The Best Soft Rifle Cases in 2024

If you plan to carry your gun for camping or on a long hunting trip, those bulky hard cases can become a pain to haul around. You need something easier to manage like a soft rifle case. The soft rifle cases offer enough security for your gun and accessories without adding too much weight and bulk during your travels.

Don’t worry about finding the right one. We combed dozens of soft rifle cases, using our experience and research to weed out the inferior products so you can choose the case for your needs.

Let’s take a look at our efforts starting with our number one recommendation below.

Best Soft Rifle Cases:

1. NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case

The NcSTAR VISM Deluxe is an affordable AR-15 soft case that’s designed in 10 different color patterns. It comes in several sizes, and it features a main compartment inside for your weapon and five pockets outside for various accessories.

This is the rifle case for many consumers thanks to how easy it is to use. The zippers are smooth and seem to hold up as well as the rest of the heavy-duty material. There’s praise for how firm the Velcro straps hold, and the padding inside is good enough to protect your gun through various hunting trips.

Although users enjoy the five extra pockets for storage of accessories like magazines, there are complaints about the single flap that covers all five pockets rather than an individual opening for each.


  • Smooth zipper operation
  • Quality material and stitching
  • Velcro holds well


  • A single flap for five pockets

2. Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag Firearm Transportation Case

The Savior Equipment American Classic Rifle Gun Bag is among the hunting soft rifle cases around. Designed in four colors, it’s built with efficiency in mind as it has several pockets and compartments so you can carry various weapons and accessories.

Consumers enjoy the plentiful storage options. As you can carry two rifles at once, many users feel this is the air rifle case since you can bring far more with you on your travels. The padding is dense so users feel comfortable knowing their weapons and accessories aren’t at risk of damage.

A downside for consumers is the backpack strap option. Some feel that it makes it more uncomfortable to carry around, so you may want to stick with the traditional handheld strap instead.


  • Thick, rugged fabric
  • Many storage options
  • Dense padding


  • Backpack straps can be uncomfortable

3. NcSTAR 36″ Double Carbine Padded Weapons Case

The NcSTAR VISM double carbine tactical rifle soft case features two compartments and several pockets. You can fit two carbine-sized rifles inside this case in addition to whatever extra gear you need to bring along. This comes in seven color patterns as well.

Consumers enjoy the security factor of this case. There’s good padding around the main compartment for shock absorption. This is also the double rifle case for many users because of how vast the storage is. You can fit up to two carbine-sized rifles as well as other items like handguns, optics, ammo, and more.

The comfortable, wide backpack straps are another high point. If there are any concerns about the case, it’s that the straps and buckles inside don’t always stay tight, so you may have to readjust frequently during your trip.


  • Numerous pockets
  • Wide backpack straps
  • Good padding around the main compartment


  • Buckles and straps don’t always stay tight

4. Bulldog Cases BD100-40 Pit Bull Rifle Case

This Pit Bull Rifle Case is a budget-friendly option that features a single compartment to store your rifle. It comes in either black or green, and it’s made using water-resistant material and just enough padding to protect your rifle under light to moderate-duty use.

Many consumers enjoy this Bulldog soft rifle case for its simplicity as it’s a no-frills method of transportation for your rifle. The zipper slides well, and the padding is adequate for protection under light abuse. Also, slight water resistance is appreciated.

Perhaps because of the basic, affordable layout, the overall quality could be better. This doesn’t feel like it’ll last that long.


  • Straightforward design
  • Easy-to-slide zipper
  • Good for light-duty travels


  • Low-quality construction

5. Condor Single Soft Rifle Case

No products found.

The Condor Single Rifle Case features plenty of room to store a rifle along with additional guns and accessories. Made in three different colors, it has a lockable zipper closure and a removable shoulder strap so you can adapt the case as you see fit.

Consumers appreciate this soft-scoped rifle case as it can hold a lot of supplies. The second compartment can even fit a pistol or an SMG with ease alongside numerous accessories.

This case also has quality nylon material with reliable stitching. Even the zipper feels durable enough to withstand frequent use. The plastic clasps don’t feel the same way though. They seem a touch lower in quality.


  • Holds several accessories
  • Good zipper quality
  • Sturdy nylon material


  • Poor plastic clasps

6. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag Gun Case Firearm Backpack w/Pistol Handgun Case

This Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Gun Case is a high-end double rifle soft case. It comes in several different sizes and color options to choose from. The overall design is sleek, and there’s even room for you to attach patches on the hook and loop strip for personalization.

There’s much praise for the case’s comfortable shoulder and backpack straps. This doesn’t seem difficult to carry even when it’s filled. On that topic, you can prepare yourself rather well thanks to the double rifle compartments and dual pistol pockets. The Velcro straps and padding stabilize everything so nothing slides around.

There might be an issue with the long-term durability though. This doesn’t seem to hold its shape well over time, so it may begin to warp or bend out of shape.


  • Comfortable straps
  • High-quality padded protection
  • Stable Velcro tie-downs


  • May warp out of shape over time

7. Savior Equipment The Patriot 35″ Single Rifle Gun Tactical Bag

The Patriot Single Scoped Long Rifle Case from Savior Equipment is an all-in-one bag designed to secure your rifle and gear. It works with most rifles that have attachments like extended magazines and sights. This comes in three color options and three different sizes.

This soft-scoped rifle case is appreciated by consumers who customize their rifles. There’s plenty of room in the main compartment as well as the interior and exterior pockets. The pockets are roomy as well, and there’s quality stitching throughout so that the case holds up well to constant use.

A downside to the case for many consumers is the Velcro straps that cover the exterior magazine pouches. They don’t always cover the entire pouch, so there’s a chance the magazines aren’t secured and may slip out.


  • Quality stitching
  • Roomy pockets
  • Heavy-duty zippers


  • Poor Velcro flaps for magazine pouches

8. Allen Company 375-40 Ruger Flagstaff 10/22 Scoped Soft Carrying Gun Case


This Allen Company Soft Carrying Gun Case is designed to fit Ruger 10/22 scoped rifles that are up to 40in. in length. It features a modern red and black design with the embroidered Ruger 10/22 logo featured prominently. There’s a single main compartment as well as accessory pockets to carry your essentials.

Consumers praise the thick padding inside this soft rifle case. There’s enough protection to keep your gun safe from any bumps the case may experience along the way.

The handles are sturdy as well for extended carrying, and overall, the case is simple to use. Zippers work smoothly, and it’s easy to get your gun in and out. On the interior, the liner may feel low in quality. It’s questionable how long it will last without wearing down.


  • Easy to use
  • Thick padding
  • Sturdy handles


  • The inside liner feels low-quality

9. Bulldog Cases “Ultra Compact” AR-15 Discreet Carry Case

No products found.

The Ultra-Compact AR-15 Carry Case is for those of you in need of a more discreet method to transport your rifle. There’s a padded divider inside for better separation, and you can make use of the two pouches inside for your accessories. This AR-15 case comes in black or navy blue.

Many consumers enjoy just how discreet and easy to carry this case is. The fabric appears sturdy enough, and the carrying straps hold firm. There’s a strong zipper system for added durability. Inside, the material has a heat-resistant lining so the barrels won’t stick.

Some consumers complain about their weapons moving around though. There are no interior tie-downs, so the rifle can slip to the bottom.


  • Sturdy fabric
  • Quality carrying straps
  • Strong zipper system


  • No interior tie-downs for the rifle

10. Voodoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe Padded Weapons Case


The Voodoo Tactical Rifle Case is a padded weapons case that can store multiple guns. It can handle two rifles up to 36in. long as well as two handguns and additional accessories. The case is available in three different color styles.

Many consumers speak highly of the durable ballistic fabric. The zipper seems high in quality as well. It also seems easy to carry the case around for long periods since the carrying sling is comfortable. The sling is built sturdy and long-lasting too.

There are issues with the magazine pouches, however. Some consumers report inaccuracies in the measurements, so the magazines may fit too tight.


  • Strong and comfortable sling
  • Durable construction
  • Holds a lot of materials


  • Inaccurate measurements of magazine pouches

Factors to Consider

Although our reviews of 10 top-rated soft rifle cases should help you narrow down your choices, it can help if you learn more about this type of gun case. There are many considerations to keep in mind that will help you determine exactly what you need.


When it comes to any type of storage for your gun, size is the first thing you should think about.

Always check the measurements of a soft rifle case before you buy it. You don’t want to have to shove the rifle in if it’s too small or fear it’ll slide around in a case that’s too large.

Ease of Use

A major benefit of using soft gun cases is the user-friendly factor.

When you’re on a hunt, you won’t aim for your weapon the entire time, so you need a proper place to store your gun. A soft rifle case helps keep you light on your feet, and with a quality zipper setup, you won’t make much noise when you need to retrieve your gun.

Another factor to consider is how you carry the rifle. You’ll feel more comfortable on those long hunting trips if the straps are simple to manage. Some cases feature padded shoulder or backpack straps for extra comfort.

Security and Durability

It means little if a rifle case is comfortable but won’t properly secure your weapon. As you weigh your options, check out the padding available inside.

Quality padding helps keep your rifle in place as well as protect it from any bumps along the way.

Take a look at any straps that latch the gun down too. They should be reliable and sturdy.

On the topic of durability, the overall case should hold up to frequent use and abuse. The better the material, the more likely it will protect your rifle.

Storage Options

Depending on your needs, you may need a double rifle case or multiple pockets to hold all your essential items.

Some cases feature interior pockets, while others have a handful of external pouches to stash extra magazines and any other accessories. Of course, you may even find some cases that manage pockets on the inside and outside.

Larger cases might even allow you to store not just an extra rifle, but smaller weapons like a handgun. They’re not exactly better than basic soft rifle cases as it’s based purely on what you need.


Can you add a lock to a soft rifle case?

Many quality soft cases feature lockable zippers. Some allow you to apply simple padlocks or TSA-approved locks.

Are shoulder straps or backpack straps better?

Both strap styles can be useful depending on your preferences. The backpack style does free up your hands if you need to carry additional gear. Shoulder straps or carrying the case via the handgrip is still commonplace and simple enough.

Can you store your gun in a soft rifle case?

Soft rifle cases are mainly used for transportation purposes like outdoor trips. They aren’t built to fight off the damages your gun can see like rust for extended periods.

You may leave your gun in the case and keep it somewhere else as well. So, as you look for how to store soft gun cases, consider keeping them in an area that doesn’t see much humidity to ensure your gun and any accessories don’t degrade.

Making the Decision

There are many quality soft rifle cases, but if you want to choose one from our list, we recommend you check out the Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Rifle Gun Bag. It’s the soft rifle case with long-lasting durability and plenty of storage options for your accessories as well as two rifles and two pistols.

If that’s out of your price range and you don’t need too many areas to store accessories, consider the NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case. It’s simple, yet effective, and it comes with exterior pockets to stash just enough gear.

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