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The Best Pool Algaecides in 2023

by Ethan Miller

Warm weather is coming, you’re ready for the pool, and you remove the pool cover only to find an infestation of algae. You don’t have to let this ruin any swimming plans as long as you get the best pool algaecide to manage the issue.

Our deep knowledge of all things pool-related came in handy during our research, and we wound up discovering 10 top-rated algaecides that’ll keep your pool algae-free.

There’s no time to waste. Let’s first go over our reviews of our favorite best pool algaecides and later dive into our buyer’s guide to teach you more about the product.

Pool Algaecides: My Top Picks

PoolRx Mineral Unit 101001 6-Month Algaecide


This Mineral Unit from PoolRx is one of the most effective algaecides when it comes to easy and fast results against green algae. It goes into your skimmer or pump basket, and it claims to last up to six months.

As among the best algaecide for swimming pool use, this unit is straightforward to use. Users note seeing clearer water between 2-5 days. This unit also aims to reduce how often you need to perform general pool maintenance such as sweeping the sidewalls and floors.

Concerning complaints, this may not actually work for up to six months and instead might need replacing after four.


  • Easy to use
  • Results in less than five days
  • Cuts down on pool maintenance


  • Might not last long

Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60-Percent Concentrated Algaecide


The Kem-Tek Pool and Spa Algaecide is a treatment and preventative algaecide for pools and spas. It features a strong formula that’s safe for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It’s a single-quart bottle that should last for longer than a month.

Consumers seem to appreciate the strength behind this concentrated formula. Such strength may help this work against harsh black algaecide. As a swimming pool algaecide with a non-foaming design, it’s safe for filters of all types. There’s an issue though in how strong it is. Some ingredients may not be safe for animals or for those with sensitive skin.


  • Non-foaming formula
  • Safe for all filter types
  • Safe for above-ground pools


  • The formula may be too strong

Pool RX 101066 6 Month Algaecide Treats 20k-30k gallons


The PoolRx Mineral Unit is a pool algae cleaner that tackles existing algae quickly in order to help develop a preventative measure. It’s for year-round use and is designed to support your pool for an entire season. All that’s needed is for you to drop it in your pump or skimmer basket.

Many consumers see this as the best algaecide for in-ground pools based on how easy it is. Once you drop this basket into your pool’s skimmer or pump basket, it goes to work clearing out your pool and creating a better chemical balance.

It can help remove algae as well as stains from algae. However, some users note issues with the basket leaking out the blue fluid.


  • Manages multiple types of algae
  • Effective at removing algae stains
  • Provides good chemical balance


  • Basket might leak

Clorox Pool&Spa Green Algae Eliminator


The Clorox Pool&Spa Green Algae Eliminator has versatile use in all pool types as well as salt water-based swimming pools. It boasts a fast-acting treatment plan. There are two clear, separate instructions on using it to prevent green algae and using it to kill green algae.

There are several reports on how quickly this formula works with users seeing obvious results within 24 hours of using it. As an algaecide for green algae, this treatment plan may be easily added to your regular pool maintenance routine.

Although it states to be non-foaming, some users report noticing foam, and also noticing a need to vacuum it out as algae may stick to the foam.


  • Doesn’t leave much of a chemical odor
  • May work within a day
  • Useful in all pool types


  • Algae may cling to foam

SeaKlear Algae Prevention and Remover

With the SeaKlear Algae Prevention & Remover, you may spend less time managing your pool. It’s designed to work every three months, and the treatment should manage against a number of different common algae found in pools.

Users of this SeaKlear report appreciate the safe formula that isn’t prone to staining or foaming up. It’s shown to be helpful against different algae, and as long as instructions are followed, it should keep your pool balanced and clean for up to three months.

Even though this algaecide for pools works fast, there’s a chance it may not tackle the issues along the pool walls as well as it does the surface and the floor.


  • Effective for 90-days
  • Safe formula
  • Kills a variety of algae


  • May not work well on pool walls

hth Pool Algaecide Super Algae Guard

This Super Algae Guard is a 4-in-1 formula designed to do away with the likes of black algae, green algae, and yellow-brown algae. It’s meant to balance, sanitize, shock, and prevent algae growth. Even though it’s a direct-to-pool method, you should be able to swim in it not long after applying it.

Many feel this is the best algae remover for pools because of the versatile treatment that removes and prevents algae without interrupting your pool’s safe chemical balance. It should hold up well, and it effectively manages your pool under different weather conditions like heavy rain. In spite of it stating to be non-foaming, users did note that there is a foam that forms.


  • Clears slime out well
  • Good effectiveness after heavy rain
  • Doesn’t’ disrupt the chemical balance


  • Might still foam up

Pool RX 102001 6 Month Swimming Pool Algaecide Replacement

This PoolRx Booster offers you a plan to replace the mineral units in the original PoolRx unit, and it’s designed for use every 4-6 months. It’s easy to install into an existing unit, and it’s best used at the start of every new swim season.

Consumers like how supportive this pool tech algaecide is when used along with the main PoolRx unit. There are reports that results are just about immediate too.

With such a high percentage of copper, some users say they’ve noticed an increase in copper particles in their pool. Using this algaecide booster may require frequent checking of your pool’s chemical makeup.


  • Immediate results
  • Good for year-round use
  • Easy to use


  • Might leave copper particles


Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Algaecide

This XtraBlue Algaecide from Clorox is an all-in-one algae killer that works on the harshest of algae such as black and yellow-brown. It can treat up to 25,000 gallons, and it aims to start working within 24 hours of first use.

With safe ingredients for use as a pool and spa algaecide, consumers enjoy the overall versatility. It isn’t known to leave any stains, and it works well in harsher weather conditions like extreme heat. This manages the more stubborn algae well enough without foaming up, but there are some complaints about it not reaching the walls all that well.


  • Works well in the heat
  • Doesn’t leave stains behind
  • Clears out stubborn algae


  • Not as effective on the walls

United Chemical No Mor Problems


The United Chemical No Mor Problems is a swimming pool algaecide that helps reduce how often you maintain your pool. It may not be a filter aid, but the formula reduces the need for you to frequently clean your filter as well as eliminate algae so that you have crystal-clear water.

One of the most talked-about notions about this algaecide is how clear it may get your water without using an extreme chemical formula. It prevents algae as well as kills it, and it does all this in a short amount of time. There are some issues with the instructions, however, as it isn’t always clear how much or how little to use. This may lead to inconsistent results.


  • Clearwater in a short amount of time
  • Prevents algae well
  • Reduces the need to clean the filter


  • Confusing dosage instructions

In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide

The In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide uses a strong blend of algaecide chemicals to create a highly concentrated formula that tackles harsh algae build-up. This powerful formula can be used inside in-ground and above-ground pools alike.

Much of the praise seen for this algaecide treatment is in how fast working it is. Users have noticed slight results within a few hours with cleaner pools appearing in a day or two. The formula isn’t known to foam up, and the high concentration may work well with both mustard algae and some black algae as long as you scrub it off.

It does seem too high in copper, however, as it’s prone to affect the colors of bathing suits and swimmers with blonde hair.


  • Fast-working treatment
  • Use for in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Works well against the walls


  • Seems too high in copper

Factors to Consider

Maintaining your pool isn’t as simple as rushing out to buy one of the algaecides on our list. There are different considerations to keep in mind that’ll help you determine which type of pool algae controls your home needs.

What is Algaecide?

Known as chemical treatment, algaecide kills and prevents the future build-up of algae in areas like pools and spas.

Many outside factors contribute to algae growth such as the weather changing or a failed filtration system. It’s vital to add an algaecide pool treatment to your routine pool maintenance so that you’ll have cleaner water to swim in.

Type of Algae

There isn’t just one kind of algae. This living plant organism comes in a number of different colors that help determine its species and normal habitat. The types you’ll typically find in pools are green algae, yellow-brown algae, and black algae.

It may be simpler to find an effective pool algae killer for green algae. This type usually forms in your pool after neglect. The free-floating algae wind up clouding up the water, but this is easy to both treat and prevent.

Yellow-brown algae also referred to as mustard algae, grows in corners and sticks to the walls and floor. It’s stubborn to remove considering it’s resistant to chlorine and slips past your filter.

With black algae, you’ll have your work cut out for you. This can form a protective outer layer as it sticks to your pool’s surface, and like yellow-brown algae, it can fight off your filter and chlorine.

Additional Features

When it comes to pool maintenance algaecide, consider finding treatments that don’t cause any staining. You don’t want the treatment to kill the algaecide but damage the rest of your pool.

Also, consider how long the active ingredients last. Quality algaecides may last up to six months or so before you need to re-treat your pool again.


How do pool algaecides work?

Algae are an all-too-common issue, and many turn to algaecides when learning how to get rid of algae in pools. They work along with chlorine to kill any algae cells in the water by causing the cells to burst. When used on a regular basis, the chemical treatment can help block it from forming.

When should I use algaecide?

The best time to add algaecide to pools is on a weekly basis. This may not only help kill the algae in your pool but also do a better job of preventing it from coming back.

Will I notice results in my pool right away?

The time between adding the algaecide and noticing results varies depending on the algaecide you’re using. Some may show a clear pool in two days, while others may take around five days or so.

Are algaecides safe to use in pools and spas?

High-quality algaecides, when used according to the directions, shouldn’t cause any permanent damage to your pool or anyone swimming in it. You should always search for treatments designed to be safe for your filter as well as feature non-foaming and non-staining ingredients.

Is algaecide the only effective method in getting rid of pool algae?

Algaecide isn’t the only option when searching for how to remove algae from pools. You may use chlorine in your water as it can oxidize the bacteria and cause a rupture much as algaecide does. Of course, this is only an option for those of you who don’t mind a good of chlorine in your pool.

Making the Decision

Algae can wreak havoc on your pool and make it downright unappealing to swim, so the best pool algaecides is needed to keep everything clean. The PoolRx Mineral Unit #101001 is our top pick due to how simple it is to use.

Once the basket is in, it goes to work on your pool right away, and effectively clears and prevents algae formation. It’s effective for months, and it can cut back on chemical demand for easier maintenance.

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