The Best Stack-On Gun Safes in 2024

If you’re a gun owner, then you should understand by now just how important it is to have a gun safe in your home. Aside from protecting younger family members from your firearms, gun safes keep would-be robbers from being able to run off with your valuable guns during a home invasion or burglary.

Choosing the right gun safe for you and your home can feel like an overwhelming task with all of the different options out there. We are here to make the decision a much easier one for you. Below, we have listed and reviewed the Stack-On gun safes for you to choose from.

Best Stack-On Gun Safes:

1. Stack-On GCB-908 Steel 8-Gun Security Cabinet

In this Stack-On 8 gun safe review, we will be discussing the GCB-908 cabinet safe. This safe is slim and tall, specifically designed to hold your longer firearms such as shotguns and rifles. It can hold up to 8 guns that are 54 inches tall or shorter.

A small shelf is featured at the top of the safe interior. This offers great space to store ammunition or other gun-related items along with your firearms. The shelf is pulled away from the wall, so all of your gun barrels fit behind it.

Foam padding is featured along with the cabinet shelf interior. Even if the safe is bumped or dropped, this soft material keeps guns safe from damage and scratch-free. The barrel rests keep guns in an upright position so they don’t scrape against one another during storage.

The safe can be opened with a key code that you set after your purchase and features a 3-point locking system for added security and durability. The flat bottom of the cabinet makes it easy to bolt the safe to the floor, which adds peace of mind that nobody can run off with the safe or tip it over and damage the contents.


  • Interior foam padding prevents guns from scratching
  • Ideal solution for tall rifles and shotguns
  • Easy to use key code access


  • Cabinet material is not very durable against drops or bumps

2. Stack-On QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe

If you are looking for a small gun safe, then the QAS-1304-12 would be a great option for you. This pistol safe measures just 9.75″ x 11.75″ x 3.75″, making it a discreet, quick-access gun safe for your smaller handguns.

Although small, this safe box is constructed entirely with solid steel. It is durable, long-lasting, and will not open with force if found by an intruder or someone else who should not have access to the firearm. The durable material of the safe also ensures that the guns inside don’t take any damage with movement.

The locking plate, as well, is made of steel and has been designed in a way that makes it impossible to pry the safe door open. The door lays flush with the safe itself, so it can only be opened by people who have the code.

The electronic lock key is incredibly easy to use once a code is set, and textured buttons make it easy to feel and open the safe quickly, even in low light. It is a great safe to have by your bedside in case of a nighttime emergency.


  • Perfect size for pistols and handguns
  • Durable and long-lasting solid steel construction
  • Drop and pry-resistant door for added security
  • Key code allows for quick emergency access


  • Some issues with the door lock sticking over time

3. Stack-On GCB-500 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet

The GCB-500 Stack-On ammo safe is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to safely and securely store ammunition or small pistols and handguns. Measuring 17″ x 10″ x 15″, this safe can hold more ammo along with your guns than the average pistol safe box.

The safe features one removable shelf, so you can organize your guns and ammunition as you wish. All sides of the safe have pre-drilled mounting holes, so you can bolt the safe down to floors, walls, ceilings, or other surfaces for extra security and convenience.

To open the safe box, all you need is a simple key. There is no risk of electronic failure or batteries dying when you need to access your guns immediately. Simply keep your keys in a safe and hidden location, and you’ll be the only one with access to the contents of the box.

The door, locking bolt, and lock plate are all constructed with solid steel, so the small safe is surprisingly durable and won’t be cracked open with force alone. The lock plate passes through the door, so it can’t be removed from the outside.


  • Perfect size for handguns, pistils, and plenty of ammunition
  • Solid steel, durable construction
  • Easy to use key port lock
  • Small, discreet size


  • Can’t be opened if the external key is misplaced or damaged

4. Stack-On GCB-14P Steel 14-Gun Security Cabinet

This Stack-On 14 gun safe review is about the GCB-14P, a fantastic option for gun owners who want to store shotguns, rifles, and other taller firearms rather than handguns. The safe cabinet measures 17″ x 21.5″ x 58″, so your guns can stand upright and scratch-free inside.

The cabinet features a small shelf along the top of the safe, which offers a convenient place to store ammo boxes or small handguns and pistols. The shelf is pulled away from the wall, so it does not interfere with the space that standing rifle or shotgun barrels may be taking up.

This safe features welded and staked cabinet hinges, making the door extremely durable and secure against potential intruders or damage from a drop or force. The 3-point locking system, which features thick, steel, and live locking bolts, makes the safe incredibly difficult to break into.

Pre-drilled holes in the bottom and the backside of the safe make it easy to bolt the cabinet to either the floor or a wall, so you can rest assured that nobody will be running off with the safe to break into it at another location.


  • Can be bolted to either the floor or a wall for added security
  • 3 durable live-locking bolts
  • Tall enough to store rifles and shotguns
  • Top shelf for handgun and ammunition storage


  • Barrel rest may be too high for some firearms, so they will have to lean over

Factors to Consider

Size of the Safe

The size of the safe you buy will depend on the types of guns you intend to store as well as how many guns you intend to store. If all you have are pistols and handguns, then you will probably just want a small, discreet safe box that you can keep somewhere out of the way.

However, if you have a large collection of rifles, shotguns, and other firearms, then a taller safe will be necessary.

Consider how many guns and what types you intend on having in the future, not just now, when you decide what type of Stack-On gun is safe to invest in.

Additional Storage Needs

If you are only storing your guns themselves, then you likely aren’t concerned with whether or not the safe has shelves, holsters, or pockets.

However, it is always a good idea to keep in mind that additional shelves let you store other important things along with your firearms, such as boxes of ammunition, smaller gun cases, holsters, important documents, and handguns that won’t stand in the barrel molds.

It is typically a better idea to have extra storage and not need it than to buy a safe with no additional storage and realize you have nowhere safe and secure to store smaller items down the line.

Fire and Water Resistance

You may not be thinking about water and fire damage when you buy a Stack-On gun safe, but you may want to protect your firearms from more than just potential thieves, children, and intruders.

If you store your gun safe in an area that could flood, then it’s probably a good idea to find a water-resistant option. These options will keep the contents of the safe dry and damage-free for a specific amount of time at a certain depth, so pay special attention to the product description when purchasing.

The same goes for fire-resistant safes. They are typically rated up to a certain temperature for some time of anywhere from half an hour to 74 hours, so look for exactly what you need when reading product descriptions from the manufacturer.

Type of Locking Mechanism

Different types of Stack-On Safes feature different locking mechanisms, so you will want to choose the option that works best for you and your specific needs.

If you want to avoid electronic failure, then you might want to consider a simple key port lock. However, an electronic keypad locking mechanism may allow for quicker access to your guns in the case of an emergency, and rule out the possibility of losing your key and being locked away from your firearms.


Do Stack-On Gun Safes Require Batteries?

If you have chosen to buy a Stack-On gun safe that features an electronic keypad locking mechanism, then it will require batteries. The batteries recommended by the manufacturer will last for many years, so you won’t have to worry about replacement for a long time. To replace them, simply remove the keypad itself and insert batteries behind it.

To avoid the use of batteries, simply choose a Stack-On Safe option that uses a standard key, instead.

Are Stack-On Gun Safes Durable?

Yes, Stack-On Gun Safes are designed to withstand a certain amount of force or accident without opening and revealing their contents to people who should not have access to them.

Nearly all of these saves feature solid steel locking bolts, which will not bend or break even if someone tries to pry the door open.

As with everything, you get what you pay for with a Stack-On Gun Safe. If you want an extremely durable option, you may want to invest in one of the higher quality, more expensive options. However, if durability is not a huge concern, then the more affordable options may work for you and your home.

How Do You Set the Code on a Stack-On Gun Safe?

When you purchase a Stack-On Gun Safe with an electronic keypad locking mechanism, then you will be prompted to set the code immediately upon your first use of the safe. Simply enter the code when you desire when you first open the safe and be sure to write it down in a safe place so you don’t forget it.

The manufacturer will need to be contacted if you have lost or forgotten your keycode because it cannot be reset without opening it with the original code.

The Takeaway

While all of the gun safes on this list are incredible options, we highly recommend the Stack-On E-90-MB-E-S-72 Elite 62-90 Gun Safe for anyone looking to purchase the best of the best. We love this gun safe because of its high-capacity storage space, interior shelves, and holsters and pouches for handgun and ammunition storage.

If you have a large collection of different types of guns, then this is safe for you.

We hope that this in-depth buyer’s guide helped you better understand Stack-On Gun Safes and what they can do for you. Find the best option on the list for you and purchase yours today.

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