The Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads in 2024

New parents understand the importance of their baby’s sleep schedule. A proper sleep schedule for your child promotes healthy growth and boosts brain activity and attention span. Unfortunately, crib mattresses can get notoriously messy. Because of this, you must find a mattress pad for your crib.

We searched the web to find the crib mattress pads on the market. While researching the waterproof crib mattress pads we analyzed each for comfort, cleanliness, cost, and ease of use to find the best of the best. Cleaning a messy crib in the middle of the night can be daunting.

You want to have the available mattress pads for your baby’s crib to help keep your baby clean and comfortable throughout the night. This list of mattress pads will have something for you.

Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads:

1. American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib


This is a more affordable baby crib mattress pad. The waterproof layer on these pads is soft to prevent making noise during the night and the polyester top will help keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Many love how easy it is to strip the bed when accidents occur and throw the mattress pad directly into the laundry. This mattress pad will protect 100% of the mattress at all times.

If you want an affordable mattress pad cover that still gives the protection you need, the American Baby Company waterproof mattress pad is the perfect deal.


  • This is one of the most affordable mattress pads on our list without sacrificing quality.
  • The extra soft waterproof layer is virtually silent throughout the night.


  • The seams on this mattress pad tend to start unraveling after a few washes so if you are looking for something more durable this may not be the mattress protector for you.
  • The size of the mattress pad may be snug on certain crib mattresses.

2. Little One’s Pad Pack N Play Waterproof Mattress Cover


This crib mattress cover is perfect for portable cribs and has multiple comfortable layers including a waterproof layer. The large 27 x 39 inches surface area guarantees your mattress will be fully covered throughout the entire night.

While the price of this mattress pad is slightly higher than average, most customers say that the difference is easy to see. They say the pad is softer and more comfortable than most mattress pads available today.

If you are looking for a soft crib mattress protector, the Little One’s Pack N Play crib mattress cover is the most comfortable while still being waterproof. For a good price, you can get a quality mattress protector that will last a long time.


  • Machine washer and dryer safe material is long-lasting and can hold up to many washes.
  • More layers of padding make this waterproof pad more comfortable than many others.


  • Because this is a foldable travel mattress pad and the dimensions are larger than most protector pads, the pad has been known to bunch up if not fitted properly. Check your crib mattress dimensions before you purchase this pad.

3. Gorilla Grip Washable Bed Pads for Incontinence

Some of the crib mattress pad reviews go for the Gorilla Grip mattress pad protector. For an affordable price, you get comfort and waterproof protection against any leaks. Unlike some other pads on this list, this crib mattress protector has a four-layer design with a soft, quilted top.

You will love that this mattress protector has a grip that prevents it from slipping out of place so no accidental leaks reach the mattress.

A large, affordable, and waterproof crib mattress protective pad is a necessity for babies and children. The Gorilla Grip mattress pad protector will work for any situation.


  • Because this crib mattress protector is 52 x 34 inches, it covers more surface area than most other mattress protectors which means better protection from leaks.
  • This mattress pad comes with a warranty of up to 300 washes.
  • Each crib mattress protector is a good deal.
  • The waterproof layer on this mattress pad can hold up to eight cups of liquid.


  • This pad does not respond well to acidic laundry detergents, though bleach can be used. Follow the washing instructions on the tag carefully.

4. Milliard Quilted, Waterproof Crib and Toddler Mattress Topper Protector Pad

Another affordable crib mattress pad is the Milliard Quilted pad. The protector pad is 28x52x6 inches and will fit most crib mattresses. The soft polyester stuffing will give your baby a comfortable night’s sleep while you can rest peacefully knowing that any messes can be easily cleaned up with the protective waterproof layer.

People love the lightly padded design with a breathable but waterproof surface to keep their baby comfortable while keeping the crib mattress clean. Most people recommend having multiple mattress protectors since the price is so affordable.

If you are looking for an affordable mattress protector that is comfortable, breathable, and durable then this is the one for you!


  • For the price, you can have this durable and waterproof crib mattress. It is even economical to purchase multiple mattress protectors to use between washes.
  • This protector pad is hypoallergenic to help sensitive children, especially allergy and asthma sufferers.


  • Because the protector pad is designed to be waterproof and machine washable, there is not much extra padding in this mattress protector.
  • The skirt is not very deep so it might be more difficult to fit this onto a thicker mattress.

5. Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector | Toddler Mattress Cover

No products found.

One of the most affordable non-toxic crib mattress pads is by iLuvBamboo. The 52 x 28 x 9 inches dimensions will easily fit most crib mattresses without a struggle. Bamboo is one of the softest and driest fabrics

You will love the quality of this mattress protector at one of the most affordable prices on this list. People who have used this product love how soft it is while still protecting the mattress from accidents and leaks.

The iLuvBamboo mattress pad is one of the quality mattress protectors for one of the lowest prices on this list, and with a money-back guarantee, it is sure to be a welcome addition to your home.


  • Bamboo jacquard snags less than terry cloth and feels smoother to sleep on.
  • Each mattress protector comes with a money-back guarantee so you take no risk in trying this product.


  • Though this is bigger than standard-size crib mattress protectors, it may take a while to get properly fitted onto your mattress. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your mattress and the pad before purchasing.
  • Like most mattress protectors, the waterproof lining can be delicate so you should be sure to wash this pad according to instructions to maintain the waterproof liner properly.

6. Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector – Fits 52″ x 28″ Crib Mattresses

No products found.

This ultra-soft mattress pad will give your baby a comfortable and clean night’s sleep. The 100% waterproof layer is surrounded by bamboo viscose. Bamboo viscose is known for being soft and wicking moisture away from the body.

People who use this crib mattress protector appreciate the large, 52 x 28 x 9 inches dimensions. Most say that this is the crib mattress pad for the price and have purchased it multiple times.

Considering you get a larger size crib mattress protector for a similar price to most other crib mattress protectors, this affordable pad is one of the best available today.


  • The large size of this pad makes it fit easily onto most size crib mattresses with ease whereas other, smaller mattress pads may be harder to get on.
  • This pad is completely machine washable and dryer-friendly.
  • Bamboo viscose fiber is known to be extremely soft, and comfortable and wicks sweat away from the body. This pad will keep your child cool and comfortable all night long.


  • This mattress protector can deteriorate in a washing cycle over time. To help prevent deterioration, be sure to follow the instructions on the tag carefully.

7. Sealy Baby – Stain Protection Waterproof Fitted Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress Pad Cover Protector


Sealy is a well-known and trusted manufacturer of bed and mattress products. This quilted pad is 52 x 28 x 8.5 inches big with a secure fit design to keep your mattresses as dry and clean as possible.

People say this is an excellent baby shower gift and that each pad can last for years if properly cared for. The larger size of the pad makes it an easier fit for most standard crib sizes.

As far as fitted waterproof crib mattress covers go, the Sealy mattress pad provides comfort and protection from a trusted brand. For a reasonable price, this is one of the crib mattress protectors for your home nursery.


  • Each quilted fitted pad is carefully tested for harsh or inappropriate chemicals so you can be sure that your child is using the very best.
  • The waterproof layer is fully washer and dryer-friendly.
  • Each pad is hypoallergenic for children with any sensitivities or allergies.


  • The waterproof layer of this pad is said to be noisy throughout the night.

8. Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad

If you are looking for a more natural crib mattress protector, look no further than the Naturepedic Waterproof Crib Pad. The 38″x 75″ organic waterproof crib mattress pad is made with no vinyl, PVC, phthalates, or latex to prevent potential allergens.

Customers of this mattress pad love that the waterproof layer does not crinkle or make noise throughout the night. They have said that the protection of this organic crib mattress cover is well worth the extra money.

If you are looking for an extra durable and waterproof crib mattress protector, this mattress pad will make a welcome addition to your child’s room. While this is a more expensive protector pad, the organic cotton and allergy-free materials will stand up for years.


  • This non-toxic designed mattress pad is washer and dryer safe.
  • The organic cotton covering of this mattress pad allows it to be breathable while still protecting your crib mattress from accidents.


  • The waterproof layer of this crib mattress pad has a strong smell at first and may need to be aired out before use.

9. Gerber Baby Boys and Girls Newborn Infant Baby Toddler Nursery Waterproof Barrier Bedding Crib Protector Pad

Another well-known and trusted brand in baby supplies is Gerber. This mattress pad protector will fit most cribs and the fleece top of the pad will keep your baby comfortable and clean.

You will love the quality of this trusted brand at a reasonable price. Most people appreciate this mattress protector for its portability. They use the protector for late-night diaper changes, playpens, and cribs alike.

Gerber is a long-time business in the baby supply community.


  • This is the most affordable mattress protector on the list.


  • This pad only advertises as water-resistant and not waterproof. If you are dealing with more intense leaks you may want to consider a different pad on this list.

10. Crib Mattress Protector Pad (Mom’s Choice Award Winner)

If you are looking for comfort and protection without breaking the bank, the Margaux & May crib mattress protector is what you are looking for. This affordable mattress protector has a quilted terry cloth top pad and a breathable waterproof protective layer.

The protector pad is 28 x 52 x 9 inches with a full skirt to cover your child’s bed entirely for full protection from accidents.

Considering what you are getting for the price, this can easily be considered one of the waterproof crib mattress pad protectors available today.


    • This mattress pad is hypoallergenic for children who have sensitivities.
    • A securely fitted skirt ensures that the baby won’t get rolled up and is still easy to remove for washing.
    • The waterproof material is noiseless and does not crinkle like other mattress-protecting materials.
    • The mattress protector is machine washable and dryer-friendly.


  • The waterproof layer of the protector pad can be delicate and tear with heavy use. Be sure to wash and dry according to the directions on the tag.
  • Some say that this protector has to be stretched to fit certain crib mattresses.

Tips on Choosing

There are a few things you always want to keep in mind when you are in the market for a decent crib mattress protector pad. Since crib mattress protectors make the difference between a five-minute clean-up and a fifteen-minute clean-up you want to be sure you’re prepared with the crib mattress protector.

Pay Attention to Quality

The quality of a product is not always reflected in its price. That means that even the cheapest mattress pad has the potential to be just as good as the most expensive mattress pad.

When you are choosing the waterproof crib mattress pads for your child’s crib, pay close attention to the fabrics used, guarantees, or warranties available, and customer reviews.

Being educated on the quality of the products you are looking at can save you time and money in the long run.

Try a Variety of Options

Try heading to a store to have a look and feel of the potential mattress protectors you are looking at. Learn the differences in fabrics, whether the pad is waterproof or just water-resistant, and the dimensions of various types of mattress pads. When you know what you are looking for in person, it will be easier to search for it online.

Know Your Priorities

If you need a hypoallergenic mattress protector, that would be more important to you than the fabric of the pad.

If your focus is on the pad being waterproof, you would probably be willing to overlook the noise that the pad makes.

Once you have a better understanding of your priorities, you will be able to better narrow down which crib mattress protector will meet your needs.

Do Your Research

You want to fully understand what specifications to look for when shopping for a crib mattress protector pad. If you aren’t sure what the differences between mattress pads are you could easily end up spending too much money on a sub-par mattress pad. The next section will focus on factors to consider when buying a mattress pad.

Factors to Consider

What crib mattress protector you choose will be up to your personal needs and preferences. If you are looking for many affordable pads, you can choose to buy multiple pads at a lower price. If you want something more durable and long-lasting even if it costs extra.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping around for crib mattress protector pads:


Most mattress protectors come with some sort of padding on top of a water-resistant or waterproof barrier. Some mattress protectors have more padding than others, which is the key to your baby’s comfort if that is your top priority.


Many mattress protectors claim to be waterproof when they may only be water-resistant. Be sure to check what material the waterproof layer is made out of and look at customer reviews to see how waterproof a particular pad may be.

Machine washable

While most crib mattress protectors are machine washable these days you want to be sure that the pad specifically says it is machine washable so you can clean each pad quickly and easily.

Fiber Content

Polyester is a popular fabric for many crib mattress protectors for its soft feel. However, polyester can often get too warm while sleeping. Look for more natural fibers like cotton or bamboo viscose which are better at directing heat and sweat away from the body.


Often a deciding factor in household decisions, the cost of each mattress pad can have a big impact on how you will spend your money. If you can pay less money for a mattress pad with the same qualities as a more expensive version, you are more likely to save money by choosing the less expensive brand.

Whether you need something that is solidly waterproof, or you are looking for something with extra padding for more comfort, this list of tips is guaranteed to have something that will fit your needs.


How many crib mattress pads should I own?

Ideally, you will want to own at least two mattress pads so you can have one on the mattress while the other is in the laundry. Having multiple mattress protectors may cause more laundry, but it is much easier to clean off your crib mattress quickly when you own 2 or more mattress protectors.

Do I have to use a waterproof mattress pad?

A waterproof mattress pad is not necessary for your crib, but it makes clean-up much easier. Some parents use a layer of flannel as a crib mattress pad, though it is not waterproof and has the potential to leak through to the mattress itself. It is best to look for at least water-resistant pads and if you can find a comfortable waterproof mattress pad that fits your budget, that is the best way to go.

Are there crib mattress protectors with more padding?

Because crib mattress protectors are meant to prevent accidents and leaks from reaching the crib mattress, and because these pads require frequent washing in a washer and dryer, there is not much padding that can be added to a mattress protector. It is possible to add a cushion under your mattress protector to add extra comfort.

Our mattress protectors the same as fitted sheets?

Mattress protectors are not to be confused with fitted sheets. All mattress protectors are meant to be worn on the bed immediately underneath a fitted sheet.


A full night’s sleep can be a luxury for a new parent and keeping your baby comfortable in their crib can be the key to them sleeping through the night.

An important part of keeping your baby comfortable while protecting your crib mattress is to use a mattress protective pad.

There are a variety of mattress pads with different fabrics, sizes, or protective features, and choosing the right one can seem daunting. Fortunately, this list has everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Whether you are looking for a high-quality waterproof mattress or the comfort of organic cotton, this list has something here to meet your qualifications.

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