The Best Luggage Locks in 2024

Those of us who have had our luggage stolen and anyone who can imagine it will all agree that it’s an inconvenience. It can ruin your entire trip, but the good news is there is a way to try to secure your luggage and prevent that from happening. Consider purchasing luggage locks to keep your belongings safe.

Choosing a lock that is best for you and also TSA-approved might be tough and that’s why we’ve analyzed all the luggage locks on the market and become extremely knowledgeable.

We’ve compared features such as locking mechanisms, lock size, and lock construction, to find you the travel locks for luggage. It’s a major benefit to have the top product because you need something reliable, and an ordinary lock will not be dependable. Don’t worry, we’ve taken all the notes to help you find the TSA-approved locks.

Best Luggage Locks:

1. TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks

These durable luggage locks by Forge are TSA-recognized and approved and made with zinc alloy material for long-lasting locking capability. This lock system is tamper-proof and extremely reliable.

This 4-pack comes with all-black locks, however, you can also purchase a 4-color pack with or without cables, or even a smaller two-pack. If you are traveling with a larger load you can check out the 6-pack or 8-pack. There is a solid orange pack available as a 4 or 8 pack, as well as a silver pack that comes in 2 or 4. Lastly, there is a red 4-pack available.

Customers who provided TSA travel locks reviews really like the convenience of these locks. A single key will operate the whole package, and it’s easier to use a key than it is to try to remember a combination code. They report that this is a high-quality lock and it will last a long time.

Traveling with a lot of bags? Just take one key. A single key from each set will open the all included locks allowing you to store your other keys in a safe place at home.

The relocking requirement will give you peace, knowing that your bag will never be left open after an inspection. Invest in your security, go and get your easy secure, and convenient set of locks today!


  • Looks nice
  • The function is smooth and easy
  • Sturdy lock


  • Locks are small
  • Break easily
  • Wirecutters can cut right through

2. TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks

This pack of TSA locks by TravelMore is a lock that’s different from any others you have seen. This one comes in an orange 4-pack, however, the product is also available in a 1 or 2-pack with the option of a black color instead. This special zinc alloy lock will not have to be cut off of your luggage, just simply unlock and relock.

Customers who were looking for small luggage security locks felt that these locks were durable. These smaller locks have also worked for users with zippers on their lunch bags.

They like the unique AA battery shape of the locks, which works well for arthritic fingers. This pretty secure set can’t be easily picked with a paper clip.

If you’re looking for a dependable lock for a small piece of luggage, then this is the best lock for you. Once you get the hang of unlocking and relocking it you will love the security that this lock offers. Be careful traveling with these locks because if your TSA agent doesn’t know how to relock them, then you might find your luggage unsecured.

If you need a simple locking solution for a small zippered item, then go purchase this uniquely designed lock today!


  • Very strong and durable
  • Easy for fingers to navigate
  • Secure


  • All locks might be keyed alike, not just on a per-set basis
  • You must insert and turn the key to get the lock to latch

3. Master Lock 4688D Set Your Combination TSA-Approved Luggage Lock

This TSA-accepted luggage lock is by Master Lock. This lock is blue, but it is also available in black red, and silver. Get your luggage inspected without having to get your lock cut. This lock is made from metal and has a vinyl-covered cable to protect it from damage due to baggage handling.

Customers are ok with this lock. It is quite durable and reliable. It works well for regular luggage, but it can also be used on bags with leather straps or even a gun bag. The lock is easy to set so you can pick the easiest numbers for you to remember.

This lock is reliable and should work well for simple luggage needs. The numbers can be a bit hard to read, which makes using this lock a little challenging in times when you can’t see.

Also if you have big fingers that could be a problem. Otherwise, if you need a small combination lock and have smaller fingers this could be the right lock for you. Go get your combination backpack-size lock today!


  • Easy installation
  • Functions well


  • Numbers are a little hard to read

4. TSA-Approved Luggage Lock – 4 Digit Combination Padlocks with a Hardened Steel Shackle

This luggage lock by Anvil is TSA-approved and will not get cut off of your luggage at the airport. It is a combination padlock with a hardened steel shackle. This set is a 4-pack all-black, however, you can also buy a 4-pack in assorted colors, a 6-pack in all yellow or black, a single black or yellow lock, or a 2-pack of black, purple, yellow, or orange.

The lock is durable and made with zinc alloy. Users can set their combination and change it whenever they want.

Customers believe this lock is well made and they like the legibility of the numbers. The white on black is easier to read than the silver dials. The color options are a nice touch for anyone who wants to quickly spot their luggage. They report that the metal shackle gives a more secure feeling than the wire loop.

This lock works best on small luggage. If you’re looking for a lock that is easy to read, has a tough combination, and is simple to use, then you will want to try this one. New users should read instructions carefully for proper first-time settings. Buy this heavy sturdy pack of locks to conveniently secure your smaller bags today!


  • Easy to set
  • Easy to read
  • 4 Number combination to deter thieves


  • The lock is heavy but Hasp isn’t

5. Brinks 161-20471 TSA Approved 22mm Luggage Lock Solid Brass

This 4-pack of 22mm luggage locks by Brinks is TSA-approved and made from solid brass. They have a shackle made of chrome-plated steel. Enjoy using these locks every time you travel. TSA can inspect without cutting these locks off as long as you bring your keys.

Customers appreciate the strength of these locks. Even though they don’t have any tamper indicators, they can take a beating and continue to secure your luggage. They like that the locks are small, come with identical keys, and are not bulky.

This set of solid brass locks will provide the strength and durability you need when traveling with your luggage. The small loop will fit on most zippers and if you have any issues with TSA, use your lifetime warranty to get a replacement lock.

Customers should wash their hands after each use due to the California carcinogens warning. Get your trusted brand to secure your luggage by buying one of these locks today!


  • Can be used for other items
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Small clasp fits most zippers


  • No entry indicators or key retention features
  • TSA stickers will eventually fall off

6. Forge TSA Approved Luggage Locks


This 2-pack of Forge locks has an alloy body and comes with an open alert indicator. This is one of the most durable, accepted, and recognized TSA locks. The lock is made with an alloy body and a hardened steel shackle. It is very strong and can take lots of handling.

Customers who reviewed these items say they are much better than the TSA-approved cable locks. The hardened steel shackle provides a stronger sense of security. One of the favorite features of this lock is the tamper indicator. When TSA relocks your suitcase you will have a red indicator on your suitcase.

This tiny lock is sturdy enough to secure your luggage. It has open indicators to give you peace of mind and make sure your belongings have not been tampered with. It is made with good-quality alloy and hardened steel. Feel secure right away by buying your lightweight luggage lock today!


  • Secures luggage
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality


  • The locks don’t lock when set to the opening code
  • Very small and might not fit all hard cases

7. Pacsafe Unisex Prosafe 750 TSA Accepted Key-Card Lock

This black imported TSA-accepted key-card lock is by PacSafe. This sturdy lock is made with zinc alloy. It comes with two in a pack you’ll never have to find your luggage keys or remember a combination again. This key-card system fits right in your wallet.

Customers who are using this PacSafe lock are quite pleased with the convenience of not losing a key. This luggage locking system works great because it’s simple and does not fail.

This extremely convenient lock saves you from ever squinting or trying to remember numbers. It also prevents you from fiddling around with several keys. It will not jam upon you and the card will open your luggage every single time.

Even though it is TSA-accepted, it might not be as widely recognized so some locks still get cut. Bring an extra lock just in case. Buy this reliable lock today and save yourself the struggle of opening your luggage at security during your next trip!


  • Works great consistently
  • Super convenient
  • Sturdy lock


  • No written instructions
  • TSA might still cut the lock

8. Lumintrail TSA-Approved All Metal International Travel Luggage

This two-pack of red locks by Lumintrail are TSA approved and the agents can unlock and relock them with no problem. This lock is made for computer bags, backpacks, small cabinets, luggage, and bags. This lock is strong and has a steel shackle to prevent it from being broken or getting cut. You won’t need to find your keys for this lock, it has a combination.

Customers who prefer the 4-digit combination code over 3 digits are very happy with this set of TSA-approved luggage locks. These locks are sturdy enough to make you feel secure with your luggage.

They are easy to use, and the long cables make it possible to lock bags together or attach them to something. The numbers are easy to read which is great, and they come with directions.

This set of locks will give you extra peace of mind when you use the security cable to tie down and lock your bags to an area. The setup is fairly quick, and if you get confused do not worry, these locks include instructions. If you’ve always needed a longer cable to secure your bags, this product is made for you. Get your 4-digit combination locks with the included security cable today!


  • 4 Digit code is harder to hack
  • Easy to use
  • Includes directions
  • Well made product
  • Reliable


  • 4″ cable is not that thick

9. Tarriss TSA Cable Lock – Combination Lock Ideal for Travel

These 2 packs of TSA locks by Tarriss are jet black. This lock will be easy for you to install or remove, allowing you to keep your belongings secure. It has visible markers so you can line up the numbers properly without fail.

This TSA cable lock is recognized and accepted by TSA agents, which prevents them from having to cut your lock. This lock is made from zinc alloy and is very sturdy and durable.

Customers are pleased with these TSA-approved padlocks. One of the common favorites is the push-button release on the top. This lock is easy to operate without any wiggling. Users choose this lock because they don’t want to have to search for a key or worry about losing a key.

This lock will be simple to use on your luggage. It has a nice sturdy cable that is short enough to keep the zippers from spreading and letting things fall out.

This good-quality lock will last you a long time and there is a release button that is simple to deal with. This combination lock is best for people who do not have time to look for keys for locks and prefer to remember a code. If you’re ready to travel with a simple 3-dial combination buy this TSA-trusted brand today!


  • Good length on the cable (4cm)
  • Nice quality
  • Easy to use


  • Setting new combinations is a challenge
  • Easy to pick with a hairpin

10. Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock with SearchAlert Indicator

This lovely blue TSA Lock is by Tarriss and has SearchAlert. It comes in a two-pack and it is also available in red and midnight black. These locks are easily recognized and accepted by TSA agents.

Purchasing this lock will guarantee that no one has to cut off your locks to inspect your bags. These locks are durable and will last you a long time, they are made from a strong zinc alloy.

Customers are really into this lock design. The visibility has improved, and customers appreciate the large white numbers on the flat background as opposed to chrome black like before. They also enjoy the tamper indicator and ease of setting the lock.

If you’re looking for high-security luggage locks, this set of two TSA locks might be the perfect match. They have a flexible cable and they look nice on your luggage. The numbers are large enough that this is a great lock for anyone who has trouble seeing small digits. Buy this pack of locks as a special gift for your favorite traveler today!


  • The cable is a good length
  • Large numbers
  • Easy to set combination
  • Functions well


  • Not as secure. Can picklock easily with a piece of plastic
  • Can get pricy because you need 3 locks per suitcase
  • Numbers are not indented so they might be able to be scraped off

Factors to Consider

Ease of use

Some locks require locks of angling and squinting. Think about what works for you. If you are okay with combinations, but you need easy-to-read combinations, then perhaps you’re better with a high-contrast combination lock.

Buy a second or larger set

If there is a lockset you want but you are nervous about it being cut, travel with an extra set. You can’t guarantee your lock won’t get cut even if it’s a TSA-approved lock, but you can keep your peace of mind if you have a replacement lock to put on your belongings to keep them safe at your next destination.

Type of bag you are securing

A few of the locks will only fit the smallest of bags. Make sure you think about the size of the luggage you want to put a lock on and double-check that the lock you want will fit. Aim for a lock with a long shackle or a flexible cable for best results.

Combination locks over keys

If you tend to lose your keys or carry a lot of keys on you, it might be more convenient to go with a combination lock. You can always reset the combination, but a lost key will cause you to get your lock cut.

Making The Decision

At this point, you should be very excited about your trip. You’ve learned enough to have peace of mind when it comes to securing your luggage and it’s time to purchase your lock. Remember to base your lock purchase on what will make your particular bags most secure.

Customer reviews are helpful when it comes to things you didn’t think of such as jamming potential or hard-to-read digits, but only you know if you’re better at keeping up with keys or remembering numbers. Once you’ve identified which method works best, you’ll think about which lock serves your needs.

Get something that TSA likes, something that will deter a thief is ideal, like a bright color, but most of all, get something that you will be able to use and rely on without fail. Now get packing, and secure your luggage by purchasing one of the luggage locks for international travel today!

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