The Best Inflatable Tents For Camping in 2024

Inflatable tents have become all the rage in the camping world, and I’ve put together a list of the inflatable tents for your next camping trip.

As an avid camper, I’m always on the lookout for inflatable tents for camping as well as camping gear. Here are the 12 inflatable tents that I found that may work perfectly for your camping trip.

Best Inflatable Tents for Camping:

1. HEIMPLANET Original The Cave 2-3 Person Dome Inflatable Tent

One of the interesting aspects of the HEIMPLANET tent is its shape. The geodesic frame is built to withstand strong winds and offers several run-off areas for rain. At the very least, it’s an eye-catching tent.

Many consumers were able to assemble the tent in 10 minutes and found it easy to do so. They also loved how it handled strong winds. One problem they experienced was water run-off. Any water that was not removed was rolled up with the tent when it was disassembled.


  • Pitching Speed: You can put together the tent in around 30 minutes, if not sooner. The benefit of this tent is that after you assemble the inner and outer frame, all you need to do is roll it out like a sleeping bag afterward. The frame only needs to be assembled once.
  • Structure Stability: The shape of the tent makes it extremely stable and able to offset winds. It also comes with pins to further anchor it to the ground.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is both water and wind-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Because of its strong stability, you can likely use this tent for several years. Replacing the valves when they break will add further longevity to the tent.
  • Price Difference:  This tent is quite expensive. It may be more expensive than some campers want to pay for a tent of its size and type.
  • Maintenance:  This tent only has a single valve. Repairing it is quick and easy.
  • Cleanliness:  Due to its shape, some campers may find cleaning it difficult.


  • Great for strong winds
  • A single valve inflates everything
  • Eye-catching design


  • Water may not completely run off
  • Valves don’t 100% seal
  • Valves can’t be closed from the inside

2. Tangkula Inflatable Tent

The Tangkula tent is one of the cheap inflatable tents you can find. Despite its affordable price, it can still fit two or three people inside of it. It also comes with pockets for additional storage.

Consumers have found that it was incredibly quick to assemble the tent. Some even discovered that it took them 2 minutes. Others don’t believe that the size can fit two adults within it. The size of the tent is also difficult to carry on backpacking trips.


  • Pitching Speed: Since the frame and inner tent are all part of the same structure, assembling is easy. You use a single pump to inflate the entire tent. This makes set-up last only for a few minutes.
  • Structure Stability: Using TPU inflatable pipes, this tent does well in providing structure. However, it may not hold up against strong winds.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is water-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Since it’s made of polyester, you can likely expect to get a few years out of this tent. Exposure to strong winds may decrease its longevity.
  • Price Difference: This tent is considerably cheaper than many of the other models despite it being for two to three people.
  • Maintenance: Valves may require help from time to time. It does not come with a repair kit. If any tears occur, you may be in trouble.
  • Cleanliness: The shape of the tent may make cleaning inside of it difficult.


  • Great price
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with pockets and a vestibule for storage


  • Not wind resistant
  • No repair patches
  • May be too small

3. Crua Outdoors Core 6-Person Tent – Air Tent with Inflatable Beams


If you’re looking for a 6-man airbeam tent, then you might want to consider this model from Crua Core. Besides its interesting shape, this tent provides plenty of space for larger families or those who carry a lot of gear.

It also uses a breathable material that holds up against the water. It can also be paired with other products of Crua Core to make a mini base camp.

The size of this tent is something that consumers are loving. They also love the additional features the tent has like the blackout feature. Not only does this keep the sun from entering the tent in the morning, but it also helps keep the tent cool during the day. Campers also found that the zippers were easy to use and made of quality materials.


  • Pitching Speed: Depending on if you’re just setting up the Crua Core or a series of Crua products, it can likely take a few minutes to assemble everything.
  • Structure Stability: The materials used in the making of the tent offer a lot of stability to its frame. It’s built to be aerodynamic and tough.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is water-resistant, wind-resistant, and UV-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Due to its quality of materials, you can expect the Crua Core to last for several years.
  • Price Difference: Some may find the tent to be too expensive. However, for its quality and size, the price is on par.
  • Maintenance: This tent does not come with a repair kit. However, its high-quality materials suggest that it may take some time before you need to perform maintenance.
  • Cleanliness: This tent can be easily swept out and cleaned.


  • Huge size
  • Resistant to most problematic weather conditions
  • High-quality materials


  • May be heavy for backpacking
  • The vestibule might cause water leaks
  • Water might pool in the back

4. Easy Camp Tents Easy Camp Palmdale 500

One problem that many tents face is that they’re too short. Campers have to constantly stoop to fit inside the space. That isn’t the case with the Easy Camp Hurricane 500. This is a tall tent that allows you to walk right in through the front door. It can easily fit around five people inside of it.

Although some had problems figuring out the assembly, others found that it offered a ton of space for a large family. They found that it was heavy when packed up and that the doors didn’t zip tightly to the floor. This may allow small animals or bugs to enter the tent.


  • Pitching Speed: Although it does have numerous pipes that need to be filled separately, it comes with a two-way pump and a manometer to quickly inflate it. That makes pitching this tent take only a couple of minutes.
  • Structure Stability: Because it’s taller, it may face some problems with the wind unless it’s pinned down properly. It does include 25 stakes to help add further stability.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is water-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Although it has water resistance, the rest of the tent may become damaged under high winds. You may be able to enjoy this tent for a few years.
  • Price Difference: The price of this tent is comparable to the others. However, you may find that the others offer a few more features for the price.
  • Maintenance: Since it has several different valves, it may be difficult to stop leaks from happening when they eventually break. You’ll need quite a few parts in order to keep your tent aired up over time.
  • Cleanliness: The tent features two main parts with a few compartments inside. These compartments might make cleaning difficult.


  • Great size
  • Lots of storage options
  • Large living room area


  • Heavy
  • No instructions
  • Doors don’t zip to floors

5. HEIMPLANET Original Nias 4-6 Person Tunnel Inflatable Tent

This inflatable tent for 1-2 person from HEIMPLANET is one of the inflatable tents you’ll find. Its tunnel design is interesting visually and it has a one-valve system for inflation. An important feature of this tent is its ability to close off certain pipes in the event of a leak. Even if one part of your tent starts to deflate, you’ll be able to use the rest of it safely.

While the tent is ideally made for a family of four, most find that it’s better used with two people. Each half of the tent is designed in such a way as to be a small cabin for each person. They also found that there was a gap between the inner and outer layers that allowed cold air inside the tent. However, the tent held up well against the rain and the wind.


  • Pitching Speed: Due to having one valve that inflates the entire tent, you can easily pitch the entire tent in just a couple of minutes.
  • Structure Stability: Its design considers wind speed. It’s built in such a way to stand up against strong winds and heavy rainfall.
  • Weather Resistant: This tent is water-resistant and wind-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Due to its ability to withstand heavy wind and rain, this tent will likely last you for several years.
  • Price Difference: The biggest difference this tent has compared to the others is its price. You’re going to easily pay double or triple what you would with other inflatable tents as well as standard tents.
  • Maintenance: With its ability to close off pipes to prevent air from escaping the entire tent, this model is easy to maintain. It also includes a repair kit.
  • Cleanliness: Since it doesn’t come with a floor, cleaning the tent is easy. You can lift it up, clean out whatever ground surface you’re using, then clean the tent itself with ease.


  • Great for strong winds
  • Can handle the rain
  • Great sleeper tent for two people


  • Might be heavy for backpacking
  • Allows cold air inside the tent
  • Doesn’t have a full-length ground cover

6. Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

Another great option for blow-up tents for camping is this model from Ferrino. Built for a family, this tent has three different entrances in it. Each entrance comes with a mosquito inner net. With a large vestibule area, this tent is a great option for those who need some space in their tent.

The size of this tent is what campers are truly loving. Especially when used with two people, campers find that it provides a ton of space for gear and other supplies. They also enjoy how easy it is to assemble and disassemble. Many have used the tent for several trips and have yet to encounter a problem.


  • Pitching Speed: Despite its size, the tent can be quickly assembled in just a few minutes.
  • Structure Stability: The poles have a polyethylene coating which makes them waterproof. However, they may still be prone to swaying under heavy wind. This tent does not come with additional pins to further ground it.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is water-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Because everything in this tent is made of water-resistant materials, you likely won’t face problems with mildew. However, strong winds may damage the tent. It can likely last for a few years.
  • Price Difference: Since it can hold up to 4 people, the price of this tent is great for inflatable tents. You’ll likely find a cheaper price for standard tents.
  • Maintenance: With several entrances and nets, you may have to deal with broken zippers and sealing problems. This tent also does not come with repair kits.
  • Cleanliness: Because it has a floor, it may be difficult to clean the tent. However, its shape should make cleaning a bit easier.


  • High-quality materials
  • Thorough water-resistant design
  • Huge space


  • May be heavy to carry
  • May not hold up against the wind
  • No repair kits

7. SereneLife Tents SereneLife

This small inflatable tent from SereneLife is a great option for a single camper or two campers. It even comes with a bonus airbed for ultimate comfort. Its two-in-one design makes it an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor camping.

Campers love the air bed and its firm structure that keeps them from sleeping directly on the ground. They also find that it holds up well against strong winds and keeps them insulated at night. Consumers also love the convenient bag that carries the tent and pumps within it.


  • Pitching Speed: Because this tent comes with an air pump, you can easily inflate it in under 3 minutes. That allows you to have more time to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Structure Stability: This inflatable tent comes with a unique coil beam that’s built to be sturdy. It offers both spine support and comfort. It also uses PVC and polyester to further give the air poles strength and stability.
  • Weather Resistance: You can expect this tent to be both waterproof and windproof. The design, itself, is made to help resist strong winds.
  • Life Expectancy: Like most inflatable tents, you may be able to get quite a few years out of the tent. This is dependent on the conditions you put the tent through.
  • Price Difference: Compared to standard tents and other kinds of tents, for a single person, you may find this tent to be on the expensive side. However, because it includes an additional feature like an air bed, it may be worth the additional cost.
  • Maintenance:  If you spring a leak with this tent, then repairing it is easy. The tent comes with two repair patches that can be quickly applied to any holes that emerge.
  • Cleanliness:  Because the air bed acts as a raised floor, cleaning this tent is easy. You can simply brush the bed and remove any dirt that may have been tracked inside.


  • Includes air bed
  • Firm structure
  • Wind and water-resistant


  • The pump isn’t battery-powered
  • Valves may let air escape
  • Water may leak inside

8. 4 Person Inflatable Camping Air Pop-Up Tent

A striking inflatable tent, this model features an orange-colored tent that can easily fit four people inside it. It’s a lightweight inflatable tent that is easy to carry with you when you’re hiking. Its multiple windows and single door make it one of the 4-person air tents.

Campers find that this tent is extremely easy to install. However, they did find that it was a bit smaller than they imagined. They believe that it is better suited for three people rather than four.


  • Pitching Speed: Without a pole, pitching this tent is both easy and quick. The pump can inflate the tent in a matter of minutes.
  • Structure Stability:  A unique feature of this tent is the windproof ropes that it uses to help the tent sway with the wind. It also comes with pins for additional stability.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is waterproof and windproof.
  • Life Expectancy: Due to its simple design, you can likely expect this tent to last for a few years. However, exposing it to strong winds may damage it faster.
  • Price Difference: This inflatable tent is on the cheaper side, especially for a tent that fits four people.
  • Maintenance: The windproof rope helps prevent tearing which makes maintenance easy. All you may need to worry about is valves. It does not come with repair patches.
  • Cleanliness:  Cleaning the corners may be difficult for this tent.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Anti-moisture
  • Windproof ropes


  • Valves may not seal
  • May not fit 4 people
  • Might deflate in the rain

9. Wildcat Outdoor Gear Premium Family Camping Tent

The inflatable family tent has to go to this model from Wildcat. It can easily fit up to 10 people inside the tent. Besides being large, it also has a lot of headspace. It features a changeable design inside that allows you to switch from two bedrooms to a single large sleeping area.

Campers love the air truss system due to its effectiveness and simplicity. They can easily assemble the tent and enjoy the rest of their time with their family. They also enjoy the ability to section off parts of the interior to create living and bedroom spaces.


  • Pitching Speed: Wildcat claims that you can pitch the tent in 4-5 minutes.
  • Structure Stability: The rounded design of the structure helps keep water from pooling on the top of the tent. One design flaw is the large canopy. If left attached during heavy wind or rain, the canopy could become damaged.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is water-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Barring any problems with pooling water and wind damage, this tent could likely last you for several years. It’s made with high-quality materials.
  • Price Difference: Those who want a lot of space will find the price matches their expectations.
  • Maintenance: Taking care of the tent is easy. It does not come with repair kits.
  • Cleanliness: Due to having interior compartments, you may find it difficult to clean the interior.


  • Large interior
  • High-quality materials
  • Attachable canopy for additional space and protection


  • Heavy
  • May not be wind-resistant
  • The canopy could damage the rest of the tent

10. Wildcat Outdoor Gear Premium Family Camping Tent 100% Waterproof

Another great tent from Wildcat is this 8-person air tent. Wildcat uses high-quality materials to ensure campers can enjoy their tent for years to come. This tent has a large floor plan and headspace. It also uses a screen mesh to ensure even small bugs won’t be able to get inside your tent.

Consumers love the space inside the tent. It held up well against the rain and allowed them to easily fit tables and chairs inside of it to keep themselves entertained.


  • Pitching Speed: You can set this tent up in 5 minutes.
  • Structure Stability: Using high-quality materials and geometric design, this tent is designed to perform well against wind and rain.
  • Weather Resistance: This tent is water-resistant.
  • Life Expectancy: Wildcat uses high-quality materials that stop ripping in its fabric. You’ll be able to enjoy it for several years.
  • Price Difference: Although it may hold fewer people than the other Wildcat model, you may find that the price of this model is more agreeable.
  • Maintenance: With its simple air truss system, caring for this tent is easy. It does not include a repair kit.
  • Cleanliness: Several sections of this tent might make cleaning difficult.


  • Large space
  • Additional spaces can be attached
  • Bug-protected


  • Heavy
  • Hard to clean
  • May not be wind-resistant

Factors to Consider

While inflatable tents may be easier to pitch, they’re also subject to strong winds. No matter what kind of tent you have, you always need to know how to safely pitch your tent in the event of a storm. Knowing the best places to pitch your tent will ensure that your inflatable tent lasts for a long time.

Another factor to consider is whether or not the inflatable tent has a ground cover with it. If it doesn’t, then it may allow bugs and cool air to escape the tent. You also likely don’t want to sleep on the bare ground. Luckily, you can find ground covers that can make your stay in a tent just that much more comfortable.

As with all tents, it’s also important that you know how to assemble it beforehand. Before you go camping, take the time to inflate it. This will ensure that you know what you’re doing outside of your home. It’s also a great time to check for leaks. An easy way to do this is to run water through the pipes. If any water escapes in areas it shouldn’t, then you know you leak.

Finally, because your tent isn’t going to be weighed down by much aside from your gear and yourself, it’s also important to make sure you have enough pins and stakes. Bringing extra never hurts.


After looking through all of the air tent reviews, I’d suggest the Crua Core 6. Not only is the price agreeable, but it can also be used with several other Crua products.

If you find that the Crua Core 6 isn’t large enough, then you can simply purchase the other compatible Crua tents to create a network of tents. It also has plenty of protection from the weather and is made from high-quality materials. Try the Crua Core 6 yourself or give one of these other tents a try on your next camping trip!

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