The Best Pool Vacuum Heads in 2024

Pool maintenance only goes so far with an automatic pool cleaner. Robotic cleaners can also make a pool worse if it’s already in bad shape. When targeting algae and debris, the best thing to do is manually vacuum your pool. The issue with vacuuming begins when you’re not sure which vacuum head is best.

That’s why we’ve researched and become experts on picking the right vacuum head for swimming pools. We’ve compared features including head width, wheels, and ease of use to find the top pool vacuum head out there.

It is important to have a pool vacuum head because it will make pool cleaning faster and more efficient. This resource has the information to ensure that you purchase the pool vacuum head. We’ve also included swimming pool vacuum head reviews to make your decision easier.

Best Pool Vacuum Heads:

1. Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

This blue-weight vacuum head is made to clean concrete pools. It can be easily assembled thanks to its snap-adapt handle. It is an extra-wide heavy cleaning head that will stay submerged in the pool.

A little more than half of the customers who reviewed this product are happy. They say this product works well to get the spots that the pool vacuum failed to pick up. Overall they feel it’s the vacuum head for the concrete pool and it’s better than using a brush. Some of the unhappy reviews were regarding the spring setup.

There were also concerns about the hose detaching during cleaning.

With this pool head, some customers have figured out that it works best pushing forward and tends to float when pulled back. If you’re nifty with a screwdriver and pliers, there is a webpage that explains how to install the spring for the best results.

This is a reliable poolhead that will do better than the vacuum and brush without breaking the bank.


  • Great price
  • Cleans fast
  • Nice width
  • Easy to use


  • Can be a little difficult to set spring
  • Spring feels a little flimsy
  • No instructions for assembly

2. Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head

This triangle-weighted pool and spa vacuum head is great for cleaning vinyl-lined pools. It has a see-thru triangle shape that makes maneuvering in corners and cleaning accuracy in the pool pretty easy. It goes easy on vinyl surfaces and even has nylon bristles which are gentle on vinyl pool floors.

The head is constructed to be long-lasting, durable, and resistant to pool chemicals.

More than half of the customers who have reviewed this product are pleased with it. They like that it works while using forward and backward motion. Works well on odd-shaped pools and the transparent head is really helpful in allowing them to see any stubborn debris.

They feel that this is the pool vacuum head for vinyl pools and has a nice price. Some of the customers who were disappointed mentioned that they received a broken product or it was missing parts.

This triangular-shaped transparent pool vacuum works well to clean your difficult-to-reach and stubborn areas. If you want a product that will help you get into your pool corners and is easy to guide, then purchase this pool vacuum.


  • Transparent head
  • Easy to guide with weighted head
  • Great vacuum
  • Sturdy


  • Can’t be completely emptied and cleaned when you’re finished
  • Struggles to pick up leaves

3. HydroTools by Swimline Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head


This half-moon weighted pool vacuum head comes in two size options including 1-pack and 2-pack. The head is weighted to remain on the pool floor for easier vacuuming. The pole adapter fits 99% of standard vacuum poles. It is designed for all pools.

A little over half of the customers who reviewed this product are reporting that it works fast. It sucks up sand and dirt well. The weighted head is helpful when scrubbing. It cleans algae well as well. Some of the lower-rated reviews state that you have to use a bit of elbow grease to get the vacuum to pick up in areas.

If you don’t mind using a little force when you clean your pool with a vacuum, then this is the right vacuum for you. It is heavy enough to remain on the bottom of the pool and it is compatible will all standard pool hoses.


  • Cleans fast
  • Good suction
  • Weighted
  • Fits well with standard parts
  • Easy to assemble


  • Have to use a little bit of pressure
  • Only works best going forward and side to side
  • The handle swivel is a bit stiff

4. Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head / 13” Wide/Safe for Inground, Above Ground and Vinyl Pools


Clean a vinyl pool safely with this pool vac. Extension poles can be attached as needed. It has bristles that will help loosen any algae. The air-relief valves make your glide along the floor much smoother without damaging the filter pump and pool liner.

More than half of the vinyl pool vacuum head reviews are positive. It is heavy enough to remain on the floor and the air-relief valve works well to keep it gliding across the pool floor. They appreciate that this pool vacuum cleaner is much faster and has great suction.

It picks up large leaves with no problem. Some of the unhappy customers have reported issues with adding attachments, bristles, and spring-loaded handles.

This pool vacuum head is a good idea for those who are on a budget and would like to try something to clean their pool with ease. This product is lightweight to carry but will stay on the bottom of the pool for cleaning.

It sucks up big debris well, but you will have to find an exact pool hose match, and it only works with strokes in a forward direction. Purchase your inexpensive pool vacuum today for a great price!


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Light enough to carry
  • Heavy enough to stay on the bottom


  • Can be hard to match with a compatible hose
  • Only forward strokes work and not the backstrokes

5. HydroTools by Swimline Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head


This transparent weighted triangle pool vacuum head should work wonders on your vinyl-lined pool. Available in a 1-pack and 2-pack. It has a triangular shape which is great for hitting pool corners and giving your pool an overall thorough cleaning. It also has angled brushes to help pick up debris much faster.

More than half of the customers using this pool vacuum head are pleased with the results. It seems to be long-lasting and it provides good suction with a little force along the bottom of the pool. The weighted head does well to stand down at the pool bottom.

Purchasers who had issues with this vacuum mainly reported having trouble with the head and hose connection. Issues with bristles falling apart were also frequently reported.

Customers who are okay working a little harder to get their pool clean should consider this manual pool vacuum head. It comes at an affordable price and it is made from durable material. Look at the dirt you are picking up through the transparent vacuum head, and always be aware of what debris you are missing.


  • Sturdy
  • Cleans the majority of dirt off of the pool bottom
  • Long-lasting
  • Scrubs while cleaning
  • Dirt can be seen while using the vacuum head


  • A little hard to work
  • Bristles seem a little flimsy

6. Pentair R201286 No. 222 Pro Vac Commercial Pool Vacuum Head

This commercial pool vacuum works for commercial and residential pools. It has a special suction process that has wide flex strips to guide debris right into the suction chamber. This pool head vacuum measures 11 1/4″ L x 2 3/4″ H x 12″ W.

Almost all of the customers who have reviewed this vacuum head are happy with the functionality of this device. It rolls smoothly across the pool floor and it speeds up the cleaning process by several minutes.

This pool vacuum head works great to get the job done and it picks up debris as tiny as playground sand. It shortens pool cleaning time by a lot. It’s easy to maneuver and it has great flexibility. Buy your dependable pool vacuum head!


  • Works great to pick up dirt and debris
  • Extra sealing strips are included
  • Works during push and pull strokes
  • Flexible
  • Heavy duty


  • Doesn’t work well on stairs or anything more narrow than a suction head
  • Doesn’t stay suctioned to walls
  • No brushes on the bottom to scrub with

7. U.S. Pool Supply Flexible 12″ Weighted Pool Vacuum Head

This pool vacuum head comes in 2 style options including the flexible vacuum head or the standard vacuum head. This flexible vacuum head is easy to move around in the pool. Its cleaning bristles clean walls, corners, and slopes fast. The vacuum head is weighted to maintain surface contact during twisting and moving within tight crevices and corners.

The majority of customers who reviewed this product are reporting that it works well. The multidirectional buttons on the bottom make it more effective at picking up pool debris. It’s easy to move around in the pool even though it weighs to remain on the pool floor.

This pool vacuum head comes at an affordable price and it works well with lots of accessories. It will shave time off of your pool cleaning experience by quickly and effortlessly picking up debris. It has awesome flexibility and will allow you the clean the deepest crevices and corners of your pool.

Invest in a more effective pool cleaning today!


  • Good price
  • Works well with other accessories


  • Doesn’t slide well on pebble-finished pool
  • Might not work for a sand pump/saltwater pool system

8. FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head


This professional and flexible swimming pool vacuum head covers a large area making your cleaning routine more efficient. It has a flexible body that will easily grip all the contours and curves of your pool. The long-lasting wheels on this vacuum will roll with ease while keeping your pool surfaces free of damage.

Customers who have reviewed this product are pleased with their results. They like the weight of the product and that it can clean the walls as well as the floor. It seems to be the pool vacuum head for algae, but it also picks up dirt, leaves, and grass.

Customers also appreciate the ball-bearing wheels because they help the cleaning experience go much smoother. The few customers who reported bad reviews seem to have received defective products that were already broken and others had wheel issues after a few uses.

This pool vacuum has enough weight to stay on the bottom of your pool while you’re engaged in fast and effective cleaning. It will pick up the majority of pool debris including a variety of leaf types.


  • Great quality
  • Faster cleaning
  • Sturdy
  • Good suction


  • Can be hard to turn without lifting
  • Doesn’t come with brushes
  • Hard to clean corners

9. Poolmaster 27250 Swimming Pool Heavy-Duty Flexible Vacuum


Connect this pool and spa vacuum head to any extension pole that has spring-loaded locking clips. The urethane wheels will keep the vacuum from scraping and scratching the pool surface.

More than half of the customers who reviewed this pool vacuum are enjoying the results. This product cleans quickly with very little effort from the cleaner. It’s good quality and rolls smoothly along the bottom of the pool.

Works great on corners as well. A few people reported receiving either a defective product or that the wheels kept coming off.

This flexible pool vacuum head is nice and wide, but it tends to only have suction towards the center. New customers should remember to tighten the wheels before first use to prevent any breaks or wheels from falling off. If you want to take your time with an effortless pool vacuum, then buy yours today!


  • Cleans fast
  • Weighted and stays on a pool bottom
  • Well built
  • More efficient clean


  • Suction is mainly at the center 6 inches
  • Wheels might not be loose initially

10. Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head

This 14″ spa and pool vacuum head works well to clean debris from pool floors. The adapter handle is compatible with standard pool extension poles. The locking clips will line up perfectly with the pole. The plastic body will curve towards the pool floor to maintain suction in the cleaning area.

A large majority of the customers who are using this product feel it is the swimming pool vacuum head. It works faster and is more convenient, and they appreciate how it conforms nicely to the pool floor.

The few disappointed customers who reviewed this product commented on broken wheels, a vacuum that breaks easily, and not enough suction to clean algae on the pool bottom.

This top-rated pool vacuum head works fast to clean the walls and bottom of your pool. It has great flexibility and strong enough suction to reduce the number of times you will have to go over your pool surfaces for proper cleaning. It has gentle wheels so you don’t have to worry about this vacuum scratching up your pool floor.


  • Flexibility
  • Strong suction
  • Works fast


  • Doesn’t come with brushes
  • Lots of plastic

Tips on Choosing


These are important for moving across the pool floor while you clean. Aim for wheels with ball bearings to keep your movements effortless. These wheels are safe for pool floors and the bearings will take on all the weight and keep the wheels working well.


Depending on the design of the pool you’re cleaning, you will want a flexible head to get to the hard-to-reach places. The more flexible the better.

Compatibility With Hoses

Aim for standard parts compatibility if you already have your accessory attachments. You could also opt to purchase ahead which has a suggested list of attachments, but that will be more expensive.

Customer Reviews

Make sure to read customer reviews to see how well products have worked for others. Certain pools have different effects on vacuums and some vacuums don’t work well for certain pool designs.

Factors To Consider


Broad vacuum heads will allow you to cover more surfaces at a time, but they will need more strength to push around. Smaller vacuum heads that cover less area will require less effort but take longer to clean large sections. Base your width choice on your physical ability to drag and also the amount of room you have to store a large-width vacuum.


The shape of the vacuum head you choose should be based on the shape of your pool. If you have a lot of curves you might do better with a triangular-designed vacuum head. If you prefer a square, look for a vacuum head with lots of flexibility to hit crevices and corners.


Think about your choice of plastic and steel. The steel handle is stronger and won’t crack, but the plastic will not corrode and will be resistant to chemicals.


Think about how much you’re willing to spend on your pool vacuum and which features you’re willing to be ok without. The more your vacuum head can do, the more your vacuum will cost.

Making The Decision

You are now equipped with enough information about pool vacuum heads to make your purchase. Always start with being realistic about what your needs are and then narrowing down your options. You need something that cleans quickly, has flexibility, and doesn’t take much effort to function.

Remember to read customer reviews. Previous customers have already taken the chance on these products and have been kind enough to encourage or warn us about our purchase.

Look for the reviews directly related to your ideal pool vacuum and then see if you can find a review from someone with a similar pool.

Once you’re even more confident in the right pool vacuum make a decision and invest in better pool cleaning today!

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