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The Best Weatherproof Gate Locks in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Weatherproof Gate Locks

Have you had trouble finding the right outdoor gate locks to protect your property? Finding the best outdoor gate locks can truly be a difficult task because locks that are not well-made will easily rust.

Other poorly made outdoor gate locks can be susceptible to thieves trying to pick them and gain control over your valuable property.

Fortunately, the best gates for the outdoors do not have to be impossible to find. We have carefully examined the ten best outdoor locks for gates and considered their pros, cons, consumer reputation, and features in order to suggest which ones work best.

A mediocre lock for your gate will not protect your property, so only the best will do. Let’s get started on our review of the best locks for your outdoor gate.

Top Weatherproof Gate Locks Reviews

1. National Hardware V6201 LokkLatch  Automatic Keyed Gate Weatherproof Lock

National Hardware LokkLatch Automatic Keyed Gate Lock

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Many outdoor locks for gates can only be used on gates or on certain materials. But this lock quickly became one of our most recommended due to the diversity of materials and products that it can protect in addition to gates.

Consumers enjoy the ability to use this lock with pool gates, property gates, fences, and sheds. They also enjoy being able to use it on a variety of materials, including vinyl, wood, and metal.


  • Can be installed on the right or left side of the gate
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Aimed more towards kids and pets than seasoned criminals
  • Screws cannot withstand the slamming of gates or fences

2. Master Lock Outdoor Combination Lock

Master Lock Outdoor Combination Lock

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When we were looking for the right outdoor lock for gates, we definitely wanted to find the best combination lock for gate owners. This lock works best for busy property owners who do not want to have to worry about using or losing a key.

Consumers love the fact that this lock is so easy to use. The fact that the four-digit lock is also easy to change is another aspect of the lock that they highly value.


  • Can be used for gates, sheds, and storage units


  • Shows the combination once it has been unlocked and cannot change the numbers until you lock it again
  • Does not work well on inside storage units such as gym or school lockers

3. National Hardware N109-080 SmartKey Gate Weatherproof Lock

National Hardware N109-080 N109080 Smart Key Gate Lock

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While many outdoor gate locks come with a combination lock, not everyone loves having to remember combination numbers.

If you would prefer the simplicity of having an outdoor gate lock with key capabilities, this is one we recommend due to its enhanced design and security. If you want to prevent swinging outside doors from opening and letting anyone inside, this is one of our favorite locks.

Consumers who already enjoy the SmartKey lock system enjoy having this lock as part of their home due to the ease with which they can open multiple locks with one key.

Customers are also happy with the fact that this lock can be used on multiple types of outside doors, including gates and sheds.


  • Good for use with gates that are between 3.25 and 3.5 inches thick.


  • Not good for use on the inside of buildings
  • Installation can be difficult for amateur builders

4. YARDLOCK Keyless Gatelock, Secure Gate Lock

YARDLOCK Keyless Gatelock, Secure Gate Lock

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When looking for the best lock for fence gate owners, we wanted to include some locks that were more upscale. This lock earned a place as one of our favorites due to its affordability and elegant look. This Yardlock product is one that we would be proud to show off on our gates.

The customers who purchased this product reported enjoying having a lock that they can rely on while still providing a classy look for their property. They also enjoy how easy and simple the lock is to use, and are pleased with the fact that the lock does not get in their way when they are trying to get in and out of their property.


  • Simple to install and can be up and running within an hour


  • Cable attachment is difficult to use
  • Digits can be hard to move

5. Puroma Keyed Padlock, Stainless Steel Discus Lock Heavy Duty Locks with 3 Keys

Puroma Keyed Padlock, Stainless Steel Discus Lock Heavy Duty Locks with 3 Keys

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Many garden gate locks are hefty items that cannot be easily moved. But when we were looking at locks to find the best padlock for garden gate owners, this lock captured our attention thanks to the ease with which it is moved from one location to another.

Consumers like the durability of this lock. They also praise the lock’s ability to be used for all of the following applications: warehouses, doors, moving trucks, trailers, garages, and sheds.


  • Very little of the shackle is exposed, making it harder to cut with a bolt cutter
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with you if you need to transport it


  • Not recommended for most indoor locks or for bicycles
  • Keys are not sturdy and can break easily

6. Pacific Doorware Hook Deadbolt Mortise Gate Lock for Sliding Gates

Pacific Doorware Hook Deadbolt Mortise Gate Lock for Sliding Gates

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When we tried to find the best mortise gate lock, the sturdy reliability of this lock immediately made it one of our top ten weatherproof locks. This type of lock requires more work to install than a simple padlock, but it also provides peace of mind that fewer complex locks cannot offer.

The bright and professional look of the steel lock was an appeal to many consumers. They also enjoyed being able to screw in the lock, due to the more permanent feel that a mounted lock has over a padlock.


  • Simple installation


  • The package does not include installation instructions
  • Needs to be oiled frequently

7. Automatic Gate Weatherproof Lock (FM143) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

Automatic Gate Lock (FM143) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

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One of the main reasons that people avoid putting locks on their gates is because they are worried about how long it will take them to lock and unlock the gate.

When writing our gate lock reviews, we also wanted to find the best automatic gate lock, and this product easily became one of our favorites due to the ease of its dedication to security and ease of operation.

Farmers love the ability to keep their animals safely confined during bad weather thanks to this lock. Other consumers love being able to safely open and lock their gates without having to get back out of their vehicles.


  • Installation is simple for most consumers
  • Includes a 12-month warranty


  • Does not work well with gates under 8 feet

8. Disecu 4 Digit Combination Weatherproof Lock Long Shackle

Disecu 2.5 Inch Long Shackle Combination Lock 4 Digit Outdoor Waterproof Padlock

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Finding the right padlock for a gate can be difficult because many padlocks are designed to be used exclusively indoors. However, this weatherproof padlock offers the simplicity that you desire from a padlock with the functional security your gate and property deserve.

Those consumers who purchase this lock are happy to report that the lock is sturdy enough to deter criminals who want to hammer or saw through the lock. Consumers also enjoy the lightweight quality of the lock.


  • Long shackle fits a greater number of gates


  • Setting the original combination can be difficult because it has to be set on 0000
  • Easy to set the wrong password and be locked out permanently

9. Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Weatherproof Lock

Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock

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Have you tried a padlock and found it too unsophisticated for your tastes? Are you looking for digital gate locks that are as modern as the other digital technology in your life? If so, this Mighty Mule lock provides the technological advancement that you crave in your gate locks.

Customers who purchase this lock appreciate the professional design that it adds to their property. Customers also appreciate that the lock can work with solar power if the Mighty Mule Solar Panels are purchased.


  • Can be set to lock at a specific time automatically
  • Replacement keypads can be ordered


  • It may be overwhelming for those who are not good with advanced technology
  • Mounting to wooden gates or fences may be difficult

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10. The Only Self-Adjusting Zinc Black Slide Bolt Lock

The Only Self-Adjusting Zinc Black Slide Bolt Lock

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When we were looking for the best garden door latch lock, we were happy to come across this versatile lock. Not only is this lock a superior choice for your garden doors, but you can also easily use it for barns, sheds, and gates. The lock will also work well for industrial companies.

People who buy this lock are leased with its ability to handle doors that would otherwise not be able to fit a typical lock. Consumers also enjoy the fact that it can be used for a variety of buildings.


  • Padlocks can be used with this lock for greater protection


  • May rust in severe weather
  • Screws are easy to remove, making it easy for the entire lock to be removed

Factors to Consider

When you are buying weatherproof gate locks for outdoor use, there are several important factors you should consider before making your purchase.


What type of gate do you need the lock to fit? Do you have an HDB gate, a pool gate, or a traditional wooden fence?

The type of gate that you are trying to lock should determine exactly what type of lock you need.

For example, if you are trying to lock a pool gate in order to keep out children or animals, you do not need the same level of advanced outdoor security gate locks that someone who is trying to keep strangers from entering their yard needs.

Additionally, a perfect gate lock for a barn is going to need to withstand much more force than one that is trying to keep dogs out of the yard.


You should consider the level of shackle security you need. When locks are cut or broken, the most common culprit is a broken shackle. In general, the more shackle that is exposed, the greater the security threat that your lock poses to your property.

Finally, how secure is your lock from being picked?

The ability to pick locks is a pastime that many enjoy, whether they are criminals or not. While key padlocks may be easy to pick, combination locks can be picked as well.

Do you want a digital padlock?

These offer the greatest level of security but can be quite expensive. But digital locks offer advanced security features not found in traditional padlocks.

Finally, come up with a budget.

When doing so, you must weigh how much the material you are trying to protect against the price of the lock. If you spend less on a lock, will it still give you the protection your property deserves?


Will all locks fit my small gate?

If you are buying an outdoor small gate lock, you need to make sure that the lock is designed for smaller gates. Many gate locks are designed with larger gates in mind.

How can I keep gate locks from freezing?

The best way to keep gate locks from freezing is to buy a lock that is resistant to water and corrosion. Rust prevention such as WD-40 can also keep the lock from freezing.

What is the best lock for a backyard gate?

If you are trying to keep out people who might steal from you or cause you harm, you will want to buy an advanced digital gate lock. But if you are merely trying to discourage dogs, cats, or stray kids from wandering onto your property, a simple padlock will do the job as long as it is one of the weatherproof ones mentioned in this guide.

Making the Decision

Our top pick is the Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock (FM145). This lock is our favorite due to its ease of use, digital advancement, and modern look. However, the lock is high-priced and may be out of your budget.

If so, consider the National Hardware V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9/16″ LokkLatch Automatic Keyed Gate Lock Latch in Black. This affordable option works with most types of materials and works best if you do not need to protect yourself against thieves and property damage.

Ultimately, you have read our recommendations, and you should be able to tell which one of these locks will work best for your property needs. Choose the best one for the security and price that best fits your lifestyle.

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