The Best Storm Doors in 2024

When you are looking for storm doors, you need to understand how some materials work better than others when you are dealing with a storm. A quality storm door has multiple things that make it well such as a secure-looking system for your home and windows or screens to ensure airflow on the hottest of days.

Best Storm Doors:

1. LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Doors

The LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Doors are reversible handing doors. The door construction has a 1-inch thick wood core. The wood of the door has a vinyl-coated surface for maintenance-free door protection. The vinyl ensures the door does not absorb water and weather.

The storm door comes with a self-storing window and a built-in screen for ventilation during calm weather times. The door comes with a durable weather strip around the outer edge of the door, which completely seams the door against drafts and moisture. The doorknob is a push-button handle made with solid materials for safety and longevity.

The Larson storm door is white and has a matched expander section for a tight fit. The door is standard door height of 80-inches to 81-inches with weather stripping and 32-inches wide. The door weighs around 60 pounds, which is something to consider when installing.


  • The door is a very solid, heavy door at around 60 pounds.
  • The door has a vinyl coating to help resist severe weather.
  • The door has a durable weatherstrip around the edge to prevent water from leaking in.


  • The door and handle can become very hot if in direct sunlight.
  • The screen should be on top of the door, not the bottom.

2. Titan 36×80 Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door

The Titan 36×80 Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door has a 3-point locking system for security. The storm door provides complete weather protection. The door allows for airflow as well as an uninterrupted view outside.

The Titan storm door has a cover of stainless steel mesh in the middle of the door. The door has tempered glass paneling behind it. The mesh is Meshtec which helps to prevent common forced entry, blunt force, and break-in tools. The door has a recessed mount frame that fits snuggly against different types of molding or framing.

The frame of the door is made of heavy-duty aluminum, which is weather-resistant, ensuring no rust will develop. The door also has a protective powder coating finish that leaves a durable framing. The door hangs on four hinges, evenly spaced around the door for stability.

The door is not light at 90 pounds with a sold doorknob drilled directly into the frame of the door that prevents the latch from easy entry. The door has pet protection that helps become a durable barrier against pet escapes and damage from paws and claws.


  • The storm door comes with a break-in-resistant mesh.
  • The storm door is resistant to pet damage.
  • The door has a “rust-free for life’ guarantee.


  • The storm door is not cheap.
  • The storm door is not easy to install.

3. LARSON 83001042 83001 36″ BRN Storm Door

The LARSON 83001042 83001 36″BRN Storm Door is a solid, heavy-duty storm door that weighs 69 pounds. The Larson storm door comes with hardware for hanging the door, including a template to help you drill holes. The door has solid materials in its manufacturing, including a screen that is installed at the top of the door with a window, which slides up and down.

The window provides you with direct airflow from the door. The door has a thin seal around the outside of the door, ensuring the weather stays outside the home and stays in place as it is magnetic.

The Larson door has a small latch to provide emphasis with the rest of the door and stay out of the way of use. The door is finished with a Duracell finish to help protect it from age and weather. The door also has a multi-event screen and window combination.

The color is a basic gray color that matches most homes easily. The door is also reversible for left or right mounts as your home needs.


  • The Larson storm door has reversible hinges.
  • The door has a Duracell finish to help protect the door from weather and age.
  • The door comes with its hardware for assembly.


  • The Larson door handle could be larger.
  • The Larson door requires assembly.

Final Thoughts

The storm doors provide you with security as well as a way to keep your home temperature controlled. There are varying degrees of quality when it comes to storm doors, and researching the right door for your home means understanding basic materials and how you can install the door correctly.

The storm door brand is Titan 36×80 Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door.

The door has everything you could want from a door from the three-point locking system to the solid mesh screen that covers the window. The door has a heavy-duty aluminum frame, which ensures weather and rust will not happen.

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