The Best Gate Latches in 2024

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know before purchasing the latches for the gate to your yard, garage, or other permanent structure.

Since I’ve spent years working in the home improvement industry, I know which latches hold up, and I know which to avoid. The latches on this list are ones I’d choose to keep my family safe.

If you don’t have a high-quality latch, someone will take advantage of your vulnerability. Take a look at this resource to find the fence latch that money can buy. Let’s dive into the reviews.

Best Gate Latches:

1. National Hardware N346-204 MagnaLatch Automatic Magnetic Latch

It’s no surprise that National Hardware makes one of the fence latches on the market. This brand has appeared on our list more than once.

It has a top-pull release, and this latch has a keyed-entry mechanism to keep your protected areas safe. The magnets that are used inside of the MagnaLatch are designed to keep your gate secure for a long time, and they are kept inside of the mechanism to protect them from rain.

The MagnaLatch is designed with safety in mind, and it’s quite perfect for keeping your pool safe. It meets international safety codes.

This latch has a knob located on its top side, so small children won’t be able to reach high enough to open the gate on their own. It also has a keyed-entry mechanism, so you will be able to keep the area secure.

Many consumers prefer this latch for their pool areas, as a replacement for a Stanley latch.


  • The MagnaLatch automatic gate latch is the low fence latch because it works well on a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and vinyl gate types.


  • The lock isn’t childproof.

2. Self-Locking Gate Latch – Post Mount Automatic Gravity Lever Wood Fence Gate Latches

This self-locking gate latch works for inward and outward swinging doors, and it is super easy to install. This latch consists of strong metal. Some say it’s the latch for a wooden gate.

This latch is the heavy-duty type. It comes with hardware, and it even includes an optional mounting plate. The latch is made out of steel, so it will hold up against considerable pressure. The screws that come with the latch are furnished. All of the parts are painted black to look good while keeping your home safe.

People can’t say enough good things about this latch and its self-locking mechanism. Some consumers even claim that this latch has changed their lives.


  • Installation of this latch is easy if you have access to a cordless drill.
  • This latch is versatile. It works on the left or right side of gate openings.


  • This latch is very easy for children to understand.

3. Trident 10 Inch Tall Black Magnetic Pool Child Safety Gate Latch


This is another latch that’s perfect for pool areas; any low gate will be safely secured with the Trident gate latch. It’s UV resistant, and the product comes with all the fasteners required for installation.

In addition to adequate fasteners for the installation of the Trident, you’ll also receive a set of keys for your magnetic child safety latch. The Trident is made of a nylon polymer material, so it’ll last a long time without rusting.

Although most people are satisfied with this product, some consumers have complained about the instructions being confusing. Be prepared to figure out the installation on your own.


  • This product has a magnetic, self-latching feature.
  • If you purchase multiple latches, they will have the same key for the sake of convenience.


  • The main downside of this latch is that it’s only made for low gates.

4. JQK Door Hasp Latch Lock


When it comes to securing a door or gate, this simple latch from JQK will get the job done. Although it might not be the latch to protect valuable items, it’s a cheap alternative to expensive latches. The JQK door latch is made of durable stainless steel, so it’s strong enough to use on drawers, desks, and cabinets.

The stainless steel metal used to construct this product will last a long time. Stainless steel is resilient against rust, so it will keep looking fresh. The JQK door hasp latch also comes with a one-year warranty that protects this product against any defects.

Although the reviews for this product are relatively positive, some consumers have complained about the flimsy nature of this door latch. It’s a good latch for drawers, closets, and small compartments, but you might want to invest in a better product to protect expensive equipment.


  • The price of this product is relatively low, so you could purchase this latch to secure desk drawers and other small areas.


  • It would be easy for a thief to break through this latch.

5. Keystone Black Zinc Diecast Metal Key Lockable Latch


This type of latch is perfect for anyone planning to install multiple gate latches around their property. If you need one for more than one area, you can purchase multiple latches that use the same key for the sake of convenience.

Keystone’s gate latches are lockable, and they are made of die-cast metal. These latches use a gravity system that works to lock the mechanism upon closure. The metal is made of zinc, so it won’t rust as easily, and it shouldn’t corrode as quickly as other latches.

Although the majority of consumers are satisfied, some people have complained about the plastic components used in these latches.


  • This latch uses keys on both sides of the lock, and you can get multiple locks that use the same key.


  • Although this latch will work for most gate types, the manufacturers do state that it only works with square posts.

6. National Hardware N343-475 Self-Closing Gate Kit

This latch closes with ease, and it comes in black. In addition to providing superior latches, National Hardware provides some of the gate latch hardware on the market. This latch opens from either side of the door, and it closes on its own. Although, you’ll need to install the springs to cause the door to close all the way.

Most consumers claim that this latch is sturdy, and most people like the hinges. However, some users claim that the hinges require adjustments to keep them working properly.


  • The automatic feature means you won’t have to worry as much about locking up.


  • It closes on its own but doesn’t lock on its own. You need to place the lock on by hand.

7. 3 Inch Door Hasp Latch Lock, HLOMVE 304 Stainless Steel Hasp Latch for Padlock

The HLOMVE sliding bolt gate latch is made tough, and it’s easy to figure out how to install. The metal used to design this latch is 2 mm thick. It’s stainless steel, making this latch rust-proof.  Included in the package for this product are the five screws you’ll need to install the latch.

The locking mechanism for the HLOMVE gate latch is a barrel design. The barrel slides across the opening, like a bar.

Most consumers claim that this latch is well-made, but there are some claims that the mechanism could be taken apart with a screwdriver.


  • The best part about this latch is that its metal is thick, so it should keep out most intruders.
  • The cost of this product is cheaper than most others on this list.


  • The simple design of this latch leaves us wanting more. In terms of its appearance, this latch isn’t anything special.

8. 5.5″ Hearth Creek Black Barn Door Hardware Farm Gate Latch

The Hearth Creek gate top latch is a wonderful design that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Although this simple latch is made for farms, its rustic appearance will match the design of many exquisite homes.

The design of this latch is incredibly simple, so the folks behind this product have offered a lifetime warranty. Hearth Creek seeks customer satisfaction, so they will replace the product for any reason.

This latch consists of a simple sliding mechanism. Before locking the door, the top part of the latch swivels behind the other piece of the latch.

Most people are extremely happy and satisfied with their purchase of this product. Many consumers have reported that Hearth Creek’s latch is easy to install.

Some people have said that the top part of the latch is difficult to operate. However, this might have been an issue with a defective product. Luckily, the manufacturer offers a warranty.


  • Hearth Creek’s latch is incredibly easy to use, so you won’t have to explain it to each new guest that enters your home.
  • It could work as a latch for interior doors and windows because it looks that great.
  • The shape of this latch is aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it has black powder-coated paint that gives it a rustic look.


  • You might need a different fastener than the ones provided if you plan to install this latch onto an iron gate.

Making the Decision

It’s time to make your home a safer place and gather your family around to show them the new latch that you bought for your home. Make sure to pick the latch that fits the needs of your home. If you need help deciding between the suggestions on this list, take a peek at my recommendations.

Without a doubt, the gate latch is National Hardware’s MagnaLatch. Go buy this latch for your pool gate. If you have any type of low gate, this will work like a charm to keep intruders out. It has a keyed entry, and it’s difficult for small children to operate.

For those of you who don’t need a latch for a low gate, I would recommend buying the latch made by Hearth Creek. Hearth Creek’s latch is number three on this list, but it’s number one in terms of warranty, versatility, and appearance. Buy this gate latch if you want a simple way to protect your home while keeping up appearances.

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