The Best Light Bulb Cameras in 2024

Having bright lights outside the home will help deter thieves from coming onto your property. Hidden cameras give us peace when we need to leave home or confirm safety on property grounds. Light bulb security cameras keep our family safe, and home exterior secure, and provide images and video of any incidents.

The challenge is figuring out which light bulb camera is best for protecting our family, and that’s why we’ve researched the market and become experts. We’ve analyzed features such as camera view, picture quality, and product design.

It’s important to have light bulb cameras because they will be reliable and provide an added sense of security for you and your family.

A mediocre light bulb camera will provide a grainy picture and will fail to notify you of incidents. This resource has all the information to help you make a conscious decision.

Best Light Bulb Cameras:

1. VIBOOS Camera, 1080p Home WiFi Light Camera

This light bulb camera is made by Viboos. It is a 1080P. Use the built-in speaker by pressing the microphone to talk and the horn icon to hear. This camera is an actual light bulb that can also be controlled with the phone. It has a panoramic IP security surveillance system. It has IR motion detection, night vision, as well as two-way audio for the home and office.

The majority of customers who purchased this product feel it is an outdoor light bulb camera. They feel this bulb is great for the price. The motion sensor is extremely sensitive and the app works great to control the camera and bulb. You can also take pictures. Customers can always take a look at what’s happening in their homes. A few customers have reported poor picture quality.

This product is good for people who are looking for an easy connection, night vision, zoom, and the ability to communicate with visitors through the camera. It has a motion sensor that is extremely sensitive and it has the potential to provide low picture quality according to a few customers. Buy your light bulb camera today for just under $50.


  • Easy to connect to a wireless network
  • Light sensors
  • Clear night vision
  • Communication capable through the device


  • The bulb has a unique look so not that discrete
  • Night vision only activates when the light is on
  • Not as well-lit as a porch light

2. Light Bulb Camera Wifi 1080P HD 360 Fisheye Wireless Security Camera

This camera Wi-Fi light bulb is by Tupeya. It’s a 1080P HD 360 wireless security camera. Don’t worry about break-ins when you install this camera, your 360EYEYS APP will notify you of any suspicious activity. Once the light bulb is connected to WIFI, you can access the feed from anywhere.

More than half of the customers who are using this product feel it is the light bulb security camera you can find. Setup is easy, you can get various view angles through the app, and the night vision is clear. A handful of customers reported connection issues with the app.

This bulb camera is easy to set up and provides an extra layer of security to your home or office.  It has motion detection and can take pictures or record videos. It also has clear night vision. Get your reliable camera today for just under $60!


  • Good night vision
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Loud motion detection alarm
  • Take pictures and record video


  • You can’t set the light to come on only with motion detection

3. Quanmin HD 360° Wide Angle Fisheye Wireless Wi-fi E27 LED Light Bulb 960P VR Panoramic IP Camera

This home WiFi camera has 360-degree viewing capabilities and will not leave you with any blind spots. It is easy to set up with no drilling or wiring needed. Use this camera for remote monitoring of babies, pets, and your home.

More than half of the customers using this wifi-led light bulb security camera are happy. They love the panoramic view and that the camera is easy to install. It provides clear video day and night and it’s a discreet design. A tiny amount of customers struggled to get the camera to connect to the app or the internet.

This device works great if you’re looking for a clear view day and night and you don’t mind leaving your wall switch on. The light can be controlled through the app if you want to turn it off while the camera is running. Purchase this lovely camera to keep an affordable eye on your loved ones today for just under $30!


  • Easy to install
  • Discreet design
  • Clear picture
  • Good price


  • The light switch must remain on for power

4. Light Bulb Camera Wireless 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera

This light bulb camera Push alerts from the motion detector are saved so you can look back on missed clips.

All of the customers who reviewed this 32GB light bulb camera are happy. The camera works well and the software is nice.

If you’re looking for a camera that is easy to control, provides a very wide view, and has Wi-Fi capabilities, then this is the best camera for you. Get your wifi light bulb camera today for just under $60!


  • Works well
  • clear image
  • 360 Degree View


  • Push alerts are very sensitive

5. EVERSECU 360° Panoramic View 1080P WiFi IP Bulb Camera

This panoramic camera is an indoor light bulb camera that provides security for the home. The electronic PTZ lets you change the viewing angle, and zoom in or out. The bulb uses the E27 screw so it will fit into your existing socket.

About half of the outdoor light bulb security camera reviews are positive. Customers like the easy setup and large viewing lens. It provides good-quality video. Some of the disappointed customers had trouble downloading the app and didn’t like the bulky size of the camera.

This light bulb camera could be a good purchase if you don’t mind a bulky-looking bulb. It comes at an affordable price, offers a multi-view feature, and has a stress-free installation. Happy users mentioned that this camera also has good-quality video. Get your camera today for just under $30!


  • Clear view
  • Good price
  • Easy install
  • Multi-view feature


  • A little bulky
  • App instructions aren’t that great
  • The light switch must stay on for it to work

6. Momentum Aria Outdoor Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

This security camera is a floodlight by Momentum. It’s made to help with home security. It can be used outdoors on your front or back porch. It has Wi-Fi capabilities, 2-way audio, and a siren alarm.

Once the motion detector gets triggered this bulb will turn on a bright LED light and start recording the action. It immediately notifies you as well.

Half of the customers who reviewed this product are happy. There is no monthly subscription needed, the video is great quality and easy to install. Great day and nighttime images. The device is pretty solid, but connecting it to wifi is a challenge.

This camera works well and once you figure out the wifi connection you will be very happy. It provides a high-quality level of security and it’s worth the price. Get your dependable security camera today for just under $180!


  • Easy installation
  • Very clear picture
  • Ultra bright LED lights


  • Hard to connect to wifi
  • SD card and reset button are hard to reach once the light is installed

7. Light Bulb Security Camera WiFi,1080P Wireless Security Camera Bulb

This wide-angle security camera is great for indoor and outdoor surveillance. It will leave no blind areas and it’s perfect for monitoring your pet, baby, and home. Get the ability to protect the entire exterior of your home.

Only a small amount of customers reviewed this product and a little over half of those customers believe this is the outdoor light bulb camera on the market. It gives good picture quality and settings. Overall it reportedly works well.

This camera is a nice way to provide additional security to your home. You can install multiple cameras to a single app. It provides clear video and good sound. It has night vision and connects to wifi. Get your security camera today for under $80.


  • Works well
  • Good picture
  • Good sound


  • N/A

Tips on Choosing

Aim for good-quality recording

A blurry or grainy picture is pointless. To have the best level of security, you need to be able to see exactly what’s going on outside or inside your home.

Motion detection

This feature makes a big difference because you can receive a push notification as soon as there’s an activity in or around your home. If you consider that motion detection is a must, you might be interested in another solution for your property security lights with motion sensors.

Night vision

This is a good feature to have to still be able to see objects in the dark. Clear night vision is key for the best views in black and white. The 360-degree panoramic camera is best if you want to be able to monitor a large area of your home.

Factors to Consider


Are there other things your preferred bulb can do besides record video? Some bulb cameras are not lights and are just cameras. An LED bulb camera will perform just as well as your house light while being a hidden security system.


How strong is your internet? Several customers report having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi cameras through the network. The best thing to do is consider whether or not you have the right signal strength for a wifi camera and make any necessary adjustments before you try to set up the camera.

Mobile view:

Make sure the device you are thinking about purchasing is compatible with various operating systems. Do you care about being able to communicate with others in front of the camera? If so, then you want to make sure you choose a camera that has 2-way communication capability.


If you are on a tight budget you might want to reconsider the features you are looking for. The more features the camera has the more expensive it will be. There is also the matter of brand that will make the camera cost more. If you want to save you can choose an LED light camera that will offer bright light and just have fewer features.

If you want to protect yourself and your family from unwanted surveillance getting a quality detector for hidden cameras is a must. You need to be sure that someone placed a hidden camera and watched you without your permission before calling the police.


How is the light camera connected to my mobile phone?

The majority of light bulb cameras require wifi. Having Wi-Fi capability allows you to connect your phone to the camera through a wireless network. Instructions on a connection may vary, and the process is spelled out in the manual of each camera. Typically it requires a simple app download.

Can an indoor bulb camera work outdoors as a light?

Indoor bulbs are made to be used indoors only. These cameras are not waterproof and could get damaged outside. A good remedy for this is to create an overhead shelter for the camera before you install it outdoors.

Will my camera work while the light is off?

In some cases, the camera will only work if the light switch is powered on. Users can go through the app to turn the bulb off and the camera will still run. The light switch provides power to both the light and the camera. Some cameras have a feature that allows them to run even if the light is off, but you have to check for those capabilities.

Making The Decision

Now that you know everything about purchasing the light bulb cameras it’s time to narrow down your choices and secure your home.

Your most important features might include a clear picture, a large viewing angle, and ease of use. You want a reliable camera that you can depend on to promptly send you notifications when the motion detector is triggered.

Remember to check customer reviews. You want the outdoor light bulb camera and your decision can be made much easier if you already know what to expect from the products you are considering.

You might have to be a little flexible with your budget if you find some features you can’t feel secure without. Reduce your choices down to a single light bulb camera that works best for you and go invest in the security of your home today!

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