision for your needs.

However, we understand that reading reviews might not get you all the answers that you require to make the right decision. Therefore, we have also added some extra information to assist you with figuring this out. Let’s get started.

Blink XT2 vs Wyze Cam v3 Comparison

Both of these security systems have their pros and cons, and they are both top-of-the-line, but there are a few differences that you need to consider before choosing which is best for you.

For instance, if you use Google Assistant or IFTTT, then you will want to go with the Wyze model, because although the Blink XT2 is compatible with Alexa, it is not compatible with the others, whereas the Wyze model works with all three.

Wyze is also better if you are looking for a system that has sound and motion sensors built in and will allow you to continuously record video. However, Blink XT2 provides better power options for you to use, which in the end means a better-quality video feed. Plus, this model is designed to hold up against harsh weather conditions, whereas the Wyze model is not.

However, if weather conditions are not a huge concern of yours, then we have concluded that for the price and available features, the Wyze Cam V2 will make the best choice for most people due to its CVR and flexible smart home integration options.

Blink XT2 vs Wyze Cam v3 Camera:

Blink XT2

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The Blink XT2 security camera system is designed with multiple power options, and it is capable of providing video with higher FPS than most other models, which helps with producing better quality videos. The power source on this system consists of 2 AA Lithium batteries that are designed to have an extended life of up to 2 years.

The system was designed to be easy to set up, which means you can do it yourself without having to hire a professional to come and install the system for you.

The cameras are capable of recording 1080p HD video, which will provide a clearer picture than some other systems on the market. Plus, this camera system is compatible with most smart devices and smartphones, like Alexa, which makes managing the system extremely easy.

Finally, as a bonus, this system also comes with free cloud storage that will allow you to keep your videos in the cloud for future views, without worrying about tapes or memory cards getting damaged.

Many consumers who purchased this security camera system liked that it was compatible with most smartphones and devices, like Alexa, and they liked that the system came with free cloud storage, which allowed them to save their videos.

However, when syncing the system up to WiFi, some people had issues because the camera wasn’t syncing to the same WiFi SSID as the sync model, which caused minor issues.


  • Uses an extended-life 2-year two AA Lithium batteries
  • Comes with free cloud storage
  • Easy to setup
  • Records in 1080p HD video
  • Compatible with Alexa smart device


  • Cameras have to sync with Wi-Fi with the same SSID and password that the Sync module is connected to.

WYZE Cam v3


This camera system is classified as a smart home security camera system, and it provides several features that are lacking in other models. Like the Blink camera model, this one is designed to be compatible with not only Alexa but also Google Assistant and IFTTT, which makes this a versatile option.

Plus, this system comes equipped with motion and sound detectors that help to ensure the security of your home without wasting video footage on downtime.

The night vision capability can record video up to 30 feet away, and this system is capable of holding a MicroSD memory card, which helps to ensure that if anything happens on camera you will have video footage saved on it for any sort of report that you might have.

Many consumers liked that this system comes with motion and sound detection sensors and that it is compatible with most smartphones and WiFi networks.

Plus, they found the night vision software convenient for providing security footage, regardless of the time of day. However, a few consumers did mention having minor issues when it came to syncing the system together onto the WiFi.


  • Has motion and sound detection sensors
  • The capability of connecting to most smartphones and WiFi networks
  • Night vision up to 30 feet away capabilities
  • Holds a MicroSD memory card


  • Minor syncing issues

Insights and Takeaways

All in all, both of these security systems are quality systems, and you need to know what is important for your needs to pick the best one. Overall, we recommend that the Wyze Cam v3 1080p Indoor Smart Home Camera is the best option if you are looking for something inside or that requires flexibility for flexible smart home integration.

However, if you need a system that is compatible with working outside, then the Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera is the best way to go. Plus, it does offer better video quality. So, therefore, both are good, but for available features, if you can work with an indoor system then Wyze has the most to offer.

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