The Best Solar Lamp Posts in 2024

Lovely to look at while beautifully lighting the path to your front door, having a lamp post in your front yard can provide a great aesthetic feature. However, it can be quite expensive to purchase a lamp post, run electricity, and set up a lamp.

And then think about the cost of the electricity to run it every time you need a light. If you have not yet, consider a solar-powered lamp post. It will allow you to save on electricity costs and provide you with an eco-friendly way to light up your space. We at PropertyGuardMasters have compiled a list of the top solar lamp post lights that are available for purchase.

Best Solar Lamp Post:

1. Sterno Home GL23716BK Outdoor Solar LED Street Light

The Sterno Home outdoor street light is solar-powered and in a classic vintage design. The black finish will blend in with any décor. This is an excellent alternative to any hardwired outdoor lamp.

Sterno Home has designed a solar post that exudes an old-world charm that is sure to enhance your yard. Despite its unique installation, this light projects a warm light that will lend an inviting tone to your space. This item is one of the solar-powered porch post lights on the market.


  • The purchase comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Light will stay on most of the night after it is fully charged
  • Buyers love the durability and quality of this item


  • Some consumers have commented that this is a dull/dim light
  • Unusual installation may add cost and height depending on how you choose to
    install and stable it

2. 67″ Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Vintage Street Lights

This Greluna lamp has two light settings and has a classic design element that will fit anywhere and with almost any décor.

It can be installed on a hard, flat surface or in a planter box. For the price, you get a waterproof, eco-friendly way to light up your pathway or yard.

This post from Greluna is a great solar backyard light post. It has an amazing vintage design that is simple to assemble but still adds a ton of charm to any space. Providing gorgeous and long-lasting lighting for your space, this lamp post is a great way to add style, function, and practicality to any of your outdoor spaces.


  • Consumers are adoring the charm that this vintage design is bringing to their
  • The simple and quick assembly allows you to set up and enjoy in no time
  • Ability to change light levels using low and high switch


  • This post is designed to be installed with a planter, however the planter
    will need to be purchased separately
  • The included post has been reported to have caused a bit of difficulty for
    some during extreme weather conditions if not properly installed

3. Davinci Lighting Flexfit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Lights

Number three is a different type of solar lighting for your yard. These post lights from Davinci Lighting are an inexpensive way to add stylish light to your yard without breaking the bank.

These caps are fully waterproof and will fit on two different-sized fence posts.

Davinci Lighting Solar post lights are a great way to hide your fence posts while adding a bit of light to your yard. Adding ambiance and elegance to your space, these solar-powered fence post caps provide a warm glow that will more than welcome your guests and loved ones.


  • Designed to fit both 4×4 and 6×6 size fence posts, either wooden or vinyl
  • These lights can also be mounted securely on any flat surface such as a patio
    or deck tables
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty


  • Some consumers have complained that the light is a bit dim
  • Other buyers made comments about water getting into the light at times

4. Kemeco ST4311AHP LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post Light

Made of cast aluminum in a classic design that is sure to please, this Kemeco solar lamp post light will complement any style in your front or back yard.

This light has a ripple glass in the lantern area that softens the light without reducing the overall light output.

This Kemeco solar lamp is a super bright solar post light. It is a planter-style installation that includes the planter with purchase. A durable and weather-resistant design makes this lamp a superb addition to our list.


  • Consumers love the gorgeous light output of this lamp
  • The planter box comes with a purchase for easy setup
  • The solar lights are placed on top of the item which allows for optimal
    solar ray absorption


  • This lamp is somewhat top-heavy and needs to be weighed down properly to
    avoid damaged
  • Some people did not like that this post is smaller than its competitors

5. Solar Post Cap Lights Outdoor

Number five on our list is the LED fence post light for wooden posts from Sunwind. These project a warm white light that invites your guests to relax and enjoy your backyard space.

They are waterproof and durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

These fence post cap lights are some of the outdoor solar pole lights you can purchase. Stylish enough to be a part of any décor, durable and highly functional enough to add a warm ambiance to your space.


  • Consumers love how easily and quickly these lights can be installed
  • An excellent value for the money
  • People are very impressed with the overall durability of these post-caps


  • Built specifically for a base within dimension 3.58″ x 3.58″ posts; these are
    not compatible with varying post sizes
  • These lights produce a soft glow and may not illuminate your entire space

6. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp Post

This street-like lamp from Gama Sonic has an anchor/screw constructed at the bottom of the pole that allows you to “drill” the pole directly into the ground.

This lamp provides amazing light with a cool and classic design that you will love.

This Gama Sonic is one of the great high-lumen solar post lights. Its screw-style installation allows this post to be installed on any surface barring cement. A mirrored inside top surface allows this light to maximize its overall output and provide an excellent lighting effect.


  • Consumers love the simplicity of this design
  • The indicator on the item shows you that you “screwed” the post incorrectly
  • Includes a summer-winter switch to optimize seasonal use


  • Some users have noticed a significant drop in overall run time after several
    months of usage
  • The screw-in design may pose a stability problem for those who live in areas with
    loose soil or sand


7. Gama Sonic Everest Solar Lamp Post Light Kit


This Gama Sonic Everest downlight lamp is the only one of its kind on our list.

An alternate version of a vintage street post is also the most expensive on our list.

Versatile enough to be secured by bolting down onto a hard, secure surface or using a planter with heavy weight inside, the large 92-inch pole will be enough to light up your entire yard.

This Gama Sonic lamp post has a unique downlight design with patented solar technology that offers a 10-year lifespan and creates the 360° light spread of a customary incandescent bulb. This allows for the brightest solar-powered lamp post on our list.


  • Light is bright and will illuminate any surface or space
  • Simple and easy assembly and installation
  • Buyers love the sleek, modern design


  • Charging will not occur if the solar panel is not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Some consumers claim they received packages without bulbs included

8. Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Post Light Kit


The Gama Sonic Royal lamp post has a unique weathered bronze look. This solar light includes a patented solar technology that allows it to light a larger amount of space for a much longer time.

This lamp post is a conversation piece as well as a beautiful way to illuminate your outdoor space.

This Gama Sonic Royal Bulb is one of the solar lamp posts for driveways. The bronze finish and beveled glass add a vintage touch to any driveway large or small. Great for other outdoor spaces as well.


  • Consumers love the light projection that this item produces
  • Quality construction will withstand just about every weather condition that
    can be imagined
  • The simple and hassle-free installation allows you to set it up, and then start to
    enjoy immediately


  • Must be installed where it will receive consistent direct sunlight in order
    to charge and function correctly
  • Some consumers have had trouble keeping this fully charged for long periods
    of time

9. 72″ Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor

At number seven on our list, the Greluna triple-head street solar lamp has a truly vintage feel. An option to install in a flower pot enables you to add a bit of additional décor and personality to your space.

The Greluna triple-head street solar lamp has a great and creates lighting feature that will provide a warm and welcoming tone. It has a vintage design and textured glass lanterns. This light will surely provide enough light for your yard, driveway, porch, or steps while also being very pleasant to look at.


  • The textured glass lanterns provide a twinkle in the light which is very
  • Consumers are pleasantly surprised at the sturdiness of this PVC plastic
  • Triple-head provides a unique design sure to compliment any décor


  • Some people found this difficult to assemble (using screw installation)
  • This light is a bit top-heavy and may need additional means to anchor it down

10. 42 Inches Mini Street Post Outdoor Garden Solar Lamp Post

These garden lights are a smaller version of the lamp posts that we have seen so far on our list. Excellent bang for your buck will provide you with two 42″ high lamp posts.

Need them smaller, just take out the additional middle pole for a better fit for your personal space. A lovely backyard lamp that mimics what you would see in the front yard bringing the entire property together in a more cohesive look.

Solar Smart Creations mini street posts are excellent solar-powered LED post lights. Decorative water droplets on the post add even more ambiance and character. This bargain lighting design for your backyard area will keep your paths lit and provide personality to boot.


  • Purchase includes 2 lamp posts per pack
  • Buyers are loving that these lamps can be adjusted to create a more
    tailored and user-specific design
  • Smaller stature allows the light to charge quickly and last throughout the
    entire night


  • Plastic construction is light and may require additional means to weigh it
    down and keep it stable
  • Only produces a smaller amount of light and may not be suitable for large
    spaces or pathways

Tips on Choosing

  • Determine the exact space where you will have your lamp installed (or spaces if you are going to purchase more than one lamp post).
  • Access to direct and unobstructed sunlight is the best way to charge the solar panel. Your positioning should take this into account.
  • Keep an eye on the lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the light.
  • This will be key in determining how much land you wish to cover with your lamp.
  • Think about how much work you are willing to put into the installation. Some lamps need direct securing to a hard surface and others need planters with heavy items at the bottom to keep them stable.
  • Overall functionality and the durability of the materials each post is made of are very important. Your lamp will be outside and exposed to the elements and therefore will need to be able to withstand any kind of weather.
  • Make sure the area that you live in will be conducive to using solar power as an energy source. If you are located in a place where the sun does not shine for extended periods, this type of light may not work for you.
  • This would be particularly concerning during winter months in places where there may be slippery or icy conditions or other safety concerns on your property.
  • Rechargeable batteries for solar panels will enable better-lit and longer-lasting lighting devices. These batteries keep their charge using solar power. The batteries then power the light. This method allows for light to stay lit more consistently and for longer periods.

Factors To Consider

Soaring to new heights

One of the first things you should consider is how high you would like your post to stand. Keeping track of how tall each option is once it is installed is a contributing factor to the overall look and effect your lamp will have on your outdoor space.

In addition, you will want to choose a lamp that will complement and satisfy the landscape of your yard without disappearing into the background or dominating the scope of the space.

Are two heads better than one

Next, think about how much light you would like your lamp to produce. The number of lumens for each lamp will differ between products, and you should check out this information before finalizing your choice. Also, consider the temperature of the lights themselves. Some lamps come with warm and cool options, which should be coordinated with where the lamp will be placed.

Additionally, aesthetic considerations such as the number of lights on your post and overall design need to be thought about to find the lamp that fits in well with the décor and ambiance of your space.

And when it comes to light, look for tones of light that will compliment your home and reflect the feeling you are going for. Warmer lights are more inviting and relaxed, whereas brighter lights are better to illuminate and highlight.

Prepping for the install

The two main ways for solar exterior post lights to be installed are via stake or as a planter. The planter version allows you to add some flowers and plant life that will weigh down the post.

In either case, there may be additional manpower, tools, and/or materials needed to complete the setup of your lamp, and these factors should be taken into consideration when making your choice.

An alternative way to install is to drill or screw the base of the lamp into a hard surface. A less common method to secure your lamppost, this version can add the cost of materials to the bottom line of your budget and may require additional man-hours and sweat equity to complete the installation process. These factors should be considered if you decide to purchase a solar lamp that would require this type of installation.

Is time running out

Consider how much time the lamp post will run when fully charged. You should contemplate how long you would like to have the most lit and be sure to take into account longer winter nights (depending upon where you are located).

It is always best to take the time to feel confident that the light you are purchasing will fit your needs more than adequately. Remember, solar exterior post lights need the sun to shine, and proper exposure to sunlight will ensure that whatever item you choose will continue to shine brightly for as long as you need or want it to.

Will it become dust in the wind?

Any item that will be used primarily outside needs to have extremely high durability, and a solar lamp post is no exception. It will need to withstand all weather conditions that you can think of. Look at what the lamp post is made of to help determine if it will withstand heavy winds, rain, snow, and ice.

Also, review any claims the manufacturer makes regarding whether the item is waterproof, resistant to fading, or others. You will need to become a detective and investigate these claims carefully to ensure you are getting a top-quality product.


 How can I prevent my lamp post from blowing over in the wind?

The first thing is to ensure your lamp post is installed properly and securely. Ideally, both stake and planter versions of the solar lamp post should withstand most heavy wind gusts if installed properly. However, the planter version has a few bonuses in these instances; which would come in particularly handy if you are in an area that is prone to consistently high winds.

First, planter lamp posts are mobile and can be moved and secured during very severe weather conditions. Second, the planters can be weighed down with heavy stones and even small bricks or cement, depending upon the material and design of the post you have chosen.

 Will clouds cause my outdoor solar lamp post lights not to illuminate?

While direct sunlight for extended periods is the best way to gather solar energy, it is still possible to gather the sun’s rays even on a cloudy day.

Sunlight can penetrate clouds, but the power is not nearly as strong. Therefore, the power gathered on a cloudy day may affect your lamp post differently.

For example, the light may shine but not as brightly or not for as long as it normally would.

 Is it appropriate to use my solar lamp post indoors as well?

In order for your solar lamp to produce light, you will need to have it fully charged with sunlight. If it is for temporary use, you may be able to use the planter style inside if it has been already fully charged.

However, a lamp post requires a significant amount of solar energy to light for an extended time, and probably would not get sufficient energy from sunlight streaming through a window.

 What can I do to ensure my lamp post is in a prime location to consistently
soak up the sun’s rays?

You will need to place your solar lamp in a place that is pleasing to you, but one that will also get as much direct sunlight as possible. Installing your post so that the solar panel is facing South is ideal in any case.

This will provide the optimal condition to collect as much direct sunlight as possible throughout the day; allowing the best illumination from your outdoor solar lamp post lights.


Through all of the items on our list, we consider the Sterno Home Outdoor Solar Lamp Post to bring the consumer the best overall value for your money. It provides optimal light output with 12 LEDs. The construction of the lamp is high-quality and complements its detailed design.

This high-quality solar garden lamp post is sure to please you time and time again with its classic design. If this Sterno Home lamp is too expensive for your budget, consider the Greluna 68″ solar lamp post. A less expensive version of our top pick, this lamp offers you similar features for a smaller budget.

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