The Best Locking Mailboxes in 2024

As the issue of mail theft increases, we have to be more and more diligent about protecting our identity, medication, checks, and packages.

Luckily for us, there are products on the market that we can purchase to get more security for our belongings. One quick and immediate solution to this problem is to invest in a secure mailbox. When we purchase a mailbox we must buy quality.

The locking mailboxes will secure our mail and will deter criminals from trying to fish around in our boxes. A mediocre box might be too easy to penetrate or will not have a proper locking mechanism.

We’ve made sure to include our 8 recommendations. Read these locking mailbox reviews to find the security mailbox for you.

Best Locking Mailboxes:

1. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

This large black curbside mailbox comes in 3 other color options: bronze, granite, or white. It is a USPS-approved mailbox with locking security. It has a baffle door that deters criminals from digging around in your box. This could be the secure mailbox for your home.

Customers are saying the mailbox is easy to install and is very secure for the price, but mail is not 100% protected against the weather. There have also been a few reports of the mail being jammed and the locking mechanism not working properly.

If you need a solid mailbox that you can purchase on a budget, this is the box for you.

This mailbox is stronger and more sturdy than your average mailbox and will deter most criminals from trying to fish around for your packages. Overall it’s a pretty good and affordable buy.


  • Baffle door that takes small packages and parcels, including a box of checks
  • Galvanized welded steel construction stands strong against vandalism
  • The patented anti-pry lock latch mechanism prevents leveraged entry using a drill, pick, or screwdriver.
  • Comes with a concealed clip for outgoing mail, hardware for installation, and 3 keys


  • Easy installation
  • Very secure
  • Accepts small packages


  • Does not protect well against a pry bar
  • There is potential for heavy rain to drip in

2. Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic Locking Post Mount Parcel Mailbox


This big black mailbox is great for catalog and online shoppers. The dimensions are 18-inch diameter x 15-inch height x 11.50-inch width inches, and it is made of strong 16 and 18-gauge galvanized steel.

This black steel mailbox is 23 pounds and needs an Adapter plate 7530-10 for a 4×4 wood post installation. This product comes in either a single unit or in bulk as a 4-pack or 5-pack.

Customers who have purchased this product are happy with its ability to keep the mail safe and dry, but over the years there does seem to be rust building up on the bottom and the design seems to be a little weak. Some customers have reported trouble with the lock and hinges after installation.

For not a big amount of money, you can own a heavy-duty stainless steel mailbox. Keep your mail dry and deter thieves from trying to fish out your packages. Get one of the locking mailboxes today and keep your mail safe!


  • Rubber seals to protect deliveries from harsh weather
  • It is made from stainless steel and corrosion-resistant items


  • Heavy duty mailbox
  • Great for packages and parcels
  • Tends to deter most criminals


  • Can be opened with either a prybar or a strong screwdriver
  • The locking mechanism is not that great

3. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black

This residential mailbox comes in black or white and is made in the USA. It’s a wall-mount mailbox with aluminum construction. It is rust-proof as well as strong and durable. The dimensions are 16-3/4-inch width x 8.38-inch diameter x 13 1/4 inch height.

Customers who have purchased this box seem to enjoy it. They say that this box is of higher quality than what you will find on the market.

Purchasers report that they have used this box for years and it is durable and safe even for holding rent checks.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty mailbox that will hold all of your mail and larger items, this is the box for you. For a very small price, you can invest in a box that will last you for years.

Keep your mail safe by purchasing what most customers are calling the secure residential mailbox on the market!


  • Heavy-duty access door
  • Two keys and a cam lock


  • Nice size mailbox to hold lots of mail, larger parcels, and packages
  • Curable equipment can last for years
  • Great weatherproofing design


  • Can get warped in weather over time
  • Really small hands might be able to fit in the slot

4. Step2 531700 MailMaster StoreMore Mailbox


This large mailbox is built to take on large loads of mail. The removable floor gives you a mailbox with dimensions of 28-inch height x 6.25-inch width x 13.25-inch diameter for storage. The access to your bulk mail is hidden and has a locked door.

When you’re ready to get the mail the front opens downward for quick and easy access. There is also access in the rear to this large locking mailbox.

Customers who have bought this mailbox say it’s a great product for the price. Installs easily and looks good right out of the box. One common concern is the lock needed to be adjusted a little.

This mailbox is great to look at and for securing your mail. Thieves will never poke around the non-obvious mail section which gives you a great advantage of having a hidden door. You can have the perfect large-capacity mailbox to hold all of your bulk mail for an extended period!


  • Two keys
  • Address numbers for installation
  • Mounting Hardware


  • Can be mounted easily to a 4×4 post
  • Access to bulk mail has a hidden door
  • Holds more mail for a longer period with extended bottom


  • The lock hole has to be shaped a little for the lock to fit properly

5. Mail Boss 7171 Townhouse, Granite Security Vertical Wall Mount Mailbox


This lovely townhouse mailbox comes in black, bronze, galaxy, granite, and white. It is a locking mailbox with a large capacity and is made from 14 and 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel. It has stainless steel hinges with a powder-coated finish which is great for weather resistance.

Customers are very happy with this locking mailbox. They are reporting that is very secure and keeps the mail nice and dry after a downpour.

They also like the design of this waterproof locking mailbox. Conveniently, the lock opens easily with one hand, and the box can hold a lot of mail. It’s great for envelopes and magazines.

If you’re looking for dependable home mailboxes with locks this is the product for you. Get the security you need for your mail, and keep it dry for an affordable price!


  • Patented anti-pray locking latch
  • 12-wafer disc lock
  • 3 Keys
  • Reflective address numbers
  • 4 Lag bolts and drill bit


  • High quality
  • High security
  • Durable


  • The slot is a little small for mail-order packages

6. Salsbury Industries 4325BLK, Black Roadside Mailbox

This roadside mailbox comes in black, green, silver, and multi-colored. The dimensions are 12.5-inch width x 13.625-inch height x 18.25-inch diameter. This box can be mounted on masonry, a wall, a column, or a post.

Customers say this device works well as an outdoor mailbox with a lock, but some are reporting that the installation can be a bit difficult.

This mailbox is decent for security and durability.

It keeps mail dry and little hands really can’t get in there. Secure your mail today right now!


  • Front and rear access
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Adjustable red signal flag
  • Outgoing mail tray
  • Front and rear locking doors with 2 keys per doo


  • Works well as a locking mailbox
  • Weatherproofing works well


  • Screws may need reinforcement to prevent thieves with screwdrivers from getting in

7. Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00 Designer locking mailbox

This wall-mount mailbox comes in black, black with brass, bronze with brass, bronze with satin nickel, and white. It is made in the USA with galvanized steel.

Customers who have purchased this locking mailbox appreciate the look and size for the price. They report that it is well-constructed and sturdy.

This mailbox is great indoors or as a pretty box under a covered porch. If you’re looking for a stylish box that can hold a lot of mail, this can be the locking mailbox for you.


  • The Designer Wall Mount Mailbox
  • Medium capacity, able to hold days of mail before filling up.
  • Powder coated in Venetian bronze finish to withstand all weather
  • Engineered from rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • Concealed locking compartment protects delivered mail
  • Trusted Security
  • Color: Black


  • Really pretty mailbox
  • Solid design


  • The rear of the lid gets scraped on the wall
  • Doesn’t come with hardware
  • It isn’t meant to be out in the rain
  • Doesn’t fit 9×12 envelopes

8. Modern Wall Mount Lockable Mailbox

This modern outdoor wall-mount mailbox has dimensions of 10.2 inches width x 12.2 inches diameter x 3.6 inches height.

It only comes in white but it adds style to the out of your home, business, or apartment. If you’re looking for a mailbox that will be secure and add some appeal, this mailbox might be for you.

Customers who have purchased this mailbox find it simple and convenient. They say it’s a quality mailbox, they just wish the Dropbox was a little larger. Others have reported that this box is not good for rain or snow.

This box works well if you just need something to receive payments that is easy to mount. It is a compact and quality system for the lowest price on our chart!


  • Black powder coat for waterproofing protection
  • Door slots that allow payments, outgoing mail, parcels, and box packages to be inserted.
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware
  • Secure the key lock, with two reserved key locks.


  • Easy installation
  • looks nice


  • Can’t find or recreate a lost key
  • The product is not 100% weatherproof
  • Mailslot is not wide enough to take on junk mail

Tips on Choosing

When choosing a security mailbox you’ll want to purchase something that works well for your needs.

USPS approved

You want to make sure you get a USPS-approved mailbox so you know that it will work well for your mailman too. If you’re unsure about USPS-approved boxes, you can check out their website for minimum standards. Your mailbox should be easy for you to use.

Easy to Use

If you don’t have the full function of both hands, you will need a mailbox that you can easily unlock and open with a single hand. In further disability cases, you might think about getting a mailbox you can mount lower for wheelchair access or one that opens at eye level so you don’t have to worry about kneeling. You might also need a box that is closer to the front door instead of out by the road.


Choosing a durable locking mailbox is important. The mailbox for you will not have a place for mail to escape, will not fall apart, and the box will be big enough to place your mail in but not your hand.


Make sure you have enough keys and make sure you get the right-sized box for your mailing needs.

Factors to Consider

Size of mail:

Consider the size of the mail you plan on receiving in this locking box, if it’s packages, parcels, or larger envelopes, you will need a box that is large enough to receive those types of products. Keep in mind you need a functional box so you can retrieve the packages from the box without damaging them as well.

Type of box:

Do you have specific types of incoming mail such as rent checks, flyers, or magazines? You need a mailbox that can also function as a drop box.


Do you have specific types of incoming mail such as rent checks, flyers, or magazines? You need a mailbox that can also function as a drop box.


Think about where you need the mailbox placed. Do you need it to be a stand-alone box or something that can be mounted? Do you need to place it inside or outside? Interior wall mailboxes can be pretty small and may not have to be heavy-duty like the ones you would place outside your home.

They evaluated what their needs were and they made a choice. You might find someone who has needs similar to yours and if their mailbox purchase worked well for them you might want to purchase the same locking mailbox.


What is the recommended post size?

Post size depends on your needs. You want to be somewhat flush with your neighbors if they have a roadside mailbox as well. Most of the mailboxes we reviewed recommended a 4×4 post for mounting, but if you use an inground post, you will need some length. Make sure your inground post has a cemented base so your mailbox doesn’t float or fly away. The type of posts you’ll want to use include plastic, wood, or steel.

What if I build my mailbox?

Building your mailbox is fine, but you have to make sure you have a mailbox that meets USPS standards. Meeting the USPS requirements will cost you a great deal of time and money. You can find the required specifications on the USPS website. If you need help building or installing your mailbox you can find tons of examples online.

Is there a way to guarantee anti-theft?

No. The truth is, if someone wants to get into your box they will find a way to pry it open. Locked mailboxes are there to keep the average thief from getting in there and quickly taking your mail. Some thieves will roam at night with tools.

If there is a high level of mailbox theft in your area you might want to report any incidents to the local police department for extra surveillance. A good tip to avoid a chance of your mailbox failing is to pull your mail as soon as it arrives. Don’t leave it sitting overnight or for weeks at a time.

Is there a weatherproof mailbox?

Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to secure some of the mailboxes, but in some cases, a tiny opening still makes a big difference. If you like a particular box but you can readily see it may have an issue with rain consider whether or not you can add something to the mailbox to prevent your mail from getting wet.

Making The Decision

Locking mailboxes gives us peace. They help us relax when we know our mail is coming because we’re not scared that someone is going to sift through and take our mail. Your mail is secure in the box while you’re away on vacation or out for a long day. The best thing to do is try to retrieve your mail more frequently if you are expecting something important.

When it comes to making your final purchasing decision, put some thought into it and then make a purchase. you don’t want the hassle of ordering the wrong box and having to send it back.

Think about what your needs are between size, type, and security, read locking mailbox reviews, and narrow it down to the best one that fits your needs. Go online to your favorite vendor and purchase a locking mailbox so you can secure your incoming and outgoing mail today!

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