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The Best Pool Floats for Tanning in 2023

by Ethan Miller
Best Pool Floats for Tanning

We are about to look at ten of the best pool float products for tanning that you can find on the market in 2020. We have a lot of experience selecting and reviewing popular products, and finding the best pool floats is certainly not an exception to that rule.

There are several factors that we are going to utilize so that we can effectively rank these products in the order that they deserve. You will certainly want to read through the review section to learn about specific design features, as well as the overall consensus from customers towards that particular pool float.

It is now time to transition from our introduction and begin the review section. We will start by taking a look at one of the most popular pool floats that are currently available on the market.

Pool Floats for Tanning: My Top Picks

Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

This Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge is one of the most popular pool floats in the entire industry. The outstanding customer feedback is one of the reasons that we have ranked this product as the best pool tanning float for 2020.

The affordable price range is also a major factor that played a role in our decision to rank it number one. There are two convenient cup holders integrated into the design of this inflatable tanning float. There are handles on the side for added stability and the total size of this product is marked at 53 inches.

Thousands of customers have praised the design of this pool float because it has an affordable price range and an extremely comfortable design.


  • Cost-Effective Design
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Premium Design Quality and Durable


  • Only One Color Scheme is Available

Kelsyus Spring Float Pool Lounger Chair


Our second product selection is the Kelsyus Chaise Lounger. This product happens to be one of the best-quality pool floats that you can currently find on the marketplace.

Thousands of customers have praised the comfortable and convenient design of this pool tanning float. This device can also fold into compact positions for additional portability and convenience.

The consensus from customers is that this is one of the most comfortable and cost-effective pool tanning floats.


  • Extremely Comfortable Seat Design
  • Easily Folds into Compact Position for Storage Purposes
  • Outstanding Customer Feedback


  • Expensive Price Range

Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge

The Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge is one of the best pool floats for adults. The transparent top is styled with a colored paint job and provides exceptional comfort to all types of users. The cost-effective price range might be one of the primary reasons that it is so popular with customers.

Over 2,000 existing customers have praised the design of this pool float because it is extremely affordable. There might not be a more valuable high-quality pool float at this price point right now.


  • Extremely Cost-Effective Price Point
  • Multi-Color Design with Assorted Colors
  • Repair Patch is Included


  • Durability Issues are Common
  • Only One Size Available (Adults)

SWIMLINE Original Giant Ride On Inflatable Pool Float Lounge

We are excited to take an in-depth look at the Swimline Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float. There are three color options available, and this floatation device is large enough for two people to use at the same time. This pool float is 75 inches in size and is perfect for tanning in an outdoor pool.

Some customers have had no issues with this pool float, while others had significant durability issues when attempting to tan outside with this float.


  • Reasonable Price Range
  • Ideal for Outdoor Relaxation and Tanning
  • Large Enough for Two People


  • Durability Issues are Common
  • Mixed Customer Reputation

BigMouth Inc. Giant Pool Float

We are now approaching the halfway point of this review section. It is now time to take a look at the BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float. This tanning pool float is shaped like a donut and provides a sense of style when tanning in the pool. There is a strawberry donut color scheme and a chocolate donut color scheme that can be purchased from the product page.

Most of the customers who purchased this particular pool float had positive things to say about it. The factors that seem to be most important are the stylish design quality and the affordable price range.


  • Extremely Affordable Price Point
  • Two Stylish Donut Color Schemes to Choose From
  • Extremely Durable and Reliable


  • Only One Size Option is Available

Intex 58292EU Canopy Inflatable


We are now shifting our focus towards the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge. This premium canopy float has a special design with cup holders and plenty of space to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The detachable sunshade mechanism allows you to adjust the amount of sunshine that hits your face when you are in the pool.

The design quality of this inflatable pool float for adults is outstanding, and customers have recognized that when writing their reviews. Unfortunately, this premium pool float is among the most expensive selections that we have looked at so far.


  • Convenient Design Features (Sunshade and Cup Holders)
  • Plenty of Space for Tanning and Relaxing


  • Only One Color Option (White)
  • Expensive Price Range

Intex 18-Pocket Suntanner Inflatable Lounge

The Intex 18-Pocket Suntanner Inflatable Lounge is one of the nicer pool floats that we have looked at in this review. This pool float is designed for adults and there are several random colors available.

While you cannot specifically select the color of your floatation device, it is quite likely that you will receive multiple color schemes if you purchase more than one.

These convenient pool floats are ideal for adults who want to take a day of relaxation near the pool.

If you are looking to stretch out your body and enjoy some time floating on the surface of the pool, then this might be the selection for you. There are already hundreds of exceptional reviews that praise the design of this Intex 18-Pocket Suntanner Inflatable Lounge.


  • Stylish Color Options are Available
  • Ideal for Adults
  • Cost-Effective Price Range


  • Cannot Select Color Choices (Manufacturer Randomly Ships Them)
  • No Cup Holders or Arm Wrests

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Water Hammock Float Lounge


Our eighth product review will focus on the Poolmaster Swimming Pool Water Hammock. This small pool float is convenient for kids and adults alike. There are three primary color options available that customers can choose from. There are integrated headrests and footrests so that everyone can enjoy a day at the pool with these pool floats.

The most important factor that customers appreciate about this pool float is the fact that it is so cost-effective. This pool float product is certainly located on the lower portion of the pricing spectrum.


  • Reasonable Price Range
  • Comfortable Design Quality
  • Perfect for Children and Adults


  • Minor Durability Issues
  • No Cup Holders are Equipped on this Pool Float

Swimline Giant Pretzel Swim Fun Inflatable Floating Seat

If you are a big fan of food-themed pool accessories, then you might like this Swimline Giant Pretzel Float. Customers can purchase an individual pool float, or purchase a pack of three. There is enough room on one pool float for up to three kids at once. Heavy-duty vinyl was used to craft this particular pool float, and it is currently one of the more affordable options.

There are mostly positive reviews on this Swimline Giant Pretzel Float. Unfortunately, some customers have had issues with holes and other similar durability problems that make this pool float one of the forgotten options on the marketplace.


  • Room for up to 3 Kids at Once
  • Exciting Food-Themed Pool Float for Tanning


  • Vulnerable to Durability Issues
  • Average Price Range

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Adjustable Floating Chaise Lounge


We have finally arrived at our final product, which happens to be the Poolmaster Swimming Pool Adjustable Float. There are plenty of color options available and users can even adjust it to become an upright chair while still floating on the pool. A convenient snack and beverage holder is also included within the design of this pool float.

Unfortunately, the expensive price range is one of the reasons that many customers are forced to look elsewhere. There is no doubt that this is a high-quality premium pool float. The price range simply makes it one of the most expensive products that most people are not able to afford.


  • Comfortable Design Quality
  • Extremely Durable and Convenient
  • Multi-Purpose Design (Pool Float / Upright Lounge Chair)


  • Expensive Price Range

Factors to Consider

Selecting a high-quality inflatable tanning float can be extremely challenging. The most important factors to consider when browsing the marketplace are price range, comfort, portability, and size. Some customers also look for fun and exciting color styles so that outdoor pool activities can be stylish and entertaining.

Common Factors

  • Overall Cost & Value
  • Size & Convenient Features (Arm Rests / Cup Holders)
  • Color Schemes


We have now had an opportunity to look at ten of the best pool floats for tanning. Our top selection goes to the Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge. This cost-effective product selection is crafted with high-quality materials and ultimately comes with everything that customers are looking for when planning a tanning day at the pool.

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