The Best NVR Camera Systems in 2024

You can’t be in two places at once, and the outdoor security camera system with NVR technology can let you monitor almost any property as if you were there. These security systems excel in providing you with real-time alerts of intrusions, and they are remarkably easy to install and operate.

This guide covers NVR systems that could be right for you: Each system has its particular strength. Camera resolution, advanced features, and price have been taken into account to give you the information you need to protect your home and property.

By picking the best system for you, you’ll be able to immediately respond to threats as they happen to never be caught off guard.

Best NVR Security Camera Systems:

1. REOLINK 4K Security Camera System

Reolink’s 4K cameras focus on delivering highly detailed recordings of your property. Most security cameras shoot at 1080p, but the Reolink bundle comes with four cameras that record at a resolution that is almost four times higher. If you need a bundle that gives you powerful cameras with all the benefits of NVR recording, this set is worth a look.

Priced competitively with the latest features such as remote viewing on your smartphone, this system can fulfill your hopes of recording with ultra-high definition.

Reviewers felt that this system was a terrific investment to make. Many felt that it was the 4K NVR security camera system, for the four included cameras delivered true 4K video that worked well with remote viewing.

Another point of praise was that the NVR didn’t overheat and stayed cool despite recording for long hours. Customizable levels of sensitivity were able to be utilized to deliver the ideal amount of notifications to avoid false positives.


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 100ft Night Vision
  • 87° Viewing Angle
  • Audio Recording


  • Reviewers felt that the system was worth the price
  • A total of eight cameras are supported for maximum security


  • Other cameras used with this system might not be compatible with live video recording
  • Not the best fps

2. Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System


The NVR system for home use should be affordable, effective, and built well to not break down. Hiseeu delivers on all three points, for this four-camera bundle is priced well and offers users the chance to scrupulously monitor almost any property.

The cameras are weatherproof, able to connect to the NVR box wirelessly, and are high-definition. The system features remote viewing on almost any device, so buyers should look into this bundle if they have never owned a home surveillance system.

Buyers loved the deal that they found here. For a below-average price, they were able to pick up a high-definition system to suit all of their needs.

They loved that the cameras captured crisp images in the dark and that alerts could be sent to their smartphone via motion detection. The cameras also synced well to the NVR box without reported technical difficulties.


  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • 1920*1080P
  • Motion Detection
  • 65ft night vision


  • Affordable system and well-built
  • Wireless capability for setting up in areas where PoE cables can’t reach


  • 1TB hard drive could be upgraded to something larger for more video recordings

3. GW Security 8 Channel 4K NVR 6MP H.265 AI Human Detection Surveillance Security Camera System

If you need a high-quality camera that can record your property during evening hours, then this bundle should have you covered. Featuring six hyper-resolution cameras through a power-over-ethernet system, the bundle has the latest tools that you’ll need to keep your property safe.

Those cameras can capture night recordings up to 100 feet away, and real-time alerts can be sent to your phone if disturbances are found.

NVR security system reviews were positive for this unit. Many customers felt that installation was not difficult and that the average person could do it without calling an expert.

The bundle’s cameras were impressive, and the NVR box worked quietly without overheating. A few reviews hinted that the instructions could be rewritten to make some complex steps less difficult to understand. Yet the bundle was praised for working well and for being supported by a helpful assistance team.


  • Compression Format: H.265
  • Lens: 3.6mm wide angle 100°
  • Night Vision: 65-100ft
  • Motion Detection


  • Installation concerns can be largely addressed with simple internet searches to quickly set up all four cameras
  • Offers one of the highest resolutions on the market


  • Setting up the cameras outside will take time and planning to ensure that the PoE cables aren’t exposed to harsh weather

4. ZOSI 2K 8CH Wireless Security Camera System

Some individuals might need a lot of cameras for their property, but this can be problematic. Multiple cameras can be expensive, and setting them up with wires can cause a lot of clutter.

That’s where this set comes in, for ZOSI supplies a bundle that is very affordable and offers eight wireless cameras for your safety. Although the cameras don’t offer the best resolution that is available on the market, they are still a high definition.

Buyers enjoyed this system, and many reviews praised the clarity of the video recordings. Despite being only 1080p, one customer was able to use this camera’s footage to help catch an intruder by submitting the footage to the local police department.

The wireless technology is limited to the Wi-Fi range, but many buyers felt that 30 feet was ample room to secure their home and property. Positive reviews pointed to this bundle being a popular NVR IP camera system.


  • IP66 Certified Weatherproof
  • 1080P HD resolution
  • Up to 65ft night vision
  • H. 265+ video compression


  • Extremely affordable
  • Well-built system to monitor an area that doesn’t allow for PoE cables running through it


  • Better cameras exist to ensure better clarity at night and in harsh weather

5. ANNKE WS300 8CH Wireless Security Camera System

Midrange NVR IP security camera systems offer remote monitoring via desktop and smartphone, high-definition cameras, and wireless-pairing capabilities. This bundle is no exception to this rule, but it does differ from other systems. These cameras can be seen in the dark up to 100 feet away, and this can be very useful for a select group of buyers.

It does have its drawbacks, however. It stores data on 2.64+ software, so other NVR systems can store more video on their 2.65 storage software. 100 feet of night vision is competitive, however, so this is a great bundle to buy if you live in a dark area.

Customers loved the crisp nighttime vision. A review noted that this system worked better than the previous one and that night vision was a major factor in that.

100 feet is usually only found in more expensive systems, so customers felt like they were getting a good deal. Easy installation was noted, and flawless performance was reported.


  • H.264+ Video Compression
  • 1080P FHD Video
  • Easy to install
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 100 ft Night Vision


  • Affordable to make it an excellent value
  • Night vision and 30 days of non-stop recording make this product highly recommended among buyers who record in remote and dark areas


  • Priced just below hyper-resolution camera systems, a slightly larger investment could get better cameras

6. XVIM 3MP 4PCS Wireless Security Camera System

If you already know that your security system needs to be extensive, consider this bundle from XVIM. Featuring 8 high-definition cameras that are 1080p and equipped with night vision, this bundle is perfect for individuals who have large properties.

Since not all cameras are compatible with every NVR box, buying eight cameras from the same manufacturer guarantees that your system will work as advertised. While the price is relatively higher than other bundles, your system will come with a 1TB hard drive that can hold more than a month of recordings.

One XVIM NVR surveillance system review expressed that this bundle was easy to set up and ready to use within an hour of receiving the package. The cameras are not as strong as other high-end systems, but eight 1080p cameras can cover a whole property and provide the detail to identify threats from a distance.

One camera was reported to operate 50 feet away from its NVR box, so this system is great for outdoor properties.


  • 1080P HD
  • IP66 waterproof cameras
  • Up to 85ft night vision
  • Motion detection


  • Great value for a maxed eight-channel system
  • High-definition cameras that can be sufficient for most individuals


  • Buying eight cameras leaves no room for upgrades down the road

7. Wireless Security Camera System

This last bundle is ideal for those who are working on a budget but still need to protect their house or other areas of interest. Despite not arriving with a hard drive or 1080p cameras, this system delivers wireless technology to cover large areas and competitive features such as push notifications.

A separate hard drive will need to be purchased to save video recordings, but the system is still usable out of the box. Anni’s surveillance system can be upgraded with a large hard drive and with improved cameras down the road to make it more effective.

Customers found value in this system. Setting up the whole bundle was reported to be a breeze, and the video images were found to be satisfactory.

Additionally, one buyer considered buying another system due to the unit’s low price and excellent build. The cameras were reported to look well-built and professional, so many individuals came away satisfied with their purchase.


  • 1080p
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Motion Detection
  • 65ft Night Vision


  • Excellent value for first-time surveillance users
  • Can be upgraded with better cameras and a large hard drive for improved performance


  • Not having a hard drive will limit the functionality of the system until one is acquired

DVR vs NVR What the Difference

When you need to protect your home or personal property from invasion or wildlife, a DVR and NVR security system can be a great investment to make. Both are security camera systems that offer real-time and continuous monitoring, and both systems utilize a central box that is used to connect to all of the cameras. There are stark differences between a DVR and NVR security system, however.

Digital Video Recorder

  • Less expensive
  • Requires additional wiring
  • Offers lower resolution

Network Video Recorder

  • Newer technology
  • Hyper-resolution video
  • Audio-supported systems are easy to find

At first glance, it might look like there is no reason to purchase a DVR system. But this is not the case.

If your current set-up involves DVR home surveillance systems, it could be expensive to replace everything and switch to an NVR network. However, new buyers should get top-rated NVR security systems.

DVR systems rarely go above 1080p resolutions, but NVR systems usually begin at 1080p resolutions.

This is important, for having facial recognition is important in the event of a crime or disturbance.

720p footage shot at a far distance will be almost useless to accurately identify someone, but a 1520p resolution can capture crisp images from far away.

NVR systems also require fewer cables.

A power-over-ethernet cable connects a camera to the NVR box, and the camera is fully functional from this one cable alone.

DVR cameras require splinters to connect to their DVR box and then to a separate electrical outlet. Power-over-ethernet cables draw power from their NVR box, but DVR boxes can’t supply their cameras with power.

Finally, technology is updating rapidly.

An NVR system can be upgraded with newer cameras in a few years, but DVR innovation is dwindling.

When high-definition cameras become commonplace, having an NVR system will let you save money by only needing to buy upgraded cameras.

DVR systems as a whole can reach higher levels of resolutions compared to their NVR counterparts due to being built in a different era with technology that isn’t widely used anymore.

Factors to Consider

New buyers should focus on getting a system that will serve them well for years to come. This means that an ideal POE NVR security camera system should have eight channels, plenty of hard drive space, extensive night vision, and audio support if you need it.


All of the systems on this top 10 list have eight channels to hook up to eight separate cameras. If you ever move to another home, having an eight-channel NVR system can save you money by keeping you from buying a separate system to support more cameras.

The 8-channel NVR should also allow for wireless connections to give you more options to place your cameras.

Hard Drive

A 2TB hard drive should be plenty of memory for the average user, but some individuals could benefit from having up to a 4TB drive.

NVR cameras are ideal for being left on and notifying you of disturbances, so some users might need large drives for remote areas that they don’t visit often. Some models come without hard drives, however.

These systems are useable, but being able to save recordings brings benefits such as having copies of the footage to show the police if trouble occurs.

Night Vision

NVR cameras differ widely in this area, but you should get a system that has powerful night vision if the location that you need to protect is often poorly lit.

Bad weather, poor electrical layouts, and power outages should be taken into account to determine if your system needs to operate well using only its infrared-vision technology.

If you realize that your system will never need to operate at night, then you can save money and get a better value from your purchase by picking cameras that don’t focus on this area.

Audio Support

Since some NVR systems support two-way audio, determining how useful audio technology will be to you can net you a better purchase.

Whether your cameras will be at home or in remote areas, being able to record audio and speak through your cameras can provide you with significant advantages. If you don’t know where to place cameras we have created a blog post


Should I get a 66IP or 67IP camera?

Ingress Protection tells you how durable your cameras are in dust and rain. IP66 means that your camera will survive short storms, and a 67 rating means that your camera can withstand temporary flooding. If you live in a rainy area, getting a 67-rated system might not be a bad idea.

Choosing to prioritize a 67-rated camera might limit your options from other systems, however. If you can get a 66-rated system and guard it against water damage, you could expand your buying opportunities to more popular and potentially more effective NVR systems.

Is Wireless Technology Important?

Connecting your camera to your NVR box through a PoE cable requires you to accommodate long wires around your property.

Wireless technology takes away the need to set up wires at the cost of effective range, however.

50 feet is a good distance to achieve with wireless technology, but a PoE cable can easily reach 100 feet. Knowing where you will place your cameras can let you pick the PoE or wireless system.

Should I Get Four Cameras With 1520p or Eight Cameras With 1080p?

1080p cameras can’t capture distant objects as well as 1520p cameras, so picking the cameras should be done if you are protecting a wide, open space. If you plan to monitor a small zone, having a 1080p camera could suit your needs. Yet having 1520p cameras in small spaces brings other benefits.

It can be expensive to operate an eight-channel system with 1520p cameras, however. If you purchase a 1080p system and find that it doesn’t give you the clarity you need, 1520p cameras are much more powerful and are an option to let you defend your possessions adequately.


The NVR security system will give you the power to immediately respond to threats. Automatic notifications and real-time monitoring should be featured in every system, and more advanced units will give you audio recording capabilities, heavy-duty resistance to weather, and excellent night vision.

If you need high-powered cameras, consider the first product reviewed. Reolink offers an NVR system that provides one of the best pixel resolutions on the market.

Yet eight cameras can be necessary for you to protect your large property. If you need a big network, ZOSI’s bundle is affordable and offers eight 1080p cameras to cover all of the angles that you need to be monitored. It is the third review on this top 10 guide, and it also comes with a hard drive to let you use it immediately.

Consider your needs and pair them with the various bundles mentioned. Remotely monitoring your property can be less expensive than hiring security personnel and give you assurance in your own home that you are always on alert to who comes in.

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