The Best Locks for Apartment Doors in 2024

We were confronted with a lot of competing manufacturers when we went to find the locks for apartment doors. It was easy to do away with sub-par locks. The hard part was picking the best out of those that were left. But we did all the leg work for you. Check these out. One of them will work best for you and your apartment.

Best Locks for Apartment Doors:

1. Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock


The deadbolt locks for apartment doors have one major flaw: They can be picked with varying degrees of difficulty.

This doorstop cannot be picked. It acts as a physical barrier to prevent the door from being forced or kicked open.

It installs quickly with a drill, a ⅛” bit, and Philip’s screwdriver. You may need a chisel and hammer to eek out a slot for it if your door fits very tightly into its jam.

Once installed, it can be engaged or disengaged in a couple of seconds. When engaged, the rubber shoe sits securely against the door. It can reportedly withstand up to 800 pounds of force.

There is no way to engage or disengage it from outside of the door, so it’s best for security when you’re home.

People talk about how easy this lock is to install. It seems to take most people less than 10 minutes, and there usually aren’t any problems. The extra layer of security impresses most people, as it has us.


  • Cannot be picked
  • Available in several finishes to blend with most decors


  • Cannot be unlocked from the outside

2. Addalock the Original Portable Door Lock

Here’s a door lock that you can put in your pocket to take with you on trips. When also considering its strength and effectiveness, it’s the portable door lock.

You can even use it to secure a bathroom door at a friend’s house if you want to. It’s the door knob lock for an apartment door, mostly because of its ease of installation. You just hook it onto the striker plate with the door open, close the door, and set the “key” into its slot. To open the door, you remove the key and pull the door open.

Travelers love this one because they can take it with them wherever they go to add more security to hotel and rental doors. People often remark about how easy it is to install and take out when they are ready to leave.


  • Portable
  • Simple to use


  • Can’t be unlocked from the outside
  • The door can be kicked open with less force than door stoppers that are installed permanently

3. Berlin Modisch Privacy Lever Door Handle for Bedroom or Bathroom

This handsome door lever isn’t meant to provide much resistance to picking. It’s for privacy. When locked, it can’t be opened by pushing the lever. You’d need the included pin-type emergency key to unlock it from the outside. Think of it as a bathroom door lock.

We recommend this as an external door lock for applications where security isn’t that big of an issue, but privacy is. The difficulty of installation is on par with that of a regular locking doorknob. If you lose the key, you can get it unlocked using any thin object that will fit into the keyhole.

Most who have bought this lock did so to use it as a privacy lock. They like that they can open it easily, even if they lose the key. The style is a hit. It is an attractive door lever.


  • Looks great
  • Available in several finishes
  • Provides privacy to prevent embarrassing mishaps


  • Can be easily opened from the outside with a thin nail or a similar household object

4. Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry Door Knob


Both the knob and deadbolt install the same way any other knob and deadbolt installs. To program each lock, you simply insert the key it is set for and turn it. Then you slide the included rekeying tool into its slot. Then you insert the new key and turn it. Remove the new key and rekeying tool, and you’re done.

This makes it easy to “change your lock” whenever you need to do so and as often as you want.

The smart key technology is, without a doubt, the biggest selling point of any Kwikset smart key deadbolt. It’s not just the novelty that people like. Everyone recognizes the practicality, and they are almost always still happy with their decision years later.


  • Using the rekeying feature, you can use almost any door or deadbolt key to unlock the knob or deadbolt
  • Can be rekeyed in less than one minute


  • You have to be careful: A crooked person who finds the rekeying tool and sets the lock to open with one of his or her keys. You would then be at risk until you discovered the situation and reset the lock

5. Home Security Door Lock, Childproof Door Reinforcement Lock


Think of this one as an upgraded, and more expensive, version of the Defender Security door stop lock. It’s a bit more solid and comes with longer, hardened screws. Installation is just as easy. You’ll just need a drill, ⅛” bit, and a screwdriver.

It can withstand a more intense assault than a deadbolt or locking knob. It’s best as a supplement to one of those.

Customers bought this lock for the same reason Defender Security’s customers bought that one. They wanted the resistance to kicking. The fact that the lock can’t be picked also helped make up many people’s minds.

Almost everyone who bought this lock is happy with their purchase and would make the same choice again if given the chance.


  • Cannot be picked
  • Stands up well to attempted kick-ins
  • Recommended by some law enforcement agencies
  • Available in several finishes


  • Can’t be unlocked from the outside

6. Kwikset 99800-123 Deadbolt

For all practical purposes, this is the same deadbolt that’s included with the Kwikset SmartKey combo that we reviewed above. Everything about the other one holds for this one. It’s still one of the great smart locks on the market.

You may want to choose this option if you already have a good locking knob. You’ll save about $10 by just getting the deadbolt. You can also add this to an interior door for security, even if there is no locking knob on the door.

Many people went with this Kwikset smart key option because they just needed the deadbolt, not the deadbolt and knob combo. They got the same quality deadbolt and saved some money by not getting the component they didn’t need.


  • Can be rekeyed in three easy steps
  • Installation is pretty quick and straightforward when you follow the clear instructions that are included


  • Someone can rekey your lock if they find the rekeying tool

7. Home Security Door Lock, Childproof Door Reinforcement Lock


This one looks identical and operates the same way as the other Everplus door stop lock that made our list. This one’s mechanism is a little bit stiffer and harder for small hands to open. That explains the childproof claim, and it works.

Of course, it is just as resistant to adults who want to break into your apartment. This is one of the swing door locks, since it can’t be picked and is so strong that it outperforms deadbolts in tests.

We’ve heard from a lot of parents who’ve bought this lock specifically for peace of mind regarding their small children. Some of them have tried other types of door security, including chains, to keep their kids from opening the door and getting outside unattended.

They like this one because it’s hard for kids to figure out, but they still recommend installing the lock about ¾ the way up the door. That way it’s harder for the kids to even get to it.


  • Kids can’t figure out how to disengage this lock easily
  • Pretty easy installation
  • Can’t be picked
  • Very resistant to brute-force entry


  • Can’t be unlocked from the outside

8. Defender Security U 10308 Swing Bar Lock for Hinged Swing-In Doors

This type of lock is popular for motel rooms because they are easy to install, easy to use, and require no maintenance. You can use it to secure your apartment’s entrance doors, or even as a privacy lock for interior doors.

A great feature of this one is that you can open the door slightly to see and speak to whoever is calling, all without unlocking the door. Those who’ve gone with this lock comment about how it seems to be much more secure than the typical chain door guard.

They also like how you can see who’s at the door before opening it. Parents of teens who stay at home alone like that extra layer of security.


  • Easy to use
  • Stronger than chain locks
  • Installation is straightforward


  • Cannot be locked or unlocked from the outside

9. Door Lock Latch for Home Security

We’ve included this one because, even though it is identical to Prime-Line’s swing bar lock, it is somewhat stronger. It’s made of solid aluminum, as opposed to Prime-Line’s die-cast zinc model.

All of the same features and benefits apply here. You may want to go with this one if that little bit of extra strength due to the more elaborate manufacturing process is important to you.

Everyone likes these. There have been some concerns about the strength of the lock because it feels so light. But people who have tested the lock after installing it confirm that it is, indeed, as strong as steel. If it’s installed correctly, it is better than a chain lock by far.

People like that they can add a lock above their knob and deadbolt for that extra bit of protection. It really can make a difference in an emergency when you are home alone, as many people attest to.


  • Available in several finishes
  • Better and stronger than a chain lock, although just as convenient when you have a caller at your door


  • Can’t be locked or unlocked from outside the door


You have several categories to choose from when picking the lock for apartment doors. The smart lock is the Kwikset Juno Knob And Deadbolt Combo. It offers the best value of rekeyable locks.

As far as portable locks go, the Addalock is the best. It fits in your pocket and installs on almost any door latch within seconds, so you can be safe when traveling as well. Berlin Modisch makes the privacy lock. It’s functional and attractive.

The doorstop lock is made by Everplus. Their lock is sturdy and can keep kids from wandering outside without you knowing.

Regardless of where you live, there is always a danger from those who would break into your home while you’re away. Even worse, some would break in while you or your family is there.

You need a good lock for your door for protection. There is no sense in delaying if your current door security is not up to snuff. Pick your lock and order today.

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