The Best Sentry Safes in 2024

If you are someone who worries about keeping your valuables safe, then you may be wondering what the home safe to buy is as you take your security into your own hands. We all want to protect our valuables, but it takes a lot of effort to sift through the countless safe options out there and choose the right one for you.

We are here to make that decision easier. Below, we have listed and reviewed the Sentry safes so that you know where to begin your search for the perfect safe for you and your home.

Best Sentry Safes:

1. SentrySafe SFW123CU Fireproof Waterproof Safe

If you’re looking for the Sentry Safe for your home, then the SentrySafe SFW123CU may be just what you need.

Fire safes for documents are extremely popular, as they keep your most important papers safe even in the possibility of a disaster. In this safe, your valuables will be safe from both fire and water damage. Even during an entire hour of being exposed to fire, the safe’s internal temperature remains within a normal range to protect any sensitive items that may be stored inside.

The safe features four live-locking bolts constructed with solid steel behind a combination lock, so you know that the safe is durable and that nobody without the combination can get in. It is so durable that it can survive a 15-foot drop without opening.

The safe measures 16.3″ x 19.3″ x 17.8″, making it quite a bit larger than your average home safe while remaining small enough to stash out of the way of daily home life. The interior itself is large as well, so you can fit all of your important documents, valuable items, precious memories, and more inside at once.


  • Fire and water-resistant
  • Durable, solid steel bolt locks
  • Can survive a fall of 15 feet without opening
  • Large internal capacity


  • The opening handle may become difficult to move over time

2. SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

If a manual combination lock isn’t your thing, then you may be looking for a digital safe for home use. The SentrySafe EF4738E is the personal safe with an electronic lock that you’re going to find.

This option is taller than your average safe and features two removable shelves, allowing you to fit more unique items inside. It measures 35.7″ x 19.4″ x 11.7″, so taller items or large stacks of valuables and documents can be stored inside with ease.

If you are worried about a disaster in the home, then you’ll like knowing that this safe can withstand fires up to 1400 degrees for half an hour and can withstand floods up to 12 inches deep for up to 72 hours. Even when the unexpected happens, your valuables and important documents will be prepared and protected.

The safe features 5 live-locking bolts as well as 4 deadbolts, all protected by an electronic keypad that allows you to set your code for entry into the safe. Behind these strong steel bolts, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe from theft.


  • Keeps documents safe from both fire and water
  • Allows for the storage of items up to 30″ tall
  • Electronic keypad access


  • Flimsy keypad buttons can be difficult to push and activate

3. SentrySafe X014E Security Keypad Extra Small Digital Lock Safe

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and secure small home safe that won’t break your budget, then the SentrySafe X014E is a fantastic option. The cheap home safe on the list, this miniature variety is ideal for storing a few small valuables like jewelry or passports.

The safe measures just 9″ x 6.6″ x 6.6″, so it takes up barely any space at all in your home and can be easily hidden from possible thieves. At only 8 lbs, this safe can be easily transported from place to place without help or equipment.

An electronic keypad controls the safe’s two live-locking solid steel bolts, so you can rest easy knowing that it is durable and secure despite the smaller size. The entire safe itself is also constructed with solid steel, so it can’t be easily broken into by dropping it or using force.

The keypad makes this safe and easy to use. Simply set your code to access your valuables at any time. Two override keys are also available, so you never have to worry about getting locked out if you somehow forget the code.


  • Small size takes up no space in the home
  • Solid steel and durable construction
  • Comes with two override keys
  • Easy to use and move


  • Not safe against water or fire damage

4. SentrySafe P008EBL 0.08 Cubic Foot Electronic Compact Safe

If you are in the market for a dorm safe with a cable you can get your hands on, then look no further than the SentrySafe P008EBL. Small in size and easy to transport, this is the perfect safe for dorm life and living in smaller spaces.

This safe measures just 2.9″ x 10″ x 7.9″ and is ideal for storing social security cards, cash, passports, small valuables, and more. Thanks to the small size, it can easily fit into purses, briefcases, and backpacks if it needs to come along with you.

A small yet durable steel cable is attached to the safe, allowing you to tether it on the go for additional security. The electronic lock can be easily set and makes it simple to access your b belongings at any time.

This safe is a great option if you don’t just leave your valuable belongings at home and want an extremely lightweight and discreet safe option you can travel with.


  • Lightweight enough to be taken on the go in your bag
  • Easy-to-use electronic keypad
  • Steel cord to tether safe for additional security
  • The perfect option for small dorm rooms


  • Can open fairly easily with enough force
  • Too small for important documents

5. SentrySafe FHW40100 Fireproof Waterproof Box

Anyone looking for a fireproof and waterproof safe box will be happy to discover the SentrySafe FHW40100. For up to half an hour, this safe can withstand temperatures of up to 1550°F, keeping all of the belongings inside safe from heat damage. Not only will the safe keep them from burning, but it will also protect electronics from extreme temperatures.

Additionally, this safe can keep its contents dry and safe for up to 72 hours of water exposure, even when completely submerged. In fires, floods, or other accidents, this safe can ensure that your valuables and important documents are unharmed.

Instead of an electronic keypad or a combination lock, this safe features a simple key mechanism. Two keys are provided with the purchase of the safe. The flat nature of the safe’s life makes it far less likely that the safe will pop open if dropped or hit with heavy equipment.

The safe measures 11.6″ x 13.8″ x 14.1″, so it is ideal for paper documents, small valuables, and more. Carrying handles are built right into both sides of the safe box, making it easy to move around the home as needed.


  • Highly fire and water-resistant
  • Easy to carry by built-in handles
  • Easy to open with included keys


  • Outside plastic material is not very durable
  • Some issues with the latch breaking after several openings

6. SentrySafe P005C Portable Safe

If you’re looking for a good car gun safe, then the SentrySafe P005C may be the perfect option for you. Designed to be both easily portable and safely secure, it is a great safe for keeping a firearm out of the hands of thieves in your vehicle.

The spinning three-digit combination is easy to set and use, so you will be able to gain access to your gun or other small valuables without issue. The safe also features a steel cord cable, so you can tether it to your car interior without fear of it sliding under seats and out of reach.

Although small in size, this tiny safe is constructed entirely of solid steel. Even with significant force or a large drop, the safe won’t pop open without the combination code. Possible thieves will have a difficult time getting to your important possessions, and you can rest assured the safe won’t take much damage over time.

The interior lining of the safe is incredibly soft, making it perfectly shock-absorbent for guns and other valuables you may be transporting in a vehicle.


  • Soft and shock-absorbent interior lining for bumpy travel
  • Easy to use a three-digit combination
  • Solid steel exterior construction for durability


  • Some issues with the lid not fitting right on the bottom portion of the safe box

7. SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe

No products found.

One of the small gun safes currently on the market for pistol owners is the SentrySafe QAP2BEL. If you are looking for a good handgun safe, then you’ll love that the interior of this safe was specifically designed to fit not just one, but two pistol-sized handguns.

One of the most impressive features of this safe is that it will open for you and you alone. Instead of a combination, key, or keypad lock that anybody can use with the right code, this safe only opens with the use of a fingerprint scanner. You will never be at risk of someone figuring out the combination and accessing your firearm without you.

The safe features a gas strut, so it opens hands-free once your fingerprint is read and determined to be your own. This makes it great in an emergency where you need almost instant access to your handgun and don’t have time to fumble with combinations, keys, or heavy safe doors.

Additionally, this small safe features interior lights. This makes it easy to see your guns even in the dark, which would be ideal in an emergency where you access them at your bedside in the middle of the night.


  • Safe and secure fingerprint reader
  • Interior lights for use at night
  • One-handed opening of the door


  • Some issues with the gas strut not working after several openings

8. SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box

The SentrySafe 1200 is a fantastic mini-safe box that is ideal for storing a few important documents, passports, small valuables, and other important items. The safe box features an easy folding handle, which makes it simple to transport from place to place.

Despite it being a smaller size, this mini safe box is fireproof like some of the larger options on our list. It will keep its contents safe and damage-free for up to half an hour in extreme temperatures up to 1550°F.

To gain access to this small safe, simply use the included keys to open it from the side. As long as you keep the keys on your person or in a secret location, you will never have to worry about someone figuring out the combination and gaining access to your valuables without permission.

Because the safe features a flat opening latch and key slot, it will not open on its own even with pressure and extreme heat. You can count on its durable construction to keep belongings safe even in an emergency or when tampered with.


  • Fireproof materials keep belongings safe in high temperatures
  • Easy-to-use lock and key access
  • The handle makes the mini-safe easy to transport


  • Will not fit average-sized paper documents without folding or curling

Factors To Consider

Even when looking at the best home-safe brands, you still want to know exactly what features and unique characteristics to look out for when buying a safe for you, your home, or your vehicle. These are a few factors you should consider before your purchase:

Fire and Water Resistance

All safes are meant to keep your valuables safe from thieves and intruders, but what about keeping them safe from a natural disaster? Water and fire can both cause damage to your valuables and need to be considered.

Home fires and flooding can leave our possessions damaged beyond repair. If you are worried about this happening to your irreplaceable belongings or important documents, then you should consider purchasing a Sentry Safe that is both water and fire-resistant.

Not all Sentry Safes can withstand submersion or extreme temperatures, so pay special attention to this detail before purchasing if it is important to you. This is especially important if you plan on keeping your safe in a basement or area of the home where flooding is more likely to occur.

Type of Lock

There are several different types of safes and locks. Depending on what makes you most comfortable, what you think is the most secure, and what is the easiest for you to use, you will want to pay attention to this detail before your purchase.

If you want to be the one and only person who has access to your safe, then a fingerprint reader or a key port might be ideal for you.

However, if you want to be able to share access with others, then an electronic keypad or a combination lock may be better suited for you and your home.

Size of the Safe

Sentry Safes come in all different shapes and sizes. Consider not just what you want to store now, but also what you and your family will need to store in the future before you make your final decision.

Small safes are perfect for keeping your jewelry, important documents, passports, handguns, and other very small items safe from possible thieves. However, larger and taller safes with shelves allow you to store a greater volume of documents, large family heirlooms, and more than a smaller safe would allow.

Durability of Materials

The more you want your valuables to be secure, the more durable a Sentry Safe you are going to want to consider.

A small plastic safe with a good lock is perfect for keeping intruders away from your belongings in a pinch, but a solid-steel safe that weighs a significant amount deters anyone from your possessions, even if they put effort into breaking into the safe.

Consider who exactly you are trying to keep away when deciding just how durable of a Sentry Safe you need. While the most durable safes offer the greatest peace of mind, they are also often the more expensive options.


Are Sentry Safes Fireproof?

Many Sentry Safes offer protection from fires and extreme temperatures, but not all. Pay special attention to the specifications of the safe you intend to buy before committing to the purchase.

Even fireproof safes have limits. Most are rated to keep valuables damage-free in a fire for up to half an hour, but not indefinitely.

Do Sentry Safes Require Batteries?

All Sentry Safes feature different types of locks. Combination locks and key ports do not require any batteries to function.

However, Sentry Safes that feature an electronic keypad or a fingerprint scanner will require batteries to open. The batteries recommended by the factory should last for several years without a problem and are easy to replace.

Can Sentry Safe Combinations Be Changed and Reset?

Yes, if you registered your safe combination or key through the manufacturer after purchase, then you can use the information you signed up with to safely and securely change your combination.

However, you will not be able to change or reset the combination from the safe itself, even after you have opened it. This is a safeguard to ensure that nobody besides the original owner of the safe can change how the valuables inside are accessed.

Can a Sentry Safe be Bolted Down?

Yes. Like most home safes, a Sentry Safe can be either bolted to the floor or the wall for additional security if you are worried about someone walking off with it.

However, this only applies to the larger, solid steel home safes. Many of the smaller safes should not be bolted down to preserve their durability and security. For additional security, these small safes often feature a steel cable that allows them to be tethered down rather than bolted.

Making the Decision

If you are ready to buy a Sentry Safe of your own, then we highly recommend the SentrySafe SFW123CU as the best option on the list. It is durable, fire and water-resistant, secure, and the perfect size for both small and larger valuables to be stored.

We hope this guide answered all of your questions about Sentry Safes and made the decision easier for you. Choose the best option off the list for you and your own unique needs and buy your Sentry Safe today.

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