How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight

Security cameras provide homeowners across the country with a sigh of relief from knowing that they can keep watch of their residents at all times. Some of them are conspicuous designs that are easy for anyone nearby to see, while others are more hidden.

In many circumstances, having a camera that’s hidden in plain sight carries even more benefits than an exposed one. The information below details camera surveillance, and creative ways to hide indoor security cameras. There are a lot of great ideas here, and reading them could encourage you to think up your own (just don’t tell anyone). Read more to find out!

Best Places to Hide a Camera & Types of Hidden Cameras

Best 6 Indoor Places to Hide Security Cameras

First, let’s start with indoor cameras. This could be a lot easier for you to do than outside, given there are lots of objects lying around that can assist in hiding the camera.

1. Tissue boxes

Tissue boxes make great hiding places for spy cameras. Depending on the kind of box that you have, the size of the camera could either be very small or as large as the box itself. However, the best method of doing this is to go with as light a camera as possible, since a bulky one could give away what’s inside if someone were to pick it up.

2. Desk Plants

Easy-to-hide security cameras tend to be small in size, particularly when it comes to an indoor environment. If you have desk plants, those can easily be converted to take a small discreet camera that’s impossible for anyone to notice.

It’s best to use a fake plant, if possible. If you or someone else were to forget that the camera was in a live plant and watered it, the device could instantly be destroyed.

Of course, you could get a waterproof camera for this, or cover it in plastic.

3. Smoke Detectors

There are hidden cameras that resemble smoke detectors. Most of them are battery-operated either rechargeable or cylinder. While these cameras can be useful, it’s advised that a person’s real smoke detector never be removed in the place of a camera. The alternative is a small model that fits into the speaker.

4. Behind a Picture Frame

If you place a hidden camera behind a frame, you might have to do a bit of tinkering with the frame itself.

For example, a small hole could be made in the photo to make way for the lens of a small camera. If not this way, one could simply hide a camera immediately behind the picture itself.

A curious person could easily find it this way by removing the frame. This idea works for frames that are embedded into the wall and cannot be taken down.

5. In Toys with Decorative Skin

Learning how to hide a security camera indoors will see lots of ideas come about, but what about in children’s toys? This is also a great way to watch small children when in their rooms. Cameras could be placed into the eyes of stuffed animals, or embedded in the head area. This works best for people with children and might stand out in a household with no kids around.

6. Behind Mirror

Hiding a camera behind a mirror isn’t referring to the installed panels in your bathroom. You could find one that is already built this way. This goes hand in hand with picture frames if the mirror is placed on a wall.

Best 5 Outdoor Places to Hide Security Cameras

Knowing how to hide security cameras outside is a great way to achieve good security around your living space. There are lots of areas in plain sight where the presence of a camera will never be known. The following are areas for you to try out first:

1. Near Trees/Bushes

Installing a camera in nearby bushes to your home is very easy to do. Camera options are also abundant. You don’t have to settle for tiny models, especially if the camera is painted to blend in with the foliage.

To make it more inconspicuous, consider placing it on a brash or tree at a height that isn’t directly within a person of average height’s line of sight, either above or below the margin of 5 to 6 feet.

To hide further, place a few leaves or branches around the camera for added blending effect.

2. Birdhouse

Propping up a birdhouse to hide security camera devices is very useful since they can be hung up in so many varied outdoor locations without anyone noticing. A birdhouse can be easily seen, but most won’t be curious to check the inside from assuming that a bird could be inside.

Based on the birdhouse used, many cameras are capable of fitting inside. Birdhouses can go on a porch, balcony, front, and backyard and no one could tell that a camera is there. Try to prevent the camera from being damaged by the rain, however. Check the birdhouse for any leaks. If there aren’t any, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

3. Fake Rocks

Small cameras can be outfitted to fake rocks. For instance, rocks that make up part of the landscaping around your yard.

If there are several rocks lying near your porch or driveway, making one that resembles the other rocks is easy to do.

You could DIY a shape and colors similar to the real thing, or purchase a hidden camera that’s already made in this way.

4. Under the Eaves

Installing a hidden camera under the eaves could be hard to do, at least without anyone being about to see it. The best cams for this job are those designed to resemble flood or porch lights. With this in mind, be sure that the “camera” actually lights up and doesn’t give off any indications of being a camera. A large lens is typically the giveaway.

5. In Outdoor Exterior

An outdoor exterior camera can rest on the pole of a light fixture. They could be installed on a solar-powered light, or one that’s closer to your front door.

If the fixture has enough room and the camera a small enough size, the light could be hidden in the lens itself. If you do this, it’s best to leave the light off, to avoid the bulb melting the camera.

You could move it but that may backfire by not having adequate light to see what’s going on in front of the device.

Types of Hidden Cameras

Here are some camera styles that put an emphasis on being discreet:

1. USB Camera

USB Camera is usually built as a flash drive, where the lens rests behind the drive itself.

The lens is very small and difficult to detect. Unfortunately, most models carry no battery and the cam could only be used when hooked up to a computer.

But it’s possible to get good results, especially for this with a PC to hook the drive to for long-term hidden viewing.

2. Alarm Clock

Yes, there are alarm clocks that hold cameras. Most of them would need to be plugged into a wall outlet to work. But an alarm clock works well in an indoor setting.

3. Outlet Camera

An outlet camera is one with a plug that fits into a wall outlet. Most of them are small and are placed directly into the wall. Their locations must be designated carefully since plugs aren’t always that easy to find in a non-awkward position.

4. Mini Security Cams

Most of these models of hidden cameras are very small and may have little to nobody at all. The advantage is that one can fit in very small locations, such as those mentioned in the indoor section.

5. Smoke Detector Cameras

Having already mentioned smoke detectors, make great hidden cameras, more so since the view would be on the ceiling, offering a panoramic view of the room it’s installed in. Some are controllable by remote and new models could even be viewed from a computer or smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection.


The best-hidden security cameras resemble other common household appliances, and outdoor ornaments, or are too small to be noticed. What you end up with should ultimately be decided based on where you placed it. The information provided above can help you with ideas for hiding the device. Remember, you want something that’s easy for people to see, but hard for people to tell what the recording object is.

To finish up, know that finding the right camera today is easier than ever before. Thanks to Wi-Fi, smartphones, and PCs/laptops, the recording doesn’t take much effort, so long as the camera is in range of an internet connection.

But that’s the easy part. Finding a place to put your camera in just the right spot could actually take longer to do than getting it assembled. Test out the areas suggested and it’s guaranteed to never be seen by anyone but yourself!

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