ZOSI Security Camera Review in 2024

The ZOSI Security System may be a great option when you want to provide total protection and surveillance for your home. For peace of mind, any surveillance system you install should offer optimal coverage while being user-friendly so you can keep track of everything with ease.

So that you don’t have to search around for different commentary, our review of the ZOSI Security Camera System should explain everything you need to know about the system. This way, you have an easier time deciding on whether it’s beneficial for your home security needs.

ZOSI Home Security Camera System Review:

The ZOSI Security Camera System is a high-end, advanced surveillance setup for home use. This particular set comes with eight cameras so you can place them strategically around your house for total monitoring.

Designed for use indoors and outdoors, these wired cameras offer you plenty of control such as setting up customized motion detection areas and having instant, simple remote access so you can view, playback, and record on your devices. You can check things on an iPad, iPhone, Android device, or PC.

What makes the ZOSI system the security camera for home use for many people is based on its unique features that help the system stand out compared to other surveillance cameras.

To lower the number of false alerts cameras with motion detection have, the ZOSI system lets you customize the detection zone for each of the cameras.

4 Bullet Cameras

This ZOSI Home Security System comes with four cameras so you have an incredible amount of room to set them up according to your needs.

Unlike battery-powered security cameras, these are wired and come with 60ft BNC+DC CCTV cabling to give consistent power and video to the cameras.

Each of the cameras is designed with a 110° viewing angle so that they capture far more than other standard security cameras with lower angles.

As they are built for use indoors and outdoors, the cameras are also constructed with IP67 weatherproof protection.

They also feature clear infrared LEDs for grayscale night vision viewing with high visibility up to 120ft away.

Local and Remote Access

You can keep tabs on your ZOSI Home Security System with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices as well as on your PC. It works with WiFi or on a 3G or 4G network connection.

For device use, download the ZOSI Smart App. On the PC client, you’ll have to download it online.

You can set up instant alerts for the motion detection features that will be sent directly to your email on your phone.

Built-In Security Hard Drive

Fitted with a 2TB security hard drive, this features a single SATA port that can support drives up to 8TB. The included hard drive provides space to hold records of 24/7 live footage. This DVR also supports schedule records, recycle records, and motion detection records.

Each of the eight cameras can be set with a specific recording mode so you get different types of footage. All of these recording files can be downloaded to a USB backup.

To save hard drive space, the system includes H.265+ video compression. This reduces the size of the video files for smoother viewing.

5MP Ultra HD Images

With these cameras, you can get a 5MP (2560×1920) Ultra HD resolution. It is heightened, offering almost 2.4x the number of pixels from the usual 1080p resolution.

This may allow you to see clearer images with more details so that you catch nearly everything inside and outside your home.


This ZOSI security camera set is granted a 2-year warranty as long as it is purchased directly from the company website.

The company also offers free returns as long as it’s done within 90 days of purchasing.


  • High visibility during daylight hours and in lower light conditions.
  • Quality night vision security cameras since clear viewing can go beyond 100ft.
  • Wide viewing angles can get certain blind spots that other cameras may miss.
  • Comes with all you need to install and get going right away


  • Some users have mentioned issues setting it up due to not completely understanding the manual
  • Additionally, others have said the application doesn’t always work well. There are either complications accessing the app or slow loading times when using it on the PC.


The ZOSI Home Security System features wide viewing that puts out consistent, highly detailed images in both daytime and nighttime hours. Thanks to the customizable motion detection zones, it’s easy to personalize the system.

There are multiple ways to keep track of the system and save recordings for viewing later on.

With the ZOSI Security Camera System, users can see a more affordable total-home setup compared to the higher-end ones on the market.

It can capture plenty as it comes with eight cameras with viewing angles wider than normal. The infrared LEDs are high-quality for clearer night vision capturing.

All in all, it appears that the cameras are well-designed and provide details so you can be sure you’re capturing everything. The application can use some work for a more user-friendly design. However, the cameras themselves still appear to function great for basic home security needs.

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