The Best Master Lock Padlocks in 2024

Even for light-duty security, Master Lock is a popular choice for many. We’re here to help you decide on which is the Master Lock padlock on the market.

To choose our top picks, we relied on our extensive knowledge and history in home security and numerous security devices. It’s this hands-on experience that helped us narrow our search to find 10 top-rated, high-quality padlocks.

Read on to discover which Master Lock padlocks are currently best on the market to decide which one is right for your security needs.

Best Master Lock Padlocks:

1. Master Lock Padlock, Indoor Personal Use Bluetooth Lock

This Master Lock Bluetooth Lock takes away the keys and combinations, relying instead on Bluetooth or directional code input. Intended for indoor use only, the lock is compact and great for use at home, school, or gym.

It comes with a free app compatible with iOS and Android devices. Via the app, you can add or remove access for certain people, monitor all activity, and receive tamper alerts. The low-battery notification will always pop up to warn you, while a temporary power will kick in if it happens to die while in the “locked” setting.

Like other Master Locks, this features an anti-shim locking mechanism. The metal body construction and the boron carbide shackle are durable as well. Many seem to enjoy the modern aspect of this Bluetooth padlock. It’s easy to monitor who has used or is tampering with your lock while you’re away as well.

However, some note an issue with the app not working or the Bluetooth failing to sync, which may make it difficult to get into the lock at times.


  • Quality battery
  • Sturdy construction
  • Share or remove access for others


  • Some issues with the app and syncing

2. Master Lock Padlock, Magnum Series Stainless Steel Lock

The Magnum Series Padlock from Master Lock focuses on securing outside areas like your storage unit or garage. Its body is stainless steel, while the shrouded shackle is hardened steel to ward off bolt cutters.

The shroud design keeps the shackle unexposed. For weather protection, there’s a plastic cover you can slide over the keyhole. With these features, it’s the Master Lock for storage unit use outdoors for the lock mechanism, it’s a four-pin cylinder with dual locking levers.

Many consumers enjoy the reliability of the lock’s construction. The metal is high-grade and resistant to corrosion. They also appreciate how easy it is to slide the cover so that the keyhole isn’t at risk of being damaged from grime, rain, or ice.

Users also enjoy that it comes with two keys for convenience.

The size may be an issue though as even though shackle exposure is limited, it’s awkward and limits what you can use it on. It may stick out at an odd angle.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Smooth lock mechanism


  • Shackle size limits its use

3. Master Lock 6271KA 2 Pack Tumbler Keyed Alike Padlock

The ProSeries Hidden Shackle Padlock features a unique body shape to secure the shackle. As it’s made from reinforced zinc, it resists prying and cutting. The material design also makes it impact-resistant.

Its six-pin cylinder has spool pins so that it’s almost impossible to pick, marking it among the most secure Master Locks available. Whether you order a two-pack, four-pack, or more, each lock comes with two keys so that you’re never without a spare.

Consumers appreciate that the lock has a good weight to it as a testament to its reliability and sturdiness.

They praise the recessed key slot, but some mention a lack of weather resistance. There’s a chance the lock may stiffen in the weather without consistent upkeep, making it difficult to turn the key.


  • Good recessed key slot
  • Comes with extra keys
  • Quality weight and construction


  • Low-quality weather resistance

4. Master Lock 141D Covered Aluminum Keyed Padlock

For everyday use, this Covered Aluminum Keyed Padlock is a top choice. It comes with two keys colored to match the padlock. This high-security Master Lock is made for indoor and outdoor use in areas like sheds, gates, and lockers.

Constructed from an aluminum body, it’s corrosion and scratch-resistant. The shackle is made from hardened steel for greater durability. Many feel this is the Master Lock for gym use thanks to how lightweight it is to carry and how easy it is to hold.

They also enjoy that the lock has a vinyl cover with three different colors to choose from. The color-coded keys make it nearly impossible to mix them up with other keys.

For any downsides, the lock may not hold up well outdoors in various weather conditions.

As for the mechanics, there’s a four-pin cylinder and a dual locking lever. This design is to aid in preventing would-be thieves from prying or picking.


  • Lightweight, easy-grip design
  • Key turns smoothly
  • Two color-coded keys


  • May not hold up well outdoors

5. Master Lock 5400EC Lock Box, 5 Key Capacity

The Master Lock 5400D is a portable key lockbox that fits the most common doorknob styles like biscuit, ball, and tulip. Its removable shackle grants quick installation over a knob. You can set your four-digit combination and readily reset the combination as needed.

There’s a cover you can slide over the combination for outdoor use as this can fight off the elements from getting inside or freezing the combination dials. The storage compartment is designed large enough to hold five standard-sized house keys.

One of the main comments about this is how readily it can hold smaller keys. The setup process is also praised for how straightforward it is. It’s also touted as the weather-resistant Master Lock padlock thanks to the protective cover you can slide up over the combination.

Opening the lock can be difficult at times as it may feel stiff. The switch is also rather small, so it may take some finesse to open without struggle.


  • Easy to setup
  • The chamber can hold several keys
  • Weather-resistant cover


  • Difficult to open

6. Master Lock 1505D Locker Lock Combination Padlock

This 1505D Master Lock is a top pick for school-age users in large part due to its straightforward layout. It’s a good compact size to fit on a locker, and all it requires is a three-digit combination code to gain access.

Available in multiple colors on the combination face, this lock is made with a metal body, a hardened steel shackle, and a stainless steel cover. Its shackle design resists cutting, and, like all Master Lock padlocks, it features an anti-shim latch mechanism to make it more secure.

There’s clear praise for how simple, yet effective, this lock is. Many feel that it’s the school locker Master Lock you can find. The dial operates smoothly, but there are some issues with latching and unlatching the lock. Some feel that it’s stiff, but it may take time to break in.

It has good strength for light-duty locker use, and as it’s colored, it’ll stand out. Do note though that you can’t choose the color.


  • Available in various bright colors
  • Smooth dial operation
  • Reliable construction


  • Some issues with opening and closing

7. Master Lock 4688D Set Your Combination TSA Approved Luggage Lock

The 4688D Master Lock is a simple way to secure your luggage. It’s TSA-approved for seamless inspection without damaging the lock. This lock features a metal body and a vinyl-covered cable that’s flexible for greater protection.

You’ll also locate your luggage faster with this installed as it’s available in some different bright colors. For the combination, you can set your own after initially unlocking it for greater personalization.

The bold colors are a high point of these locks since they allow you to quickly recognize your luggage. They also like how easy the lock is to use not just to keep people out of your luggage, but also to keep everything from spilling out.

Even though users enjoy the personalization of the combination, some find that the numbers are a touch hard to read.


  • The colors stand out well
  • Flexible cable
  • Personalized combination


  • Numbers are hard to read

8. Master Lock 1535DWD Locker Lock Set Your Own Word Combination Padlock

This Set Your Own Word Combination Padlock from Master Lock is best used indoors for things such as school or gym lockers. It features the standard anti-shim build with a metal body and hardened steel shackle.

You can set your four-letter word combination for customized use. It’s easy to initially set up and change the combination afterward as well. Users believe this is a good-quality combination padlock for light-duty use. The letters are clear and easy to read, and they even come in a multitude of colors (albeit you can’t select a color).

Some do believe that the dials are either too stiff or too small to turn sometimes. However, they do feature grip points to help the process be more accurate.


  • Customized code
  • Simple setup
  • Easy-to-read letters


  • Dials can be hard to turn

9. Master Lock 140DLH Padlock


This simple padlock from Master Lock comes with two keys and is built with an extra-long shackle. It’s versatile in its use as it can be used indoors and outdoors, and it can be placed on areas like backpacks, lockers, cabinets, and some gun cases.

For security, it features a four-pin cylinder and dual locking mechanism. The padlock itself is designed with a corrosion-resistant, solid brass body and a hardened steel shackle.

How straightforward and seamless it is to use this lock is one of the many things users praise it for. It’s a bonus that it comes with a spare key. The lock seems to hold up well in various weather conditions too.

With that said, there are some concerns with its overall longevity as the construction doesn’t feel that solid.


  • Easy to insert the key
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Comes with a spare key


  • Build seems low-quality

10. Master Lock 1500iD Locker Lock Set Your Directional Combination Padlock

This Master Lock relies on you setting your directional combination. Since there are no number or letter combinations to remember, the arrow directional movements seem to provide faster entry.

Its design allows you to open it with one hand. Once you memorize your direction, you may even open it without looking. There are plenty of instructions that come with the lock detailing how you initially unlock it, set your combination, and even change it.

The lock is available in various colors, but you don’t know which color you’ll receive. Many view this padlock as a good alternative to standard combination locks due to how easy it is to use. Of course, this is when it functions properly.

There are reports of malfunctioning locks that either won’t open even with the right combination. Still, as far as cheap Master Locks go, this seems to provide you with good value for light-duty security.


  • Easy to turn
  • Unlocks fast
  • Customizable pattern


  • Chance it may malfunction

Factors to Consider

Because Master Lock padlocks are plentiful and popular, choosing just one isn’t easy. You can, of course, go off our top 10 recommendations above, but there are still key factors to consider before choosing a Master Lock padlock.


What exactly do you need the lock for? Answering this simple question can narrow down your search drastically.

Not all padlocks are built the same even if a lot of them look the same.

Some padlocks are designed for items like lockers or backpacks, while others are designed for trailers or garages.

Key, Combination, or Neither?

Since padlocks come in a variety of styles, they can open differently as well.

Common ones are keyed or combination styles. If you know you can manage to keep up and locate a key, then it’s perhaps the simplest choice.

The combination is another go-to as it’s found throughout schools and gyms for locker security. You don’t have to go for the typical combination though as Master Lock creates padlocks with choose-your-own combos for numbers, letters, or even directional input.

If you want to take a modern approach, you can consider smart locks instead. These are designed to work with Bluetooth and app connectivity, allowing you to monitor your lock when you’re away.

Making the Decision

Master Lock products are a great way to protect your belongings. If you want, take a look at our top pick, the Master Lock 141D Covered Aluminum Keyed Padlock.

It comes with two color-coded keys to match the lock so you’ll always know which key to use. The keys turn with ease as well. This is known to last a long time thanks to the reliable aluminum construction and a hardened steel shackle. With its four-pin cylinder and dual locking lever, the padlock does enough for light-duty security whether you’re protecting a locker or an entry like a gate.

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