FibroPool Swimming Pool Heat Pump Review in 2024

To obtain maximum enjoyment from your in-ground or above-ground residential swimming pool, you need a way to heat the water. A quality pool heater means more comfortable swimming plus it significantly extends the swimming season from spring to autumn. Unlike gas or propane pool heaters, pool heat pumps transfer heat from the surrounding air rather than burn fuel to create it.

This key difference explains why pool heat pumps are far more energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly and save you hundreds of dollars every year by keeping your pool water at a comfortable temperature.

In the detailed Fibropool review below, you will learn why we consider the FibroPool FH055 your best choice for the economical heating of a typical in-ground or above-ground pool. This dependable heater features advanced technology plus high-quality materials and construction.

FibroPool FH055 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Review:

For reliability, ease of installation, and outstanding performance, the FibroPool FH055 Swimming Pool Heat Pump is an excellent choice for smaller in-ground and above-ground backyard pools. This 55,000 BTU heater is easy to install with just two 1.5-inch water line couplings and only a 12-gauge, 220V circuit needed for power.

Its horizontal design minimizes the space needed for installation. The exhaust fan blows sideways, so it can be placed with zero overhead clearance. It is ideal for cooler climates as it works down to an ambient temperature of just 40F. Operating costs average just 25 cents per hour. It is the most efficient pool heat pump you can find with a COP rating of 5.92 out of 6.0.

The FH055 is built to give you many years of service with minimal maintenance. The weatherproof case is made of enameled steel and the heat exchanger is titanium, which easily withstands heat, humidity, and salt air. The operation could not be easier with push-button controls and a large LED display.

The FibroPool FH055 is simply the heat pump pool heater for inground pools. Although it is rated for pools of 10,000 gallons, in milder climates or with the use of a nighttime pool cover, it can maintain comfortable temperatures for pools up to 15,000 gallons.

Dependable, Cost-Efficient Pool Heating

For owners with plus-or-minus 10,000-gallon pools, in-ground or above-ground, the FH055 offers the simplicity of installation, super-economical operating costs, and durability. You will enjoy extra months of swimming comfort with low operating costs every season thanks to its superb design.


  • 55,000 BTUs heat output
  • Rated for 10,000-gallon pools, 300 sq. ft.
  • Works down to 40F ambient temperature
  • High-pressure Copeland differential compressor
  • 1.5″ compression water line fittings
  • Requires 12-gauge 220V power circuit
  • 40″ x 16″ footprint
  • 120 lbs. weight


  • Right-sized for typical in-ground or above-ground backyard pools
  • High COP efficiency rating of 5.92/6.0
  • Easy hook-up to the water line and power


  • The water outlet washer should be replaced with one thicker to prevent slipping

Start Enjoying Ideal Pool Temperatures Now With the FH055

Our Fibro pool heater review covers everything you need to know to decide that this is the right pool heater for you. The quiet, efficient, reliable operation and rugged design will provide years of comfort without ballooning your electricity bill. Unlike propane or gas pool heaters, it requires no additional fuel. The compact, horizontal design gives you ample installation flexibility.

In short, the FibroPool  FH055 is your best buy for adding the comfort of warm water to any backyard pool. Relax in your pool earlier in spring and late into autumn in northern climates.

With all its advantages, why wait any longer to enjoy the comfort and relaxation that a warm pool offers? Buy today with the assurance of knowing you are making an informed decision you won’t regret.

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