The Best Instant Tents for Camping in 2024

This is an excellent time to shop for tents, and if you are wondering which brands offer the easiest tent to set up, look no further. Our quick reference instant tent shopping guide can make this process easy and even fun.

Why trust our recommendations? We are camping experts with years of experience in all things tents and camping. Take advantage of our outdoor camping experience and wisdom.

Read our 10 instant tent reviews for camping. We reveal many exciting details on instant tents for 1 to 12 people. Let’s get started.

Best Instant Tents for Camping:

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds


If you love camping with friends or your family, check out this impressive Coleman Cabin Tent that boasts Instant Setup within 90 seconds or less.

An innovative sunlight-blocking feature allows campers to sleep in after a long day of camping fun and adventure. The roomy interior is built to fit 10 people, and it has many great features including the high center ceiling of almost 7 feet which is terrific for tall campers.

Impressive Size & Type

The first thing that’ll grab your eye is the impressive roomy size of this 10-person cabin-style tent. You’ll have 10 X 14 feet of living area with room to fit up to 4 queen-sized air mattresses.

As it’s a cabin-style tent, there is more headroom throughout due to the boxy shape different than most sloped tent shapes.

Fast Instant Setup – 60 Seconds

After the family gets over the spacious size of this beautiful and comfortable modern-styled tent, the next thing to get your attention is the smooth 60-second setup.

Just get your family to the campground and instant presto, your new outdoor mansion will be up and ready for what you all came to the campground for.

Room Darkening Technology

We love this tent brand’s patented room-darkening technology. Feel free to let everyone stay up late around a toasty campfire. The first light of day won’t wake you as other tents without this feature will.

There is a handy room divider for added privacy.

Coleman’s Reliable Weathertec System Keeps Everyone Safe & Dry

You won’t worry about the stability and weather resistance of this finer tent. It comes equipped with reliable Weathertec System Coleman tents are well-known for.

Key Weather Resistant Features

  • Bathtub Floor
  • Welded & Heat Sealed Seams
  • Waterproof Rainfly Included & Increased Darkening Effect

This large instant tent is a must-have for families that love to camp and enjoy nature.

What consumers are saying

Well worth the reasonable price for such a solid family tent with so much room and convenient features.

  • The first time everyone wanted to stay camping forever in this lovely portable “cabin” in the woods.


  • Spacious Well-Designed Tent
  • Weather Resistant
  • Has Carry Bag & Optional Rainfly
  • Room Darkening Technology Blocks Up to 90% of Sunlight – Tent Stays Cooler
  • What’s Not to Like?


  • A Little Heavy for Carrying Too Far
  • Could Use Another Window for Cross Venting

2. TETON Sports Quick Tent

For those yearning for a cozy room with a stunning scenic view, this novel TETON Sports Quick Tent may be just what you need.

This free-standing pop-up model comes in 1 or 2-person sizes for avid backpackers who like to go it alone or with the company. Both sizes are large enough to fit almost any camper.

There are some excellent and functional features of this 3 to 4-season tent.

Here are my first thoughts:

  • Ultra-Light for Easy-Carry
  • Best Price Ever
  • Easy Popup Instant Assembly with Sturdy Pre-Attached Poles
  • Packs Down to Manageable Size – 25′ x 8′ x 5′
  • Weather Resistant Features
  • The versatility of the Tent Is Enticing

Size & Type

Comes in a 1 or 2-person freestanding popup tent.

Durability Despite Lightweight Design

This is a well-made lightweight tent that has lots of tough tent amenities for a fraction of the cost. Surprisingly sturdy for a small frame.

What We Adore:

  • It Is Rather Cute & Color Is Upbeat
  • Has Amazing Weather Resistance Features
  • Easy Setup/Take-Down & Go
  • Quality of Materials Obvious
  • Extra Leg Space for Taller Campers
  • Durable Rainfly with Upgraded Rainfly for Cot Use
  • Versatile – Take it Anywhere

One of the best instant camping tents we’ve seen in a while at such a low price.
Additional upgrades are available like an exclusive luxuriously comfy cot.

  • Unbelievable budget-friendly cost for a well-designed ultralight tent.
  • A terrific tent is for backpacking in the mountains, along a beach, or anywhere.


  • Get Up & Go Lightweight Design
  • Bargain Price
  • Versatile Uses – Alone or with Attachable Cot Add-On


  • Check Pegs/Stakes Beforehand
  • Rainfly Guy Ropes Not Included

3. Bushnell Instant Tent

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and so does this cabin-style tent from the respected Bushnell Shield Series. Choose from 6, 9, or 12-person tents. This tent is quite possibly the best instant tent for family camping adventures and travel.

Choice of Larger-Sized Family Tents

Cabin-style instant setup tent to suit every family size and space requirement. Cabin-style tents are ideal for families because there is more walking around the room inside for tall adults. These also have lots of room for gear.

Excellent Durability & Life Expectancy Factors

Tent materials are better quality. Outer material coated with UV blocking finish to keep the tent cooler longer and darkens the tent for easier sleeping. Incredibly stable frame design due to steel poles.

Weather Resistance Features

The tent is water resistant not waterproof. Corners and seams may need some water repellent applied occasionally. Also, consider tarps in the case in case of rain.


  • Mesh Floor Vents – Open/Close Keeps Bugs Out
  • Reflective Guylines – See in the Dark
  • E-Cable Port
  • Aluminum Stakes Included
  • Handy Wall Organizer Panel & Pockets
  • Carry Bag that Extends

Season Rating

Due to the large airy size with mesh ceiling vents, this tent is ideal for warmer weather camping. Not recommended for extreme cold or long rainy seasons.

Superb Ventilation

Mesh and windows provide excellent ventilation to keep everyone cool and comfortable on hot summer nights.

Reasonable Price

Pricing differs per size, but all appear fairly reasonable.

What consumers are saying

  • The hands-down best instant tent for family road trips and car-accessible camping grounds.
  • Perfect for summertime camping fun or backyard slumber parties.


  • Large Family Size
  • Cooling Vents & Lots of Mesh Windows
  • Preferred Family Summer Tent
  • Extra Sturdy for Frequent Use


  • Steel Poles & Large Size Make This Heavy to Carry
  • May Not Provide Enough Protection in Colder Weather

4. CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

For true outdoor campers, this CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent with a roomy 14′ x 9′ size could be your next dream home-away-from-home. Even serious camping enthusiasts deserve a bit of luxury sometimes.

This amazing tent mat is the best instant camping tent sold today. Lots of extras make this choice enticing.

Good Size & Comfortable Tent Type

This exceptionally well-designed and engineered cabin-style tent offers much. This spacious-sized tent can be divided up into 3 separate sleeping quarters for better overall organization and privacy.

Durability Can’t Be Found Elsewhere

Although this is an easy-to-set-up freestanding tent, it’s still strong and durable. No need to stake this stable dwelling down unless the winds are strong.

Best Family Tent Weatherproof Features Available

We aren’t kidding when we say that this tent can withstand just about any type of weather and terrain. Each element of the design style has been well thought out. Results are quite impressive to even our most experienced camping experts. Has a removable rainfly for added versatility.

User-Friendly Setup & Take Down

Anyone could set up this easy-to-setup tent in 10 to 15 minutes. A definite time and energy saver.


  • Luxurious Design
  • Stellar Ventilation Control
  • Lots of Ingenious Built-In Storage
  • Large Easy-Open Doors
  • Holds More People
  • The ceiling Is Extra Tall – No Need for Scrunching Over

What consumers are saying

  • Lots of ventilation, privacy dividers, and interior storage spaces keep food off the floor.
  • Decent price for such a luxurious and comfortable larger tent.


  • Intelligent Design
  • Easy Setups & Take-Downs
  • Capacity for the Whole Family
  • Zipped Mesh Windows & Vents Keep Interior Comfy & Cool
  • Use in Any Season


  • Hard to Find Anything Negative
  • Zipper Can Be Tricky in Colder Weather or for Kids

5. Gazelle Tents 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Want a well-made and incredibly durable tent that sets up instantly and offers practical features, look no more. This Gazells 22272 model T4 pop-up and portable camping hub with an overlanding tent should be perfect.

This is indeed simple and fast to set up camp for the night. The tent offers many camping conveniences not found in cheaper tent versions.

Roomy Size Dimensions and Tent Type

The modern cube-style design has much to offer the hardcore camper. The roomy size of 94 x 94 inches (61 sq. ft.) fits 4 people comfortably depending on gear. Just size down capacity if needed.

Great 3 Season Tent

The durable fabrics and other materials are obvious at first look. Perhaps this is why this tent can be a bit pricier than cheaper counterparts of the same size. We don’t mind paying extra for a tent as superior as this one.

Waterproofed at 2000mm Rating

Features moisture-resistant bathtub floor, rainfly, and shell to keep everyone dry and comfortable despite the outdoor weather.


  • Tent Opens Up for Beautiful Sweeping Views & Air
  • Lots of Mesh Over Openings for Bug-Free Ventilation
  • High-Quality Zippers to Last
  • Obvious Fine Materials Used

What consumers are saying

  • Never knew how comfortable and enjoyable camping in a tent could be until now.
  • Well worth the cost for such a well-crafted all-around tent.
  • Our pick for the best instant tent 4-person design capacity.


  • Fits 2-3 Comfortably with Extra Gear Space
  • Top-Quality Materials
  • Water & Weather Proof Features
  • Tighter Weave Mesh – Keeps Small Bugs Out and breezes flowing


  • A Little Larger When Packed Down for Carry
  • Price Often Higher for Better Product

6. Moon Lence Instant Pop-Up Tent

The versatile MOON LENCE instant pop-up tent for family camping fits 4-5 persons. This portable tent is waterproof & windproof. It’s ideal for camping, hiking, climbing mountains, and more.

There is a lot to love about this mid-sized pop-up tent suited for 4 to 5 people.


  • Neat Pentagon Base Offers More Floor Room
  • Total 5 Windows
  • Easy Setup & Freestanding
  • Outstanding Price for What You Get
  • The door Rolls to the Ground and openings are Covered with Mesh
  • Lightweight – Makes Backpack Carry Easy

Price Can’t Be Beat

This tent is a good value for the low costs.

Durable Design & Tough Materials

This is a nice sturdy tent that’s easy to maintain. The design is naturally stable since the base is larger. Needs only minimal care through the seasons.

Season Rating

The tent is best for 3 seasonal use. While it is water and wind-proofed, it may be a bit thin for extreme colder temperatures and higher wind gusts. All said this is a decent mid-sized lightweight pop-up tent for camping at all of your favorite haunts.

What consumers are saying

  • The bargain price tag for a nice all-around tent.
  • This tent is light enough for hiking trails or bike trips.


  • Lightweight Enough for Backpacking or Hiking
  • Durable Construction
  • Moderately Weather Proofed
  • Attractive Modern Design
  • Good Carry Bag with Decent Wider Straps
  • Excellent Price


  • Not for Extreme Temps, High Winds, or Heavy Rains
  • TLC Needed for Fiberglass Poles

7. Pop-up Tent an Automatic Instant Portable Cabana Beach Camping Tent


This Abco Tech automatic instant tent is ideal for cozying up with your favorite person. The tent is terrific for casual camping like hanging out on the beach with your sweetheart or child.

Provides shelter from sun/wind/rain, and can be instantly folded down to an easy-carry packed size. Get all of this for a truly affordable price.

Features :

  • Cozy Cabana Tent – Ideal for 1 to 2 Persons
  • Instant Setup & Go – Camping Seems Effortless
  • Bright Happy Color
  • 2 Doors – 1 on Each Side for Scenic Views
  • Inner Door Lining for Extra Privacy
  • Breathable Materials
  • Includes 2 Mesh Windows for Venting – Keeps Bugs Away
  • Bargain Priced

Cozy Cabana Beach Style Tent Suited for 1 to 2 Persons

This tent makes spur-of-the-moment camping trips seem effortless and fun.

Durable & Surprisingly Stable for Compact Instant Setup Tent

Strong stitching work is evident for a longer lifespan. Resistant to tears.

Versatile 1 to 2-Person Instant Shelter Tent Goes Anywhere

Use for day trips, hikes in the woods, outdoor play fun for kids, or take along to a tailgate or beach party for immediate shade and shelter without all of the fuss. The ideal spot where a baby or tired parent can catch a few zzz’s after a long fun day trip.

Bugs Not Welcome Here

Keep pests away with this cute shelter tent that boasts mesh-covered windows.

Don’t Pass This Bargain Value Tent Up

Truly, the extremely low cost of this sensational travel tent is too good to pass up. This would make an excellent gift for new moms, camping enthusiasts, and kids’ birthdays.

Easy Carry Weight & Tote with Setup Instructions On Bag

You can’t go wrong with this exceptionally easy-to-manage and transport cabana beach-style tent for 2.

What consumers are saying

  • Wonderful shelter in seconds makes this 2-person cabana tent among the all-time best 2-person instant tent choices out there.
  • Bargain value for such a great little tent.


  • Compact Easy-Carry with Instructions on the Bag
  • Instant Shelter from Sun or Wind
  • Roomy Enough for 2 Sleeping Bags
  • Ideal for Backyard Fun with Kids or Honey – Enjoy Nighttime Star Views
  • Price is Simply Irresistible
  • Privacy Options & Cool Ventilation Meshed Windows
  • Easy-Step Door on Each Side


  • Not Meant for Rugged Camping

8. OZARK TRAIL 12 Person 3 Room L-Shaped Instant Cabin Tent

For a truly good camping tent with lots of room and bonus features, this Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room L-Shaped Instant Cabin Tent is a must-see to appreciate summertime shelter.

Includes a cool-breeze screened room and 2 additional rooms for space that can fit up to 12 people. Quite a reasonable price for this spacious tent.


  • Spacious 3-Room Tent for 12
  • Offers Innovative Y-Shape Layout
  • Cool Breezes Flow with Screen Room & 10 Windows
  • Instant Quick & Easy Setup Tent
  • Great Price for a Well-Designed 3-Room Tent

Huge Size with Tall Ceilings & Y-Shape Design Fits Up to 12 Persons

So roomy, it is easy to get lost inside. Extra tall ceilings and 1 tall door, with 2 additional doors offer plenty of easy-access entryways. Ideal for taller people. Cabin-style tent with novel Y-shape floor layout.

Incredibly Durable for 3-Season Camping Fun

Ideal for backyard spring, summer, or fall parties and special events. Premium materials and well-constructed tents should last for many years.

Decent Weather Resistance for Moderate Climates

Great for summertime camping, but the mesh and larger size make this tent unsuitable for windy or stormy weather. Not recommended for cold weather use.

What consumers are saying

  • Can’t believe how easy and fast the setup is with this larger tent.
  • Planning to use it for outdoor family events and sleeping space for BBQs and pool parties.


  • Spacious floor plan and tall Ceilings
  • Fits 12 Persons but Sleep Space is Greater with Less
  • Incredible Ventilation
  • Full-Screen-Room Plus 2 More Rooms
  • Decent Price
  • No-Brainer Instant Setup


  • Could Use More Gear Storage Pockets

9. HUI LINGYANG 6-Person Easy Pop-Up Tent

This HUI LINGYANG tent features automatic setup features for ease of use. The popup design of this double-layer instant family tent is fantastic for hiking, camping out, or traveling by car, bike, or motorcycle.

Round Modern Shape in Automatic Setup Tent Style

Decent-sized round-dome tent for 4-6 people. Recommend 2 adults 2 kids or 3-4 adults with less gear for comfortable sleeping.


  • Instant Automatic Pop-Up Design
  • Large Mesh Windows Each Side Ventilate Well
  • Additional Floor Vents
  • Integrated Rainfly
  • Modern Round Shape

Seasonal Rating

Rating is 3 seasons, and the tent is for warmer and milder climates.

Structure Stability Decent

As a freestanding automatic popup tent, it is surprisingly sturdy when erected. Recommend using additional stakes to brace the tent in windy conditions.

Additional notes:

  • Removable Floor for Easy Cleanup
  • Squeeze for Air-Mats Larger than Regular
  • Durable HUB & Materials with Tough Zipper
  • Resistant to Water, UV Rays & Mildew

What consumers are saying

  • Not a bad price for a decent waterproof instant tent.
  • Love the removable floor feature for easy floor cleanups.


  • Mid-Size Automatic Dome Tent Setup is a Breeze
  • Good Weather Protection in Warmer Months
  • Price Not Bad for Extra Size


  • The vestibule is Not Big Enough for Storing Much
  • Lowered Capacity Recommended for Comfort Space

10. CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent


Some consider this CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent one of the large instant tent options. Here’s why:


  • Sets-Up in 2 Minutes
  • Boasts 3 Rooms
  • Contains 7 Windows
  • Includes 2 Huge Doors with Windows
  • Has 2 Floor Vents
  • Phenomenal Price

Instant Set-Up & Spacious Living Areas

This is a nice larger-style cabin tent suited for up to 12 persons. lower the capacity for more comfortable living quarters. Easy to access with 2 taller doors.

Durable Frame Structure

The tent includes durable steel poles. Better to use in moderate climates without a lot of wind due to the boxy increased size which is taller than a domed shape or smaller tents.

Moderate Weather Resistance for Warmer Temps

Rated as a 3-season tent that performs best in warmer temperatures. Moderate water resistance does contain patented H20 Block Technology that beads water to slide off. Boasts rain-resistant taped seals as well.

What consumers are saying

  • Love the huge space and bigger doors for easier access when others are sleeping.
  • Can use cots to increase storage space underneath them. The perfect trick for family camping.


  • Setup Instantly
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Larger Family Style Cabin Tent
  • Bigger Double Front Door & Multi Entry Options
  • Gear Loft & Cable Accessory Port


  • Steel Poles & Larger Size Make Heavy to Carry – Use Car Access Camping Spots
  • Could Have More Storage Pockets for Size

Factors to Consider

So, now that you’ve had a chance to see what instant tents are currently available on the market today, it is time to choose which tent will meet your camping needs and budget. This process may seem daunting to the novice camper.

BTW it is essential to store food correctly when camping…don’t feed the wild critters out there.

Fortunately, as avid campers, we understand how overwhelming the choices of various tents can be. This section will break down the most important factors to consider when purchasing an instant tent.

Determine What Size Your Tent Should Be

Sizes can be misleading when it comes to tents. This is why tent manufacturers typically list their size dimensions somewhere in their product descriptions.

When determining tent size, figure out how many will be sleeping in the tent at one time. Tents often are listed as 1, 2, 6, 10, or more persons which should give you an idea of how much space the tent has.


Most product descriptions list the number of people who will be lined up in standard sleeping bags on the floor for good reference. However, these are just capacity recommendations.

It is best to expect that a 10-person tent might be comfortable for sleeping 4 adults and several children. Air mattresses and certain cots plus any belonging and gear each camper has also must be considered in this figure.

Determine Where and when You Will Be Planning to Camp

The next detail to consider is where and when you will want to use your tent for a camping trip. Tents are labeled according to their recommended season use. A 3-season rating would mean the tent is to be used in spring, summer, and fall.

Other tents may be designated for 4 or all seasons. This means that the tent has specific construction details and weatherproof materials to make it suitable for colder weather with snow.

Determine the Type of Tent Set-Up Features You Desire

Traditional tents are made to be staked to the ground with ropes with stakes that are pushed into the ground. There are instant camping tents that are easy to assemble and won’t require a lot of time, experience, or effort.


It can be helpful to look at instant camping tent reviews, like ours here, to help determine if the tent is a pop-up, instant, or automatic setup style.

Determine Your Budget Before Shopping for Tents

Better camping gear like tents can be pricey and should be thought of as investments. If you plan to use your tent often, it may be alright to spend more upfront to get a reliable tent that won’t have to be replaced after just a few camping trips.

Other Considerations:

If planning to carry your tent on a hiking, biking, or backpacking trip, be sure to look for models that are lightweight and designed for this purpose.


Q: Is is necessary to find a waterproof instant tent for camping?

A: Most tents will have water-resistant fabrics and features, however, the degree of actual waterproofing is something usually found on the better and more expensive tents.

Q: Can I put up a waterproof instant tent by myself?

A: Instant tents usually can be put up alone if the tent isn’t too large or bulky. Try it out first at home. It takes some practice to do it properly.

Q: Do tents have to have air vents, or can I just use the windows?

A: Since a tent is an enclosed area, breathing and talking puts moisture in the air. As sunlight or lack of warmth changes, the temperature and humidity level inside the tent will change. Air vents placed strategically help prevent condensation build-up that may leave belongings damp.


It is hard to pick a favorite tent out of these incredible selections. Our top pick is the Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room. This is terrific as a larger family tent and has so many great features and a spacious Y-shape floor plan.

We especially like the solid stable steel frame poles and this is one of the easiest set-up tents for larger groups out there.

Contact us when ready to purchase your new tent or for shipping assistance. That’s all for now. Check out our blog for updates. Happy camping.

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