The Best Large Gun Safes in 2024

Size is as important as security when you’re shopping for a gun safe. Whether you want to store several firearms or a single large one, you need quality large-capacity gun safes.

A proper large-capacity gun safe ensures your weapons are secured against intruders while still being easy enough for you to access as needed. You should also make sure your arsenal is safe from outside elements too such as water or fire damage.

We investigated several safes before finding five top-rated products so that you get the large gun safe for the money.

Let’s check out our findings before we dive deeper into what you should consider before buying one.

Best Large Gun Safes:

1. NEW and IMPROVED E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD724228-blk

The E.M.P. Proof Long Gun safe from Steelwater Gun Safes fits a max of around 45 long guns. It’s well insulated with two layers of fireboard inside the ceiling, walls, door jams, and the floor. For installation, it comes with a high-grade power supply with three AC outlets and two USB charging ports.

Many gun owners believe this is the residential gun safe to manage numerous weapons and gear. You can fit 15 long guns per rack with enough shelving options for smaller firearms. The door organizer is helpful for additional gear too.

The automatic interior lighting is helpful, and the backlit keypad is intuitive and simple to use. This safe isn’t lightweight, which gives consumers peace of mind.

Some consumers did mention an issue with the gap around the door and inside walls. Despite quality insulation to withstand fire damage, users report the ability to slip a pry bar through the gaps. It does have long locking bolts, however, and a drill-resistant hard plate.


  • Plenty of space inside
  • Automatic interior lighting
  • Good hefty weight


  • The gap around the door seems too large


The Armor Fire Gun Safe features quality fire protection at high heat for half an hour. It not only stores dozens of guns but also various firearm gear as well as other valuables you wish to protect. You can readily program the lock with a personal 3-8 digit code or use the backup key.

This safe is praised as the large gun safe under $1000 thanks to how simple it is to use. The lock is easy to program, and the backup key is helpful in the event of a forgotten code.

You have plenty of door storage options for smaller items, and the adjustable shelves inside the main compartments allow you to personalize the setup. This allows you to stash more than guns inside the safe.

An issue some consumers reported is that the safe may not hold 64 guns as it advertises. Some report managing to fit only around 30 or so guns inside the safe instead.


  • Easy to program lock
  • Door storage
  • Adjustable shelves


  • May not hold as many guns as advertised

3. Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)

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This Fire Vault Rifle Gun Safe Cabinet from BARSKA is a heavy-duty, high-end safe that comfortably holds around 45 long guns. That still gives you enough room to store other firearms like pistols or stash gear and magazines. It comes with mounting hardware and a 9V battery.

Many consumers feel the safe weighs just enough. It’s not too heavy to set up but still hefty enough to deter any would-be thieves. The high security is aided by the six solid-steel locking bolts.

There’s also an appreciation for the storage. You can switch around the shelves as you need, and everything is organized well both inside the safe and on the door pockets.

As a fire-rated gun safe, some users believe it could benefit from better fire protection. Compared to other similar safes within the same price range, it doesn’t have a high fire rating. Still, there is some adequate protection available.


  • Various storage options
  • Weighs a comfortable amount
  • Solid locking bolts


  • Could use better fire protection

4. Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, 72x40x27-Inch

The Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe is built to last with heavy-duty construction and quality, scratch-resistant black powder coating. For security, there are anti-pry bars and a drill-resistant lock hard plate. There’s more than enough space for 51 rifles as well as several ammo pouches and gun holsters

Consumers praise how effective and secure the safe is at an affordable price range. It’s among top-quality gun safes with quality anti-pry bars and a heavy-weighted door. Even the paint holds up well over time.

Many gun owners also enjoy the ease with which you can arrange everything inside the safe. The compartments are sectioned well, and the door pockets are organized.

Some did have problems setting it all up though. It does have anchor holes so you can secure it to the floor, but there’s no documentation about bolting. Also, there’s not much information on how you can reset the default from the keypad, so you may have to contact customer service.


  • Anti-pry bars
  • Quality, scratch-resistant finish
  • Heavy-weighted door


  • Difficult setup

5. Stack-On E-90-MB-E-S-72 Elite 72″ TALL, 62-90 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

The Stack-On Elite Tall Gun Safe stands at 72″ so that you have the space needed to store your long guns and additional firearms and accessories. You can also program your own 3-8 digit code in the electronic lock. For installation purposes, this comes with fastening hardware, but you don’t need tools to adjust it.

Many consumers feel this is the long gun safe for the money thanks to the adjustable storage options. With three compartments and eight shelves, you can store anywhere from 62 to 90 guns or opt for a combination of various guns and accessories.

Barrel rests are adjustable, and the door even features factory-installed organization for smaller firearms, magazines, and other gear. Your contents are well-protected too as the door stripping expands if exposed to heat to seal the door.

There are some quality control issues noted, however, as some users feel the sides aren’t as durable as the door. Also, others report not seeing carpet installed everywhere as well as smelling a slight odor inside.


  • Flexible storage
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Feels sturdy


  • Some quality issues

Factors to Consider

If our home gun safe reviews aren’t enough for you to make a decision, perhaps learning more about what you should look for in large-capacity gun safes will help you choose.

Although it seems rather straightforward, there are several features you should keep in mind that will allow you to determine exactly what you need.


This should go without saying, but the most important factor when you shop for a gun safe is the level of security.

First of all, you should check in with your place of residency to see exactly what the gun safety rules are. For instance, in California, your safety must have a minimum of three steel locking bolts. Many quality safes utilize around five or six bolts.

The locking mechanism should be secure enough as well. Many modern large-capacity safes utilize electronic keypads that allow you to input your code. Some of these also come with a backup set of keys in the event you can’t get in.

Other safes feature anti-pry bars or drill-resistant hard plates.

Consider the weight of the safe as well. Although heavier safes may prove difficult to move around on your own, that also means it won’t be easy for any intruder to pick up and leave with either

Fire Rating

Your safe should endure not just would-be intruders but damage from outside elements too. That’s why you’ll notice many high-quality safes feature some layer of fire resistance.

If the safe is capable of stashing dozens of guns, it’s helpful if it can withstand high temperatures for an extended time. Consider looking for safes that can last 30 minutes or 60 minutes under heat that exceeds 1200°F.

Additionally, many safes have features that allow for expansion so the seams around the door completely seal to fight off fire damage.

Storage Availability

Storage is nearly as important as security and protection when it comes to gun safes.

Since you seek large-capacity gun safes, it stands to reason you need to stash long guns. Quality safes of this manner should have room for more than 20 guns in addition to various gear and accessories.

Many even feature door organizers whether built-in or made separately so you can attach them yourself. These organizers give you room to store smaller firearms and more magazines.

Of course, consider how the inside is set up. Some have adjustable barrel holders so you can fit various-sized long guns without having to remove accessories like scopes.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a safe that has a higher capacity than what you need. For instance, if you need to store 50 long guns, consider a safe that can hold over 60. This way, you won’t have to cram anything inside for everything to fit.


What does a safe’s fire-rating mean?

A fire-rated safe means that the inside contents can survive if exposed to fire and high temperatures for a certain amount of time. So, if a safe is fire-rated to survive for one hour at 1400°F, this means your valuables inside remain below 350°F or so for that set amount of time.

Do electronic locks survive against an EMP?

Gun safes aren’t normally immune to an EMP attack. You may find the big gun safe that features built-in EMP protection, or you can even add an upgrade that ensures your safe’s survival in the event of an EMP pulse. This way, your safe can still function without issue.

Can you place a gun safe on a carpeted floor?

Nothing is preventing you from setting the safe on a carpeted floor. However, just be sure that the weight is even. This means the floor is leveled and stable. You should look for safes that offer holes so you can bolt them to the ground. You could always slip something under the safe to bolt it to as well.

Making the Decision

Proper protection for your firearms against intruders, fires, and curious kids is vital, so you should have the top-rated long gun safes that give you your money’s worth. Any of our safes should work well in your home, but we feel the Stack-On Elite Tall Gun Safe is the top choice.

The safe can hold up to 90 guns, and it features three compartments, multiple shelves, and a built-in door organizer for smaller firearms, magazines, and more. It has a secure locking mechanism with a backlit keypad, and it feels sturdy with high fire protection.

If that’s too far out of your price range, you can also check out the Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Gun Safe. It has a heavy door with quality anti-pry bars for optimal security. There’s a good amount of storage available as it can fit up to 51 rifles.

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