The Best Handgun Safes with Quick Access in 2024

Owning a handgun can be a strong measure to protect your home and all of its valuables. However, those with families should have strong safety to protect children from the dangers that handguns can pose.

The handgun safes with quick access will keep you a step ahead of any unfortunate circumstance. A comprehensive gun safe will have multiple points of entry, be quick to access, and be nearly impenetrable, among other things. We’ve analyzed the top models on the market to narrow down the best options to list below. So, let’s check out the quick-access gun safes!

Best Handgun Safes with Quick Access:

1. VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

The small gun vault in the review is the Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe. This safe sports the highest capacity of any model and is constructed of heavy-gauge steel.

Consumers are overwhelmingly satisfied with this Vaultek safe, with many stating it’s the perfect bedside safe for quick access. Others enjoy the fact that the keypad has proximity sensors and lights up when your fingers get close.


  • Lesser chance of being locked out of your safe by having both key and keypad entry
  • The anti-theft protection suite of features ensures your firearms won’t be obtained by unwarranted hands


  • A small group of consumers claim the keypad is a bit faulty and rapid keypad typing sometimes doesn’t work

2. awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

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The second quick-access gun safe in review is the Awesafe Gun Safe. This pistol case can hold two normal-sized handguns or one larger pistol. This unit’s door is pry-resistant as well as spring-loaded for quick access in an emergency.

As with most of the models in review, a small group of consumers finds the unit to have latching issues, while another, a larger sect of consumers finds the safe to be perfectly functional. Some consumers are very satisfied with the fingerprint scanner, claiming they’ve tested its safety with unknown fingerprints.


  • The compact and lightweight design makes the unit easy to travel with and allows you to keep your possessions safe and accessible on the move.
  • The unit comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring its functionality for at least a year from purchase


  • Multiple consumers claim to have had issues with the latching mechanism, giving them pause as to the safety of their handguns

3. RPNB Gun Safe, California DOJ Certified, Quick-Access Pistol Safe


The next pistol safe for quick access is the RPNB Gun Security Safe. This unit deploys three-point entry and can permit up to 20 fingerprints for biometric access.

A favorite note about this RPNB safe from consumers is its high quality at a low price point. The ability to store two guns simultaneously is also an appreciated feature, as well as the ability to mount the unit and prevent the theft of the safe as a whole.


  • The unit’s capacity for up to 20 fingerprints allows the safe to be accessed by multiple trusty individuals
  • The unit is equipped with a suite of anti-theft and tamper-proof features that ensure your handguns don’t end up in the wrong hands


  • Despite its capacity for 20 fingerprints, many consumers claim this biometric scanner fails more often than not

4. GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe


Third, up in the handgun vault reviews is the GunVault SV500. This model sports what is perhaps the quickest access gun safe as the single handgun holder drops down upon accessing it.

This model from GunVault has mixed reviews from consumers. A non-ignorable group of consumers claims the unit is easily cracked by anyone, making it unsafe around children and those who shouldn’t have access to a weapon. Others claim otherwise and note that the unit is viable.


  • The unit’s fast drop-down door allows you to access your firearm at rapid speed in the case of emergencies
  • The unit comes with a 5-year warranty in the case of fire or burglary, ensuring your handgun is safe in the case of an unfortunate circumstance


  • Capacity for only one handgun

5. Safe and Lock Box – Safe Box, Safes, And Lock Boxes

Another good handgun safe is the SereneLife Safe and Lock Box, although it doesn’t just hold handguns. This unit can hold ammo and other valuables alongside your handguns. Its dual security locking bolts make it very difficult to tamper with.

For the most part, consumers find the SereneLife safe to be very useful and efficient for keeping prized possessions from children and burglars. Consumers are also very grateful for the mounting feature, making it more difficult for the safe to be removed or stolen.


  • Dual security and steel locking bolts ensure the door can’t be cracked by any prying hands or burglars, in worst-case scenarios
  • Despite its relatively compact size, the safe has plenty of interior space to store more than just your handguns


  • A group of consumers notes that, despite its description, the unit is not waterproof or fireproof

6. BILLCONCH Gun Safe, Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols 4-Ways unlock Safe

The BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe is a compact pistol safe that deploys a three-point entry mode, allowing you to access your handgun in an assortment of ways. This unit can also be operated remotely via Bluetooth and an app.

Despite the subset of consumers who find that the unit can be broken into, plenty of consumers find the safe to be viable. A specifically noted feature by satisfied consumers is the success of the biometric fingerprint scanner.


  • The biometric scanner has a capacity for 20 fingerprints so that you can access it with multiple fingers or give access to multiple users
  • Anti-cut wire rope helps tether the safe to a wall or floor to prevent theft of the safe


  • Despite its anti-theft description, some users claim it’s shockingly easy to break into

7. GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe

The next safe in review is a quick access pistol safe for one handgun, the GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe. This safe can hold one handgun and deploys a slide-out drawer upon entry into the safe. It also sports tamper detection in the case of prying hands trying to gain entry.

Some consumers have issues with the functionality of the buttons and programming the safe for entry. On the other hand, a much larger group of consumers finds the unit easily accessible and thoroughly enjoys the quick nature of the slide-out drawer.


  • The slide-out drawer automatically deploys when the entry code is punched in, making it roughly 20% quicker to access your handgun than other safes
  • The unit can detect tampering efforts and deploys audio tones to ward off burglars and unwarranted hands


    • Some consumers find the entry buttons to be difficult and unfeasible for long-term use

8. RPNB Gun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe w/5-Digit PIN Keypad Handgun Security Safe

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The RPNB Portable Security Safe is another good small gun safe. This unit’s door is spring-loaded, like many others, for extremely quick access upon entering the PIN.

This RPNB is noted by many as a cost-effective method for securing handguns in their homes.


  • 4 methods of entry
  • Included cable
  • Meets TSA requirements


  • Only has the capacity for one or two handguns at a time

Factors to Consider

The following is a list of factors to consider when buying a quick-access gun safe:

Speed of access

The first factor to consider when buying a quick-access gun safe is the speed at which you can access your handgun. Some safes, such as the GunVault model, deploy slide-out drawers or spring-loaded doors that make your handgun incredibly easy to get to in times of emergency.

Other models act simply as regular safes, requiring slightly more time to get to your handgun. If you intend to use your safe for emergencies, rather than just for storage, it’s highly suggested that you pursue one of the spring-loaded models.

However, if you’re merely shooting for a reliable storage place, opt for the model with the strongest lock, no matter the speed at which you may access your handgun. That leads us to the next factor.

Locking mechanism reliability

Another factor to consider is the reliability of the latching mechanism. Of course, almost every model will be advertised as being highly reliable, but consumers can give a good indication of the truth behind each model.

As we can tell from the reviews above, some models simply don’t fit the bill whether it be their faulty PIN pads or easily broken into latching mechanisms. For this reason, be sure to read through consumer reviews for whichever model you decide to entertain.

This should provide you with a comprehensive take on the reliability of your chosen model’s locking strength.

Number of entry modes

A final factor to consider is the number of entry modes each safe comes with. Many of the models reviewed employ three-point entry systems, whereby you can access your handguns via a PIN pad, biometric fingerprint scanner, or manual keys.

If you fall on the side of caution when it comes to biometric fingerprint scanners, the two-point entry models will do just fine. However, biometric finger scanning models will provide much quicker access to your handguns in times of distress and emergency.

Additionally, no model on the list should leave you in fear of being locked out of the safe, as every model comes with manual keys (just be sure to keep these keys safe and away from children!).


In conclusion, the quick-access gun safe is the Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe. This unit is constructed from heavy-duty, 14-gauge carbon steel and can hold up to eight handguns simultaneously. If you don’t need a handgun safe with that much space, perhaps consider the RPNB Gun Security Safe.

This unit too is constructed of solid, sturdy steel and can recognize 20 fingerprints, permitting you to use multiple fingers to gain entry; as well as permitting more than one user to access your handguns.

There are many viable options on this list. Whichever model you choose should provide you with both the safety and convenience you’re looking for, but be sure to examine the consumer reviews and the full game of features. This will ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. So, get safe today and protect your family and your handguns!

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