The Best Motion Activated Sprinklers in 2024

Motion-activated sprinklers are a great way to humanely keep animals and pests out of your yard while giving your lawn and flowerbeds a shower. Of course, not all sprinklers are created equal. Because of this, we created a comprehensive guide to motion-activated sprinklers along with a list of the top motion-activated sprinklers on the market today.

We researched the motion-activated sprinklers and analyzed them for their range of spray, range of motion detection, the sensitivity of the sensor, and cost among other things.

The resulting list is our top guide to motion-activated sprinklers. After you review this list and the resources below, you are sure to find a motion-activated sprinkler that is perfect for you.

Best Motion Activated Sprinklers:

1. Havahart 5277 Critter Ridder Motion Activated Animal Repellent and Sprinkler


Another affordable device on our list of motion-activated sprinkler reviews is the Havahart sprinkler. The simple design of this sprinkler makes it easy to install and use.

This device uses an infrared sensor to detect animal heat and movement up to 100 feet away. The spray range on this sprinkler is up to 35 feet. The small design and green color of this device allow it to blend into your yard without creating an eyesore.

In addition to repelling unwanted animals from your yard, you can also give your lawn and garden healthy watering whenever necessary. This device works day and night to keep your yard protected.

Frequent users of this sprinkler say that it is a great value for what you get. Many people use this to prevent squirrels and deer from entering their yards and say that this sprinkler gets the job done.

The only issue seems to be with the plastic stake that is used to drive the sprinkler into the ground, which can crack or break if turned too hard.

This is a great little sprinkler at an affordable price. For the surface area that it covers and how easy it is to set up and use, this sprinkler is sure to become a helpful tool in protecting your yard.


  • This device is easy to set up and runs on two AA batteries.
  • The sensor comes with a sensitivity knob to help avoid unnecessary activation.
  • This simple sprinkler is of great value.


  • Because the sensor is stationary, it cannot be adjusted at an angle to catch particularly big or small animals.
  • This sprinkler does not emit a sound when a burst of water happens so it is less likely to deter animals than other sprinklers on this list.

2. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day & Night Detection Modes


The first sprinkler on our list is the Yard Enforcer by Orbit.

This pest-deterring motion-activated sprinkler uses sound and water to keep unwanted animals out of your yard.

This easy-to-use sprinkler sets up quickly and runs on four AA batteries.

This motion sensor water sprayer has a 120-degree viewing angle and a 40-foot detection range and can differentiate between day and nighttime. The sprinkler sprays up to 70 feet in diameter and covers nearly a thousand square feet when set to a full circle.

Those who frequently use this sprinkler say that it works wonderfully in deterring pests on their property. Users say that they like that you can turn the day and night feature to only work during the day or the night depending on your preferences.

Protect your garden and your yard from unwanted pests with this durable motion-activated sprinkler system.


  • Each spray cycle uses as little as two cups of water per activation so you do not waste any water.
  • The motion detector works for up to 7,500 cycles on four AA batteries.
  • The sensing technology learns the difference between trees and animals so your sprinkler does not go off every time a tree blows in front of the sensor.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to ignore the rain and moving trees.


  • The sensor can be a bit sensitive though you can adjust this feature to make it less so.
  • Because many of the parts are made of plastic they can potentially break.

3. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

This pest deterrent sprinkler from Orbit is one of the best on the market today.

This tall motion-activated sprinkler will scare any animal or pests from your yard day or night.

The Garden Enforcer has a 120-degree viewing sensor and the option to activate only during the day, only during the night, or both. The sprinkler itself reaches up to 35 feet and can be adjusted to spray between every 10 minutes and every 30 minutes.

Many people say that this is the best investment they could’ve gotten for their garden. They boast that this device is great for keeping deer from eating their lawns and gardens and raccoons from getting into their trash bins.

Customers appreciate that the sensor and tripod are adjustable to detect whichever pest you are looking to spray.

While this is a more expensive motion-activated sprinkler on our list, many people agree that it is well worth the investment. This heavy-duty sprinkler with an adjustable tripod will keep pests of a variety of sizes out of your yard and your garden.


  • This sprinkler comes with an adjustable tripod that stands up to 54 inches to heighten the device as your plants continue to grow.
  • Will run for over 7,500 activation cycles on just 4 AA batteries.
  • The motion detector is adjustable to catch any size animal or pest and the 35-foot spray ensures that your visitors will hesitate to return.


  • Because the tripod it stands on is made of metal there is the possibility that it will rust over time.
  • This is the most expensive sprinkler on our list but with all the included features it may be worth your investment.

4. Hoont Cobra Deer Repellent- Cat Repellent Outdoor & Cat Deterrent- Motion Activated Sprinkler & Dog Repellent for Yard


The Hoont Cobra is one of the most affordable animal-repellent sprinklers. This simple and handsome design humanely scares animals and pests out of your yard.

This adjustable sprinkler can send out a spray of water up to 30 feet in range for five seconds at a time.  The sprinkler head adjusts to cover up to a thousand square feet of your yard and setup is easy with no experience required.

While this sprinkler does not emit a separate noise, the company claims that the clicking noise of the sprinkler will also effectively scare away pests.

People who use this sprinkler appreciate how easy this sprinkler is to set up and use and that it runs for a long time on just four AA batteries. They appreciate that this is a humane way to rid their yard of pests without any chemicals or traps.

The simple design of this motion-activated sprinkler will detect animals in your yard and deliver a gentle spray to scare them away without harming them.


  • This sprinkler comes with a one-year warranty
  • The simple design of this sprinkler will easily integrate into your yard without looking like an eyesore.
  • Multiple of these sprinklers can be hooked up to each other to widen the protected area in your yard.


  • The sensor on this device can be sensitive and may go off for moving trees or rain.
  • The motion sensor on this sprinkler is stationary and you cannot adjust the angle at which it detects. It stays stationary 90 degrees straight out and parallels the ground.

5. Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

This motion-activated water sprayer by Orbit will give you peace of mind knowing that animals are deterred from entering your yard even when you are not at home.

The adjustable infrared motion sensor can be set to work during the day, the night, or both, working up to 24 hours a day to keep pests out of your yard. Each unit runs on four AA batteries which give you over 7,500 activation cycles. This sprinkler gives you a large coverage area of up to nearly 4,000 square feet.

Customers love this as a deterrent for keeping dogs and other animals off their lawns. Many argue that this is better than most motion-activated sprinklers on the market today and are pleased to say that it works exactly as advertised.

This is a reasonably priced motion-activated sprinkler that packs a punch. It covers a large area of your yard at a time and will work for a long time on just four AA batteries. This sprinkler will deter animals and pests large and small from intruding into your yard.


  • This sprinkler emits a noise along with a spray of water to further startle the animals away without harming them.
  • The motion sensor on this device can be tilted up or down depending on the size of the creature you are trying to detect.


  • When the water pressure is dialed down the sprayer will not rotate and will only shoot in one direction.
  • The motion sensor on this device may be more sensitive than most though the sensitivity can be dialed down.

6. COSTWAY Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

A great motion-activated sprinkler animal repellent is the Costway ScareCrow.

The modern design of this sprinkler includes a motion-activated sensor that detects and sprays water up to 32 feet away.  You can set the sprinkler to spray after a detection every 10, 20, or 30-minute intervals.

A unique benefit to this sprinkler is that it works with solar power and a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries at regular intervals.

While this is a more expensive sprinkler on our list, the variety of options available with this sprinkler makes it a great investment in protecting your yard.

Most people love the range of this sprinkler and many have even purchased multiple ScareCrows for their lawns and garden. They like that the battery is solar powered and the gentle spray deters pests without harming them.


  • The sensor on this device can detect movement within 120 degrees and sprays water up to 32 feet.
  • This device runs on a solar-powered rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out on your device.
  • This device can be connected to other devices like it to cover a larger surface area of your yard.


  • The connector pieces of this device are made of plastic and can be fragile during installation.
  • Unlike the original ScareCrow, this device shoots water for a solid 45 seconds and resets after three minutes so it uses much more water than the original.

7. Hoont Deer Repellent & Cat Repellent Outdoor- Cat Deterrent for Garden- Rabbit & Dog Repellent for Yard- Motion Activated Sprinkler & Motion Sensor Sprinkler to Deter Animals


Hoont makes another great and affordable motion-activated sprayer as well. This brightly colored sprinkler is designed to sit low on your lawn to startle smaller animals like rabbits and squirrels.

The sprinkler is adjustable and can send out a spray of water from 0 feet to 30 feet in range for five intervals. The sprinkler head adjusts to spray in a full circle to cover up to a thousand square feet of your yard.

This sprinkler runs on four AA batteries and each sprinkler can be connected to one just like it via a hose to cover a greater area of your yard.

Customers say this sprinkler is a great invention and nearly perfect in every way. They like that you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor so it will only spray when you want it to.

For the price, you can add this motion-activated sprinkler to your yard to deter pests and animals who may be harming your lawn or garden.


    • You can connect multiple devices with a hose to cover a larger area of your yard.
    • This sprinkler comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The sensor on this sprinkler can be sensitive even at low settings and may occasionally go off for seemingly no reason.
  • The force of the spray on this unit may cause the spike to dislodge from the ground a bit which will throw off the angle of the sensor and the spray.

How Does A Motion-Activated Sprinkler Work?

Most motion-activated sprinklers work in the same way. To begin, you want to properly install the device in your yard.

How to Install Motion-Activated Sprinkler

The steps to installing your motion-activated sprinkler are very easy:

Step One

Connect all of the pieces of the sprinkler according to the instructions and insert the batteries.

Step Two

Be sure to test out the sensitivity knobs of both the sensor and the spray to match your needs and preferences.

Step Three

Stake the device into the ground around where you are hoping to scare away animals.

Step Four

Attach a garden hose and turn it on at the source.

Step Five

Test the device to be sure the spray range and motion detection range match what you want.

After the device is installed the sensors work by detecting either heat or motion passing by them which turns on the sprinkler to spray any unwanted critter in the area.

Some motion-detected sprinklers have the added benefit of emitting a sound to further startle any animals in the area.

Most sprinklers can be attached with a hose to another sprinkler so you can increase the surface area of the lawn and garden that you cover when protecting from pests.

While most are battery-operated and use AA batteries, some use 9-volt batteries to last longer and some even run on a solar-charged rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about when the battery will run out and when you will have to replace them.

Tips on Choosing

Many automated sprinklers are similar in a lot of ways but the choice between which will work best for you can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to think about when you begin searching for your motion-activated sprinkler.

Stick with trusted brands.

Brands like ScareCrow and Orbit are well-known brands for automated sprinklers.

Brand names are popular for a reason.

When it comes to purchasing a new sprinkler, you don’t want to get stuck with a cheap brand that will work for a week before giving you trouble.

Analyze the various features.

Some motion-activated sprinklers offer different features from others. Feature a tilting motion detector to adjust the height depending on what size animal you are attempting to scare off.

Some operate on batteries while others are solar-powered. Some come with a tripod and some sit very close to the ground. Determine which features are more important to you and decide accordingly.

Read reviews.

Reviews give you a great idea of how these sprinklers function in the real world.

Written by customers with first-hand experience of the product you are researching can give you insight and available knowledge that you may not find even in the fine print online.

While most products usually have a few poor reviews, the majority of reviews will let you know whether the sprinkler you are looking at is loved by many or whether you should look for something else.

Look at the product in person before buying it.

To get the best idea of the size and material used, a good idea is to try to find the sprinkler you’re looking for in a retail store.

While you can generally find better deals when shopping online, it is hard to get an idea of what the product looks like unless you can see it in person.

Checking out sprinklers in a brick-and-mortar store will give you an idea of how to adjust the dials and which materials you prefer.

Factors to Consider

Ultimately the decision on what sprinkler you are going to buy comes down to personal preference. Perhaps you are looking to scare away deer, or maybe you’d like a sprinkler designed to work better with smaller animals like cats and dogs.

Regardless of your personal preference, here are a few factors that you want to consider when you are in the market for a motion-activated sprinkler.

Materials used

While many of the motion sensors of these sprinklers are cased in plastic, some of the spikes are made of metal and some are made of plastic.

The plastic spikes can easily break off the ground and render the sprinkler useless.

Additional features

Some sprinklers come with tripod stands, some run on solar power and some have rotatable motion sensors. If it fits within your budget, it may be better to go with a sprinkler that offers more features.


Reviews from previous customers of sprinklers will give you the best idea of how well the product works in the real world even if you don’t have any personal experience with the product yourself. Product reviews of sprinklers can warn you that a motion detector casing may not be entirely waterproof or tell you that the solar-powered battery helps save time and worry.


The cost of most of the sprinklers on this list is comparable in price. Some outliers cost more expensive than others so you want to be sure that you set a budget ahead of time and stick to it.

The decision is ultimately yours but considering these factors when shopping for a sprinkler will help make your decision much easier.


Are motion-activated sprinklers safe to use on pets?

Because these sprinklers are meant to be a humane way to rid your yard of animals and pests, they are essentially safe to use on pets.

The spray of water emitted from the device is not powerful enough to hurt an animal and many users have purchased these sprinklers specifically to keep their household pets out of certain areas of their yards.

Can I use my motion-activated sprinkler to water my lawn and garden?

Yes! Most if not all of these sprinklers can be turned on to work as regular irrigation sprinklers as well. You can use them to water your lawn during the day and set the device up to work with motion activation at night.

How will I know when to change the batteries in my sprinkler?

Most motion-activated sprinklers have LED lights that indicate when the batteries are running low. If the device you have or are looking at does not have an LED light to indicate battery power it is best to check on your device or devices every few weeks to be sure that they are still functioning properly.

Certain solar-powered devices with rechargeable batteries do not have to be changed for the entire life of the battery.

With a motion-activated sprinkler work at night?

Many modern motion-detected sprinklers are specifically designed to work during the night as well as the day. A lot of devices have the option to choose between working exclusively during the day, exclusively during the night, or both during the night and day.

While the sensor on some of these devices may be more sensitive during a specific time of day, leaving your sprinkler on during the night will help deter nocturnal animals from ruining your yard.


Motion-activated sprinklers are an excellent way to repel unwanted animals from your yard or garden. These humane devices startle the animal on your property without using damaging chemicals or traps.

This list of motion-activated sprinklers is sure to have something to meet your needs. The list of things to consider when looking for a sprinkler and tips on choosing a sprinkler will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you are looking to chase deer out of your yard or stop your family pet from digging in your garden, these motion-activated sprinklers will help you achieve your goal. After reviewing all of the information on this list you are ready to pick out the best sprinkler for you and start defending your yard today.

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