The Best Peephole Cameras in 2024

Peephole door cameras are a great new way to track the traffic that is approaching your home. For the safety of you and your family, you need a device in place to record all suspicious activity outside.

Criminals are bolder than ever, trying to test the front door before a forced entry. Everyone needs safety and security. That’s why we’ve gathered information on the top peephole cameras on the market. We’ve compared the specs of various cameras with a range of features. We’ve read customer reviews as well to provide you with relevant information to make an informed decision.

You must purchase the peephole camera because you need a device that works best for your needs. A mediocre camera might have a failing motion sensor or extremely poor image quality. We’ve laid all of the information out for you so you don’t pick a bad camera.

Best Peephole Cameras:

1. Ring Peephole Camera

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This Wi-Fi peephole doorbell comes in a satin nickel color. It is compatible with Alexa if the customer owns a screen Alexa device. Alexa can alert you when there is a visitor and allow two-way communication.

More than half of the customers who own this peephole camera appreciate that it’s easy to install and use. At least one person reported catching a thief right after they installed their peephole camera.

They were able to forward the video to the police and they made an arrest. A few people feel that the motion sensitivity and video quality are a little off.

Overall, this device can be considered the door peephole security camera you will buy. It has a great daytime video, it’s easy to install and it also integrates with other smart devices such as Alexa.

Has a sensitive motion sensor which means you will potentially catch more than you will miss. It works well as a security camera product.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to setup
  • Adjustable motion zones
  • Daytime recordings show nicely
  • Knock Detection


  • Expensive
  • Motion sensitivity needs calibrating
  • Needs a strong Wi-Fi signal to work properly
  • Night vision is not great

2. Digital Door Eye Viewer by Sonew

This video doorbell has a beautiful ultra-thin design. It will provide you with 24-hour monitoring outside your front door. It is easy enough for children and seniors to operate.

Customers who are using this product report that it’s multiple times better than using the plain peephole. It is easy to install and there is good picture quality in the daylight. Overall it is a good quality product for the price.

This video peephole camera is easy to install, provides great picture quality, and boots up pretty fast when you’re trying to see who’s visiting. If you’re okay with purchasing your own rechargeable batteries and are not too dependent on night vision, then this is the right device for you.


  • Simple installation
  • Good picture quality
  • Fast boot-up time on the LCD screen


  • No night vision
  • Not a rechargeable unit

3. digitsea Digital Doorbell and Peephole Door Camera

This doorbell peephole camera offers LCD screen night vision, wide-screen, and automatic picture and video. The required power is 4 AA batteries (not included).

Customers who have purchased this product like that it’s simple for Baby Boomers to set up and use. The digital peephole viewer review reports that the night vision works well and the screen is large enough to see who is outside from a distance.

A few customers reported receiving broken units or units that didn’t have working night vision.

Overall this digital doorbell camera seems to work well. It provides a clear wide view of the day and night that can be seen from a distance. It automatically takes a photo or records a video.


  • Comes with various screw lengths for installing on doors of different thickness
  • Clear picture day and night
  • Easy installation
  • Wide viewing angle


  • No motion detection
  • Can’t adjust view range
  • Loadings screen every time camera is pressed from inside

4. Brinno Door Peephole Security Camera with Digital Visitor Log

This front door security camera comes in 3 styles: SHC1000, SHC500, and SHC500K. The camera is activated by a doorbell press or a knock. It offers a clear image and the battery lasts for about 1,800 triggers.

It only takes a few minutes to install, and the device operates from the inside so you don’t have to worry about it being snatched off of your door.

The majority of customers who have purchased this motion-activated peephole camera are happy that they don’t have to alter their door to get this device installed. It uses the peephole you already have.

They appreciate the image quality and that the camera can work well with dim light.

A large majority of the customers who bought this peephole camera were really happy. If you purchase this book you can look forward to quality images and a long-lasting battery with a camera that won’t get stolen.

The motion and knock sensor make this camera worth the investment.


  • The camera viewer can be set up horizontally or vertically
  • Quality image
  • Theft proof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Motion and knock detection


  • Image is compromised in backlit situations
  • Changing batteries can be difficult

5. Tosuny 2.4 inch TFT Screen Digital Peephole Security Door Viewer

This digital door viewer and camera come in colors including golden earth. It works without a smartphone, taking pictures and recording videos of your daily visitors.

You won’t miss anything with the wide-angle lens showing a 165-degree view. It offers a clear image in the daytime and evening, and you don’t have to worry about buying replacement batteries because this device is equipped with rechargeables.

Best of all it installs into your current peephole. Customers who reviewed this product said it’s easy to install even if you don’t already have a peephole. They appreciate that there is no hardwiring needed, but some people miss the automatic motion sensor and wish for a larger view.

Overall for the price, the majority of users are happy with this product. If your preference is a simple device that doesn’t require a smartphone and has an easy setup and rechargeable batteries, then this is the peephole camera you can purchase.


  • Easy installation
  • Clear picture
  • Affordable
  • Long charger cord


  • No motion detection
  • Can’t sync to mobile devices
  • The camera shutter seems slow
  • The ring is too soft
  • No motion sensor
  • The camera seems to stall out in colder weather

6. Peephole Camera, WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

This video doorbell is great for children and seniors. It’s compatible with smartphones but it also works fine without one. It has a wide-angle lens so you can see everything that’s happening outside of your door.

Installation is simple and you don’t need a doorbell or access to home electricity. This device provides a clear image during the day and the night.

Customers who reviewed this product said it took about 10 minutes to set up, and it had great picture and audio quality. Customers are also reporting that pairing with smart devices is very simple once the app is downloaded.

The digital peephole camera review stated that overall the device was well worth the price.

This smart video doorbell camera provides lots of security for your home. It offers clear video during daytime and nighttime and it’s easy to install. Sync it with your smartphone with little effort, or you can use it without a synced device.


  • Easy installation
  • Good quality images


  • The display seems to be in a foreign language at the startup
  • Battery drains faster than 30 days due to motion sensor
  • Motion sensor too sensitive

7. JeaTone Peephole Viewer WiFi Digital Door Viewer

The next peephole camera comes with or without a doorbell. It has a wide lens and night vision for the home security. It offers 3 modes to fit your situation including “at home”, “leave home”, and “do not disturb”.

You can use this product with your existing peephole and without damaging your door. Customers will need the 3-section AAA battery and TF card to work the video doorbell (batteries and TF card are sold separately).

Customers who are using this product are enjoying the quality picture. The daytime camera is reported to be very clear, and the night vision looks good enough that you can make out who the person outside may be. They appreciate that it’s easy to install and use. Quite a few customers were looking for more of a fisheye lens.

This is a great home security peephole camera. It provides a clear picture, a wide view, and a very easy 5-minute setup. Best of all there is no application or wi-fi needed.


  • Easy to setup
  • Night vision works pretty well
  • The door chime is loud enough to hear


  • The camera doesn’t pan or tilt
  • The camera is wide but not a fisheye lens

8. KOPUO Video Doorbell Camera

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This Wi-Fi doorbell camera allows you to see your doorstep live in high definition. You can also see recordings in 720P HD. It’s 100% Wire-free and has smart power-saving that gets the most out of the battery.

You will get a notification on your phone as soon as someone touches your doorbell or if the motion sensors detect movement at your doorstep. You can communicate with your visitors through the built-in microphone and speakers.

Look back on your recorded footage from anywhere at any time with a combination of storage options. At least half of the customers who are using this camera enjoy it. They say it shows a clear picture and it’s easy to install. They also say the touchscreen is a great size.

Overall this doorbell camera works well. It is best for people who are not always home as well as for those who would rather use the display instead of a phone device.

With clear pictures and a long-lasting battery, this might be the wireless peephole camera for the front door.


  • Clear daytime video
  • Night vision works well
  • Long battery life
  • Sensitive touchscreen


  • Short charging cable forces you to remove the unit to charge it up
  • Not many color options
  • Usage instructions are not offered
  • Can be difficult to load apps on the phone

Tips on Choosing

A clear image is important

Make sure you’re picking a camera that provides a quality image during the day and the evening. It doesn’t have to be picture-perfect, but the image needs to be clear enough that you can make out who the visitor is.

Motion Sensor Adjustments

Try to get a camera that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor. Several customers have reported getting notifications of cars driving by or receiving a picture of the back of a person’s head. The sensor should be able to be adjusted for your individual needs.

Try to meet the majority of your needs

Aim for a camera that meets what you feel is most important. Camera capabilities will easily narrow down your list of options, so think about features that you refuse to negotiate on and continue narrowing down from there.

Factors to Consider

Picture quality

Grainy is okay as long as you can make out the person outside your home. If you refuse to waiver on a grainy photo, aim for a more expensive better quality picture camera. Pay great attention to the resolution in the specs.

Camera angle

If you have a wide entrance to your home, you might need to see more outside your front door. You might aim for a wide-angle camera to meet your needs.


See how well the doorbell rings. Some people have complained about doorbells not being loud enough. You need something you can hear throughout your home.

Type of Peephole Camera

Think about what you prefer. Do you want a camera with a doorbell attached? Do you need motion detection? Do you want your camera to be activated as soon as your door is knocked on or the doorbell is pressed? These special features are very specific and will narrow your options down to a few of the top peephole cameras you’ll find on the market.

Wifi Connectivity

Do you want your camera to send you push notifications and live notifications when someone is at your door? This feature gives you the option of having two-way communication with your visitors while you’re away from your home.

If you expect important guests and you are often away from your home, this type of device might be the best option. This is also a good choice for people on the go who do not have time to sit in front of the machine and review several visit recordings and snapshots.


Think about your budget, but then get ready to adjust it for the things that are most important to you. The more advanced features your peephole camera has the more it will cost you.


How can I protect my doorbell camera from theft?

Unfortunately, the only way to ensure your device will not be stolen from the outside of your door is to purchase an interior-installed theft-proof peephole camera.

These types of devices have all of the hardware indoors with you. All your visitors will see is the peephole on the outside of your door. Some device manufacturers offer theft protection for situations where your device gets stolen, so you might want to look out for those too.

Will I have to create a new peephole?

In most cases no. The majority of the top peephole door cameras attach directly to your existing peephole slot. If your door does not have a peephole you might have to purchase a drill bit if the camera doesn’t come with the hardware.

Will my door be too thick for the peephole camera?

A. Most likely not. The peephole cameras are designed to fit the average size of peepholes and door thickness. The thickest your new peephole might go is about 3.5 inches. Some devices come with various size screws to help with installation for the different door thicknesses.

Making The Decision

Now that you know as much as possible about peephole cameras you know that it’s worth the investment to purchase the best one and start making your home more secure.

Peephole cameras are great because they let us know when expected and unexpected guests visit our property. We have a safety advantage when we can choose to either open our door or address a would-be burglar and deter them from entering our home.

Remember to think about what’s important to you regarding the functionality of your peephole camera. Evaluate your options, and when you narrow it down, read the overall customer reviews and see if there are any weaknesses in your final choice.

Once you’ve figured out which device suits you best, go out there and purchase the top peephole camera for the safety of you and your family!

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